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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ZaphodBblbrx1

    Version: VGA Versio | Updated: 08/29/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    New VGA version
    Author: Christopher Sutler
    E-Mail: crypticwzard@gmail.com
    This is a step-by-step walkthrough of the VGA remake of Leisure Suit Larry In
    The Land Of The Lounge Lizard (henceforth referred to as LSL to save typing).
    As the puzzles are mostly the same between the two versions, it may be possible
    to use this guide for the original release, and it will not take much work to
    convert the icon commands to text input.
    Larry Laffer is a balding middle-aged nerd who has come to the town of Lost
    Wages with one single goal in mind--to finally lose his virginity.  There must
    be some woman somewhere in this town who is desperate enough, right?  Okay, so
    not much plot, but there are a variety of puzzles to solve in order to achieve
    this goal, and a couple of "side quests" that don’t help you win the game but
    give you the maximum number of points.
    Now get ready to explore the not-so-large town of Lost Wages with everyone’s
    favorite middle-aged-balding-leisure-suit-wearing-computer-generated nerd,
    Leisure Suit
    This walkthrough was written May 25, 2005 by Christopher Sutler.  Updated
    August 29, 2012.  All rights tossed out the window.  If you want to post it on
    your site or link to it or use it to wrap fish or housebreak your dog, just
    e-mail me and ask.  I will usually say yes, as long as I get credit and you
    clean the dog poop off it afterward.  If you plagiarize it I will hunt you down
    and torture you with extreme prejudice.
    The game uses Sierra’s new(ish) point-and-click interface.  By the use of icons
    for various actions, Larry can perform all the necessary actions with no typing
    (or almost none).  The icons are as follows:
    WALK -- Larry will walk to the last place the walk cursor was clicked.  He will
    usually walk around objects that are in his way.
    EYE -- Use this icon to get a description of things in Larry’s current
    location.  Doing this can sometimes yield hints as to solutions to puzzles in
    the game.
    HAND -- This icon is used to manipulate objects in the game.  This can mean
    take, push, open, touch, or a variety of other actions.
    TALK -- Use this icon to talk to people.  Also use it on taxi signs to catch a
    ZIPPER -- This icon should be self-explanatory, but for those who can’t figure
    it out, this is used whenever Larry might need to unzip his pants (for whatever
    NOSE & MOUTH -- These icons can be used to smell or taste objects.  I have
    personally not found much use for this in the game, except for once
    (see the Walkthrough).
    WINDOW -- This shows the current active item.  You can click here to use the
    icon without accessing the inventory.
    SUITCASE -- This icon is used to access Larry’s inventory.  Whenever you choose
    an object, the cursor will change to the object and you can then click the
    object cursor where you want to use or place the object.
    OPTIONS -- Adjust the game settings, and allows you to save your game, restore,
    or quit.
    HELP -- Click this on any of the icons to find out what I just told you about
    You can also right-click the mouse to cycle through the icons.
    You will have to answer some trivia questions to “verify your age.”  Some of
    the questions are pretty funny, some are lame, and some are serious.  If you
    miss more than one, the game will kick you out.  If you want to skip the trivia
    test, simply press Ctrl + Alt + X and you will skip to the copy-protection
    question.  You must have the original documentation to answer this, unless you
    just make a lucky guess.
    I have been asked if I can post the answers to the copy protection questions in
    a FAQ.  The answer is no.  For legal reasons, I can’t, and for moral reasons, I
    won’t.  If you don’t have a legal copy of the game, then you can’t play it.
    Simple as that.
    Examine everything.  That’s why the eye icon is there.  There are sometimes
    valuable clues hidden in item descriptions, or at least some attempts at humor.
    Save often.  In adventure games, death or failure is a very real possibility.
    Even if you don’t die, sometimes you might do something wrong, or forget to do
    something right, that will prevent you from completing the game.  Saving means
    that if you do mess up, you don’t have to start all over from the beginning.
    Use your breath spray.  Bad breath doesn’t impress girls, and it will turn bad
    during the game.  If you run out, you can always purchase more.
    Stay out of dark alleys.  This is simply common sense.
    Larry starts out in front of Lefty’s Bar.  Look around a bit, then open the
    door and walk inside.
    Walk over to the empty stool and sit down.  You’re here for a drink, so talk to
    the bartender and order a drink.  The one you really need is the whiskey.  Now
    get your butt off that stool and head into the hallway.
    Take the rose from the table and walk over to the drunk (walk between his
    legs).  Talk to him.  Wants a drink, does he?  Give him the whiskey to get his
    most prized possession--a TV remote control?  Might be useful if you find a TV
    somewhere.  Now go open the bathroom door.
    There’s some interesting grafitti on the walls, so read it all.  The password
    might come in handy.  Use the toilet.  Make sure you click the hand icon on the
    bowl, otherwise you will flush the toilet and this is deadly.  After a couple
    of tasteless remarks, use the hand icon to get back up.  You can also use the
    zipper icon on the toilet to do a “number one.”  Now walk over to the sink and
    look inside.  Take the diamond ring.  Leave the bathroom and go back outside to
    the street.  Ignore the other door in the bar for now.
    You’ll need a taxi, so use the talk icon on the taxi sign to call one.  Get in
    and talk to the cabbie.  He’ll tell you about the various locations.  For now,
    you want to go to the convenience store.  Make sure you always pay the cabbie
    BEFORE you get out of the cab, otherwise he’ll think you’re trying to stiff him.
    Ignore the wino for now--don’t worry, he’ll reappear.  Look at the phone and
    dial the number you find.  Answer the questions however you like.  Also, reach
    inside your wallet and find the business cards, then call the number on the
    business card for points.
    Go into the store.  Walk over to the magazine rack.  Look at them, then take
    one.  Read it for points and a hint for later.  Go to the liquor rack at the
    back and get some wine.  Go to the counter and look at the small red sign next
    to the register, then talk to the clerk to get some “protection.”  Choose
    whatever your preferences are.  Pay the clerk and then leave the store.
    The old wino will reappear at this point and again ask for money.  If you wait
    at this point, he will then ask for wine instead.  Give him the bottle of wine
    you just purchased and he’ll give you his pocketknife.  If you took the survey,
    the phone will be ringing, so answer it.
    Call another cab and go to the casino.  Time to win some extra cash.  Walk up
    to the automatic doors and go in.
    GLITCH ALERT!  Sometimes, when you go into the casino, Larry will stop just
    inside the doors.  The doors will close and Larry will get “stuck.”  If this
    happens there is no way to get out.  Always save before you go inside, so if
    this happens you can just restore.
    UPDATE: A way to avoid this glitch is to walk toward the doors, and stop when
    they open, then click the WALK icon higher up (near the top of the doors).
    This usually wil prevent Larry from getting stuck in the doors.  Thanks to
    TxedoMsk8 for pointing this out!
    What’s your preference?  Blackjack or slots?  Walk over the machine of your
    choice and click the wallet on the machine to play.
    Here is a strategy that will net you some money easily.  Save your game, then
    increase your bet to the maximum amount.  Play once.  If you lose, restore and
    try again.  If you win, increase your bet to the max again, then save again.
    Keep repeating this until you have the desired amount of cash.  You will need
    at least $500, but you can always try for more.  Once you are done, cash out.
    Head one screen north and look in the ashtray.  Take the disco pass, then head
    east to the cabaret.  If the dancing girls are there, you can watch them for a
    while.  Leave and return until the stand-up comic is in there.  Walk over to
    the chair at the bottom right table and sit down for a point.  You can listen
    to the
    jokes, but most of them are pretty lame.  Now leave the casin
    At some point, outside the casino, a skinny man in a barrel will show up,
    apples.  He only wants a paltry ten dollars for the apple.  Must be one hell of
    an apple, eh?  Buy it anyway, as someone you meet later will want it.
    Go back to the street and catch a cab back to Lefty’s.  Remember that door I
    told you to ignore for now?  Remember the password you read on the wall?  Go
    into the bar and knock on that door.  Give the password when asked, then go
    inside.  You can pay the pimp, but don't--there is an easier way.  Use the
    remote on the TV.  Keep switching channels until you find something that
    catches the pimp’s interest.  He’ll be distracted and you can go up the stairs.
    Walk over to the girl on the bed and look at her.  Talk to her if you like.
    Well, you know what you’re here for--this is one of the times to use the zipper
    icon.  Make sure you use protection--you don’t know where this girl has been.
    Afterward, Larry’s not
    completely satisfied, so he will continue his quest.  Remove your protection
    now, then Walk over to the window
    and take the box of candy.  Open the window and climb out.
    Walk to the west end of the fire escape and you will fall into the trash bin.
    Look around in the trash.  The hammer might be useful.
    Head one screen west and you will be back in front of the bar.  Call a taxi and
    go to the disco.  You can chat with the bouncer but he won’t let you in unless
    you show him the disco pass.  He will also let you in if you give him the
    diamond ring, but if you do you can’t complete the game, so don’t do it.
    You can wander around and talk to the various people, all of which are part of
    the team that brought you this awesome game making cameo appearances.  Your
    goal here is Fawn, the blonde sitting all by herself (and the only woman in the
    place).  Go over to her and sit down, then look at her.  Talk to her for a
    while and she will tell you that she likes presents.  Well, girls seem to like
    flowers, candy, and jewelry, all of which you happen to have with you.  Give
    her all three and then she will dance with you.  It seems you’ve impressed her,
    and she wants to get married to you.  Give her the money she asks for, then
    leave the disco and catch a cab to the wedding chapel.
    Outside the wedding chapel.  You'll notice a guy in a trench coat.  Talk to
    him, then walk in front of him.  Look at him (them?) and talk again to get some
    At the wedding chapel, the game will take over during the wedding ceremony, and
    you will pay another hundred bucks (now you see why you needed so much money?).
    Once you're married, Fawn will tell you to meet her at the honeymoon suite at
    the hotel.
    Go next door (west) to the casino, and head north to the elevators.  Take the
    elevator to the fourth floor.  Go over to the door with the heart on it and
    knock.  Fawn will let you in.  Trying anything, you will discover she’s not in
    the mood yet.  She wants some wine, but some music might also help, so turn on
    the radio.  Listen to the commercial.  They deliver, huh?  Perhaps you should
    give them a call (write down the number).
    Go back downstairs and find the payphone.  Okay, so you can’t use that one.  Go
    outside and catch a cab to the store, you can use the payphone there.  If
    you’re low on funds, you might want to play a couple of quick games, since
    you’ll need cab fare.  Don’t take any wine on the cab; the cabbie will snatch
    it and guzzle it, and you know what happens when cabbies drive drunk.  Instead,
    call Ajax Liquor on the payphone (you did write down the number, didn’t you?).
    Larry will ask them to deliver some wine to the honeymoon suite, and you can
    then return to find it waiting for you there.  Of course, you can’t walk there,
    so take a cab.
    Go back up to the honeymoon suite and find the wine waiting for you like I told
    you it would be.  Pour some wine for you and Fawn, then click the hand icon on
    her.  She looks at you, and things will start to happen.  One thing that will
    happen is Fawn will tie you to the bed, take (almost) all your money, and
    leave.  Cut yourself free with the pocketknife you got from the wino, and you
    will discover that Fawn didn’t find ten dollars hidden a secret compartment of
    your wallet.  Take the ribbon--you will need it soon--and head back to the
    Using the strategy mentioned above, play until you win at least $50.00, it
    be enough for cab fare.  Head back to Lefty’s Bar, and go up to the
    hooker’s room again (don’t worry, the pimp is still watching TV).  You can’t
    really do anything with her again, so go back out the window.  So what’s in
    that other window?  Time to find out.  Remember that article in the magazine
    you read?  You don’t have a rope, but that ribbon might work.  Tie one end of
    the ribbon around your waist and the other to the railing, then reach for the
    window.  Locked!  Well, good thing you found that hammer.  Smash open the
    window, and grab that bottle of pills, then get back over to the fire escape
    before the ribbon gives way.
    Take a cab back to the casino.  If the apple vendor hasn’t shown up yet, go
    east to the wedding chapel and back to the middle of the casino screen until he
    does.  With apple and mysterious pills in hand, head into the casino and take
    the elevator up to the eighth floor.
    Here you will find a hallway full of locked doors and a cute-looking guard.
    She’s not likely to let you in, but take a look at her anyway.  Talk to her.
    Not getting anywhere, it seems.  Well, sometimes drugs might help, so give her
    the pills.  You discover that they are Spanish Fly, but Faith, true to her
    name, goes to find her boyfriend before the pills wear off.  But now, the desk
    in unguarded, and if
    you look at it, you'll notice a button.  Push it, and the elevator will open.
    Hop in.
    Somebody's penthouse apartment, huh?  You don't see anyone here, so head to
    the right into the bedroom, then open the closet door.  What's this?  An
    inflatable doll!  Might as well get your jollies, so blow her up and go to it
    (you'll have to ask twice).  UPDATE:  In some later versions of the game, you
    can't use the hand icon to blow up the doll, so use the nose & mouth icon.
    This is the only place where you *must* use that icon.  Thanks to
    RavenWhitemane for this info!
    Finally, she'll go flying away (leaving you just like all of Larry's other
    women).  You follow her out to the balcony where you discover a hot tub, and
    it's occupied.  Talk to the woman, and she'll invite you into the water.
    Zipper Larry and he will jump in.
    Look at the woman, then talk to her all you can.  Hasn't got much to say, has
    she?  If you want to, you can turn off the bubbles to (almost) see more of her
    than you could before :D and if you look at her towel, you'll discover that
    her name is Eve.  What might a woman named Eve want?  Well, Eve ate
    the apple, so let history repeat itself.  Now sit back and watch the end of the
    game.  Congratulations!  You've won!
    If you know any other glitches, alternate solutions, or "Easter eggs" that I
    left out, feel free to e-mail me and point them out.  I will include them in an
    update, and give you full credit for this.
    Thanks to:
    Steve, for suggesting that I write this
    My wife Mary, for putting up with my spending the time to write this
    My daughter Gillian, for being my daughter
    Al Lowe, for making such a fun game
    and you, for putting up with all my feeble attempts at humor while writing this.
    This is the end of the FAQ.  You can't sctoll down any further.  Really!

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