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Reviewed: 11/10/01 | Updated: 11/10/01

Why console gamers dont "get" pc gamers...

I am a die hard computer gamer/techy, and i find it very easy to understand why console gamers find pc's inferior. The pc's biggest advantages are in graphics, sound, downloadable extra's, multiplayer, and the ability to customize, and the mouse/keyboard.

Graphics: I have read many times that people think that pc games are blocky. Maybe if you throw away your compaq or HP, and get a real gaming rig, you would change your mind. For one, im running a 1Ghz Amd Thunderbird, 256mb DDR ram, and a Geforce3, this will kill the best PS2 games. When running games at maximum detail, it's breath-taking. This is the same chip in the xbox, and soon we getter an even faster chip to beat the xbox. Consoles cant keep up because they are designed for a long life span, while pc's are easily upgradeable to the latest and greatest. The texturing, lighting, and polygon pushing power of the best pc graphics card is more than twice that of the PS2.

Sound: The sound in consoles suck, period. The best sounding console will be the xbox, thanks to its Dolby 5.1 decoder (the PS2 can only do this in FMV, and DVD movies, not in game). This allows your games to sound like they do in theaters, with five speakers and a powerfull subwoofer. PC's have had HRTF based directional sound for years, and when used correctly, it can be really helpfull (hearing things from every direction, up and down, really can be used to scare you). CD quality doesnt mean anything anymore, and everyone uses CD's or DVD's.

Downloads: beat your favorite game? no problem, download new user/developer made levels. Most of these are excellent, and some rival the original game. These mods can add weapons, change the game completely or none of it. This allows for an endless amount of replay value in a game you payed $40 for. Unlike consoles....

Multiplayer: playing with four people doesnt cut it anymore. On PC's you can have a multiplayer game with more than 32 people, without lag, slowdown, etc. You can not do this on any console just yet.

Customizing: Games getting a bit too slow? Double your power with the latest nvidia chip. A new one comes out every year, so youre never behind any console. Games supporting 20 speakers, grab a new sound card. Want to reduce lag in games? Upgrade to a faster broadband solution...

Keyboard/Mouse: Some console gamers say ''Why would you use the mouse to move around?''. Well dug, nothing can matcht the speed and accuracy of the mouse, nothing. You can aim at a moments notice, and this is why most console fps games have auto-aiming. It's too difficult to aim with a joypad or joystick. The keybard has over 100 keys, allowing you to have quick access to every game feature. While console gamers have to push a button repeatedly to get the right weapon, etc...

Anyway, plenty more reasons why pc's are better. The best console games, are ported to pc's with upgraded graphics and sound. Smart developers wont be lazy, and take adavtange of the better pc hardware. Anyone can program pc software without the need for developers kits. Grab a programming book and start reading. In no time at all, youll be making the best 3d engine ever. The physics in pc games can also be more complex and realistic. Strategy games without mouse, please. And real flight sims, not even possible without a large amount of keys and a powerfull cpu to handle the required calculations and visuals.

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