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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BWoodhouse

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                                 Tottemo Pheromone (PC)
                   Copyright 2002 by Trabulance and G-Collections.com
                                     Ben Woodhouse
                                    May / 20 / 2005
                                     Version  1.10
    ******************************CONTENT DISCLAIMER*******************************
    Tottemo Pheromone is an adult bishoujo game, meaning it contains sex. Therefore
    it is intended solely for people over the age of 18.  If you are of age and
    still find such material objectionable, then you probably have no interest in
    playing this game or reading this FAQ.
    G-Collections offers a wide selection of bishoujo games!
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      i.     Introduction
      ii.    System Requirements
      iii.   Characters
      iv.    Game Credits
      v.     Walkthrough
               A. Silk
               B. Sana Matsubara
               C. Kumi Yamashita
               D. Ayumi Wakabayashi
               E. Kaori Miyasaka
               F. Erika Tsunashima
               G. Others
      vi.    Version History
      vii.   Copyright Information
                                    i. INTRODUCTION
    Takuya Sakuragi's life is going well; he's moving to the big city to attend
    university.  Not being able to afford a place of his own, Takuya has arranged
    to move in with his cousin, Takashi, and his wife, Silk.  In return, he's
    helping out at Takashi's cake shop, where he meets some beautiful women,
    employees and customers alike.  All these girls seem to have huge crushes on
    Takashi, which works out well for Takuya since he resembles his cousin.  Before
    Takuya can even consider making a move, though, something extraordinary occurs.
    The first night in the Sakuragi apartment, a beautiful girl materializes out
    of thin air.  Her name is also Silk, and she's been cursed to jump between
    worlds for all of eternity.  But she has a plan, a way to reach her homeland.
    If she can collect different types of magic, she can cast a spell to break
    the curse.  Unfortunately for her, the most plentiful source of this magic is
    young girls, and in order to get it, one must have sex with them!
    This is where Takuya comes in.  Obviously, Silk can't gather the magic alone,
    so she enlists Takuya as her servant.  Casting a spell on Takuya that greatly
    enhances his natural attractiveness, Silk sends him out to collect the magic
    she needs.  You, the player, must guide Takuya through this ordeal.  Will you
    choose to help Silk, but take advantage of the girls in the process? Or will
    you respect the girls, but turn your back on Silk?  Not every choice in this
    game is an easy one.  Face Takuya's dilemma, and hopefully you will find the
    happy ending you desire.  Good luck!
                                ii. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
    Straight from the back of the box, here are the system requirements:
    Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP/Me/98/2000
    Mouse(or other pointing device)
                       Minimum Requirements          Recommended Requirements
                       --------------------          ------------------------
    CPU                Pentium II/ 233MHz            Pentium II/ 300MHz
    Memory             32 MB or higher               64 MB or higher
    Display            640 X 480 HighColor           24 bit True Color
    CD-ROM             8X or higher                  12X or higher
    Sound                   ---                      CD-DA, DirectSound
                                    iii. CHARACTERS
    Takuya Sakaragi
    As usual in a bishoujo game, the main character is an average nice guy.
    Takuya's just moved to the city to attend the university, and he seems
    enthusiastic about starting this portion of his life.  Even though
    he's somewhat comfortable around women, Takuya is by no means a lady killer.
    Silk's very existence seems to be something of a mystery; she literally
    appears out of thin air!  It seems she's been cursed to wander throughout
    all existence for eternity, but she remains hopeful that one day she can
    return home.  Her spirit certainly isn't crushed; she's very demanding and
    forceful, even haughty at times.
    Takashi Sakuragi
    Takashi is Takuya's older cousin who is kind enough to let Takuya stay at
    his apartment.  He's in charge of running his family's bakery "Sakuragi,"
    and it has become very successful, mostly because many female fans of Takashi's
    frequent the establishment.  Despite all this adoration, Takashi remains
    devoted to his wife Silk.
    Silk Sakuragi
    This Silk is Takashi's wife of three years.  She certainly looks Japanese, but
    her true origin is a mystery, and it's one that neither Silk or Takashi have
    let slip in their time together.
    Sana Matsubara
    Sana is an employee at the Sakuragi shop; she's still in high school, a year
    younger than Takuya.  Most of the time she's a very down-to-earth girl.
    However, she has a massive crush on her boss, and she gets very emotional and
    protective when other women come around asking for him.
    Ayumi Wakabayashi
    Ayumi works in a nearby bakery, "Marine."  She's Sana's best friend; they go
    to school together.  She looks very young and tends to act in a childish
    manner.  However, her illusion of innonence is both contradicted and enhanced
    by her frank talk about shocking subjects.
    Kumi Yamashita
    Kumi is a more refined specimen.  She works at the nearby candy shop 
    "Taishido."  She usually wears a traditional kimono which, combined with her
    calm and relaxed air, makes her seem mature than the other girls.  She often
    comes by the shop specifically to visit Takashi.
    Kaori Miyasaka
    Kaori seems like a very sexy and glamorous girl; she works as a waitress in a
    bunny bar called "Carrot."  She comes by the cake shop on a regular basis to
    feed her sweet tooth, but she also tries to tempt Takashi to come visit her
    Erika Tsunashima
    Erika is an old friend of Takashi and his wife; in fact she's known them so
    long that they think of her as a little sister.  She's a very cheerful and
    happy girl.  However, she's also hurting on the inside because of her
    unrequited feelings for Takashi.
                                   iv. GAME CREDITS
    Considering many of the same people are involved in some of these games, their
    names are interesting to know.
                            --<- Direction/Production ->--
                   Director ............................... Keigo Inoshiba
         Game Design/Coding ............................... Heipei Hiradaira
            Scenario Writer ............................... Hiroshi Watanabe
                                     --<- Art ->--
    Character Design/Artist ............................... Naotaka Shimizu
       Graphic Design Chief ............................... Ash
                                --<- Voice Acting ->--
                       Role                                 Cast
                       ----                                 ----
                       Silk ............................... Honoka Kasuga
              Silk Sakuragi ............................... Honoka Kasuga
             Sana Matsubara ............................... Milk Uchimura
          Ayumi Wakabayashi ............................... Aya Serizawa
             Kumi Yamashita ............................... Reika Maki
             Kaori Miyasaka ............................... Ruriko Harashima
           Erika Tsunashima ............................... Mizuho Yuki
           Takashi Sakuragi ............................... Mitsuaki Sakai
                                    --<- Music ->--
                                   Theme Song Title
                                     LOVE PARADISE
          Music Arrangement ............................... Wasabi
                     Lyrics ............................... Takeshi Yokoyama
                      Vocal ............................... Noriko Saito
                                    v. WALKTHROUGH
    Tottemo Pheromone seems like simple game to navigate.  The results of the
    choices you must make are intuitive, and the built-in help system is there
    to relieve any confusion.  There are, however, some hidden events that are
    more difficult to find.  So, for some reason, if you do need help, read on.
    Tottemo Pheromone has two distinct halves.  In the first part, the focus is
    on Takuya's task of collecting magic from each of the girls.  The choices you
    make here set up the action available in the second half of the game, where
    Takuya pursues the woman he loves.
    The built-in help system makes the requirements for achieving each ending very
    clear.  In order to unlock Silk's ending route, you must not only collect magic
    from each of the women, but you must also boost Silk's feeling after you have
    collected it.  In order to unlock any particular girl's ending route, all you
    have to do is have sex with her.
      -<-Save before the first choice->-
      [ To achieve all the girl's endings in the most efficient manner, follow   ]
      [ steps 1-5 below.  However, to get one of Kaori's sex scenes, you have to ]
      [ sleep only with her, so start over from here and choose the opposite     ]
      [ options for steps 1-3.                                                   ]
      1.  Choose A) Ask her out for dinner.
         i.  Choose A) I can.         (Sex with Sana)
         ii. Choose A) Care for Silk. (Boost Silk's feelings)
      2.  Choose A) Give her a non-committal answer by saying, "He likes a woman
                    like you."
         i.  Choose B) Accept her offer.  (Sex with Kumi)
         ii. Choose A) Flatter Silk.      (Boost Silk's feelings)
      3.  Choose B) Have lunch with Ayumi.
         i.  Choose B) Look for Ayumi.                      (Sex with Ayumi)
         ii. Choose A) I tell Silk, "thank you for today."  (Boost Silk's feelings)
      4.  Choose A) "Ah, you mean Kaori!"
         i.  Choose A) Stay.                          (Sex with Kaori)
         ii. Choose B) Tell Silk you did it for her.  (Boost Silk's feelings)
      -<-Save before the next choice->-
      5a. Choose A) "Peep in" for an extra scene but an immediate bad ending.
      5b. Choose B) "Leave" to proceed to the second half of the game.
    From here the game diverges into individual paths for each woman.  If you
    happen to choose a girl for whom you have not met the prerequisites for a
    relationship, you'll get a swift bad ending.  So, make sure you've met the
    requirements, pick your sweetheart, and proceed.
                                     |          |
    |--------------------------------|   Silk   |---------------------------------|
    |                                |__________|                                 |
    To see Silk's ending, follow these steps:
      6.  Choose Silk
      7.  Choose B) The park.
      -<-Save before the next choice->-
      8a. Choose A) Make love to Sana.       -> Sex w/ Sana but bad ending
      8b. Choose B) Don't make love to Sana. -> Silk's ending path
      9.  Choose B) Hold still.
    Following these options will unlock all of Silk's sex scenes except the last
    one, "Cute Silk."  This scene is actually more like a bonus for finishing the
    game; it will automatically play after you complete Erika's ending(which
    means you've completed all the other girls' endings as well).
                                     |          |
    |--------------------------------|   Sana   |---------------------------------|
    |                                |__________|                                 |
    To see Sana's ending, follow these steps:
      6.  Choose Sana Matsubara
      7.  Choose A) Make love to her.
      8.  Choose B) Pull her to you forcibly.
      9.  Choose B) Why not?
    Playing through to Sana's ending will unlock all but her last two CG's and
    her final sex scene, "Sana's Passion."  That scene is actually unlocked along
    Silk's ending path if you choose to cheat on Silk.
                                     |          |
    |--------------------------------|   Kumi   |---------------------------------|
    |                                |__________|                                 |
    To see Kumi's ending, follow these steps:
      6.  Choose Kumi Yamashita
      7.  Choose B) I'm free.
      8.  Choose B) Say it sternly.
      9.  Choose B) Take the stairs.
    Following the path to Kumi's ending will unlock all the CG's and sex scenes
    listed under her name in the Extras section.
                                     |           |
    |--------------------------------|   Ayumi   |--------------------------------|
    |                                |___________|                                |
    To see Ayumi's ending, follow these steps:
      6.  Choose Ayumi Wakabayashi
      7.  Choose B) Yes.
      8.  Choose A) I don't have any plans.
      -<-Save before the next choice->-
      9a. Choose A) Go with the flow. -> Special event but bad ending
      9b. Choose B) Run away.         -> Ayumi's ending path
      10. Choose A) OK
      11. Choose A) Go play with her.
    Following this path to Ayumi's ending will unlock all the CG's and sex scenes
    listed under her name in the Extras section.  The 'special event' you obtain
    by picking "Go with the flow." for choice 9 is stored under "Others."
                                     |           |
    |--------------------------------|   Kaori   |--------------------------------|
    |                                |___________|                                |
    To see Kaori's ending, follow these steps:
      6.  Choose Kaori Miyasaka
      7.  Choose B) Go with the flow.
      8.  Choose B) Kiss her.
      9.  Choose B) Kiss her.
    Following this path could unlock all of Kaori's CG's.  Her fifth sex scene,
    "Adult Techniques," is shown only if you sleep with Kaori in the first half
    of the game but avoid having sex with Sana, Kumi, and Ayumi.
                                     |           |
    |--------------------------------|   Erika   |--------------------------------|
    |                                |___________|                                |
    In order to make Erika available, you first have to completely view the endings
    for the five other girls.  After you do that, you need to restart the game,
    and several things will be different.  Instead of meeting Sana right away,
    you'll run into Erika.  This means that when her homecoming party occurs,
    Takuya will already know her, and this is when her subscenario begins.
    To see Erika's ending, follow these steps:
      1-4.  These are the same as before.
      5.  Choose A) Make up my mind.
      6.  Choose A) Leave.
      7.  Choose Erika Tsunashima
      8.  Choose A) Don't say anything.
      9.  Choose A) Ok.
    After playing this route, you will have unlocked all of Erika's CG's and
    sex scenes.
                                     |          |
    |--------------------------------|  Others  |---------------------------------|
    |                                |__________|                                 |
    The three sex scenes listed under "Others" are unlocked in the following way:
      Scene 1 - Occurs in the first half of the game in Ayumi's subscenario,
                right after you choose to have lunch with her but before you
                sleep with Ayumi.
      Scene 2 - Unlocked when you choose to "Peep in" instead of "Leave" for the
                5th major choice.
      Scene 3 - Occurs on Ayumi's ending path in the second half of the game.
                It is unlocked when you choose "Go with the flow." for the 9th
                                  vi. VERSION HISTORY
    v1.00 - All information complete.
    v1.10 - Added the Game Credits section.
                              vii. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION
    All information and work in this document is copyright 2004-2005 by
    Ben Woodhouse unless otherwise stated and may be not be reproduced under any
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web
    site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Thanks for your cooperation.
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