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"A game with high-detailed graphics but it's too hard!"

Glover is a game that allows you to play using glove. Strange, isn't it? A good magician has accidentally scattered crystal balls and his gloves all over the world and it's up to the good glove to fight against the bad glove.

Graphics – 10
The graphics are really nice and beautiful, looks a bit ‘cartooney’. These kind of graphics are high-detailed and you're in an absolutely 3D world of levels. The graphics are absolutely stunning, colours are really amazing and I don't think there are any glitches here. The gloves and characters are really cute, too including the ones that you fight against.

Music – 9
The background musics are nice, something that I haven't heard before and that’s something. The sound effects are not really that great, just a few to fulfil you needs.

Gameplay – 7
The game is nice with its high-resolution and great graphics but it's too hard. They don’t have an arrow to show you that particular way to go and sometimes, you need to go all the way to that place with traps just to collect a magical potion and then all the way back to the other side just to get across. There are magical potions scattered here to make Glover either big, small, quick, slow, walk on ceilings and more.

If you manage to collect all the red and yellow with a star in the middle things called Garibs in all levels (in that particular theme, like water-themed), you can open up a bonus level which is not really easy either. You need mostly brains here and ideas to continue you way or you’ll just get stuck there forever. Also, you need to guide the balls that could be transformed into any other kinds of ball like the bowling ball. The bad thing is, that if you transform it into its original shape, the crystal and bounce it, it would break into pieces and cost you a life.

There are several lands to go and each of them have their own kind of theme, you know, Atlantis will mean water and the whole place will watery-kind of a place and next circus and so on. That keeps you occupied everytime with the zealous graphics but the controls and difficulty spoil the game all.

Story – 8
A good magician has mixed the wrong potion causing the magical crystals that stabilizes that city flew to every side of the world. The good glove, Glover managed to transform them into rubber balls before they break into pieces. The other glove, accidentally fall into the bad potion and changed him to Cross-stitch which is more powerful and evil. Glover needs to restore his world and therefore, he have to collect the rubber balls first in every land and put them in the right places. Therefore, collecting the rubber balls and put them to safely is the most difficult thing to do in the Glover world.

Controls – 6
There are lots of controls to remember and to perform certain moves, you need to do a combination of it (let say, maybe press A and B together and you can slam the ground). It’s not certainly for kids if the controls are this hard but try and practice and get the hang of it. For myself, I certainly can’t.

Replay Value – 7
Once you complete, the WHOLE game, there will be nothing for you to do. You might as well keep it at one corner, waiting it to collect dusts.

Overall – 7
Unless you're an expert gamer, this kind of game should be added to your collection. If you're not, I recommend you not to buy it. Judging from its difficulty when playing it and the absolutely crazy controls, you might as well just put this game out of your mind unless you’re an expert or would just like to get your hands on it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/12/00, Updated 05/12/00

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