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"Good thing I got this game cheap..."

So I'm out and about one day, and I happen to see this game. Cheap. I mean, $5 cheap. So I say to myself, "Self, you've been good, you deserve a good game at a nice price, go ahead, you enjoy."

It's a good thing I got this game cheap.

Let's start with the story. At this time, I'm still playing the game, and will continue until I finish. The story is overused. Good cop gets caught up in the middle of political corruption, gets framed for a murder he did not commit, breaks out of jail, runs around town killing EVERYONE while trying to find out "Who shot my Pa?". Sound familiar? It should. An uninteresting plot line with uninteresting characters makes this game boring. Quickly. Why, the most interesting character in the game is the dog! 4/10

On the gameplay side, there are ups and downs. I like the auto-target system, but I feel if you auto-target, it should go to the closest enemy, not some pre-conceived order. The fact that Jack Slate simply throws away any weapons that are out of ammo is cool, but the fact that you can only hold what is basically one clip per weapon kinda sucks. Once you run out, you're left with bare hands against tons of guys with sub-machineguns and shotguns. Disarming is great, but you gotta get close enough without taking 150 rounds, then disarm, then take the guys weapon, all with his 20 buddies shooting at you. Some of the "extra" effects make you wonder if Jack Slate and Max Payne grew up together in some neighborhood in the Bronx. The mini-games are frustrating, especially on PC, having to time a mouse click just right to hit a speedbag will make you want to use your PC as a speedbag. Overall, as a third person shooter its OK, as an action story..... 3/10

OK. Graphics. How infuriating is it that while you are trying to kill about 10 guys on limited ammo that the game....just.......slows...........down............? You're playing on a PC for God's sake! This is the pinnacle of gaming here, with the best that games have to offer, and they release a title with such a low framerate, that when there is fire nearby, it takes 2 minutes to get down the hall! Now, I must admit, I'm not using top of the line graphics card with 3D enhancement and texturing, but I don't have a 1980's card plugged in here! With the graphics level as low and as sloppy as it is (even on the highest setting) there should be no reason for it to lag like it does. I would have expected more from Namco. While graphics do not necessarily make the game, some would have helped here. 2/10

Replayability. What can I say. I might go back to some select levels if I feel like just indulging in some mindless violence, but other than that, once I finish this game, it will either collect dust, or be traded in for some other title. It occurs to me that no matter what the difficulty level, the game will remain the same. Repetitive shooting of bad guy after bad guy, a mini-game thrown in to TRY to keep your interest, and then more shooting. 2/10

Overall, I must admit this is not the absolute WORST game I have ever played, but it is in the top 10. If you are looking for a shoot 'em up, guys around every corner, occasional reference to the story game, go ahead and use this for what it is worth. Looking for something more in depth that hold your attention and make you want to play it over and over? Keep looking. 'Cause this just ain't it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/28/06

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