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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.2 7/11/11
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           \______/ _
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      | | o   o  |  \/   |
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    Mario Teaches Typing
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2011
    For a list of all my various guides, check
    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Menus and Options
    003.  Video Walkthrough
    004.  Walkthrough
      004a. Level One: Outside
      004b. Level Two: Underwater
      004c. Level Three: Underground
      004d. Level Four: Practice
      004e. Level Five: Progress Report
    005.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the 1992 educational game called 
    Mario Teaches Typing. This game is designed to teach 
    children how to type on a computer keyboard, and it stars 
    the Nintendo mascot, Mario.
    To contact me, use my email address,
    002-Menus and Options
    This game has three menus, with various options and 
    functions. You can either access these menus manually, with 
    the computer mouse, or you can press a button.
    The file menu has these options:
    About [a]
    Help [f1]
    Demo [d]
    Keyboard [f2]
    Music [m]
    Sound effects [s]
    Speech [g]
    Quit [q]
    About shows you the game credits.
    Help gives you information about the game.
    Demo will let you watch one of four demos for the game, one 
    for each of the four levels. Press 1 to see the demo of 
    level one, press 2 for the demo of level 2, and so on.
    Keyboard lets you see a picture of the keyboard.
    Music turns the background music on or off.
    Sound effects turns the sound effects on or off.
    Speech turns the speech (brief sound clips of Mario's 
    voice) on or off.
    Quit lets you quit the game.
    The student menu has these options: 
    New [w]
    Load [l]
    Edit [e]
    Lesson Times
    New lets you create a new student file.
    Load lets you load a saved student file. The game 
    automatically saves every time you complete a level.
    Edit lets you change characters. You can also change your 
    WPM goal.
    Lesson Times tells you how long each level is.
    Certificates lets you print out certificates. If you beat 
    any of the first three letters, you can print out 
    certificates for them. 
    The lessons menu has these options:
    Home Row
    Add Top Row
    Add Bottom Row
    Add Numbers
    Add Symbols
    All Keyboard
    These control which typing lessons you will go through 
    during the game. They determine which part of the keyboard 
    you will focus on, during the first two levels.
    003-Video Walkthrough
    Do you want to see this game being played, instead of just 
    reading about it? Then check out my video walkthrough for 
    the game, here: 
    The video walkthrough comes complete with my live 
    On the right-hand side of the screen, there are five 
    different levels for you to choose. If you haven't logged 
    on as a specific student, then all five levels are open to 
    If you're playing as a specific student, levels one, four 
    and five are always open to you. You have to unlock levels 
    two and three through the power of good typing!
    004a-Level One: Outside
    The outside level takes place outside, where Mario runs 
    over the ground, jumping to smash blocks and land on 
    There will be a star over a block or a koopa. Your goal is 
    to press the key that corresponds with the letter 
    highlighted by the star. For example, if the star is over a 
    "C" block, press the "C" key to destroy it.
    At one time in the level, a special block will appear, 
    floating on the screen. Press the key for that special 
    block to see a scene of Mario getting some coins in the 
    The first time you go through level one, you will only have 
    letters from the middle row of the keyboard. The next time, 
    letters from the top row are added. The time after that, 
    the bottom row is added.
    You can adjust which parts of the keyboard you will see 
    through the lessons menu. There are six lessons in all, and 
    each time you beat the level, you progress to the next 
    Level one lasts for two minutes, and the WPM goal is 5. If 
    you don't type over five words per minute, Mario loses the 
    The way to progress to Level Two is by beating Level One, 
    on the "All keyboard" lesson. If you really want to breeze 
    through level one, use the lesson menu to start off on this 
    lesson, instead of playing through the other six lessons to 
    reach it.
    004b-Level Two: Underwater
    In Level Two, Mario is swimming while being chased by an 
    enemy. Level two differs from level one, in that you have 
    to type out short words, not just random letters. Type the 
    words as they appear on the screen.
    Level Two lasts for five minutes, and the WPM goal is ten. 
    If you don't type over ten words per minute, or one word 
    every six seconds, you fail the level.
    Just like in Level One, there are six different lessons, 
    which focus on different parts of the keyboard. If you want 
    to get through this level as quickly as possible, start off 
    on the final lesson, the "all keyboard" lesson. When you 
    beat the level on that lesson, you unlock level three.
    004c-Level Three: Underground
    Level Three takes place in Bowser's Castle. Mario has to 
    run past Whomps and quicksand to get through this level. He 
    runs under a Whomp whenever he finishes a sentence, and the 
    Whomps fall if you make too many typing errors.
    There are still six types of lessons for this level, but 
    you should probably set it to "all keyboard", the final 
    lesson. To be honest, it doesn't matter which of the six 
    lessons you play, because they are all exactly the same. No 
    matter what, you will have to write out several sentences.
    This level lasts for five minutes, and the goal is 30 WPM. 
    If you don't type over 30 words per minute, or one word 
    every two seconds, you fail the level. Beat this on the 
    "all keyboard" level to win the game.
    004d-Level Four: Practice
    Level Four is available at all times, during the game. It 
    lasts for ten minutes, and it repeats the typing challenge 
    for the lesson you are currently on. The only difference is 
    that it lasts longer. 
    Depending on how well you type, the picture of Mario will 
    either be smiling or frowning.
    004e-Level Five: Progress Report
    This technically isn't a level, but it is a progress 
    report. Click on this, and you will see your various 
    statistics, such as your average WPM total, your accuracy 
    percentage, and the keys that you have the most problems 
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2011.  If you want 
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
    under general information).

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