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Reviewed: 12/05/03

You say PC gaming is dead? I say look at CNNs main page!!

Ahh the PC, how many hours of fun and entertaimanet you have given us. You designed anything from cars to the consoles that are now loved by all... but are you any good for gaming?

The answer to that question is a resounding, hell yea!

PC gaming has never captured more attention or popularity as it has now. With HL2 topping the ''Best Game of E3'' editorials, and it's infamous code stealing (which was the first game related story to EVER appear as the main story on and the increasing popularity of online play the PC is set to take the title of: ''Best Platform of 2004''... and you know something? It completley deserves it!

Hardware: 10/10

There is no doubt about it, the PC is the king of speed, power and beauty. Todays consoles can't even match some of the lower end PCs out there. With the Nvidia TI-4200 running at about $100 and AMD processors that don't even break $80 the PC is really getting better and better every day.
But the best thing about the PCs hardware is its upgradability. I can upgrade my PC to any configuration I want, without having to buy a whole new one. That can't and won't ever be matched by any console.
Sound is also far better then on any console. With the amazingly cheap speakers and sound cards available for the consumer, it's a complete steal for the buyer!

Controls: 10/10

Joypad, joystick, keyboard/mouse, driving wheel... there all cheap, there all available for the PC. With the KB/Mouse ruling above FPS/RTS/TBS/RPG and just about every other genre ever invented you probably won't ever need any of the other peripherals metioned. But if you decide to buy any, there are so many, and they are so cheap... that they put the consoles to shame.

Games: 10/10

The PC is the King of Games. Every genre is covered on the PC. The PC remains king of all FPS, TBS, RPG and RTS games out there. Nothing ever came close to matching the genius and free of Baldur's Gate. Nothing made you feel like you were part of the game quite like Half-Life and Call of Duty. In no game could you control hundreds of huge spaceships blowing away thousands of innocent civilians like in Starcraft. And nothing will ever have the depth of Civ 3 on any console, at any time.
But all those games are old, you say... what's true is true, but look at what this year brang us in terms of PC gaming: Call of Duty, WC3: Frozen Throne, Civ3: Conquests, Rise of Nations, Halo and KOTOR. The best versions from all the available platforms. That's what I call a deal.
But this is not all, the PC also offers virtually thousands of free downloadable mods and demos so you can extend the life of your games... not just finish them when there done.
And if all that is not enough, profesionally made expansion packs that have prices raging from $20-$30 are being made more and more often every year. All to give you gaming goodness.

Muliplay: 9/10

PC multiplay is perfect... but we still have a big problem. To be more exact, 2 big problems. It appears PC gamers have to sit by and watch good games die (Rise of Nations anyone?) due to the fact that no one want's to try to play anything that requires more the ''Click here, Click there, click everywere'' tactics. Another dent in the other wise shining armor that is online multiplay is the lack of voice communication in most online titles. If the PC has become 100 times as powerful as consoles, can we please get out of the ''1337 A63S'', to translate ''The Dark Ages of Internet LOL and Leet Language''.

Value: 7/10

What can I say? It pays off, but it takes a while to pay it off. PCs are not cheap and that's the truth. I made a PC just this summer that came with a price tag of $500. I just finished adding upgrades of $400 in value. Mantaining a PC is not cheap, but you can bet that it's worth it.
In due time, with all the mods (and if you choose to, pircay) the PC pays off big time.

Overall: 10/10

The PC is still the greatest platform ever made. With all the games that are availabe and the ton that are coming up the PC will remain the dominant for hardcore gamers everywere.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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