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"Good game, Terrible quality"

I don't own an outdated computer. I may not have the latest graphics cards or overpriced processors, but my machine is very fast and usually quite good when it comes to playing games. Slow rate rates and choppy sound are almost unheard of when playing games.

Lately, I had been hearing a lot of praise for the game Dead to Rights, and I thought "oh what the hey, I'll try it".

The first thing I noticed was the game's copy protection routine. It apparently isn't enough that I have to enter a CD code and insert the CD every single time I want to play Dead to Rights, but I have to reset my computer to let the "copy protection activate" and insert TWO CDs to start the game, one at the start and then one right before the title screen. Hmmm....

At first the game seemed alright, the "targeting system" seemed counterproductive, but other than that it was fine. That's when the problems started.

Apparently, the programmers of this game do not have much experience with PCs and their performance, since the game started to get REALLY slow when about five or six enemies appeared on the screen. This was very surprising; the visuals were not very in-depth compared to my other games yet the game was running slow as molasses.

The sound effects began to suffer as well. The dialogue (which isn't very impressive to begin with) now sounded like every character had a severe stuttering problem. Everything was falling apart.

Thus, I shall break down the game into the following subcategories:

GAMEPLAY - 7/10 the gameplay is decent (assuming that the horrid performance doesn't ruin it). This game borrowed a few elements from Max Payne but added a lot more to make it unique.

GRAPHICS - 2/10 the graphics aren't impressive to begin with, which makes you wonder why the game runs so darn slowly. Combined with the low framerate and choppy visuals, this part gets a 2.

MUSIC & SOUND - 6/10 the audio department is lacking, but not to an excessive degree.

COPY PROTECTION - 10/10 Excellent. This is the first game I've played with a dual CD insert requirement and a CD key activation process that checks every time you run the program. The ESA would be proud. Unfortunately, good copy protection does not equal a good game.

IN CONCLUSION - You would be much better off buying this game for a console, as I assume all the slow framerate issues have been worked out to a reasonable degree on those platforms. The people who made the PC version just couldn't make it worthwhile.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/24/04

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