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Reviewed: 10/26/01 | Updated: 10/26/01


I must start the review with this statement that I am not biased. I'm not a person who just uses a computer and not consoles for gaming. I gave the PC 10 out of 10 because it deserved it. PCs are just overlooked for gaming a bit too often.

Visual --- Unless you are using that 2MB ISA video card back in the day when 133MHZ was THE processor speed, there is no reason why graphically the PC does not out perform any current consoles.

Since X-Box and Game Cube have not been released yet, I cannot compare the PC to them. The only thing close to PC graphics is a PS2, and I'm reluctant to say that. PS1 have better graphics? Have you seen the ability of a GeForce 2/3 card or an ATI Radeon?

What I do know is that under the hood of that very X-Box you are itching and so eagerly waiting for lies a nVidia video chipset, nVidia being one of the leading video card makers for ***GASP*** ...the computer.

You will be stunned watching benchmarks like 3DMark 2000/2001. Try running Max Payne with details set on high. Even the previously hyped Black & White has better visuals than consoles games.

Audio --- This is another aspect of computer gaming that makes it better than consoles. With your system plugged into your television, you get stereo sound. If you have a newer television, you might have that ''amazing'' DSS...if the game supports it, which most do not.

If you thought that console sounds were amazing, what about computer sound cards? With the availability of sound cards with such technology as 3D audio, EAX, Dolby Digital 5.1, sounds and music are very enjoyable. Who can leave out EAX Advanced HD which is in the line of Audigy cards. It is possible to hear something far away in the background like an owl hooting as you are listening to the footsteps getting closer from the room next door while also hearing that crackling fire from that fireplace right in front of you.

Little Extras --- Although it is easy to use a controller to play games. It fits in your hands with such comfort and all the buttons are easy to access. The same goes with the PC. Although some do not enjoy using a keyboard for playing games, I find it just as easy as a controller. 102 keys are a lot to work with. Not to mention the smooth feel from an optical mouse. Game pads are not expensive and provide that console feel. Joysticks give a bit of realism for flight sim games.

Voice technology : While I'm playing my NBA 2K1 on DC, I'm also chatting with my opponent with that nifty keyboard that you got for free when you signed up for Sega Net service. I can also be chatting to my opponent on the PC over the internet with a headset like in Half-Life/Counter-Strike which I frequently play. Isn’t it cool to be able to pull out that Rocket Launcher in UT in mere seconds with only the sound of your voice.

Upgrading --- I do admit, this part about PC gaming is frustrating. That new GeForce Ti card is so expensive. So is that new Audigy Platinum card. Waiting for that PS2 to drop $50? Like consoles, computer parts drop in price too. Tired of that old 300MHZ PC? Buying a new AMD based motherboard with a 1GHZ processor can cost as low as $150.

Games --- There are always good games and bad. I play all types of games. My types of games are more towards FPS and RPG. I can't use just a PC or only a console to play these types of games. I find consoles to have better RPG while PCs to have better FPS. There are enjoyable games for anyone’s tastes on the PC.

At the rate that computer technology is growing, there are endless possibilities with computer gaming. PCs are the wave of the future.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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