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"The 2nd most unique game ever, next to Pokemon"

Hey everyone, this is my review for Lego Chess.

Overview- This isn't a well made game. I hate chess anyways, and this didn't make me like it better. In fact, I think that I like it even less than before I got this game. I think that since that they saw many companies getting into the software buisness, they followed suit with Lego Island, this, Lego Loco, and Lego Creator.

Sound-4- the sound was decent, but I feel that Lego didn't put too much effort to have sound.

Graphics-5-Face it, having entire scenes made out of Legos reminded you that Lego made it, but doesn't make me too thrilled that block figures are moving.

gameplay-4-I got this as a gift, and I can say three words-I HATE CHESS! The flag that tells how you are doing doesn't help at all, the rotating feature sucks, and the game freezes constantly! This, and you need at least 32mb of ram, and Windows 98! Trust me on that. I experienced not having that first hand. It ain't pretty.

Replayabilty-9- the only good thing about this, and any other chess game, the computer's random moves proves an interesting match every time. Plus, the fact that you can set the difficulty from zero to one hundred, causes never ending moves.

Fun Stuff-6- There is a scrapbook where you can see mini-clips of you taking an enemy piece, but they tend to get boring. The story mode ain't fun, and free play isn't wonderful, but it is better than the others. There is a tutorial, but I would skip it.

total score-28 out of 50
average score-5.6- rounded to 6 for Gamefaqs standards

I so would not recommend buying this because you are a lego freak, I might buy it if I liked chess, and I had a fast computer. This game is more frustration than it's worth.

My recommendations for a computer
this is not what the box says

x4 CD rom speed
32MB of ram
100MB of hardrive space
Windows NT or better ( Windows 98 also works, isn't it the same thing?)
Your computer can be fixed for free. This is the most important one. Mine had 1GB of space when I installed it, and 64MB of ram, and I still froze! I ain't kidding boy!

Still, if you are lucky, Lego Chess is the perfect chess game for you. If you are one of the people that bought it, I so totally pity you and your computer.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/29/01, Updated 03/29/01

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