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Nowadays Computers can't be missed in any activities of people. One of those is gaming. Criticizing on the role of personal computers - PC for gaming, it might not be as great as other gaming specializing consoles. But no one could negate its various functions and changeable features to play games or do anything else. DOS/Windows are used to control the computer, helping us to work with it. Of course, those hardwares and softwares are made mainly for work, so that some people don't really think computer is the best console for gaming. Me too : 9/10 is enough. This review is only for gaming.

They can not only be very good, but also very bad. 9/10 is the score that when you have a great PC which is changeable. But for fixed PCs, it's hard for you to replace the hardwares and drives inside, for that the PC itself was made suitable for those only. Currently I have been using a customized computer, and it's a great thing when I can change the hardwares with time, so that my PC won't become old so fast in the future. The price of total parts might be more expensive than a fixed PC, but you won't regret for later. So then don't worry about how to make your PC better. If you can't do it yourself, ask the specialists to help you.

Games for PC are really various, over various than I expected. Most of them are Real-time or Strategy games. Action or RPG games are less, for that keyboard is the main control. In some Windows programs, some mini-games are installed to help the users relax while working. Solitairs and Minesweepers are the most popular examples. Depending on how strong your PC and softwares, you can play as many as games you like made for PC. Recently the Connectix software has been made for players to use PSX discs on PC. This is greater when you don't have a PSX. PSX has tons of games of all genres, and now just sit next to your PC, you can play a lot of games for both PC and PSX. PC doesn't have Memory Card ? - No worry, Connectix allows you to make an own memory folder for each game. That's so okay.

Action/Adventure or Role-playing games are not usually made for PC. But once they are made, it should have very great features, depending on how you tune up your PC. Like Resident Evil 2 and 3 for PC, you have more funny features and stuffs than versions for other consoles. I also love The Sims series, which is made for PC only. Its simplicity of control make the game more interesting with the PC's graphic and sounds. As the speed of electronic evolution, PC will become better and it'll have a lot of unexpected features.

Besides a lot of good points, PC also brings you a lot of unexpected troubles that swing your life and intentions. As I said above, a PC needs to be fixed to follow the new steps of time, and you should have a changeable PC. But the biggest problem here is ''money''. It takes you a lot of money to fix the best parts you bought into a complete PC. I haven't mentioned about the problems if each part can suit one another. At first, you must choose the greatest hardwares, which is hard to become old. Then the others must be similar at level. Then you use your skills to put them all together. Early or late, your PC will become old someday, and you do the same with the parts need to be replaced, if you want to preserve it.

Games for PC can make you crazy too. If you have a great PC, it does not matter so much. But if your PC is not the best in current standard, that means not all of games CAN'T be played. Each PC game needs some hardware conditions to run well. Then throw that game away, if you don't want to waste money to fix or to buy a better computer. The softwares are required too. And softwards are tied to hardwares. Weak hardwares can't bear strong softwares, then weak softwares can't bear strong games. What would you do ? Recently I hear about a new game Battle Realm. Although it's some kind of strategy or real time game, it requires very strong hardwares, that at this point of time, not many people can have those standards. So the only thing you can do is waiting.

Final Conclusion
PC is a very good console, as everybody can confirm. It's useful for working and entertainment. But if you want to use all its real features, you must be a computer maniac, and you take grand care of your PC. That's the reason it's not the best gaming console. It takes a lot from you, if you just use it for playing games only.

Buy or Rent ?
If you just consider the computer as your gaming console, going to the Computer Services is enough.
If you have it as your supporter to study, work and play, it's not a waste of money to buy.
Overall Score : 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/25/02, Updated 02/04/03

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