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"The "perfect" system."

This is actually sort of a console. A computer has the abilities to not only do homework and research, but to play video games on it as well. Many game developers make games exclusive to the PC. Many people can argue that the PC isn't a console, but it is. The PC is home to many video games, and also has the ability to go online. The PC is "The "perfect" system", because its capabilities grow throughout the many years that pass by, not to mention it's almost the year 2007 at time of writing.

Graphic powers 9/10
A PC with the best video card, RAM, and processer could easily beat a console, believe it or not. Every year more and more video cards and processers come out each year, improving over old ones. However, this can get very costly, and if you don't have extra money to spend to upgrade your computer it will get left behind and you won't be able to play video games on your PC properly.

Audio 9/10
With some sound upgrades, your PC can have sounds much better than that of a normal television. But you need to spend extra money for that, as well. You don't need to have a good audio system for your computer, unless you want to hear the best sound quality. But you'll need at least a minimal speaker to at least listen to sounds on your video games, I remember gaming without any sounds, and it was awful.

Gameplay 9/10
In most PC games we have the ability to choose which controls you'll be using. You can choose which button "shoots" in an FPS game, for example. You can also hook up a joystick or controller to your PC. Many games are also for the PC, and many console games are ported to the PC as well. In fact, the PC is one of the oldest and newest consoles, and has the most games ever for a console, believe it or not. It has many more games than you'd think. Also, the PC has the ability to go online, like most new consoles do now. But you need to pay for a good speed internet. More and more newer consoles are actually becoming like a computer. The Playstation 3, for example has a hard drive, internet acess, games on CDs/DVDs, and USB ports to hook things to your Playstation 3.

Overall 9/10
The PC is one of best consoles, but the bad thing is you need to pay a lot of extra cash to keep upgrading it each year in order to play video games. Sometimes, unfortunately your PC crashes for no reason, and you have the ability to get viruses on your computer, wrecking it. It has many additional costs as well. You'll need at least a monitor, speakers, a mouse, keyboard, a decent videocard, a processer, and some RAM. It's your choice depending on how much money you have. Remember, that as the years go by it's harder and harder to upgrade everything. For example: look at the time gap within some consoles. It's not a problem usually, but it can get very costly, which is why I'm giving it a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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