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    Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Walkthrough
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Videogame humor: http://www.gamecola.net/
    Copyright 2008
    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Walkthrough
    003.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew:
    Secrets Can Kill.  It's the first game in the Nancy Drew
    series, in which you play as Nancy Drew and go around
    and solve mysteries.
    If you want to contact me, e-mail
    ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject blank
    if you do.  If you want to reproduce this guide in some
    fashion, you should contact me before doing so.
    002-Video Guide
    Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
    about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can 
    see it at...
    The video comes complete with my commentary and such.
    In this game, you can choose one of three levels, junior
    detective, senior detective, and master detective. The 
    difference between the three is negligible.
    "Dear Dad,
    Who would have guessed that taking a semester off to 
    visit Aunt Eloise in Florida would result in another 
    case? It seems a student was murdered at the high school 
    last night, and Daryl Gray, the Student Council 
    President, found the body.
    When Aunt Eloise heard, she rushed me right over and 
    introduced me to the principal. He asked if I would try 
    to find out who did it and why.
    So it's undercover I go! My only contact is Daryl. So I'm 
    off to solve a murder! I'm calling this case 'Secrets Can 
    The game starts out in Aunt Eloise's apartment. There are 
    several things you can do here, but most of it (such as 
    looking at all the paintings on the walls) is optional.
    Right in front of you is a desk-table. On top of it is a 
    message from Aunt Eloise. She's left the key to the 
    library in the safe, and the combination is hidden in the 
    house. The safe is behind the tapestry in that little 
    niche in the corner.
    You can open the drawer on the desk, and inside is a 
    phone card. Pick it up if you feel like calling someone 
    in this game.
    In the little side-room, you can look around. The coffee 
    table has a jewelry box you can open and look at. You can 
    look at some pictures of Aunt Eloise by the lamp, and you 
    can look at the book of flowers on a side-table (the book 
    has the word MITCH on it, written in green).
    Aunt Eloise has a TV, with bookshelves on either side. 
    You can look at a map of Florida on the left bookshelf, 
    which has the message "Blade up on glass / gets you in 
    class" in Morse Code written on the border). You can open 
    a book on the right bookshelf to find the key to the 
    chest in the corner. Inside this chest, you can pick up a 
    quarter. You don't have to do this to beat the game.
    What you HAVE to do is open the drawer on a side desk. In 
    here, you must take the TV remote and read Aunt Eloise's 
    letter from sigma phi kappa delta.
    Sigma phi kappa delta is the combination to the safe, so 
    press those four letters in that order (which Aunt Eloise 
    helpfully wrote down at the top of her paper for all 
    those people who don't read Greek) onto the safe.
    Once the safe is open, take the spare key to the library. 
    Click on the little box with a picture of flowers on it.
    It's a slider puzzle. On junior mode, it's a 3 by 3 
    puzzle. The way to beat it is by getting the top row into 
    place. Now without moving the top row, get the two left-
    hand pieces into place. From there, rotate the remaining 
    three pieces, and you're done.
    On senior/master mode, it's a four-by-four puzzle, which 
    requires more strategy. Here's my four-by-four slider 
    puzzle strategy.
    The key to every sliding puzzle is the order you put the 
    pieces in. When the puzzle is solved, the missing piece 
    goes in the upper/right corner. For some reason, this 
    means you have to solve the lower/right corner first.
    Using my fancy diagram up there, do the following:
    Put piece 1 into place. Never move this piece again.
    Put piece 2 into place. Never move this piece again.
    Put piece 3 into place. Never move this piece again.
    Put piece 4 into place. Never move this piece again.
    Hmmm, was it really necessary for me to list out each 
    piece separately? Maybe not. Oh well, now you've got the 
    lower/left quadrant done. You don't need to touch any of 
    those pieces again.
    Find piece #2. Put it in spot #1.
    Find piece #1. Put it in spot #3.
    Now, you can move the empty square to spot #2, and from 
    there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. You 
    don't need to touch either of those pieces again.
    We repeat the process.
    Find piece #2. Put it in spot #1.
    Find piece #1. Put it in spot #3.
    Now, you can move the empty square to spot #2, and from 
    there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. You 
    don't need to touch either of those pieces again. Now the 
    entire left-hand side is done!
    Find piece #1. Put it in spot #2.
    Find piece #2. Put it in spot #3.
    Now, you can move the empty square to spot #1, and from 
    there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. You 
    don't need to touch either of those pieces again. As you 
    might have guessed, you repeat the process.
    Find piece #1. Put it in spot #2.
    Find piece #2. Put it in spot #3.
    Now, you can move the empty square to spot #1, and from 
    there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. Now 
    just mix around the final three pieces until they're in 
    Inside the slider puzzle box is Aunt Eloise's computer 
    Name: Eloise Drew.
    Password: O Wise Elder.
    Aunt Eloise's computer logon is really all you need to 
    get from her apartment. Now you can leave.
    Head to Maxine's. There you can talk with Daryl Gray, 
    your contact. If you got a quarter at Aunt Eloise's, you 
    can use it on the jukebox player and the pinball machine.
    There are several hidden messages here at Maxine's. The 
    menu behind Daryl is a simple message--read the red 
    letters to spell out "soup ladle bolt cutter". Do the 
    same sort of thing with a menu on a table--the red 
    letters spell "danger," while the purple letters spell 
    Head to the kitchen area behind Daryl. Under a "safety 
    first" sign is a black container with the soup ladle 
    inside. Under the "danger flammable materials" is a bolt 
    cutter. This is what the sign behind Daryl was referring 
    to. Take the bolt cutter and replace it with the soup 
    If you don't put the soup ladle in place, the diner 
    explodes due to a gas leak. Personally, I think it's 
    really stupid for the diner to use soup ladles and bolt 
    cutters to prevent gas leaks, but whatever.
    The only other thing to do at Maxine's (besides see the 
    list of chores that the employees must do) is check the 
    work calendar. See the numbers at the bottom? That's a 
    simple alphanumeric code. 1=a, 2=b, 3=c, etc.
    The code spells out "Jake's fate happened deliberately / 
    gravity was not his worst enemy". Um...yeah, all the 
    clues in this game are poems.
    This same code is used on one of the napkin dispensers at 
    Maxine's, but all it spells is "JAKE", which isn't much 
    help at all.
    Once you have the bolt cutter, head to Paseo Del Mar High 
    School. You have to switch CDs to do this.
    Map of school:
                                Boiler Room
    Jake's                             |
              |                        |
              |                        |---Phone Room
              |                        |
              |-------Library------Study Hall
    The high school is FILLED with hidden messages, most on 
    bulletin boards. The one on the board near Jake's locker 
    is a simple code--rearrange the spaces to spell out this 
    Find the morning edition
    And discover another crime
    The answer is in black and white
    To who will do the time.
    The bulletin board in the gym has three messages. One is 
    upside down:
    He did what it took
    To make the grade
    Even if it meant cheating
    To keep up his charade
    One is flipped vertically and horizontally:
    Nowhere to turn to,
    Nowhere to hide,
    Let the books in the library
    Be your answer guide.
    And the third one is written from right to left, and 
    bottom to top:
    A symbol of Kanji
    Worn with great pride
    Reflects a big secret
    That someone must hide
    The eye chart in the gym needs to be read backwards:
    If you can read this,
    Then make no mistake
    A genuine first class
    Detective you'll make.
    The bulletin board in crossroads that leads to the gym 
    and the library is an upside-down note:
    In the face of danger
    Against a killer if you dare
    A very unlikely couple
    Could be a helpful pair
    The bulletin board in front of the library is an upside-
    down note:
    When things go astray
    Tonight at Vandelay
    It will not help to run
    So you must grab the gun
    The other bulletin board by the library spells out a clue 
    if you rearrange the spaces:
    There's more than one way
    To remove a chain so thick
    Aside from the combination
    Mel's bolt cutter can do the trick.
    The bulletin board in study hall has a message written 
    from right to left:
    Jake's locker combo
    Was a part of his fame
    Just find a phone
    To decode his name
    The bulletin board in the phone area has a flyer with a 
    checkered border. There are letters in the border which 
    spell out SIDE OF SCHOOL over and over again.
    The bulletin board outside of the phone area has 
    underlined letters:
    The SAT Prep Sheet on the librarian's desk in the library 
    has several words that are bolded and in italics:
    Sabotage should cause concern
    But with the gloves you will not burn
    The book on dream symbols in the library has a message 
    spelled out in purple:
    Don't run, Nancy.
    The paper in the lowest map drawer in the library has 
    blue and green letters. Read the blue letters, then the 
    green letters:
    The bolt cutter you must take
    Or you could be the next Jake
    The sign language book in the library highlights the 
    letters J A K E and the numbers 5 2 3.
    The letters of the Principal's name on the dedication 
    plaque in the library can be rearranged to spell "Boiler 
    Room Door".
    The note on the notepad upstairs in the library has a 
    backwards alphabet code (Z=A, Y=B, X=C, etc.):
    The one with the temper
    And the iron fist
    Is more than a suspect
    On Jake's blackmail list
    The list of teacher's names in the teacher's lounge 
    spells out something with the first letter of each 
    teacher's name:
    Tanaka cheats
    The "while you were out" pad in the teacher's lounge has 
    a message where you read out numbers and letters:
    Before you see the enemy,
    Examine the elevator
    The alphanumeric code is repeated for the message at the 
    bottom of the security report you can print in the 
    teacher's lounge:
    Braille keypad
    There are highlighted letters on the periodic table of 
    the elements in the teacher's lounge:
    Search behind boiler
    The map in the teacher's lounge has writing on the top 
    and bottom:
    A trophy was not the only prize
    But also money of a great size
    The sign language note inside a book in the teacher's 
    lounge is a color-coded anagram:
    O was innocent = Connie Watson
    Yep, there's a lot of hidden messages. Good thing I wrote 
    them all out for you, so you don't have to waste time 
    decoding them.
    You can talk with Hulk Sanchez at the gym. Hulk is the 
    star football player for four years in a row. He doesn't 
    like Jake.
    Hal Tanaka, the exchange student, is studying in the 
    study hall. He tells you that Daryl's family recently 
    lost a lot of money.
    You can talk to Connie Watson in the phone room. She 
    doesn't like Jake Rogers, and she has a thing for Daryl 
    Talking to the characters lets you talk to them about 
    each other. Hulk and Connie think Hal studies too much. 
    Hal tells you that Hulk was recently injured, and that 
    Connie was dating Jake.
    The library has a lot of books that you can look at. Most 
    contain completely unnecessary information.
    You can check the card catalog to note that the book Jake 
    checked out from the library is, um, from the library. 
    Helpful, I guess.
    The only thing you HAVE to do is check out the area on 
    the side, which has tiny bookshelves that hold 
    encyclopedia sets. The upper/left encyclopedia set lets 
    you look at K for Kanji. Nancy notes that the Kanji 
    symbol Connie is wearing stands for Crane.
    The lower/middle encyclopedia set lets you read B for 
    Braille. That comes in handy later on.
    You can use the phone card from the drawer in Aunt 
    Eloise's room to use a phone in the phone room. Using the 
    phone, you can call Nancy's friends for hints.
    One of the hidden messages said to check a phone for 
    Jake's name or something like that. What it means is that 
    you can look at a phone, such as the one in the phone 
    room. J A K E on a phone layout it 5 2 5 3. That's the 
    combination to Jake's locker. The book in the library on 
    sign language also hinted at this.
    Open Jake's locker. Inside is a VHS tape box, a library 
    book and a judo magazine. Look at all of them. 
    Apparently, a mystery competitor won the male judo 
    Look at the bottom of Jake's locker. There's a newspaper 
    about somebody stealing steroids from the Vandelay 
    Pharmaceutical building. There's also a video camera and 
    a glass cutter. Pick up the glass cutter!
    You can use the glass cutter to break into the teacher's 
    lounge. Leave the school, then go back to it, so you're 
    at the place where you see the outside of the school.
    Look for a place on the right hand side of the screen. 
    Yes, you can go on the side of the school, as one of the 
    hidden messages said. You can follow another secret 
    message by using Jake's paper cutter to cut a hole in the 
    third window from the left.
    Using the hole, open the window to get in the teacher's 
    lounge. You can log onto the computer in the lounge with 
    Aunt Eloise's log-on. Look at the key on the computer to 
    learn that the code for the boiler/maintenance room is 
    You can print out a security report if you want, which 
    tells you some unneeded plot information that nobody 
    mentions in the game.
    Open the drawer of senior final papers to read Hal's 
    essay. It's the same as the one in the book in Jake's 
    locker! Hal is a cheater!
    You can now enter the boiler room, now that you know the 
    password. It's in Braille, and you can use the book in 
    the library to decode it. NOTE in Braille looks like 
     ..   .    .
      .    .  ..   .
    .     .   .     .
    You have to switch CDs to go inside, which is a hassle. 
    Go in, and ride the elevator down. Check out the boiler 
    and all the stuff in this area. Open the toolbox for 
    gloves. That is all you're supposed to do at this point 
    in time.
    Leave the school to talk to Daryl. Talk to him about 
    whatever you want, but do not ask "Pressure the 
    suspects?" or your game will mess up and not move on to 
    the next part of the plot, which is...
    Daryl has a note for you if you've been in the boiler 
    room. The note says to go BACK to the boiler room. 
    Go back to the boiler room. Oh no! The boiler is about to 
    explode! You can rip off the chain with the bolt cutters, 
    or use the combination on the wall (1967) to open the 
    lock (you have to use the gloves to do so, though).
    You need to set the boiler levers to the position labeled 
    on the wall. Pull the left lever twice, the right lever 
    twice, and the left lever a third time.
    That solves the puzzle. You can't leave via the elevator, 
    so leave through the grate behind the boiler. Crawl 
    through it, and Nancy finds a VHS tape.
    Go back to Aunt Eloise's. Turn on the TV with the remote 
    and stick in the tape.
    OH MY!!!
    Jake's tape has footage of Hulk stealing drugs! Hal 
    cheating on his senior essay! Connie entering the judo 
    competition by cross-dressing! And Daryl was...SELLING 
    THINGS TO A MYSTERIOUS SMOKER? Oh, no, say it isn't so!
    Talk to Hal, Connie and Hulk about being blackmailed. 
    Talk to them about everything.
    Then go to Maxine's and talk to Daryl. He's not there if 
    you haven't talk to everyone else. Daryl says he's a drug 
    runner for a scumbag named Mitch.
    Mitch killed Jake.
    Daryl says he'll confront Mitch tonight, and recruits 
    Nancy as backup. Go to the school and talk to everyone 
    about everything. No one agrees to help with Mitch.
    Leave school and the game skips to later that night. Go 
    to Vandelay. Daryl gets in a fight with Mitch.
    Mitch pulls out a gun, but Connie comes to save the day. 
    Yay! The gun is knocked aside and automatically lands in 
    Nancy's inventory. Immediately use the gun on Mitch to 
    make him surrender, or else he kills you.
    Once Mitch sees you have a gun, he puts his hands up. The 
    game the ends, and it's a happy ending for everyone! Yay! 
    I suppose a happy ending was needed after all that heavy 
    plot about murder, drugs and blackmail.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2008.  If you want
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
    under general information)

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