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"Not worth the price"

You play as a cop who is up against many bad guys. After finding your father's death is directly linked to some unknown criminal activities, you seek out revenge and answers.

Gameplay 5/10
Well, although many people compare this game to maxpayne2, the gameplay is rather different. First, obviously the camera angle and control of the movement is different. You can also choose use martial art when fighting with enemies. Best of all, you can use your police dog to attack the criminals. the auto-targeting is somehow essential for a shooting game in consoles where you do not have a mouse. Also, the camera makes it difficult for you not to use auto aim. The things that are similar to max payne are bullet time, black suits, holding two guns and fighting against immense number of enemies. Sounds good eh? But you will find this game a disappointment as 90% of the time; you will be doing nothing but shooting down many enemies in a very repetitive manner. It may be fun initially, but after 2 hours of shooting, you begin to wonder if the game has other things to offer. Boredom begins to set in then. Although the mini-games are innovative, but they boil down to nothing more than boredom and silly waste of time. Unlike max payne where a degree of realism is presence, this game has a more arcade feel to it. many times, you will find another enemy appearing at the same location/spot where you have already dispatch a few enemies there. You will be wondering if you are playing unreal tournament whereby enemies can spawn at certain locations after they die. This is pretty stupid. Many times

Graphic 3/10
I have only played the PC version, so my opinion will be based on the pc game. Generally, the expectation for pc games graphic is higher than the xbox and much higher than ps2. The graphic is horrible. Low polygon counts, bad textures, and horrible animations makes you think you are playing a dated game from 1999. It is only a little better than half-life 1. The low polygons cause the characters to look unrealistic and blocky. The poor animation shows the human movement as unnatural and fake.

Sound 5/10
Okay, the gun shots sounds realistic. That's about all i can compliment on the sound. Music are just some uninteresting tunes played from the midi. If you are pampered with the voice acting in max payne 2, you will find it hard not to find voice acting in dead to rights downright unconvincing and bland.

Story 1/10
What story?? you basically chase your enemies across the city. This makes up whole story.

Overall 4/10
Save your money for other games. There are too many flaws to make this game worthwhile. You may want to rent it if you are into senseless shooting games.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/20/04

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