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"Guns...Check, Ammo...Check, Dog....Dog?"

After trying out the game James Bond: Everything or Nothing I had a sudden urge to play games with the 3rd person view and wield guns against hordes of enemies. Dead to Rights does exactly that, but the lack of much more than mini-games makes Dead to Rights a quickly dull game.


When I was looking for a game to just mindlessly massacre hundreds of ''bad guys'' I wasn't looking for a story. All it really is is the classic story of revenge. You take the role of Jack Slate, a cop whose father was killed, and now you go against direct orders to investigate who did it. However, I really do have to question how the investigation of your father's murder leads to fighting clowns in a graveyard... But there's really nothing new or interesting (safe the clowns), but if you're looking for a story, look elsewhere.



This was the reason I got the game. To scratch the surface, you assume the role of Jack Slate from a 3rd person perspective and lock-on to enemies and fire away. And, to add to the cool factor, Jack doesn't bother to keep guns without having ammo for them, he smoothly throws them out and whips out the next gun cleverly hidden in his leather jacket. A major downfall in the shooting department is trying to snipe down people in the first-person view. Some enemies you are not able to lock on to due to their distance so you are left to snipe them down with whatever you have. It may only be my computer but the aiming is really choppy, instead of smooth aiming you get really jerky motions. This gets terribly annoying as your enemy probably has emptied five clips into you before you fire one successful shot. However, thankfully, there aren't too many situations where you have to resort to sniping.

To accompany the constant gunfire and gun throwing you have your dog, Shadow, who pops up when you need him (out of nowhere) and either mauls an enemy or aids with some mission objectives. Not only do you get that awesome dog, you can perform a wide variety of disarms where you will take the gun of an enemy and execute him stylishly. However, the only thing that will keep you interested are the disarms as you will learn new ones which usually look progressively better. But that's not all! We have the over-used diving, guns ahead in, you guessed it, bullet time. It is nothing you haven't heard of, whip out double pistols, fly mid-air in slow-mo, killing at least five enemies before you hit the floor. And, just to add a little more spice into the mix we have explosive canisters conveniently strewn across levels (like a cemetery...) As Jack Slate you'll pick up the canister, chuck it at an enemy, and in slow-mo, shoot it mid-air, causing a bright display of fireworks...and blood. With this arsenal of techniques you pretty much blast through an area full of enemies then venture into the next area. Rinse and repeat. But this game also throws in little elements like finding a key or performing a little mini-game (including controlling a stripper in a DDR type mini-game) which can be mildly amusing for a while.

Another thing I should point out is the saving. You are free to save whenever you want but you will always end up at the beginning of the section of the chapter. So you could be a step away from the end of the section but if you save you will end up where you started. This can be very frustrating at times but really isn't anything to impede the fun factor of the game.

Overall, the gameplay will keep you entertained for an hour or two of constant play, but after that there isn't much variety except for the skins of the enemies.



Personally, graphics mean next to nothing to me, however, good graphics are always a bonus. Sadly, I didn't find the graphics of Dead to Rights very good at all, they seemed to match that of Resident Evil 2. There are many instances where you can see through people and other minor graphical errors, I thought that Namco could have done much better in the graphics department. However, some of the levels do look pretty good ranging from a well-lit china town to a dark jail. The cinematics are also nothing revolutionary, just the same quality of, again, Resident Evil 2 cinematics. Some are pretty interesting but you can pretty much skip them all so you can take on your next horde of enemies. The graphics could use a little improvement but like I said, graphics don't make the game.



Nothing new, gun shots, dogs barking, not outstanding music but bearable. The voice-acting is kinda mono-tone and sleep inducing. Not much to say.



I cannot see a reason to play this game again, nothing really will change except for difficulty. You'll still have to do the same mini-games and there's nothing really rewarding in completing it again. About the difficulties, the harder they get the more frustrated you are at the game at forcing you to fight the wave of 100 enemies...again. Sadly, there is no reason to beat this game for a second time...let alone a first.


Buy, Rent, Trash?

I'm straining myself from choosing trash as this game isn't as horrible as many out there. I'd say rent, give this game a shot if you really want to. If you're expecting a repetitive-shooting-from-third-person game then you will be extremely delighted with this little package.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/18/04

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