Review by odino

Reviewed: 04/26/05

Larry Remake Gone Bad

This is a graphic-heavy remake of the classic text adventure. The jokes are all the same nearly, and the story has not been altered. If you know the original it will surely be fun to go through the game you love with better graphics but the controls are annoying at times. Cycling through them is not fun, especially with 2 unnecessary buttons they have put in.

Gameplay: 5/10
Poor. Just like Larry 5 and 6 this game uses the icons to control the actions. Where the LucasArts adventures are good, this is not. Also there is a smell and taste button you only need to use once, and the unzip button is also hardly used. This is easier for novice players but die-hard fans will loath this version. Worse is when the touch button can't be used on the item you want because Larry is in the way, that way you "touch" yourself and get a repeated message. Moving him out of the way and then using the item requires many mouse clicks.

Graphics: 8/10
Ok that's pretty ok stuff. Funky and wacky at times, just like the modern Larry games. All is updated and especially the ladies are nice to look at. For the time it was released I guess this was pretty good as well but other adventure games at the time were already further ahead in the graphics department. Sometimes I feel the graphics are too zany, and I prefer the original disco scene rather than the new one.

Sound: 7/10
Well nothing special really. It's been updated and the PC speaker only sound replaced with Soundcard options. It's certainly better but there is no speech and it's hardly worth the upgrade. For a remake I expect a little bit more. Still it's nice to hear the classic tune in good sound as we did not have the option in the original game.

Overall: 6/10
So it's a still a good game due to the humour but the upgrade was not necessary. It's fun to play once but not as much fun as replaying the EGA version again. Jokes have been updates as well as the age questions. Overall it's a nice addition for the Collector's Edition but nothing special on it's own. It's a good six, nearly a seven. What's missing is the cute hidden things one can do in the original with the freedom of exploration by inputting text. No more puking in the toilet because the icons don't allow this kind of freedom.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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