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    Real World Units FAQ by DChan

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         Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour (Windows)
         Command & Conquer: Generals (Windows)
         Real World Units FAQ (Version 3.5 - Incomplete Struggle)
         Current Update: Saturday, 8 July 2006
         Previous Update: Thursday, 6 July 2006
         Created: Friday, 28 February 2003
         By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@h_tmail.c_m)
         Note: I DO NOT have this game, but a friend does. I
         typed up this file as a "fan service" for the fellow
         military aviation fans out there.
    0.   Wanted
    1.   Acknowledgements
    2.   Links
    3.   Theatres of Operations
    4.   Orders of Battle
    4.1    China
    4.2    GLA
    4.3    USA
    "Setsunasa!" (*1)
    0.   WANTED
         I'm looking for:
         - The alphanumeric designations and official names of
    the real world units and weapons that are in the game and
    aren't in this FAQ.
         Disclaimer: I send the newest version of this file to
    only ten Websites:
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         - http://www.cheathappens.com/
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         Thanks to these sierra hotel persons/organisations:
         - Adam Cherrington, Brian Au, chris lakin, Dark Prince,
    ehren fickenscher, Emiel Suilen, fdg dfgdf, GCN4Life,
    inkhoMi, James Zhu, Jon Duke, Kenny Pang, Nik "Frost" Manak,
    Redwolf, Richard Parry, and Wei Huang, for feedback.
         - AlX05, Asagiri Yohko, Djaran, HypersonicGamer, Joeb,
    Phisher, rpgmaster999, and other Netters in the C&C:
    Generals and Generals: Zero Hour message board in
    GameFAQs.com, for Q&A.
         - Jean-Luc Barbera of France, for the French
    translation of the Disclaimer, and the English translation
    of the NOIR foreword. (After all, English and French are
    the two official languages up here in Canada, the True
    North Strong and Free.)
         - Lieutenant Colonel YANG Li Wei, 38, Chinese People's
    Liberation Army Air Force, of Sui Zhong County, Hu Lu Dao
    ("Gourd Island") City, Liao Ning Province, People's Republic
    of China. Fighter pilot with 1,350 hours of flight
    experience, and astronaut with 21 hours 23 minutes of space
    experience. His Shen Zhou 5 ("Divine Vessel 5") capsule,
    atop a CZ-2F (Chang Zheng-2F, "Long March-2F") rocket, took
    off from Jiu Quan ("Wine Fountain") Satellite Launch Centre,
    Gan Su Province, at 09:00 (Bei Jing time, 01:00 GMT) on
    Wednesday, 15 October 2003. It orbited Earth for 14 times,
    (did not collide with any United States spacecraft,) and
    landed in Inner Mongolia, 4.8 km (3 miles) off-target, at
    06:23 (22:23 GMT) on Thursday, 16 October 2003. After his
    historic mission as the first astronaut of the People's
    Republic of China, he was promoted to full Colonel.
         - The Peace Boat.
         - Vadim Pryde, VAL, and other Netters, for the Russian
    translation of the Disclaimer. (Over the years, gamers in
    non-English countries (such as France and South Africa) had
    read my game FAQs and e-mailed me. Then a couple years ago,
    I noticed my game FAQs were leeched and cross-posted at
    multiple Russian game FAQ sites. o(>_<)o I was more annoyed
    that they did not always have the latest versions of my
    game FAQs.)
         - Wavehawk of Philippines, for feedback.
         (Social democracy in action.)
         [Ramble ON]
         In memory of:
         - The seven astronauts on the NASA space shuttle USS
    Columbia, which was lost in action (Mission STS-107) about
    203,000 feet above north-central Texas, USA, at about 9 AM
    EST (14:00 GMT, 16 minutes before her scheduled landing at
    Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA) on
    Saturday, 1 February 2003 (Chinese New Year Day).
         "The seven astronauts on board were accomplished
    women and men of great courage who put their extraordinary
    skills and knowledge to the service of humankind. Each one
    was a hero. Their contribution to science and space
    exploration will never be forgotten."
         - Jean Chretien, Canadian Prime Minister, 1 February
         "The Columbia is lost. There are no survivors."
         - George W Bush, US President, 1 February 2003
         - The casualties (Iraqi and non-Iraqi, military and
    non-military, hostile and friendly fire) of OIF (Operation
    Iraqi Freedom, also known as Operation Telic in the UK), the
    war in Iraq in March-April 2003. <(T_T)
         - The 70 sailors and officers of the Ming-class (Type
    035, variant of Former Soviet Union/Russian Romeo-class)
    conventional (diesel-electric) submarine No. 361 of the
    12th Brigade/Detachment (No. 359, 360, 361, 362), North Sea
    Fleet, Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN or Ren
    Min Jie Fang Jun Hai Jun), based at Lu Shun (formerly Port
    Arthur), Liao Ning Province, People's Republic of China
    (Zhong Hua Ren Min Gong He Guo). Her crew were martyred
    during a training exercise east of the Nei Chang Shan
    Islands in the Bo Hai Sea, northeast of Yan Tai City and
    north of Wei Hai City, Shan Dong Province, People's Republic
    of China, before Friday, 2 May 2003 (or about Wednesday, 16
    April 2003), local time.
         - Squadron Leader Janusz "Jan" Zurakowski, Royal Air
    Force (Retired). Fighter pilot during World War Two, and
    test pilot of the de Havilland Vampire, the Gloster Meteor
    and Javelin, and Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck and CF-105 Arrow
    after World War Two. He was 89. He was born in Ryzawka,
    Russia, on 12 September 1914. He passed away at his home
    "Kartuzy" in Barry's Bay, (northern) Ontario, Canada, on
    Monday, 9 February 2004.
         - Former US President Ronald Wilson Reagan, alias
    "The Gipper" and "The Great Communicator". He was 93. He
    was born in Tampico, Illinois, USA, on 6 February 1911;
    passed away in Los Angeles, California, USA, on Saturday,
    5 June 2004; and was buried at the Ronald Reagan
    Presidential Library, Simi Valley, California, USA, on
    Friday, 11 June 2004. He was the 40th US President, from
    20 January 1981 to January 1989, and contributed to end
    the Cold War between the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
    nations and the Warsaw Pact nations. <(T_T)
         "I know in my heart that man is good. That what is
         right will always eventually triumph. And there's
         purpose and worth to each and every life."
         - The victims of the earthquake that happened in the
    Indian Ocean, off the west coast of northern Sumatra,
    Indonesia, on Boxing Day, Sunday, 26 December 2004, at
    07:58:53 local time; and the victims of the resultant
    tidal waves caused by the earthquake, in various South
    Asia and East Africa nations, including India, Indonesia,
    Sri Lanka, and Thailand.
         - Comrade ZHAO Zi Yang. Former Premier of the People's
    Republic of China and General Secretary of the Chinese
    Communist Party. Deposed because of his support for the
    months-long, anti-corruption and pro-democracy protest in
    Tian An Men Square, Bei Jing, China, that was ended by the
    People's Liberation Army on 4 June 1989, he was under house
    arrest until his death. He was 85. He was born in Hua Xian
    (Hua County), He Nan Province, China, on 17 October 1919;
    and passed away in Bei Jing, on 17 January 2005.
         - Captain James Montgomery Doohan, Royal Canadian Army
    (Retired). Actor who, in Star Trek, played Captain
    (at first Lieutenant Commander) Montgomery "Scotty" Scott,
    Star Fleet, the (legendary) Chief Engineer on the NCC-1701
    USS Enterprise. He was 85. Born in Vancouver, British
    Columbia, Canada, on 3 March 1920. Beamed up in Redmond,
    Washington, USA, on Wednesday, 20 July 2005.
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         Version 3.0 [41 KB, +6%]: Friday, 22 July 2005
         Version 3.1 [41 KB, +0%]: Sunday, 2 April 2006
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    2.   LINKS
       - http://www.eagames.com/official/cc_generals/home.jsp
         The Command and Conquer: Generals and Generals Zero
    Hour official HP in the Electronic Arts official HP.
         The Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour category in
    Yahoo! USA.
       - http://www.imoyoukan.com/generals/
         Command and Conquer Generals-JP, by Meguron. A
    Generals, Generals Zero Hour, Warcraft 3, and War of the
    Rings fan page in Japanese.
       - http://www.planetcnc.com/
         Planet Command & Conquer, by Dario Djuric. A Command
    and Conquer fan page.
       - http://www.airforce-technology.com/
         Air Force Technology - The Website for Defence
    Industries - Air Force HP.
       - http://www.army-technology.com/index.html
         Army Technology - The Website for Defence Industries -
    Army HP.
       - http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2003/iraq/forces/weapons/index.html
         The "Forces: Weapons" section in the "War in Iraq"
    Special Report section of CNN.com.
       - http://www.fas.org/man/index.html
         Federation of American Scientists - Military Analysis
    Network HP. Has photos and stats of even such "lost"
    aircraft as the American YA-9 and YF-17 Cobra, and the
    Israeli Lavi.
       - http://www.sinodefence.com/
         Chinese Defence Today HP.
         "An unofficial web site of Chinese defence affair."
         [Ramble ON]
       - http://home.attbi.com/~kagamix2/xp-compatible/
         The Japanese Gaming Guide to Windows XP, by Kagami of
         "Windows 95/98/Me/2000 Japanese PC Games on Windows
       - http://selios.free.fr/
         Selios' Lairs, by Jean-Luc Barbera of France.
         "Selios' Lairs is primary a fan site on different
    things I enjoy a lot, some of which are not well known
    outside Japan or by rare fans worldwide.
         "Les Antres de Selios sont avant tout un site de fan
    sur differentes choses que j'apprecie beaucoup, don't
    certaines sont tres meconnues en dehors du Japon hormis
    de rares fans de part le monde."
       - http://www.geocities.com/wavehawk.geo/
         The Shiori Fujisaki Shrine, by Wavehawk. A Tokimemo
    (Tokimeki Memorial) fan page.
       - http://www1.cts.ne.jp/~buton/
         Miyabi Koubou, by Tounnkai of Japan.
       - http://zanyvg.overclocked.org/
         Zany Video Game Quotes. Has very funny quotes and
    screen shots from many vidgames, plus movie files of Segata
    Sanshirou TV CMs.
         "Le noir, ce mot designe depuis une epoque lointaine
    le nom du destin.
         "Les deux vierges regnent sur la mort.
         "Les mains noires protegent la paix des nouveaux-nes."
         - NOIR (TV: 2001)
         [Ramble OFF]
         Arbitrary links to formal or official HPs (homepages)
    about the real locations that appear in the game.
         Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai
    District, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR (Special
    Administrative Region), PRC (People's Republic of China).
         As seen in China mission 2.
       - http://www.starferry.com.hk/new/en/index.asp
         Star Ferry Company Limited, Hong Kong SAR, PRC.
         As seen in China mission 2.
       - http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/c2718.html
         Three Gorges Dam, San Dou Ping, Yi Chang, Hubei
    Province, PRC.
         As seen in China mission 3.
       - http://www.beijingtrip.com/attractions/square.htm
         Tian An Men Square, Bei Jing City, PRC.
         As seen in China mission 1.
         From Kenny Pang (2004.07.23):
         In Mission 1 of China of C&C Generals (not the
    expansion), during the opening with the military parade in
    Tian An Men Square, the game uses China's national anthem,
    March of the Volunteers, as the background music.
         Tsing Ma Bridge, Kwai Tsing District, New Territories,
    Hong Kong SAR, PRC.
         As seen in China mission 2.
         "I go to Wanchai and it costs me $40 to buy one girl a
    drink! This place is just too expensive."
         - Marc Faber, investment analyst, known as "Dr Doom"
    for his gloomy predictions about Asian economies, on the
    high costs of doing business in Hong Kong, early 1998.
         In Thailand, Faber said, $40 will buy "four beers for
    myself and eight for the girls."
         A concise list of the air units, land units, sea units,
    and weapons from the real world that appear in the game.
    Includes arbitrary links to formal or official HPs about the
    units and weapons. Sorted by game nationality.
         Note: The capabilities of the real units or weapons
    might differ from the capabilities of the units or weapons
    that appear in the game. For example, the Fuel Air Bomb
    looks like the BLU-82 iron bomb, but the real BLU-82 is not
    a FAE (Fuel Air Explosive) bomb.
    4.1  CHINA (PRC (People's Republic of China), Zhong Guo
         (Zhong Hua Ren Min Gong He Guo))
         Artillery Barrage
         Artillery Training
         Battlemaster Tank
         Type 80/Type 88. Chinese MBT (Main Battle Tank).
       - Carpet Bomb
         B-52 Stratofortress. US strategic bomber.
       - Gatling Tank
         From Redwolf (Thursday, 2004.02.19):
         Gatling Tank:
         M163 Vulcan Air Defense System, which uses the infamous
    M61 Vulcan Gatling Gun (think 'Vulcan Raven').
       - Helix II Helicopter [Zero Hour]
         Ka-27/28/29/32 Helix.
       - Infernal Howitzer
         (Type 88 with a 155mm gun.)
         From Redwolf (Thursday, 2004.02.19):
         Inferno Tank:
         Another possible real-life equivalent unit is the
    [Chinese] Type 83 Self-Propelled Howitzer.
         MiG 1.44 MFI (Mnogofunktsionalny Frontovoi Istrebitel
    = Multifunctional Frontline Fighter). Flatpack. FSU (Former
    Soviet Union)/Russian ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter). Also
    known as MiG-35, MiG-39, or MiG 1.42.
         From Asagiri Yohko (2003.06.11):
         At first glance, the Chinese MiG in this game may look
    like the real J-10 (Jian-10) Lavi II that the PRC is
    developing, with assistance from Israel, Pakistan, and
    Russia; but it isn't.
         For instance, the MiG has two vertical stabilisers (tail
    fins), but the J-10 has only one.
         From Asagiri Yohko (2003.03.14):
         If you're looking for a model kit of the Chinese MiG in
    this game, Revell has a 1:144 version. Just go to
         and in the "Catalogue Search" in the left frame, input
    "MFI", and press "Search".
         I already bought one at a local hobby shop. 8D
         Nuclear Tanks
       - Nuke Bomber [Zero Hour]
         B-52 Stratofortress. US strategic bomber.
         Nuke Cannon
         Atomic Annie. US 280 mm towed howitzer.
       - Overlord Tank
         From Redwolf (Thursday, 2004.02.19):
         Overlord Tank:
         Obviously, no real-life equivalent exists for this
    unit.  A tank of such size would be a logistical nightmare
    to support and would be too heavy and large for even some
    roadways to support (when making Goldeneye, a major concern
    was the damage drivng a tank around St. Petersburg would
    inflict on the roadways, possibly dropping the tank into the
    sewer).  The inspiration for such a tank probably came from
    a German design, the P-1000 Ratte.  This 'land cruiser'
    would have had 2 280 mm naval guns as [its] armnament and be
    powered by 2 engines with a maximum of 17,000 HP (not a
    typo).  It never left the drawing board and would have been
    an incredible waste of funds had it.
       - Para Drop [Zero Hour]
         C-130 Hercules. US transport plane.
         General "Anvil" Shin Fai only.
         Red Guard
         (PLA (People's Liberation Army).
         Or: 1966-1976 Cultural Revolution era Red Guard.)
       - Tank Hunter
         M136 AT4. US shoulder-launched LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon).
         From Redwolf (Thursday, 2004.02.19):
         Tank Hunter:
         The tank hunters most likely use Russian shoulder-
    rockets like the RPG-7 (yes, the same as used by the RPG
    Troopers).  However, RPGs are not homing rockets, so they
    would be useless against air units.  They could also use
    SA-7 rockets (or [its] Chinese variant, the HN-5).  They
    certainly would not use US rocket launchers like the AT4.
         Troop Crawler
         BTR-60/BTR-70/BTR-80/BTR-90 (Bronyetransporter =
    Armoured Transporter). FSU/Russian amphibious 8x8 APC
    (Armoured Personnel Carrier).
         "The Chinese were a long time in making up their minds
    that they wanted any of the modern articles manufactured by
    the West, but once they started buying, they found that they
    wanted everything they could afford to buy and a great deal
         - Carl Crow, "400 Million Customers", 1937
    4.2  GLA (Global Liberation Army)
       - Angry Mob
         Uzi. Israeli 9 mm sub-machine gun.
         Scud Launcher
         SS-1B Scud-A (R-11), or SS-1C Scud-B (R-300 9K72
    Elbrus) SRBM (Short Range Ballistic Missile) on MAZ 543
    four-axle, eight-wheeled TEL (Transporter-Erector-Launcher)
         The NATO reporting name "SCUD" or "Scud" is not an
    acronym, and is a legit English noun and verb. See:
         Stinger Site
         FIM-92 Stinger. US shoulder-launched SAM (Surface-to-Air Missile).
         From Wavehawk (Saturday, 2003.05.31):
         Specifically, the FIM-92 'Basic' Stinger, as given to
    Afghanistan by the US during the Russo-Afghan wars. The
    version seen in use with the GLA are Man Portable Air
    Defense (MANPADS) Stingers. Vehicle-mounted Stingers have a
    slightly different launcher - though they fire the same
    missile, AFAIK the launchers on vehicles can't be removed
    and used by infantry.
         The GLA are smart in setting up Stinger sites. US Army
    rules for using the MANPADS Stinger has one spotter and one
    shooter: Stinger units work much like Sniper teams.
         "Whether Osama bin Laden is here [Pakistan] or across
    the border [Afghanistan], your guess, sir, would be as good
    as mine, so I wouldn't like to venture into a guess."
         - Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf to a
           reporter, at Camp David, Maryland, USA, on Tuesday,
           24 June 2003
    4.3  USA (United States of America)
         A-10 Strike
         A-10/OA-10 Thunderbolt II. US attacker.
       - AC-130 Spectre Gunship [Zero Hour]
         AC-130H Spectre, AC-130U Spooky. US gunship for close
    air support, air interdiction, armed reconnaissance, and
    force protection.
         The real AC-130 Spectre/Spooky, based on the C-130
    Hercules, has four propellor engines mounted on its wings,
    instead of two jet engines mounted on its tail fin.
       - Advanced Training
         Steyr AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr, "Universal Army
    Rifle"). Austrian 5.56x45 mm bullpup battle rifle.
       - (Aircraft carrier "84")
         AFAIK, the real USN doesn't have a modern aircraft
    carrier with hull number 84. In WWII, the USN had a
    Casablanca-class escort aircraft carrier CVE-84 USS Shamrock
    Bay. She was launched on 4 February 1944, used as an
    aircraft transport ship in the Atlantic Ocean, took part in
    the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and was scrapped in
         On second thought, the aircraft carrier in Zero Hour
    looks IMO more like the ARMD-01 and Prometheus in Old
    Macross than the aircraft carriers of the real USN. 8D
         From Brian Au (2003.11.06):
         You had mentioned about the aircraft carrier CVN-84. If
    you only played US Campaigns, you can only see [her] code,
    but if you play as GLA, you can find that [her] name is
    CVN-84 Reagan. That means, [her] "real world unit" is CVN-76
    Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier of US Navy, which had gone
    into army list of US Navy a few months ago. If so, [her]
    planes might be F-35 Joint Strike Fighter naval version.
         Also, if you had noticed, you should know that there
    are battleships around the carrier. From my viewpoint, they
    might be the battleships which had been participated in
    World War II, Korean War, and 1st Gulf War, but won't work
    anymore or just now (one of them might be USS Missouri and
    others forgot).
         M996/M997/M1035 HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle). 
    Also known as Hummer.
       - Aurora Strike Fighter
         Aurora. US hypersonic recon aircraft.
         "If it's on CNN, it must be true."
         Later (2003.09.30):
         No relation to the Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora
    ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare)/maritime patrol aircraft. 8D
         From Jared Schmidt (Friday, 2003.12.26):
         Aurora: The Aurora is a theoretical aircraft that
    doesn't officially exist if it even does.
       - Aurora Alpha [Zero Hour]
         Aurora. US hypersonic recon aircraft.
         General Alexis Alexander only.
       - Avenger Humvee [Zero Hour]
         The real Avenger is armed with eight Stinger
    surface-to-air missiles in two, four-missile launch pods and
    one .50 caliber (12.7 mm) M3P machine gun with 200 rounds,
    instead of Point Defense Lasers.
         Later (2003.10.21):
         No relation to the Martin Marietta Armament Systems
    (formerly General Electric) GAU-8/A Avenger seven-barrel 30
    mm Gatling cannon, with 1,174 rounds, mounted on the
    Fairchild Republic A-10A/OA-10A Thunderbolt II attack
         CH-47 Chinook. US transport helicopter.
       - Comanche
         RAH-66 Comanche. US recon/attack helicopter.
         Later (Friday, 2004.02.27):
         On Monday, 23 Febuary 2004, at the Pentagon, the Acting
    Secretary of the US Army, Les Brownlee, and the US Army
    Chief of Staff, General Peter J Schoomaker, announced the US
    Army would cancel the $39 billion Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66
    Comanche programme, after spending about $7 billion and 21
    years in development.
         Instead, the US Army said it would ask the US Congress
    to use $14.6 billion allocated to develop and build 121
    Comanches between now and 2011, to buy 796 additional UH-60
    Black Hawk and other helicopters, and to upgrade and
    modernise 1,400 helicopters already in the US Army.
         In addition, US Army officials said they want to seek
    proposals to develop and build a new armed reconnaissance
       - Combat Chinook [Zero Hour]
         CH-47 Chinook. US transport helicopter.
         General Malcolm "Ace" Granger only.
       - Crusader Tank
         (M1A2 Abrams. US MBT.
         Or: M60 Patton. US MBT.
         Or: XM2001 Crusader. US 155 mm self-propelled howitzer.)
         From Laurens Reinds (Saturday, 2006.04.01):
         I think that the German Leopard II tank is the real
    version of the Crusader main battle tank (USA).
         From Nik "Frost" Manak (Thursday, 2004.09.02):
         I have a comment on the US tanks though. If you take a
    closer look at pictures of US MBTs and then zoom in close
    to the models in game, I think you'll find that the Paladin
    rather than the Crusader is actually the M1A2 Abrams MBT,
    just it has the laser point defense addition
    (on-the-drawing board M1A3 Abrams perhaps? C&C Generals is
    near future). Note the larger size, heavier turret and gun,
    and especially the exact shape of the turret and size in
    proportion to the lower half of the tank.
         The Crusader may be the original M1 Abrams with the
    smaller 105 mm cannon (as opposed to the 120 mm cannon of
    the M1A1 and M1A2), though that still doesn't seem likely
    given the turret's proportions once again. The Crusader is
    probably the M1's predecessor, the M60 MBT modernized with
    a flatter, better anchored turret and a few upgrades. This
    fits the best with the proportions of the 3D model as well
    as the in-game characteristics of having a little less
    firepower (I think) as well as less effective armor. It
    also fits with how the Crusader is often used in-game, as a
    cheap backup tank (raiding those National Guard arsenals no
    doubt) and ground-holding defender, while the Paladin is a
    little more expensive and better suited to actual assaults.
         As for the names, Crusader and Paladin almost
    certainly come from the main artillery units of the same
    name in the real US Army and were simply used in place of
    the tank names since EA decided for some reason to rename
    all the tanks rather than use their real world
    counterparts' names like they did with the four-wheeled
    vehicles and aircraft.
         From Wavehawk (Saturday, 2003.05.31):
         More likely the M1A2 Abrams. I don't think the Crusader
    in-game counts as a howitzer, at least not from the
    definition of 'howitzer' (a very large artillery gun, cannot
    be direct-fired).
       - Drone Armour / Spy Drone / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
         RQ-1 Predator. US UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).
         From Redwolf (Thursday, 2004.02.19):
         Hellfire Drone:
         Exdrone UAV
         The real Exdrone is quite small (8 feet wide) and
    cannot carry missiles.  The Predator drone, however, can
    fire Hellfire missiles and was once [sic] on CNN for doing
    so against a possible 'Bin Laden'.
         From chris lakin (2003.03.08):
         The battle drone you can attach to US tanks is
    probably a Cypher 2 drone, made by Sikorsky.
         Flashbang Grenades
         UK XM-82 concussion grenade.
         From Wavehawk (Saturday, 2003.05.31):
         Actually, they were developed by the British SAS [22
    Special Air Service Regiment]. Official number is XM-82
    Concussion Grenades. And the illustration on-screen is
    either the 40 mm Grenade used in the M203 Grenade Launcher,
    or a Tear Gas Grenade (same caliber). I've not heard of
    M203-launched Flashbangs.
         Fuel Air Bomb
         B-52 Stratofortress. US strategic bomber.
         BLU-82. US 15,000-pound dumb bomb.
         From Dark Prince (2003.09.05):
         The "Fuel Air Bomb" is not the BLU-82. The BLU-82 is a
    conventional general purpose bomb based from aluminium
    powder as the explosive. All FAE's that use to be in the
    service of the United States were based on the CBU-72\BLU-73
    design. It used ethylene oxide in an airbust pattern
    designed to create an aerosol cloud that would be
    subsequently detonated by an embedded detanator. The Marine
    Corps used the final FAE's in the aresenal during Operation
    Desert Storm\Saber. During Operation Anaconda, a FAE's
    styled weapon, termed as a thermobaric device (BLU-118) used
    to clear enclosed spaces and to be dropped from F-15's. They
    used a solid explosive in lieu of a liquid. A variation also
    exists to be mounted, and successfully used during Operation
    Iraqi Freedom on the Hellfire missiles. Regardless, whatever
    the B-52 was dropping, it certainly was not the BLU-82, as a
    B-52 unable to load them, only modified C-130's can carry
    them, nor is it a fuel-air explosive. It does not resemble
    anything currently in the US arsenal.
         M1025/M1026 series HMMWV. Also known as Hummer.
         From Rurik Fencl (2005.07.15):
         just to let you know, the Humvee is made by hummer, but
    it is not a hummer. hummers are the civilian only version.
    they do not use hummers on the battle field. they use
    special military modified hummers with weapons platforms on
    the back and reinflatable and deflatable tires, bullet proof
    windows, and armor plating on them. the can go under water
    for several minutes.
       - King Raptor [Zero Hour]
         F-22 Raptor. US air supremacy fighter.
         General Malcolm "Ace" Granger only.
       - Laser Guided Missiles
         AIM-9 series Sidewinder. US short-range air-to-air
         The real Sidewinder missile is infra-red guided,
    instead of laser guided.
       - (LCAC)
         Landing Craft Air Cushioned.
       - Missile Defender
         FIM-92 Stinger. US shoulder-launched SAM.
         From Emiel Suilen (Friday, 2004.02.20):
         The missile defender carries the Javelin
         a fire-and-forget IR guided missile.
         Quote: The Javelin has secondary capabilities against
    helicopters and ground-fighting positions. It is equipped
    with an imaging infrared (I2R) system and a fire-and-forget
    guided missile.
         From Redwolf (Thursday, 2004.02.19):
         Missile Defender:
         You said that they use Stingers or M136s (AT4). That's
    possible, but it's more likely they would use a more
    advanced missile than the AT4 (being laser seeking and
    homing) and probably not a Stinger. I'm thinking they are
    using Javelin rockets, which are infared guided missiles
    that are used in an anti-tank role (they are effective
    [against] helicoptors too).  They aren't laser guided, but
    I'll give EA the benefit of the doubt.  Theoratically, with
    a better propulsion system, the missile could be used in an
    anti-aircraft role.
         From Wavehawk (Saturday, 2003.05.31):
         Are these the infantry troops with rockets? I always
    thought they carried M136 AT-4 launchers... but then they
    can fire at airborne targets (M136 are unguided, and can't
    hit airborne targets very well), so maybe they're also using
       - MOAB [Zero Hour]
         Massive Ordnance Air Burst, Mother Of All Bombs. US
    21,500-pound dumb bomb.
         Paladin Tank
         (Possibly: M1A2 Abrams. US MBT.
         Or: M109 Paladin. US 155 mm self-propelled howitzer.)
         From Richard Parry (Sunday, 15 June 2003):
         The Paladin is not based on the real life artillery,
    it is just an in-game MBT. Completely made up, as are some
    things. They were designed with the thought that these
    units COULD exist, not that they necessarily do. We do
    know that the Rangers, Pathfinders, Comanche, Raptors,
    F-117s, MiGs, Technicals, etc. are based on the real units.
         Para Drop
         C-130 Hercules. US transport plane.
         Scout sniper, USMC (United States Marine Corps).
         Motto: "Semper fidelis", Latin for "Always faithful"
    (sometimes shortened as "Semper fi", or as the phonetically
    similar "Seventy five"). 8D
         Patriot Missile
         MIM-104 Patriot. US ground-launched SAM.
         From Jared Schmidt (Friday, 2003.12.26):
         Patriot Missile: It is correct that they are normally
    mounted on trucks, but that is only for transport.
    Typically (especially the newer versions) are hauled into
    place and left there (separate of the truck) controlled
    from a central station. (http://www.army-
    technology.com/projects/patriot/).  About the site, yes
    [it] does have a picture of a Patriot launcher on a truck,
    but they are left in place and used as a turret rather than
    fired on the fly.
         From Wavehawk (Saturday, 2003.05.31):
         The real Patriot missile is much larger (per scale),
    and is usually mounted on trucks rather than as stationary
         75th Ranger Regiment, USA (United States Army).
         Motto: "Sua sponte", Latin for "Of their own accord".
         From Richard Parry (Sunday, 15 June 2003):
         The pic of the US Rangers on the command bar is a
    soldier with an M16A2 with an M203 grenade launcher
    underneath. Rangers now-a-days usually have M4 carbines,
    but some still have M16A2's, although many are being, or
    have been, replaced by the M16A4. Pretty much an A2 with
    the flattop upper receiver made for mounting optical
    sights (scopes).
         From Wavehawk (Saturday, 2003.05.31):
         The gun image shown on the screen (when Rangers are
    selected, to toggle between Flashbang and Rifle) is the FN
    M249 SAW, a light Squad Automatic Weapon. Although the
    Rangers use the M249 as their support weapon, majority of
    them still pack either M16A2/A3/A4 rifles or the M4 Carbine.
    Motto is: "Rangers Lead The Way!"
         F-22 Raptor. US air supremacy fighter.
         Later (2003.09.30):
         The real Raptor isn't navalised. That is, unlike the
    real X-32 and F-35 Lightning II JSF (Joint Strike Fighter),
    the real Raptor can't operate from an aircraft carrier.
         Rocket Pods
         AGM-114 Hellfire. US air-launched AGM (Air-to-Ground Missile).
       - Sentry Drone
         From inkhoMi (2005.01.25):
         Recently I saw a picture of an US-Battledrone called
    "SWORDS", which is produced by a company named
         First thing to cross my mind: Where the Hell have you
    seen that already?
         And bingo... it's the Sentry Drone from Zero Hour.
         Picture is found at Heise Online:
       - (Spirit) [Zero Hour]
         B-2 Spirit. US strategic low-observable bomber.
       - Stealth Bomber / Stealth Fighter
         F-117 Nighthawk. US low-observable attacker.
       - Stealth Comanche [Zero Hour]
         RAH-66 Comanche. US recon/attack helicopter.
         General Malcolm "Ace" Granger only.
       - Tomahawk Missile Launcher
         BGM-109 Tomahawk. US ship-launched surface-to-surface
    cruise missile.
         From Redwolf (Thursday, 2004.02.19):
         Tomahawk Missile:
         The in game version of the missile is launched from a
    tank-like vehicle.  In real life, the Tomahawk is launched
    only from ships and submarines due to [its] size.  Just
    remember, when the Tomahawk launcher in the game [reloads],
    think about where the heck they store the extra missiles.
         TOW Missile
         M220 TOW (Tube-launched, Optically tracked,
    Wire-guided) missile. US ground-launched ATM (Anti-Tank
         "The American Defense Secretary [Donald Rumsfeld]
         believes the United States is the only military,
         economic, and financial power in the world. We do not
         share this vision.
         "American industrialists are pursuing a logic of
         economic war."
         - French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie, in an
           interview published in the newspaper Le Monde on
           Saturday, 14 June 2003
         "The French minister is entitled to her own opinion.
         However, her opinion does not accurately characterise
         the policy or position of the Secretary of Defense or
         the position of the US government."
         - Jim Turner, spokesperson, US Department of Defense,
           about 15 June 2003
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