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"PC Gaming will last you a very long time."

In today's comparison of video game systems, many gamers feel that using a PC will be too much of hassle for a few obvious reasons. You've heard them before, "It's too expensive, it'll just need to be upgraded in a few years!, or my favorite, "Because it sucks! Next generation is the way to go!". Contrary to popular belief, using a PC could easily surpass anything on a video game system without a lot of time or effort.

Graphical Performance (9/10): It's common knowledge that most gamers want to get the best high definition gaming out of a PC in terms of overall graphics and performance. A typical graphic card can be obtained anywhere online or in your local PC shop depending where you look for price. I've managed to obtain a Nivida GeForce 7900 GS for about 230 dollars at most which is excellent in terms of a performance card and price. Though you may think it's overpriced, it is generally a high definition card that should last 3-4 years at most before needing replacement. Other cards can have higher performance at a lower price if you know where to look. Replacing old and outdated cards isn't hard to do and is probably one of the easiest thing to do while opening up your PC for the first time.

Sound: (8/10): Not much to say about this category to be honest. I'm not one to write about what speakers you should get in order to get the best performance in PC gaming. I personally don't really care for what speakers I'm using and the only thing that really matters is that if it produces an excellence sound from my speakers, it's good enough for me to use. Even if it's a sub standard Speaker from a company like Dell, I'm happy. But like Graphic cards, it can be obtained at cheaper prices if you know where to look.

Ram: (8/10): Ram is generally important to know how well you can run a game at max setting if you have a semi decent rig and graphic card. The more Ram, the better! Usually, I would put 1-3G if I want to play the most extreme games like Halo 2, Oblivion, Command and Conquer 3, or Supreme Commander. But overall, it is important to obtain as much RAM as possible in order to give your PC a larger boast in terms of performance.

CPUs/Processors: (10/10): Probably one of the more important factors in PC gaming is the CPU or Processor. Generally speaking, it depends if your in two party camps; AMD, or Intel Dual-Core. I have no knowledge of AMD compared to Intel though I prefer Intel because it's the first choice I was recommended by my fellow PC members. It's a matter of personal choice. Read the reviews for both and choose which one you would like to use. Overall, the higher the better in terms of PC gaming depending on which brand you choose.

PC Games (10/10): Ever played Oblivion on max settings with a rig? What about Halo 2 or Command or Conquer 3? It brings a tear to your eye on how jaw dropping these games will play if you have the patience to customize your rig. It's that simple because PC gaming will never phase out compared to mainstream gaming. It'll only get better as long as their are PC gamers to play them.

Overall thoughts: I truly am happy that I got into PC gaming compared to console gaming for a number of reasons. It's easy to upgrade and customize, and also, one could simply build a PC at their personal preference at a much lower price. It's easy to build a PC if you look at the right websites and guides a Chimpanzee could do it! If you truly want a gaming system to satisfy your needs than for for a PC, you won't regret it.

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Originally Posted: 07/03/07

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