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"The perfect gaming device and here's why"


Personal Computers sure have came a long way since Commodore 64, one of the grand daddies of PC video gaming devices and video gaming history. While it remains unchanged that PC as a gaming device generally requires more work to both get started and maintain, it is unquestionably the most versatile device one can ever own just for gaming. PC as a gaming console extends both forward and backwards in time: capable of emulating old Nintendo games to running the latest from the market. It is truly a flawless gaming device in comparison to all consoles. Please note that it is true that a PC will cost more than at least 3 times the price of a console, but I will explain later how consoles actually can be expansive too.

Graphics: 10/10

To argue that a console has better graphics than a PC today, is basically saying the game developers are too lazy to fully utilize what PC and their superior graphics card(s) can offer. Featuring DirectX 11 on the latest Windows 7 and with an ATI HD 5870 Video Card (DX11 compatible), consoles' graphics are simply no where near to even compare. It is totally pointless to pursuit after High Definition video quality alone with expansive HDMI cables while PC is at a whole new level of graphics rendering.

*Technical Talks*

The amount of polygons in DX11, specially towards 3D texture mapping, has significantly improved, making rough or stand out surfaces more realistic.

*End of Technical Talks*

In addition to simply just superior graphics, PCs alone with their Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) also offers multiple monitor setups. Thanks to the latest SLI (Scalable Linker Interface) and CrossFire technology from nVIDIA and ATI, PC gamers are able to setup more than one monitors together to truly have an amazing gaming experience. While monitors have a higher resolution than a typical TV, the ability to extend your battle field is simply irreplaceable. By doing some research and setup, a player can even have a 360 degrees view of their game!

Sound: 10/10

Similarly with graphics, audio media on a PC is spectacular over a 7.1 surround sound system. Needless to say, consoles are still stuck to their silly HDMI or Component cables. Additionally, PC owners can also enjoy mods that will increase the music library of a game and the ability to adjust different simulation like: sound in a cave with echos, or simply just echos.

Input Interface: 10/10

While some games are better with Keyboard and Mouse, some aren't. However, that isn't a problem because PC has many input interfaces. Examples are controllers, joysticks, driving wheels, and many many more. The key point is that MOST games are excellent with simply just keyboard and mouse; in fact, majority of gamers prefer keyboard+mouse combo. Game genres like First Person Shooters, Tactical Shooters, Real-Time Strategies, Role-Playing Games, are simply awkward to control with other input devices.

Game Libraries / Games: 10/10

While many game publishers are making games exclusives for consoles, the PC still has the potential to play them. However, it will require that you are a computer scientist so that you can make an emulator (or download one) to emulate the "exclusive" games. But realistically, any major console "exclusive" game that is really hot, the chances of finding some sort of translator that would make the game not so exclusive is quite high. However the main reason companies are starting to make games exclusive for consoles is because of pirating. However most companies today will likely release their "exclusive" console version for a year or so, then release their PC counterparts. But, there is one thing very wrong about this: console games are on average almost $15 more expansive than their PC counterparts while the PC counterparts have more potential assuming you were to buy the actual game and not pirate. What I mean by more potential is MODs. Best example is the game "The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion" and "Fallout 3". Ask anyone who has played the PC version and a console version about which one is more enjoyable. I guarantee you it is the PC version. In fact, if you don't believe me, go to youtube and see how many Oblivion mods are there. Of course if the PC gamer decides to save some money and pirate the game, than console games are more than $70 more expansive. However, PC games, PLEASE do NOT pirate games as it is against the law and it encourages more console exclusives.

As many console games encourages online game play, PC is simply superior in terms of online game play. Best example is that you can actually type with a keyboard not a tiny device that makes you feel like texting on the cell phone. Additionally, you can also expect better connections for PC given that you know how to tweak it.

Pricing: 10/10

Please do not be shocked that I am saying PC is better economically. First of all, as I have already indicated that PC gamers pay at least $15 less in terms of games, PC also has the ability to be scaled in terms of performance. If you do not know what I am talking about then I am sorry but you will have to live with it. The reason PC can be scaled is because its CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and chipsets can be overclocked. This means a PC gamer can pay for a less capable graphics card and tweak it to perform better without paying more (except maybe electric bills). This is a HUGE advantage for PC gamers simply because it will make a PC last MUCH longer than a console. If you don't believe me, please add up all the $ you spent on your console games and than add your console's price and compare it to a cheap PC that is overclocked. Chances are that they might be the same while for PC users, they get MUCH more freedom.

Overall: 10/10 - The Perfect Gaming Device

Games on PC are better due to MODs; are drawn better due to superior graphic cards; sound better due to better sound card and speaker setups; more enjoyable because of so many more capabilities: Alt+Tab and go online to gamefaq when you are stuck; better yet, use multiple monitors and check out different things at the same time! Listen to different musics while gaming, or even try chatting over msn or skype or ven! However, the biggest draw back of PC system that it actually requires you to know many technical things before you would agree that it is a 10/10 flawless gaming system. For people who just want to pure out their pockets and would like to know nothing of how to overclock/tweak hardware so that it saves you $; or do not wish to have the freedom to expand to multiple monitors not to mention better graphics and sounds; or simply don't have the brains or time, then console is perfect for you.

Final Words:

PC is truly remarkable in terms of its capability and pricing. No I do not mean buying a gaming PC from Alienware, or from Furtureshop, but actually buying a mother board, a graphics card, a CPU ... and do everything yourself! When you've done it, not only will you have saved yourself $, but also a sense a accomplishment simply because you've created your personal gaming console. For those who spend $1500+ on a gaming PC, you are either an idiot who don't know how to overclock and probably didn't even build it yourself, OR you simply want to build a monster PC that has the best bench marks on 3DMark Vantage.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/05/09

Game Release: Windows 7 (US, 10/22/09)

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