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"A Great gaming platform."

When Windows was first invented in 1981, no one expected to be able to play games on it. Maybe a few people, but that is all. Windows was invented mainly for businesses, though, later, with the invention of Windows 3.1, personal computers with Windows began to be sold to the average consumer, because it was easier, and because those who had Windows at their business wanted to be able to work on their work at home. Because more and more consumers were jumping into the Windows revolution every minute, game designers started to invent games for Windows. At first, they invented 5 ½ floppy disks for Windows, then, they came out with the 3.5 floppy disks, which could hold more, while being smaller in size

Today, CD-ROMs are our computer games. There is a huge selection of titles to choose from, including games that involve intense thinking to games that involve intense action. The best part of Windows is that it is not all about games. You can watch movies, surf the Internet, create presentations, and type up text documents. Windows's versatility is one of its best selling features.

The audio in Windows is great, and the video controls cannot be beat. Because Windows is so versatile, you can configure the audio and video to the way of your choice.

Windows is better than a gaming system because with Windows, you can play a game with someone else online, or you can just play it against the computer. I would recommend playing a game on Windows because systems with Windows usually have larger hard drives, better Processors, and bigger amounts of RAM, which means that the game will play better than it would on a video game system.

Though more and more, video game consoles are expanding into multi-media machines, too. Today, video games are stored on CD-ROMs, and you can also connect to the Internet and watch a movie on your video game system. Windows has not made such a monumental movement like that so far, though every couple of years, there is a new version of Windows, so I am sure soon enough, Windows will catch up.

Windows can also go portable too, in a Notebook, or Laptop Computer, as can video game systems, which are going portable with the Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance. You can play your favorite Windows games in Laptops, which are computers that can fit on your lap. They can do everything that a computer can do, though they run out of power quickly if powered on a battery. Game Boys also have their faults too. The screen on them is dim, and they have poor sound quality and graphics, so I would favor a Laptop.

Windows is an excellent gaming platform, and is a good competitor against video game systems. The only problem is the price, which is high, compared to a video game system. The price of an average computer is about $1, 500, and the average price of a video game system is only about $150.
Though if price did not exist, I would still say that Windows is a better gaming platform than any video game system, because it is so easy, it can run multiple programs, and it can provide a better gaming experience with its advanced Video and Sound options.

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Originally Posted: 08/22/01, Updated 08/22/01

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