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"The great thing about consoles is the fact that they're idiot-proof...."

...But to be a hardcore gamer on PC, it definetly takes some know-how. Here's why:

This is the number one that console gamers will most often try to throw in a PC gamer's face: "On console I don't have to worry about upgrading!1!". Well guess what? I'd rather be in complete control of how weak or powerful my gaming platform is, than buy a piece of hardware and stay stuck with that same hardware until the next round comes out.
With my PC, I can tweak and rebuild to my heart's content, adding or removing pieces of hardware into any configuration I like. New game I want that won't work on my old PC? Let's go buy some more RAM!
Something I've noticed about console games is that towards the end of a console's life, new games don't run so well. It's obvious that PS2 will be nearing the end of it's life soon. Look at the PS2 version of Max Payne 2; it looks and plays like crap, doesn't it? That's because the PS2's hardward simply can't handle a game like that one. And since I can't buy a new GeForce and stick in my PlayStation, I'd prefer to be able to upgrade my specs whenever I like without actually changing the platform I have.

Here's another thing that a console gamer will throw at you; "Liek, teh mose end keebored r teh sux lol!1!". Guess what? The mouse and keyboard setup offers the most precise and customizable controls in the history of gaming! Gone are the days of every key doing something in a PC game; Most games now-a-days allow for 100% customization of controls, so you can literally perfect the control scheme of your favorite game.
Got a game that doesn't work well on mouse/keyboard, like a fighting game or racing game? An infinite number of controller peripherals is available for your gaming pleasure. And on top of that, you can buy a Console Controller-to-USB converter and use a console controller if you like. Can't find a USB converter? You can even make one yourself if you're good enough, and there are tutorials for doing so on the web. Google is your friend.
And you know what else? All of that ^^^ just came from the mind of someone who played console games for 8 years before discovering the wonders of PC gaming. I have been playing PC games for only several months and I've already learned that controllers are teh sux.

Multiplayer Support-9/10
Let's face it, it's not easy scrounging all your friends together at the same time for a good round of gaming in front of the TV. In fact, in the days of yore when I myself loved console games, I mostly only got to play multiplayer with my dad, and he's a pretty busy guy.
On PC, lack of opponents is no worry. Many, MANY games have easy and free online multiplayer support, many allowing for 16+ people in a single game. Joint Operations, Halo: Combat Evolved, Counter-Strike, Ragnarok Online, NFS: Underground, name a game and there's a good chance it has online support of some kind. In Unreal Tournament 2004, you can have as many as 32 players in ONE game, all duking it out for supremacy. Now that's intense!
The downside to this is lag. Oh, glorious lag. Nothing better than attacking someone, only to have them warp behind you and then back where they were, effectively confusing the hell out of you. But once you figure out a game's lag, if any, it no longer becomes a problem. And if lag is bad enough to cause warping, why the hell do you remain in such a shoddy server!? Go find a GOOD one, ph00!
And on top of having endless opponents online, you can often times Firewire a bunch of computers together for a nice big LAN (Local Area Network) party, in which you get networked gaming with no lag, and no hassle of possible idiots online.
You might say that's the same thing as trying to get all your buds together for console gaming, but let's not forget a lovely little thing called "splitscreen". Instead of your rightful full screen, you'd be getting a nice half or quarter-screen on console. That's BS if I ever heard it, if I'm gonna whup my buds at Halo, I need to be able to SEE what's on my side of the action. Which means I need a screen bigger than a standard Polaroid. So, welcome to PC gaming!
General Use-10/10
This part's gonna be short, but think about it! You can do pretty much anything your heart desires using a PC. Can you surf the web on your PlayStation 2? Didn't think so. Investing in a high-powered PC not only ensures quality gaming, it also grants you a window to the world, literally.

On top of everything above, you can find a quality example of pretty much every kind of game anyone could ever want on PC. PC gaming offers so many possibilities!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/12/04

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