Review by FHATODude

Reviewed: 11/23/03

Worth the wait, if you actually waited

For those of you who don't know Dead To Rights was a game released for every current system about one year ago. I've been waiting for a year for it to come to PC, and i actually found out that it was worth the wait. It was developed around the same time that Max Payne 1 came out, but even after playing Max Payne 2, this game doesn't seem old.

Gameplay-This is the part where the game truly shines. The gunplay is fast and furious as all you have to do with hold down the right mouse button (auto-target) and shoot them and it'll hit them depending on how far away you are from them and if they're behind any cover. Once you're done or want to switch targets just release and click the right mouse button again, it's pretty simple, however you have to do that with about twenty-thirty people per room and it's pretty easy to be gunned down, fotunately when armed you can walk up to a person and use him as a shield to take all the bullets from you, well all the bullets from the front so you'll have to constantly reposition yourself. You can also dodge bullets by diving max payne style which isn't too useful in this game as it is in max payne for some reason, it seems to be much better to take hostages. There's a limited ammount of ammo you can hold at once, which makes it easy to run out ammunition, fortunately you can use your dog to maul enemies and drag their gun back to you, or walk up to one and disarm them.

There are also mini-games which are not ALL mandantory to be completed in the PC version. They include controlling a stripper, picking locks, disarming bombs and punching a speed bag.

Disarms if you've seen any of the previews seem to be the coolest part of the game, you only start off with a disarm per weapon category (pistol, shotgun, rifle) and the first ones don't look that cool. But the ones you unlock later(by disarming people which isn't that easy) you will probably think look so nice that you'd want to holster your weapon and disarm the guy just to see the animation again (e.g. the last disarm i unlocked for the pistol category involves twisting the guy's arm to the point where he's aiming at his own head and then blowing it away) and some disarms, since Namco are obviously slightly altered version of Jin/Paul's moves from Tekken.

Story-Speaking of Tekken the intro is pretty much Tekken-caliber as well, a nice shootout which turns into a fistfight and then a classical John-Woo Standoff, The story itself feels ''used'' before at first but it's actually pretty decent, you're basically a cop who's dad died and you need to find out why but get framed in the process. There's a lot of decent twists which makes it's story different from other ''cop'' movie storylines.

Graphics/Sound-The graphics run smoothly even on a 16MB ATI card, and unlike what the box or the website says you do not need a Geforce card of any kind for it to run. It's pretty obvious that the game was made 1 year ago but the disarms/slo motion dives/nicely directed FMVs should keep you distracted from the fact that the graphics aren't exactly the best there is.

Replayability/Play Time-I'm still playing the game as i'm writing this, and it's pretty hard since you might spend half your game time dying, yup it's that hard, unless you play in rookie mode which i think is too easy. I've had this game for like 4 days and even after nine levels I still haven't unlocked all the disarms yet (it's already hard enuf to run up to a guy with an Mp5 and disarm him, let alone a SPAS 12 shotgun which can kill you in two hits) So even after you beat the game you might still wanna try unlocking all the disarms if you haven't already, and trust me they're worth it.

Final Word-Nothing much to say, it's a fun game with a really intense pace. Wish there were more games like this (waiting for Kill.Switch to come to PC, since Namco seems to be really good at making arcade-pace games)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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