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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: Final | Updated: 04/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Leisure Suit Larry                         
                 	In the Land of the Lounge Lizards                 
    PC 1991 VGA Version
    Version:	FINAL	released on 26th April 2005
    Author:		odino <ebayer20(at)lycos(dot)com>
    This guide is ONLY available on GameFAQs.
    		             TABLE OF CONTENTS
    01.) Introduction	  				| G0100  | 
    02.) Overview & Controls				| G0200  |
    03.) Walkthrough					| G0300  |
    04.) Point List						| G0400  |
    05.) Review						| G0500  |
    06.) Credits & Thanks					| G0600  |
    01.)                         INTRODUCTION		G0100
    Welcome to Leisure Suit Larry 1 for the PC. This is the remake of the classic
    game now in VGA colors and point-'n'-click instead of text input. It was made
    for the Leisure Suite Larry Collector's Edition and is also included in the
    Ultimate Pleasure Pack. The game's story is still the same and some humor
    and information has been updated.
    The walkthrough for this game is complete and includes a point list. By
    following the walkthrough you will also get all points in the game. If you
    spot any errors or have suggestions please feel free to e-mail me about it.
    02.)                         OVERVIEW & CONTROLS	G0200
    You control Larry with your mouse, the menu at the top is used for inventory
    and settings (including save & load) and you can also select the actions from
    there instead of cycling through them with your right mouse button. Press the
    suitcase for your inventory, select item you want and press OK. It will be
    part of your mouse icons now until you use it up or change it to another. The
    right mouse button will cycle through the commands. Use the left mouse button
    to activate the command.
    HAND		Use, Take, Grab, Sit, Knock etc
    EYE		Look, Search etc
    TONGUE & NOSE	Lick, Taste etc
    ZIPPER		Undress
    EXIT		Exit the screen
    Save	F5
    Load	F7
    Quit	Ctrl-Q
    When gambling, save before each turn and if you have won. When you lost,
    reload and try again. Also always increase the bet to the max to make the most
    profit per turn. The blackjack rules have been extended if you are used to the
    EGA Version's simple ones.
    The age questions are back, this time you can select to be between 16-18 and
    get away with it. You must be between 16 and 100 to be allowed to play this
    game or it won't let you. To skip the questions press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+X or find
    an in-depth guide to answer them. I suggest checking out Al Lowe's homepage
    for more information. www.allowe.com (25th April 2005)
    03.)                         WALKTHROUGH		G0300
    ___Lefty's Bar___
    Open the door. sit on the chair. Talk to the bartender and order Whiskey (1)
    for $5.00. Stand up and go through the entrance to the back. Give the whiskey
    to the drunk for his remote control (2) and take the rose (1). Open the door
    to the toilet. Read the wall four times to get a password (2). Look at the
    sink and take the ring. Sit on the toilet and then open the door to leave this
    hole. Go to the other door in the bar and knock. Use the password on the door
    to get access. Inside the storeroom, use the remote on the TV set (3). Use it
    again seven more times to get the pimps attention (8). Go upstairs. Take the
    candy (2), open the window and use it to get onto the balcony. Walk left to
    fall into the dumpster. Search it for a hammer. Get out and walk to the front
    of the bar. Call a taxi (use the sign) and enter it. Talk to the driver and
    select the Casino. Use your wallet to pay and exit the cab.
    You arrive at the casino (1). Go inside and make around $500 easy. At the 2nd
    screen, pick up the pass in the ashtray (3). Sit down inside the cabaret when
    the comedian is around (1). Leave the casino and buy an apple from the guy in
    a barrel (3). If you missed him, run back and forth from the chapel until he
    shows up. Call a cab and get in. Talk to the driver and select the Disco. Use
    your wallet to pay and exit the cab.
    Show the pass to the bouncer to get inside (5). Sit next to the blonde (1)
    and look at her. Talk to her (1) and the make contact to dance (5). When you
    are done, return to the seat and look at her again. Give her the rose (5),
    ring (5), candy (5) and finally money/wallet (7). She'll leave so leave as
    well. Go left to the store.
    ___Convenient Store___
    Look at the payphone and note the number (1). Call the number 555-6969 and
    answer the questions however you like (5). Call 209-683-8989 (2) and then
    go inside the convenient store. Look at the magazine rack and take one (1).
    Go towards the back and take a carton of wine (1). Pay for these items.
    Interact with the sign in front of the clerk and he'll offer you choices of
    lubbers. Pay for it (4). Go outside and answer the phone (5). Give the bum
    the wine as exchange for a knife (5). If he doesn't show up, go into the
    store and out until he does. Read the magazine (1). Call a cab and enter it.
    Go to the Chapel, pay and exit.
    ___Wedding Chapel___
    Talk to the "flasher" while you stand in front of him/them (1). Open the
    chapel door to get married (12). Exit and go west to the casino.
    Bug Alert: I get stuck when going into the casino door from the right, it
    seems ok when I go towards the middle of the entrance first and then enter
    the door. 
    Enter the casino and go into the elevator at the back. Use it to get to the
    fourth floor. Enter the honeymoon suite with the heart at the door. Turn on
    the radio (1) and wait for the commercial to finish. Go down the elevator to
    the first floor and call a taxi at the entrance. Enter it and tell the driver
    you want to go to the Convenient Store, pay and exit.
    ___Convenient Store___
    Use the phone and call 555-8039 to order wine (5). Call another taxi, get in
    and head back to the Casino, pay and exit.
    Go back up to the fourth floor and into the honeymoon suite. Grab the wine to
    pour 2 glasses. Then touch Fawn for some foreplay and unzip yourself. After
    the censored scene, use the knife on yourself to get free (10). Grab the rope
    afterwards as well (3). Now you only have $10 so go to the casino and make
    enough for 2 more taxi fares ($50 ought to do it). Outside, call a cab and
    drive to Lefty's Bar. Pay and exit.
    ___Lefty's Bar___
    Go inside and knock at the right door again. Use the password to get in and go
    up the stairs. Unzip yourself twice and use the condom on yourself (10). Lie
    on the bed to start another censored scene (11). When you are finished, touch
    yourself to remove the condom (1). Go outside the window. Here, tie the rope
    around yourself and then around the balcony. Try to grab the pills to lean
    over only to notice the window is locked. No problem, use the hammer on the
    window and take the pills (8). Go back to the balcony, take the rope off the
    balcony and finally yourself. Walk left to drop down and exit the dumpster. At
    the front of the bar, call the last taxi in this game and head to your final
    destination: The Casino. Pay and exit.
    Go all the way through the casino and up to the eighth floor. Look at the lady
    standing behind the counter. Give her the pills (5) and press the button on
    the counter after she has left. Enter the elevator you have just opened (5).
    Go right to the bedroom and open the closet. Blow up the doll with the
    mouth/nose icon (10) and unzip twice. You'll follow it to the pool. Unzip to
    get in the water and look at Eve. You can turn off the bubbles with the switch
    by the way. Give her the apple (40) and watch the ending.
    04.)                         POINT LIST			G0400
    |				     Points:		Total:		|
    | LEFTY'S BAR:								|
    | 									|
    | Order a Whiskey			1		  1		|
    | Give the Whiskey to the Drunk		2		  3		|
    | Take the Rose				1		  4		|
    | Take the Ring				3		  7		|
    | Sit on the Toilet			1		  8		|
    | Read Wall Graffiti 4x			2		 10		|
    | Use Remote on TV			3		 13		|
    | Switch channels (7x)			8		 21		|
    | Take the Candy			2		 23		|
    | Take the Hammer			3		 26		|
    | Use Lubber			       10		 36		|
    | Lie on the Bed		       11		 47		|
    | Remove the Lubber			1		 48		|
    | Take the Pills			8		 56		|
    | 									|
    | CASINO:								|
    |									|
    | First taxi ride			1		 57		|
    | Take the Card				1		 58		|
    | Sit in cabaret during comedian show	1		 59		|
    | Buy an Apple				3		 62		|
    | Turn On the Radio			1		 63		|
    | Cut the Rope with Knife	       10		 73		|
    | Take the Rope				3		 76		|
    | Give the Pills to Faith		5		 81		|
    | Enter the Penthouse			5		 86		|
    | Blow up the Doll		       10		 96		|
    | Use Doll 2x				8		104		|
    | Give the Apple to Eve		       40		144		|
    |									|
    | DISCO:								|
    |									|
    | Show the Card to Bouncer		5		149		|
    | Sit on the Chair			1		150		|
    | Look at Fawn				1		151		|
    | Talk to Fawn				1		152		|
    | Give the Rose to Fawn			5		157		|
    | Give the Candy to Fawn		5		162		|
    | Give the Ring to Fawn			5		167		|
    | Dance with Fawn			5		172		|
    | Give the Money to Fawn		7		179		|
    |									|
    | CONVENIENT STORE:							|
    |									|
    | Look at the Phone			1		180		|
    | Use Phone to call 209-683-8989	2		182		|
    | Use Phone to call 555-6969		5		187		|
    | Take a Magazine			1		188		|
    | Read the Magazine			1		189		|
    | Take a Wine Box			1		190		|
    | Buy a Lubber				4		194		|
    | Answer the Phone Call			5		199		|
    | Give the Wine Box to the Bum		5		204		|
    | Order Wine				5		209		|
    |									|
    | WEDDING CHAPEL:							|
    | 									|
    | Talk to the Flasher			1		210		|
    | Marry Fawn			       12		222		|
    |									|
    05.)                         REVIEW			G0500
    This is a graphic-heavy remake of the classic text adventure. The jokes are
    all the same nearly, and the story has not been altered. If you know the
    original it will surely be fun to go through the game you love with better
    graphics but the controls are annoying at times. Cycling through them is not
    fun, especially with 2 unnecessary buttons they have put in.
    Gameplay: 5/10
    Poor. Just like Larry 5 and 6 this game uses the icons to control the actions.
    Where the LucasArts adventures are good, this is not. Also there is a smell
    and taste button you only need to use once, and the unzip button is also
    hardly used. This is easier for novice players but die-hard fans will loath
    this version. Worse is when the touch button can't be used on the item you
    want because Larry is in the way, that way you "touch" yourself and get a
    repeated message. Moving him out of the way and then using the item requires
    many mouse clicks.
    Graphics: 8/10
    Ok that's pretty ok stuff. Funky and wacky at times, just like the modern
    Larry games. All is updated and especially the ladies are nice to look at. For
    the time it was released I guess this was pretty good as well but other
    adventure games at the time were already further ahead in the graphics
    department. Sometimes I feel the graphics are too zany, and I prefer the
    original disco scene rather than the new one.
    Sound: 7/10
    Well nothing special really. It's been updated and the PC speaker only sound
    replaced with Soundcard options. It's certainly better but there is no speech
    and it's hardly worth the upgrade. For a remake I expect a little bit more.
    Still it's nice to hear the classic tune in good sound as we did not have the
    option in the original game.
    Overall: 6/10
    So it's a still a good game due to the humor but the upgrade was not
    necessary. It's fun to play once but not as much fun as replaying the EGA
    version again. Jokes have been updates as well as the age questions. Overall
    it's a nice addition for the Collector's Edition but nothing special on it's
    own. It's a good six, nearly a seven. What's missing is the cute hidden things
    one can do in the original with the freedom of exploration by inputting text.
    No more puking in the toilet because the icons don't allow this kind of
    06.)                         CREDITS & THANKS		G0600
    GameFAQs for hosting this.
    Sierra and especially the original creators (incl. Al Lowe) for this great
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.

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