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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

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                                    KING OF THE HILL
                                 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v0.9
                                Based on the PC version
                           Written and maintained by SubSane
                                Last updated 2013.05.05
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        1.01 Game Details
        1.02 Story
        1.03 System Requirements
        2.01 Controls
        2.02 Gameplay
        2.03 Events
        2.04 Quests
        3.01 Controls
        3.02 Animals
        3.03 Regions
        3.04 Equipment
        3.05 Guide
    5.0 LEGAL / MISC.
        5.01 Version History
        5.02 Guide Credits
        5.03 Contact Information
        5.04 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION =================================================
                                  1.01  Game Details
    Developed by Fox Interactive in collaboration with Flying Tiger Interactive
    and Mondo Media. Released by Fox Interactive in November 2000.
                                      1.02  Story
    You're new to Arlen and have just moved into the neighborhood that the Hills,
    Dale, Bill, Boomhauer, and Souphanousinphones call home. You've been invited
    to their annual Block Party, and your mission is to be accepted as one of the
    gang, to earn the trust of your new neighbors, and if they really like you,
    to be invited to enjoy a beer in the alley. It won't be easy to please
    everyone, so do your best to be a good neighbor.
    Texas Huntin':
    It's late Fall, hunting season has just begun, and the Arlen Huntin' Club is
    gearing up. You'll be invited to join Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, Bill, and Bobby
    in this Texas tradition and rite of passage.
                               1.03  System Requirements
    Windows PC
    Minimum Hardware:
    * PC with 200 mHz Pentium processor
    * Sound Blaster (or compatible) sound card
    * 32MB available
    * 300MB available hard disk space
    * 13" display (640x480 pixels) capable of displaying 256 colors
    * quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive
    * mouse
    * Windows 95 or Windows 98
    * Windows XP and above are NOT compatible with this game
    Recommended for an enhanced experience and improved performance: 
    * PC with 300 mHz or faster Pentium processor
    * 64MB or more RAM
    * video card and display capable of displaying "true color" (16-bit or
      greater video depth)
    * 8x or faster CD-ROM drive
    * high-quality headphones or external loudspeakers
    Minimum Hardware:
    *  Power Mac 233 MHz
    *  48MB available RAM
    *  300MB available hard disk space
    *  13" display (640x480 pixels) capable of displaying 256 colors
    *  quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive
    *  mouse
    *  MacOS 7.6.1 (or later); OS8 compatible
    Recommended for an enhanced experience and improved performance: 
    *  G3 300 MHz
    *  64MB or more available RAM
    *  video card and display capable of displaying at "Thousands" of colors
       (16-bit video) or greater
    *  8x or faster CD-ROM drive
    *  high-quality headphones or external loudspeakers
    ===== 2.0 HOOTENANNY ==========================================================
                                    2.01  Controls
    Command     |  Action       
    Mouse       |  Move the cursor, turn the mower, aim projectiles.
    Left-click  |  Interact with the environment, aim the golf ball.
    [           |  Turn volume up.
    ]           |  Turn volume down.
    TAB         |  Pause the game, view the Global Controls watch.
    ESC         |  Return to headquarters, exit a conversation; if you're already
                   in headquarters, quit the game.
    Q           |  Quit the game.
    Left arrow  |  Pan left at the headquarters screen, turn the mower.
    Right arrow |  Pan right at the headquarters screen, turn the mower.
    Up arrow    |  Turn the mower.
    Down arrow  |  Turn the mower.
    Y button    |  Answer "yes" to a question during a conversation.
    N button    |  Answer "no" to a question during a conversation.
                                     2.02  Gameplay
    Click the welcome letter to select a title, first name, and last name. Click
    stamp to complete the form. Once outside you'll get a greeting from Hank and
    the gang as well as an invitation to the annual block party. This is where the
    Hootenanny adventure begins.
    Your goal is to not only participate in each event of the day at the correct
    time, but to also complete neighborhood quests for the various neighbors. The
    more quests you complete, the better you'll fit into the neighborhood.
    In you gain enough favor with the neighbors they will invite you hang out with
    them after the block party. The neighbor(s) you see at the end are determined
    by how well you do in the various quests and events.
    Basic Gameplay
    -Watch your clock and be ready to participate in one of the five Scheduled
    Events: Paintball, Mini Golf, Lawnmower Race, Tic Tac Toss, or Scavenger Hunt.
    -1 hour in the game is roughly five minutes in real time.
    -Pitch in with chores and unscheduled events when asked for help.
    -Engage in conversations with other members of the Hootenanny.
    -At the end of the day, one or more of the other members of the party will
    tell you what the gang thinks of you.
                                     2.03  Events
    Mini Golf
    -Click anywhere on the tee to place the ball.
    -To putt, click and hold the ball then drag the mouse away to aim.
    -The further you pull back, the harder that ball's gonna fly.
    -When you're ready to shoot, just let go!
    Hole 1 - Par 4
    Aim for the middle of the fence, then aim for the whole. You'll want each hit
    to be about 3/4 power. At best you can make it in two hits.
    Hole 2 - Par 3
    Aim for the ant hole, then straight into the hole. Your second shot should be
    a light hit.
    Hole 3 - Par 3
    Aim a fully powered hit at the bricks across from the plate, then aim for the
    hole with a 1/2 powered hit. Your best spot is between the rolling cans,
    although if you wait too long between the cans your ball is sure to get hit by
    one of them.
    Hole 4 - Par 4
    The gnomes will be annoying, but this one can be done in three hits. Aim a 3/4
    powered hit into the wall so that the ball stops against it. Hit the ball up,
    then hit the ball down to the lower-right. A well-aimed hit might make it in,
    or you might use your fourth shot to get it in the hole.
    Hole 5 - Par 4
    This one's simple. Aim low and hit the ball at full charge so that it coasts
    along the wall toward the hall. If it gets hit or stops outside the hole, aim
    carefully. This one's possible in one or two hits.
    Hole 6 - Par 3
    This one can be done in one shot if you make it over the pool and the ball
    rolls down into the hole. Time it so that the ball flys over the pool when
    the float toy is at the north end of the pool. Use a 3/4 powered shot.
    Hole 7 - Par 3
    Place the ball high and aim for the middle of the stack of newspapers with
    a full powered shot. This should get it in the middle of the path before it
    passes the tail. Aim for the center of the next stack of newspapers to get it
    onto the kitchen floor. Now aim carefully with a 3/4 powered shot to get it
    into the hole in the corner.
    Hole 8 - Par 4
    Hit a full powered shot into the red/white tube, then aim for the hole with a
    light shot.
    Hole 9 - Par 3
    Aim for the open path into the gutter. You can use a full powered hit or a
    couple of hits to get it into the gutter hole and out onto the lawn. You can
    then aim with a 3/4 powered shot (roughly) to get to the hole.
    Lawnmower Race
    -You mow the most grass, you win.
    -Choose your opponent, then choose your vehicle.
    -Each mower has strengths and weaknesses.
      -Armakillo: Low capacity but very speedy.
      -Weedinator: Medium capacity, moderately peppy.
      -Make Momma Proud: High capacity but a bit sluggish.
    -Use the arrow keys to drive around the yard. Mow until your bag is full,
    then dump the grass into the mulch pit.
    -Don't mow over sprinklers, anthills, or Peggy's garden. Try to mow over
    weeds before they start to spread.
    It doesn't matter which opponent you choose. They'll all mow with the same
    level of skill.
    Your mower determines how quickly you can mow grass and how often you have
    drop off the clippings. The early game is best played with a fast mower which
    can let you dominate half the lawn yourself. Select the Armakillo and head
    straight for the right half of the lawn. Mow around in circles and stop off
    at the clipping box when you're near. If you're fast enough you can take most
    or all of the right half of the lawn yourself. Avoid mowing into closed
    corners as they can waste a lot of time.
    Move to the left and take care of the remaining bits of grass. Hank will
    talk about how good you are if you win.
    -You have a total of 20 shots. Use them wisely!
    -Your gun holds 5 shots. When it's empty, grab another paint canister
    to reload.
    -The first one hit 3 times loses!
    Take your time with the shots and don't splurge. Some of them will linger,
    giving you plenty of time to shoot.
    Scavenger Hunt
    -Read the clues to find the hidden treasures around the house.
    -Use the arrows to move from room to room. And don't worry about being a
    snoop - it's part of the game.
    -When you think you've found an object, click on it. If you're right, you'll
    get the clue for the next one.
    -To win, find all 5 objects in 10 minutes or less.
    Clues and Items:
    "It's in my parents' room, and it suits my mom just fine."
    -Go to Peggy's room and open the closet. Click the outfit.
    "Mom says it 'feels so good' to sweat - even in the living room."
    -Go the living room. Click the VHS box on top of the television.
    "In my parents' room is something that looks good even on paper."
    -Go to Hank and Peggy's room. Click the paper pear on the dresser.
    "In my parents' room is something kind of catchy."
    -Turn around in Hank and Peggy's bedroom and face the tall dresser with the
    TV on top. Open the door. Click the catcher's mitt.
    "Find this in the living room before you run out of time."
    -Go the living room. Face the book case with the collectible plate on the
    shelf. Open the bottom door and click the boggle timer.
    "Brown Betty lives here in the kitchen."
    -Go to the kitchen. Click the recipe cards in the box by the sink.
    "All signs are pointing to the den."
    -Go to the den. Turn around and open the closet. Click the #1 hand sign.
    "In my parents' room is where you'll finally see the light."
    -Go to Hank and Peggy's room. Click the headlamp on the night stand.
    "It's a magical item, cloaked in mystery."
    -Go to Bobby's room. Turn around and open the closet door. Click the red
    magician's cloak.
    "Go south of the border - but start in the kitchen."
    -Go to the kitchen. Turn around and open the cupboard on the right side.
    Click the taco mix bag.
    "In my room is this boy's game."
    -Go to Bobby's room. Click the handheld game on Bobby's bed.
    "It's the other rug in the den."
    -Enter the den. Turn around and click the wig on the fake head.
    "Honk if you like my room."
    -Go to Bobby's room. Click the bed to reveal an air horn beneath the bed.
    "Roses are Red, Violets are blue, In my room, is my shot at GQ."
    -Enter Bobby's room and click the photograph on the top shelf of the bookcase.
    "They should be away in a manger, but instead they're in the den."
    -Go to the den and open the closet. Click the puppets on the top shelf.
    "My dad likes to share the latest dish with this item in the living room."
    -Click the collectible plate in the living room bookcase.
    "Without leaving the living room, get on the road again."
    -Click the record on the bottom shelf beneath the record player in the living
    "It's the thing my dad likes to play with when he's alone in his bedroom."
    -Go to Hank's room. Click the bed and then the guitar beneath the bed.
    "There's something in my room you just can't miss."
    -Go to Bobby's room and click the target on the wall.
    "It won't hurt to put this on in the den."
    -Click the makeup on the desk in the den.
    "Look in the kitchen, and find some regular stuff."
    -Go to the kitchen and click the second-to-last cupboard on the right. Click
    the jar of Megamucil.
    "Wanna see Luanne's beauty marks? They're in the den."
    -Click the white sheet of paper on the desk in the den.
    "Animal crackers in the kitchen?"
    -Click the cabinet to the lower-right of the kitchen sink, then click the
    box of dog biscuits.
    "I know something about it, I was told by a friend, The only thing I don't
    know - Is just how does it end? (Find out in the living room.)"
    -Go to the living room. Click the SEX: A GUIDE book on the top shelf of the
    Tic Tac Toss
    -Click on a beanbag from your shelf to select it.
    -To toss, place the mouse over the space you want to fill and click.
    -You can throw beanbags into any space, even if there's already a letter there.
    However, you cannot replace letters in a word that is already spelled. You
    can only replace those letters if your replacement spells a new word.
    -You get one point for each four-letter word, two points if it's diagonal. If
    a letter is part of two words, you get points only if both words are still
    valid. To win, build more words - and get more points - than your opponent.
    -You have 8 seconds to throw a letter.
    -There's a two-minute time limit per round, and winner of 2 out of 3 rounds
    will be the Tic Tac Toss champ.
    This game may be rough if you're not quick with the four-letter words. The best
    way to start is to throw a consonant into the upper-left corner. S, R, and D
    are good starter letters. Do the same with all the other corners if you have
    any other consonants that aren't necessary for a word.
    As noted in the rules, you get more points for diagonal words. Choose to go
    that route if you're constructing words in the early part of the game before
    the board is full. If you think Peggy is going to put together a word, use one
    of your useless letters or repeats to block her.
    You'll be limited in where you can construct words as the board fills up. Keep
    your eyes open in all spaces and take advantage of Peggy's words if you see an
    opportunity for a new word.
    You'll often find yourself in a back-and-forth with you and Peggy replacing
    a single letter or two in a word. It's important too take advantage of this
    word tug-of-war, but also not get too distracted. Keep an eye on the rest of
    the board for other word opportunities.
                                     2.04  Quests
    Like block party events, quests occur randomly and at any point during the
    block party. Some neighbors will come to you with their quest, while others
    you have to discover by appearing at headquarters or talking with people.
    Respond to questions during conversations with "yes" or "no". Respond favorably
    to gain favor with neighbors and leave a good impression.
    Block Party: Your first task is to select an item to bring to the block party.
    Hank recommended beer, so that's a safe way to gain favor. The jello and La
    Bomba won't go over well, and the veggie burgers probably aren't a good choice
    for a Texas block party. The steaks are an excellent choice to gain favor.
    Keep Ladybird Away: Ladybird bothers Kahn's grill. Hank gives you doggie treats
    to throw in front of her and distract her.
    The Art of Hamburgers: Hank asks you if you'd like a hamburger. Answer "yes".
    Soccer: Hank asks if you like soccer. Say "no".
    Working Hard: He asks if you enjoy working hard. Say "yes".
    Bags of Ice: She asks you to go into her house and fetch bags of ice for the
    beer cooler.
    Teaching: Peggy asks if you think teaching is important. Say "yes".
    Email: Bobby asks if you have email. Say "no".
    Beer: He wants a beer, but do not throw one to him. Peggy will get upset.
    Hip Parents: He asks if your parents are hip. Say "yes".
    Thoughts on Women: He asks something about women. Answer "yes".
    Survive World War II: Cotton asks if you think you could've survived the war.
    Say "yes".
    Beer: Throw him a beer.
    Nice to Hank: He asks if he should be nicer to "Bad Hank". Say "no".
    Tackle Box: He wants a tackle box. Ignore his request or you'll get in
    trouble for snooping in Hank's house.
    Tom Landry Football: He asks for you to fetch an autographed football from
    Hank's house. Don't do it or you'll get in trouble for snooping.
    Fake Name: Answer "yes" when he asks if you've ever used a fake name.
    Folks in Arlen: Bill asks if you like the folks in Arlen. Say "yes".
    Mosquito Problem: Swat the mosquitoes but don't hit him too much. He gets
    Sun Burn: Rub ointment on his back.
    Dates: He asks if you like to date. Say "yes".
    Sense of Humor: Boomhauer asks if you think you're funny. Say "yes".
    You Work Out?: Boomhauer asks if you work out. Respond with "yes".
    Friends Are Weird: She asks if you think Hank's friends are weird. Say "no".
    Is Bobby Funny?: She asks it. Say "yes".
    Junior College: She asks if it was a good idea to go to junior college. Say
    His Job: Kahn asks you if you think you can do his job. Respond with "no".
    Hank Works Hard?: Say "no" to agree with Kahn.
    Brown Betty: She asks if you want some of her Brown Betty. Say "yes".
    ===== 3.0 TEXAS HUNTIN' =======================================================
                                    3.01  Controls
    Command     |  Action       
    Mouse       |  Move the cursor, aim the gun in hunting view.
    G           |  Bring up Global Controls bar.
    ESC         |  Back out of the hunting view.
    Q           |  Quit the game.
    Left arrow  |  Pan left in hunting view.
    Right arrow |  Pan right in hunting view.
    Up arrow    |  Pan up in hunting view.
    Down arrow  |  Pan down in hunting view.
    Spacebar    |  Shoot the the gun.
                                     3.02  Animals
    White-tailed Buck
    10 Points
    Bucks are easy to spot and lure. They have antlers and will come close with
    any combination of scents and calls.
    Mule Deer
    8 Points
    Mule deer can be confused with white-tailed antlerless deer if you're not
    careful. Mule deer have a sharper brown coat in contrast to the dull beige coat
    of the antlerless deer.
    White-tailed Buck (Antlerless)
    6 Points
    These deer are, as described, without antlers. Their coat is also a dull beige
    color as opposed to the more vibrant brown coats of the bucks and mule deer.
    They generally appear less often than bucks, but are easy to spot. Use a scent
    bag and buck call to lure them in.
    Wild Boar
    2 Points
    There is no call or scent for boars. Your best bet is to shoot them from afar
    with a steady hand and the rifle.
    Wild Turkey
    1 Point
    Turkeys are not nearly as common as deer or boar. Check the guide for turkey
    sightings and use the combination of call plus decoy to lure them in, if you're
                                     3.03  Regions
    West Texas
    This region has an abundance of deer, but less wild boar and turkey. It's a
    good spot to rack up the points with some bucks and mule deer which you can
    supplement with other animals.
    Hill Country
    Hill Country is appropriately average in its conditions, but it's a great
    spot for deer. It's a good starter spot to get the white-tailed deer points
    out of the way.
    East Texas
    This is the warmest and least windy region. It's great for turkey, wild boar,
    and some white-tailed deer, but you won't find any mule deer here.
    This northern area is the coldest spot and also quite windy, which means you
    should pack warm clothes. It has an abundance of mule deer which are good for
    points after a few outings.
                                    3.04  Equipment
    You're limited to eight items that you can take along on a hunt. The gun is
    the only required item. The rest of your equipment should be selected based
    on the animals you're hunting and field conditions.
    Your choice of gun affects the number of shots it takes to kill an animal, and
    the range out in the field.
    -Shotgun: Short range, high power rifle. It has a quick reload.
    -Rifle: Long range gun with a solid aim.
    Clothes can affect how far your scent reaches into the field as well as your
    stamina and aim.
    -Scent: The scent-covering clothes are solid green. These are good for masking
    your scent when the wind conditions are not in your favor.
    -Warm clothes: Select these clothes when you're in colder temperatures. They
    are camouflage colored, and includes the gloves.
    Good for scoping further into the field. This is a good way to check if there
    are any animals coming in from a distance.
    Food helps maintain your stamina and aim in the field. Your choices are beef
    jerky and cheese puffs. Be careful with eating food as animals can hear when
    you pick a food item.
    Animals Calls
    Use these sparingly. Two or three times every ten minutes is a good number.
    -Buck: Mouth piece with a long, snake-like tube.
    -Doe: Mouth piece with no tube and no ribs.
    -Turkey: Ribbed mouth piece with no extended tube.
    Buck urine and doe estrus are good for attracting bucks.
    A scent bag will attract bucks. They're best placed near trees and scrapes.
    Decoys are useful for attracting deer and turkeys.
    Real bucks clash antlers in short bursts. Use the rattlers sparingly, with
    short bursts every five minutes or so.
                                     3.05  Guide
    Start by entering your name. The game saves your progress during the season
    and uses that name to identify you. 
    Watch the intro with Hank and the gang, then check out the pages in the
    logbook and the Texas Huntin' Weekly.
    1. Follow and obey the hunting laws of Texas and Oklahoma.
    2. Respect the animals you hunt and take.
    3. There are 4 official AHC hunt days: The Saturday following Thanksgiving,
    and three subsequent Saturdays.
    4. Official AHC hunt times are 7AM to 3PM.
    5. Only kills that occur on designated hunt days and times count.
    6. Only legal kills count. (To be legal, the animal must be included on your
    7. Cheaters are disqualified.
    8. The fellow with the most points at the end of the season wins!
    9. Each animal is worth a certain number of points.
    10. Shooting an animal not on your license results in no points awarded and
    a one week suspension, meaning you skip one of the five outings.
    Region Selection
    You must select a region in which to hunt from the front page of the Texas
    Huntin' Weekly newspaper. Click the map and then the region you'd like to
    visit. It's important to check pages 2 and 3 of the hunting guide to select
    a region which contains the animals and conditions you need for a good hunt.
    This section of the Weekly shows how many of each animal have been spotted
    in each region. The more animals in a region, the more likely you are to see
    The conditions affect how well you can keep your scent hidden, as well as
    your stamina and aim. As any hunter knows, you want to stay downwind of
    animals so that the wind does not blow your scent in their direction.
    If it's cold you'll shake more when aiming your gun. Take along some warm
    clothes if you plan to hunt in cold temperatures.
    The partner you select simply determines the blind where you'll be located.
    You can change blinds during a hunt.
    Decoys get placed after you select a blind.
    Blind Layout
    Once you're in the blind you'll have access to various things. For one,
    there's a clock and the wind direction in the upper left corner. Keep an eye
    on it if you're concerned about running out of time. There's also a thermometer
    in the upper right corner along with a map of the lease. You can select the
    map to change blinds.
    Any equipment you brought for use in the field will be available in this menu.
    Your only good strategy is to follow the animals that will give you the most
    points. White-tailed bucks with antlers are worth ten points, for instance,
    so you'd check the Weekly and select a region where you're likely to run into
    white-tailed bucks. From there you shoot for antlerless white-tailed deer,
    then mule deer, then wild boar, and finally wild turkey.
    However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't take shots where you can. You have
    unlimited ammo. Take advantage and kill animals as you encounter them. Keep an
    eye on your license to ensure you don't shoot any animals which are no longer
    legal for you to shoot.
    Your aim is at its worst while moving. It's best to watch an animal to
    determine the path, then lead it by moving your aiming reticule ahead of the
    animal. Wait and sit still so that your shaking is minimized. When you're
    still and ready to shoot, aim for the area of the chest just behind the
    foreleg. This is where you're most likely to shoot the heart. You can improve
    your aim by wearing warm clothes if its cold, eating food, and selecting the
    right gun. The rifle is best for long distance and the shotgun is best for
    close range.
    ===== 4.0 CODES 'N SECRETS ====================================================
    Hootenanny Event Shortcuts
    Hold Shift and press Ctrl simultaneously, then left click anywhere on the
    screen. Press one of the following keys to load one of these events:
    G - Mini Golf
    L - Lawnmower Race
    P - Paintball
    S - Scavenger Hunt
    T - Tic Tac Toss
    ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. =======================================================
                                  5.01  Version History
    2013.05.05 - Version 0.9: Guide completed. There is a bug with the paintball
    event which prevents more detailed strategy. This guide will be updated if I
    can get around the bug.
                                   5.02  Guide Credits
    Thanks to...
    1. The people at Fox Interactive, Flying Tiger Interactive, and Mondo Media.
    2. Wilson Lau for his excellent guide to 'Bart vs. the Space Mutants'. It
    inspired the over 60 guides I've written to date.
    3. You for reading.
                                5.03  Contact Information
    subsane at gmail dot com
                                   5.04  Legal Stuff
    1. King Of The Hill Hootenanny CD-ROM is copyright 2000 Fox Interactive. King
    Of The Hill Texas Huntin' CD-ROM is copyright 2000/2001 Fox Interactive. All
    rights reserved.
    2. This guide copyright (C) 2013 SubSane. This guide may be distributed freely
    as long as it remains in its ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. It is only for
    private use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.
    If I should discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being
    displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from that

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