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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tricky

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        = Notes about this game ...................................... LSL00000001
        = Age Verification Questions ................................. LSL00000002
        = Walkthrough ................................................ LSL00000003
        = Death ...................................................... LSL00000004
        = Inventory Items ............................................ LSL00000005
        = The Disk Killer Myth of Leisure Suit Larry ................. LSL00000006
     *** Ending Notes ***
        = Copyright and license ...................................... END00000001
        = How do you contact me? ..................................... END00000002
      Notes about this game                                                        
      Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards was the first episode   
      in the succesful saga that Larry produced.                                   
      One remake it already got and another remake is on the way (for which you    
      could back on kickstarter.com awhile back).                                  
      This FAQ is PRIMARILY made for the SCI remake, also known as the 'VGA        
      version'. But as the SCI remake did only improve on graphics and sound, and   
      left the rest of the gameplay as much the same as possible, this version is   
      fully compatible with the original, and I frankly expect that it will also   
      be fully compatible with the remake currently being on kickstarter.          
      This game is an oldie, and Sierra had the bad habit in those years of being   
      able to pass points in which you cannot get certain items. So using as many   
      savegame slots as possible can be a good idea.                               
      Well, we know the story, you got one night to find the girl of your dreams   
      and have sex with her (if you do longer than one night, Larry will commit    
      suicide meaning a 'game over').                                              
      As this game is sexually orientated you get some questions first to verify   
      you are 18 years or older. The SCI remake will come up with a final          
      question about "Whose Whom"... I can't give you the answers of those         
      questions, as they are part of the copy protection.                          
      The answers to those questions in this FAQ are only valid on the SCI         
      Both the original game as the SCI remake are fully compatible with both      
      DosBOX and ScummVM. You have to make out for yourself which way you prefer   
      to play.                                                                     
      Age Verification Questions                                                   
      Here are the answers of the questions I could come through.                  
      There are a lot you can't know if you are not a US citizen (oversight here,   
      Sierra?) but if you don't want to use my walkthrough Wikipedia can be your   
      friend :)                                                                    
      The copy protection questions are not in this FAQ nor will they ever be in   
      the future!                                                                  
      - Ronald Reagon's co-star for "Bedtime for Bonzo" was:                       
        = A monkey                                                                 
      - The slogan it takes two hands to handle a whopper refers to                
        = A hamburger                                                              
      - Mohammed Ali was a                                                         
        = Profesional Boxer                                                        
      - Who is not a mass murderer?                                                
        = Timothy Leary                                                            
      - There are about ____ calories in a can of beer                             
        = 150                                                                      
      - James Earl Jones was the voice of                                          
        = Darth Vader in Star Wars                                                 
      - Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?                                             
        = Mrs. Grant                                                               
      - Spiro Agnew is a                                                           
        = A former vice president                                                  
      - Frank Sinatra is a                                                         
        = Saloon singer                                                            
      - The first man on the moon was                                              
        = Neil Armstrong                                                           
      - "Gone with the Wind" is about                                              
        = Four hours long                                                          
      - The song "American Pie" was about                                          
        = A dead rock star                                                         
      - Thomas Eagleton dropped from the 1972 Democratic National Ticket when      
        knowledge of his _____ treatments became known                             
        = Shock                                                                    
      - The world is                                                               
        = Spherical                                                                
      - "Let it be" was recorded by                                                
        = The Beatles                                                              
      - All politicians are                                                        
        = On the public payroll                                                    
      - Lingerie is                                                                
        = Sexy                                                                     
      - Paul, John, Ringo and                                                      
        = George                                                                   
      - A 747 is a                                                                 
        = Large Airplane                                                           
      - Whips, chains and handcuffs are                                            
        = Kinky                                                                    
      - A macintosh is a                                                           
        = Kind of Apple (mind the uppercase 'a')                                   
      - My parents are                                                             
        = 36 and over                                                              
      - My favorite actor is                                                       
        = Not listed here                                                          
      - The 1973 album "Dark Side of the Moon" was recorded by                     
        = Pink Floyd                                                               
      - When playing "Monopoly" you                                                
        = Must own four houses before building a hotel                             
      - Which is not in Hawaii?                                                    
        = Fiji                                                                     
      - Which is not a car?                                                        
        = Toshiba                                                                  
      - President Eisenhower's nickname was                                        
        = Ike                                                                      
      - Elisabeth Taylor is                                                        
        = An Actress                                                               
      - Joan Rivers is                                                             
        = A talkshow hostess                                                       
      - Who starred "Bedtime for Bonzo"                                            
        = Ronald Reagon                                                            
      - Taxes should be                                                            
        = Eliminated                                                               
      - A moon is                                                                  
        = An astronomical body                                                     
      - Which song was not recorded by Elvis?                                      
        = What'd I say                                                             
      - Edsel is a                                                                 
        = Car                                                                      
      - Sex is                                                                     
        = Great                                                                    
      - Richard Nixon was the ____ president of the United States                  
        = 37th                                                                     
      LEFTY'S BAR                                                                  
      - Hit the door                                                               
      - = Sit on the only empty stool                                              
        = Talk to the bartender and order a whiskey (you won't drink it by         
          default, and don't do so yourself)                                       
        = Leave the stool                                                          
        = Hit the room in the back                                                 
      - = Give the whiskey to the drunkard and you'll get a remote control         
        = Get the rose from the table                                              
        = Hit the door                                                             
      - = OPTIONAL: You can use the toilet if you want. Don't flush it, if you do   
          you'll die                                                               
        = Keep watching the wall until you find a password on it                   
        = Search the washing sink to find a diamond ring                           
        = Leave the toilet                                                         
      - Go back to the bar                                                         
      - = Knock the door to the right                                              
        = When you are asked for a password pick up the password from your         
          inventory and use it onto the peephole (in the AGI version you must      
          type the password 'Ken Sent Me')                                         
      - The pimp's blocking the stairway. Giving him $200 will get you past him    
        (in the original version that's $100), however you don't have that at the   
        present time of the game, and fortunately we can cheat on him.             
        = Use your remote control to turn on the TV                                
        = Keep using the remote control on the TV until the Pimp will leave the    
          stairway to watch TV                                                     
        = Now go up the stairway                                                   
      - You can look at the hooker if you want, but DON'T MAKE LOVE TO HER.        
        You'll die later in the game if you do.                                    
        = Get the candy box from the table                                         
        = Open the window                                                          
        = Go outside through it                                                    
      - = Go left and you'll fall off the balcony into the dumpster                
        = Search the dumpster to find a hammer                                     
        = Get out of the dumpster                                                  
        = Leave this area                                                          
      - Use the talk item onto the sign to call for a taxi and enter it.           
      - = Talk to the cab about the locations you can get to                       
        = Go to the store                                                          
        = Once you've arrived pay the cab (when you forget that he'll kill you)    
        = Leave the taxi                                                           
      CONVENIENCE STORE                                                            
      - Enter the store                                                            
      - = OPTIONAL: Look at the magazine shelf and take a magazine                 
        = Take a wine from the back shelf                                          
        = Take a condom                                                            
        = Answer the questions the shopkeeper asks                                 
        = Pay him (in the AGI version this is done automatically when buying a     
          condom, but in the SCI version you must not forget it, or else the       
          shopkeeper will kill you).                                               
        = Leave the store                                                          
      - = A man will appear, give him the wine to get a pocket knife               
        = OPTIONAL: You can use the phone to call a sex line. 555-6969 and answer   
          the stupid questions they ask. They'll hang up after that, but don't     
          worry about it.                                                          
        = Call a taxi and go to the casino                                         
      - First of all, a guy can appear here randomly wearing nothing but a         
        barrel. When he does buy an apple, when he doesn't appear, try it when     
        you get back here later.                                                   
        = Enter the casino                                                         
      First of all, you can now play blackjack or slot machine in order to win     
      some money. You don't have enough the finish the game.                       
      You should have at least $250 or so (which is the max in the AGI version.    
      In the SCI version it's $10000)                                              
      Now be smart, don't gamble your place in the adventure forcing you to start   
      over. Save before you start, save when you win and restore a game when you   
      lose. Else you can (and probably will) end up backrupted.                    
      - Exit North                                                                 
      - = Take the disco pass out of the ashtray in front of the elevator          
        = OPTIONAL: When you exit East you get into a cabaret room. Either you     
          see girls dancing (when that's the case, exit this location and come     
          back), or a bad commedian. When the bad commedian is there sit on the    
          chair and a fart cushion will sound scoring you a few points.            
        = Go back to the street                                                    
      - Yell for a taxi and go to the disco                                        
      - = Show the disco pass to the security guard                                
        = Enter the disco                                                          
      - = Best to use your breath spray now (you can skip that)                    
        = Sit onto the empty chair next to the girl                                
        = Look at her                                                              
      - = Speak to the girl until she says she can't say 'no' to presents (in the   
          process she'll reveal that her name is Fawn)                             
        = Click with the hand icon on her, and you'll ask her to dance.            
      - = After the dance sit with her                                             
        = Look at her                                                              
      - = Give her the rose                                                        
        = Give her the ring                                                        
        = Give her the candy                                                       
        = Now she'll ask for money to arrange a quick marriage. Give it to her     
          and she'll leave.                                                        
      - Leave the disco                                                            
      - Call for a taxi to the Wedding Chapel                                      
      WEDDING CHAPEL                                                               
      - = OPTIONAL: Go to the person with long coat and talk to him/them for       
          extra points                                                             
        = Enter the chapel                                                         
      - = In the SCI version the wedding takes place automatically. In the AGI     
          version just type "MARRY GIRL"                                           
        = After the ceremony is over leave the chapel                              
      - Exit West                                                                  
      - Enter the casino                                                           
      - Exit North                                                                 
      - Use the elevator to go to floor #4                                         
      - Knock on the door with the heart and Fawn will let you in                  
      - = Talk to Fawn, to find out she's not yet in the mood and she asks for a   
          bottle of wine                                                           
        I know what you're thinking, but DON'T buy it in the store. The taxi       
        driver will steal the bottle from you and crash the taxi into death, so    
        we need to work the long way around.                                       
        = Turn on the radio and wait until you hear a commercial from Ajax Liquor   
        = Exit the suite                                                           
      - Use the elevator to go to floor #1                                         
      - Go to the street                                                           
      - Taxi to the Store                                                          
      CONVENIENCE STORE                                                            
      - = OPTIONAL: If you did call the sex line before they'll now call you       
          back. Answer the phone to get a little surprise                          
        = Use the phone and dial 555-8039. In the SCI version everything is        
          automated, in the AGI version type "WINE" and "HONEYMOON SUITE".         
        = Use the taxi to go back to the Casino                                    
      - Enter the casino                                                           
      - Go to the elevator room                                                    
      - Use the elevator to go to floor #4                                         
      - Knock on the door of the honeymoon suite                                   
      - = Drink wine with Fawn                                                     
        = SCI VERSION: Feel a bit on Fawn's body                                   
        = Now try to make love                                                     
        Fawn will tie you to the bed and steal all your money except for $10 and   
        = Use your pocket knife to untie yourself                                  
        = Take the ribbon from the bed (In the AGI version it's a rope)            
        = Leave the suite (make sure you got the ribbon or rope in your            
          pocession, cause if you forget it, there's no way to get it any more)    
      - Go to floor #1                                                             
      - Go to the players room                                                     
      - = Gamble until you got at least $100, but if you want to be sure, make it   
          a little bit more.                                                       
        = Leave the Casino                                                         
      - Take a taxi to Lefty's bar                                                 
      LEFTY'S BAR                                                                  
      - Enter the bar                                                              
      - = Knock on the door                                                        
        = Give the password 'Ken Sent Me'                                          
      - Go up the stairs                                                           
      - = OPTIONAL: Undress                                                        
        = OPTIONAL: Wear your condom                                               
        = OPTIONAL: Make love to the hooker                                        
        = OPTIONAL: After you made love to the hooker remove your condom (or       
          you'll die when you leave the place)                                     
        = Go out of the Window                                                     
      - = Use the ribbon or the rope (depending on which version you play) on      
          yourself and the fire escape                                             
        = Now reach for the window on the right side                               
        = Use the hammer to break the window                                       
        = Pick up the pills                                                        
        = Go back                                                                  
        = Untie yourself                                                           
        = Now either go down the dumpster (short way) or through the bar to reach   
          the stree (long way)                                                     
      - If a cop appears to arrest you, then you forgot to take off your condom    
        after you made love to the hooker, so make sure you do that first. If you   
        forgot to wear your condom while making love you'll also die when you      
        arrive here.                                                               
        = Call a taxi and go to the Casino                                         
      - Go to the elevator room                                                    
      - Go to floor #8                                                             
      - Look at the girl                                                           
      - = Keep talking to her until the game hints about medical stimulance (her   
          name is Faith, by the way)                                               
        = Give the pills to the girl (in the AGI version you must fully type       
          "GIVE PILLS TO GIRL")                                                    
      - The girl will run away                                                     
        = Press the button at her desk                                             
        = Enter the elevator                                                       
      - Exit East                                                                  
      - = Open the closet                                                          
        = Take the inflatable doll and inflate it                                  
      - Try to make love to it twice and the doll will fly away and you'll end up   
        at a whirlpool                                                             
      END OPTIONAL PART                                                            
      - If you didn't take the optional part, exit west.                           
      - = SCI Version: Talk to the girl in the pool                                
        = Enter the pool                                                           
        = Look at the girl                                                         
      - = Keep talking to the girl until the game mentions she's a girl of a few   
        = Give her the apple                                                       
      And there the game ends. Enjoy the ending.                                   
      Here is a list of all ways I know in which you can die.                      
      When you die, two things can happen depending on how you die.                
      Either you'll sink through the floor into Sierra's labority where your old   
      body is destroyed and a new body is made (which will cause the game to       
      restart completely) or you get a game over screen in which you can either    
      restore, restart or quit.                                                    
      - Beaten to a pulp in the dark alleys                                        
        = All areas make you end up in a dark ally where a punk character beats    
          the crap out of you causing you to die                                   
        = This will cause you to end up in Sierra's lab to be renewed              
        = This event was solely put in to prevent you from trying to explore the   
          city on foot forcing the game makers to make a lot of useless            
      - Flushing the toilet in Lefty's bar will make the room filled up with       
        water and you'll drown                                                     
      - Trying to cross the street will get you killed by a car                    
        = This one was put in for the same reason as the dark alleys               
      - When you fall from the right side of the balcony out of the hooker's       
        window you'll fall to death.                                               
        = Another trip to be made anew                                             
      - When you had sex with the hooker without using a condom you'll die as      
        soon as you hit the street before Lefty's bar                              
        = In the AGI version you'd end up being made anew. In the SCI version you   
          just get a 'game over' screen.                                           
      - When you forget to remove your condom after having sex with the hooker     
        you'll be arrested as soon as you get in front of Lefty's bar              
      - Taking a pill from the pill jar will make you end up in jail               
      - Suicide                                                                    
        = The game starts around 10pm and you got one night. When you take too     
          long it'll be day and when that happens, Larry will shoot himself.       
        = In the original version you can force this death by pressing Alt-D,      
          then type the command "TP" and room number 19 (this does NOT work in     
      - When you forget to pay the taxi driver (or when you can't play him),       
        he'll kill you                                                             
      - When you enter the taxi having wine in your inventory the taxi driver      
        will steal it from you and crash                                           
        = This was done to prevent you from just buying wine at the store when     
          Fawn asks for wine.                                                      
      - When you don't pay for the stuff you buy at the store, the shopkeeper      
        will shoot you                                                             
        = In the original version you'll be made enew, in the SCI version you      
          just get a game-over screen.                                             
      - When you run out of money, the game will be over                           
      - Try to eat the hooker and you'll die                                       
        = This only works in the original AGI version of the game when you stand   
          close to the hooker and type "EAT GIRL".                                 
      - Break a machine                                                            
        = When you use a hammer on the playing machines in the casino you'll be    
          thrown in jail.                                                          
      Inventory Items                                                              
      I apologize at forehand if things are truncated in this list.
      In the HTML version of this FAQ you can see all info in full
      Item                Where to get it:                                        
      Breath Spray        Game Start                                              
      Pocket Lint         Game Start (AGI version only)                           
      Watch               Game Start                                              
      Whiskey             Order at bar                                            
      Remote Control      Drunkard in back bar if you give him Whiskey            
      Rose                Table back bar                                          
      Password            Wall in toilet                                          
      Diamond Ring        Sink toilet                                             
      Candy Box           Table Hooker's room                                     
      Hammer              Dumpster under balcony                                  
      "Juggs" Magazine    Buy in store                                            
      Wine                Buy in store                                            
      Condom              Buy in store                                            
      Pocket Knife        Drunkard front store                                    
      Apple               Buy from barrel man                                     
      Ribbon / Rope       On the bed after Fawn tied you to it                    
      Jar of pills        Behind the window Lefty's bar                           
      The Disk Killer Myth of Leisure Suit Larry                                   
      There is a famous myth going around Larry about having your harddrive        
      destroyed if you manage to get the full 222 points. This myth is even known   
      to Sierra as you get a little "Format C:" joke at the end of Larry 7 of it   
      (which is just a joke, doncha worry) and the story behind Space Quest IV is   
      also based on this. But what is actually true behind this myth?              
      Well, first of all, Sierra would NEVER implement a disk killer in any of     
      their products, nor would any other profesional software developper in his   
      right mind. So the myth as it stands is just plain bullcrap.                 
      Of course, every myth has a few fundaments that are true.                    
      The myth came to life because Leisure Suit Larry is one of the games of      
      which the most pirated copies go around worldwide. Pirated games were back   
      in those years one of the most well known sources for virusses. That has     
      nothing to do with the games themselves, but virusses just tended to attach   
      themselves to any executable you had installed and if you copy it to         
      somebody else, the same process happens on their computer and so on. Some    
      virusses have special effects we call 'payloads'. Some payloads are          
      destructive and kill your harddrive. A virus with a destructive payload      
      attached itself to a pirated copy of Larry and this copy spreaded over some   
      more people and the payload went off and kaboom, harddrive empty.            
      Fact is, this could have happened to any piece of (pirated) software,        
      either games or utilities, and it happened to much that it's normally not    
      worth mentioning, but Larry just had the bad luck to get its name besmudged   
      by it. But that could be because the myth got pretty big because it          
      happened in a huge company where an employee was secretly playing an         
      infected copy of LSL1 in his office.                                         
      In stead of saying that Larry contains a disk killer, I think we can rather   
      say that you should be careful with pirated software. Not only is pirated    
      software against the law, but the true story behind this myth shows the      
      risk you take with you use pirated software.                                 
      If you own a legal copy of the game, there's nothing that can go wrong       
      (unless it gets infected due to pirated stuff you have aside of it)          
      The myth made many people scared, so I hope it's cleared up now ;)           
      Copyright and License                                                        
      This FAQ is copyrighted by Jeroen P. Broks.                                  
      It's not officially authorized by the creators of this game or any           
      relations of them.                                                           
      This FAQ is licensed under Tricky's Public FAQ license v1.0                  
      - Definitions:                                                               
        = Copyright Holder - Jeroen P. Broks                                       
        = I, me - Copyright Holder                                                 
        = You - Person who uses this FAQ in any possible way                       
      - You may download, store, read and print this FAQ for personal uses.        
      - You may freely distribute this FAQ in any way you see fit under the        
        condition that:                                                            
        = No fee in form of money, goods or services were paid for it.             
        = You don't require the people you give this FAQ to or who can read the    
          FAQ on your website any form of membership                               
        = When posting on a site, the site on which this FAQ is posted must be     
          free of virusses, trojans, spyware, (webbrowser) toolbars and any other   
          sort of software that can be considered 'malware'.                       
        = You, your site, or any other medium you distrubute this FAQ by may not   
          be noted in the black list below when you want to distribute this FAQ.   
      - I do allow modifications to this FAQ and even to distribute them under     
        condition that:                                                            
        = The license stays as it is!                                              
        = That you note clearly in a good visible spot easy for people to see      
          that it handles a modified version of this FAQ.                          
        = You can not claim credit for the original work, you must credit me as    
          the original writer of the FAQ.                                          
        = That you include a section where all modifications are noted.            
        = If modified versions reach me, I have the right to copy your             
          modifications, unconditionally, into the original version of this FAQ,   
          and brand them as "official". (I will credit wherever possible, but      
          I've no obligation to do so).                                            
        = You don't steal from other people's work and put that in my FAQ.         
      - I allow quotes under the condition that:                                   
        = You always credit me for the FAQ you quoted from.                        
        = Up to 30 sentences, you can still license your FAQ the way you want to.   
        = With 31 or more sentences are quoted, your FAQ automatically gets the    
          same license as this FAQ.                                                
      - Disclaimers:                                                               
        = This FAQ comes "as is" and I grant no warranties or guarantees that      
          everything is 100% correct. Guarantees for being it free of spelling     
          and grammar errors can also not be given.                                
        = If modified versions contain 'stolen work' I disclaim responsibility.    
        = When modifications make it into my official version, I'll try to make    
          sure that the modifications are not based on plagiarism, but you gotta   
          admit that I can't 100% guarantee it. If you find anything, notify me,   
          I'll try to work it out.                                                 
      - The copyright holder keeps the right to change the terms of use without    
        obligation to announce it publicly. Always read the terms well.            
      Blacklisted sites:                                                           
      - Neoseeker.com                                                              
        = =====                                                                    
      You may freely us this license in to license your own FAQs. I do recommend   
      to only use this license for GameFAQs or other informative documentation.    
      How to contact me?                                                           
      If you want to contact me I recommend NOT to use my e-mail address. It's     
      there because GameFAQs and other FAQ sites hosting my FAQ require it, but    
      as with all e-mail addresses shown to the public on a website. It's          
      completely full of spam, and I can NEVER guarantee how long it will take to   
      read your mail, if I ever see it at all. I tend to change that adress on a   
      regular ocasion in order to bother spammers.                                 
      And thus I recommend that you go to my own website at http://faq.tbbs.nl     
      and use the contact system the site has in place there. It will ALWAYS send   
      your mail to an active mail address.                                         
      Furthermore there are some mails that I regulary get and to which I "cba"    
      to respond to them. Here is what I got to say if you got to tell me this:    
      - Mail You know nothing of "Leisure Suit Larry"                              
      - Reply Indeed, that's why I wrote a  FAQ on it! You also got something      
        INTELLIGENT to say?                                                        
      - Mail Fix your English!                                                     
      - Reply If I spoke my own language you probably couldn't read it at all.     
      - Mail Not to be rude, but your list doesn't cover even half of what it      
        should cover                                                               
      - Reply Such mails are worthless unless you give me the items I should add.   
        I'l even credit you for your trouble                                       
      - Mail Hadsdajdkaskldandiwjoiudaojiwoidjowaijdw!                             
      - Reply Me not understand! I only speak English and Dutch I will accept      
        German, but I'll reply in English                                          
      - Mail I got the best viagra for sale                                        
      - Reply If I would actually NEED that stuff, I'd go to a pharmacy! Thank     
        you for your trouble.                                                      
      - Mail Your boss strategy doesn't work, dick!                                
      - Reply Then send me yours, dick!                                            
      - Mail Some bosses you brand hard are easy. Some gamer you are!              
      - Reply On paper one's always more careful than in reality! I always take    
        so-called "noobs" in mind when I write my FAQs.                            
      - Mail You suck in levelling up!                                             
      - Reply You need to level up? Some gamer you are!There are two things I      
        hate. Wasting time and cheating!Constant levelling up falls in both        
        categories in my humble opionion                                           
      Okay that's the kind of mail I don't wish to get, and which I already        
      replied to by now.                                                           
      I do understand that you don't agree with me on some points, or that I       
      forgot the cover parts.                                                      
      I'm human, errors are as much my nature as they are yours.                   
      If you find some errors, mail me in a civil way and I will update my FAQ     
      (when I got the time) and credit you for your trouble.                       
      That's the way I work. No need to get offensive, is there?                   

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