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"Power of Chaos - An ideal trainer for any skill level"

And so, after countless Gameboy Advance games, Falsebound Kingdom & Duelist of the Roses, Yu-Gi-Oh! finally makes it's way to the home computer with Power of Chaos. But, what you might already know, is that Power of Chaos is a trainer, designed to enlighten people about YGO! TCG (Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game) and how to play the game against Yugi's famed Millenium Puzzle spirit, Yami Yugi. ( Whom I'll be referring to as Yami for simplicity reasons. )

But that does not mean this game is JUST for newbies. And with this review, I will explain why.

Gameplay - Power of Chaos plays exactly like the regular card game. You have to challenge the King of Games, Yami, to a duel. This is where the game falters, sadly. Yami is your ONLY opponent. That will change as the Kaiba and Joey add-ons are released. Another downside is the limit to the cards, as there are only 155 cards in the game.

But that does not make the game boring. On the contrary, this game teaches you about how the cards are played, and how to invoke strategies based on limited cards. Being able to design strategies around these cards will give you an edge when playing the real game, should you choose to.

The final thing that is both a good and bad thing is the famous Exodia. The 5-card combo that is considered an Instant Win. Yami has this combo, and uses it mercilessly, even on the beginning matches when you have nothing to stop Exodia. This could deter players from want to play. On the other hand, it teaches the newcomers of the danger Exodia is, and how to stop him from being played.

Graphics/Sound - This game shines at this point. Yami is voice acted by his English Actor from the hit TV Series. It's fun to actually hear him talk. Unfortunatly, some voice acting could have been improved. It's repetative sometimes to hear Yugi go: '' Now, I'll set a card. '' whenever he lays a trap or magic card.

The graphics are well done, and the cards are rendered almost perfectly to their real counterparts. The effects are fast and the game flows very well; better than the Gameboy Advance versions by far.

Play Time/Replayability - This game will take a long time to complete if you are aiming to collect all 155 cards, as the card distributor is random. Also, with the ability to remake your deck and try new strategies gives this game alot of replayability. Thirdly, with two more expansions on the way, the card numbers will go up and the opponents will change. Finally, if all else fails, it beats Solitaire.

Final Recommendation - I think this game is worth picking up, given the price, if you're a fan of the series or if you're considering trying the game out. It's fun, challenging and well created all around, with more fun on the way.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/09/03

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