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"The Ultimate Gaming System!!!!!"

The way I think of the PC is The Ulimate Gaming System... I think this because a PC never stops making games and PC games are way better than Sony, Sega, Microsoft, or Nintendo Games. The gameplay in PCs are great. Everything is great if you have the right equitment. I once got a PC when I was four. It was a 1980s one which was not very good. It only had kiddy games on it but it inspired me to PC gaming forever. Although the 1980s PC got messed up when I was about six. Finally. I can get a decent PC. The next PC I got was better than the 1986 one by far. It had DOS and Windows on it. If I remember correctly the Windows version was 3.11 but I'm not sure... But that version is crap now. Then we gave the computer to my brother and he trashed it because he said it didn't work right. Then after about six years we got a very good computer. A Gateway with Windows 98 on it and the Internet. It also game with a Color Epson Stylus Color 440 which is a decent printer though it prints slow. Now enough of my jabbering. Onto the review!!!!!!!!!!

Gameplay: 10/10 The gameplay in the PC is great. You have any type of game you want since PC games will never die... Look at Delta Force for PC (Released in 1998) The gameplay in that game was 100% great. It was the best gameplay of any console or PC game I ever had. For a 1998 game it was very good. The gameplay in other games is quite good and you never can stop playing them. The PC games are endless. Once you play a good or great game you play it on and on and on 24/7 and get addicted to it.

Graphics: 9/10 The graphics in this PC I'm typing this review on are quite good. Some graphics are blockly but the gameplay is great in them. The Sims for PC has amazing graphics and PC game's graphics can go even far than that if they have to. Though I believe it would take up more Hard Drive Space which is a negitive quality. You see the more powerful the graphics are in a game the more Hard Drive Space it takes up. That is one negitive thing about the graphics.

Sound: 9/10 The sound in the PC is very good and you can almost get any sound you want. I have Bosten Speakers I believe and they sit right next to the monitor with the sound turned up halfway. Though for some programs if you don't have a sound blaster you may need to shell out $300 bucks which is a hell of a lot of money. Though some sound chips are less expensive. Though when you get a Sound Chip from CompuUSA or something somebody ain't gonna come over to your house and install it. You have to open up your CPU. You know that big thing by the side of the computer that has the CD-ROM drive and the Floppy Drive and you need to stick it in and close up the CPU. Install it in the Control Panel, etc. etc. This will take about 4-7 days maximum if you aren't a computer whiz.

Control: 8/10 The control in this game is great but there are a few negitive things that make it hard. A few good points are that you can use a actual controller and you can get one for about $30 at BestBuy in the Computer section or something. The negitive things are. You need to memorize the keys on the keyboard if you have controls on the keyboard. For all you know you could be using K, N, etc. and you need to memorize where those keys are or you might die in a program looking at the keyboard trying to find a key to do a certain move. Though I have memorized where the keys are and I can type 50-100 words a minute so I am very good with PC controls and I harley make any mistakes. Another control you can use though I highly recommend it is the mouse. You can sometimes use it on games, sometimes not.

To Buy or Rent: I would suggest buying a PC. As I said before it is ''The Ultimate Gaming System'' though if you only have about $200 I would suggest getting a Playstation 2 or Gamecube when it comes out so when you have enough money you can get a good PC.

Overall Score 9.9/10
2=This game sucks
1=Smashing the CD or Floppy

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/27/01, Updated 09/27/01

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