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    Side Comparison Guide by kylohk

    Version: 4.2 | Updated: 03/31/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Command & Conquer: Generals Side Comparison Guide by Alasdair Lo
    System: PC, CD-ROM
    E-mail: kylohk@netvigator.com
    Date: 31 March, 2005
    Version 4.2
    Contents [Search Key]
    1. Introduction [GCP1]
    2. Updates [GCP2]
    ---a. Patch V1.03 Information [GCP2A]
    3. Disclaimer [GCP3]
    4. More about the New Scoring System [GCP4]
    5. The Sides [GCP5]
    6. Infantry [GCP6]
    ---a. Rifle Infantry [GCP6A]
    ---b. Rocket Infantry [GCP6B]
    ---c. Advanced Infantry [GCP6C]
    ---d. Motorists [GCP6D]
    ---e. Demolitions [GCP6E]
    ---f. Electronics [GCP6F]
    ---g. Hero Units [GCP6G]
    7. Armored Units [GCP7]
    ---a. Main Battle Tank [GCP7A]
    ---b. Troop Transports [GCP7B]
    ---c. Anti-air, Anti-infantry Vehicles [GCP7C]
    ---d. Spray Action Units [GCP7D]
    ---e. Intelligence Units [GCP7E]
    ---f. Electronic Units [GCP7F]
    ---g. Standard Long Range Units [GCP7G]
    ---h. Advanced Long Range Units [GCP7H]
    ---i. Suicidal Units [GCP7I]
    ---j. Advanced Battle Tank [GCP7J]
    8. Air Units [GCP8]
    ---a. Main Fighter [GCP8A]
    ---b. Attack Helicopter [GCP8B]
    ---c. Additional Air Units [GCP8C]
    9. Base Defenses [GCP9]
    ---a. Basic Base Defense [GCP9A]
    ---b. Garrisonable Base Defenses [GCP9B]
    ---c. Traps [GCP9C]
    ---d. Fake Structures [GCP9D]
    10. Base Infrastructure [GCP10]
    ---a. Standard Resource Gatherer [GCP10A]
    ---b. Power Supply [GCP10B]
    ---c. Infinite Resource Gather [GCP10C]
    ---d. Radar and Intelligence [GCP10D]
    11. Super Weapons and Generals Abilities [GCP11]
    12. Final Overall Comparison [GCP12]
    13. About the Talented Generals [GCP13]
    14. Conclusion [GCP14]
    Appendix I. Feedback Information [A1]
    Appendix II. Letters from Readers. [A2]
    1. Introduction [GCP1]
    Command & Conquer: Generals is the newest installment of the world famous 
    real time strategy Command & Conquer series. As usual, there is more than 
    one side. This time, there are 3! USA, GLA and China. As usual, each side 
    has its own strong points and weak points, and now, I will just give some 
    guidelines on which side is good at what, and hopefully, will give you 
    an idea of which side suits your style of playing. The guide now includes 
    comparison of units that appear in Zero Hour now.
    2. Updates [GCP2]
    Version 4.2:
    Made a slight update to the General Ability section, cause I am just a 
    bit bored.
    Version 4.1:
    Added the supplementary information for the A-10A Thunderbolt, with 
    reference to the Jane's Combat Aircraft Guide.
    Version 4.0:
    Added supplementary information about the Troop Crawler, with reference 
    to Sinodefence.
    Version 3.9:
    Added supplementary information about the Battlemaster Tank and the 
    Inferno Cannon, with reference to Sinodefence.
    Version 3.8:
    Added some supplementary information about the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress 
    and the Northrop Grumman B-2A Spirit with reference to Jane's Combat 
    Aircraft Guide, and added supplementary information on the Red Guard with 
    reference from Microsoft Encarta.
    Version 3.7:
    Added some supplementary information about the Comanche and Stealth 
    Fighter, with reference to the Jane's Combat Aircraft Guide.
    Version 3.6:
    Added some supplementary information about the Raptor and MiG, with 
    reference from the Jane's Combat Aircraft Guide.
    Version 3.5:
    Answered a newly submitted question from someone who would be known as 
    Black Scorpion.
    Version 3.4:
    Added a new section called letters from readers at the end.
    Version 3.3:
    Added information on General Tsing Shi Tao.
    Version 3.2:
    Added Information on General Ta Hun Kwai.
    Version 3.1:
    Added Information on General "Anvil" Shin Fai.
    Version 3.0:
    Added information on Prince Kassad.
    Version 2.9:
    Added information on General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz. 
    Version 2.8:
    Added information on Dr. Thrax.
    Version 2.7:
    Added information on General "Pinpoint" Townes.
    Version 2.6:
    Added information on Malcolm "Ace" Granger.
    Version 2.5:
    Started comparing the Talented Generals.
    Version 2.4:
    Added the price of each unit, if any. I also judged which units are a good 
    value for money. After all, I got a B for Economics in last year's Hong 
    Kong public examination.
    Version 2.3:
    Changed some of the comparison data in the guide, as some reasons are too 
    Version 2.2:
    Reinstated the scoring system. Added an extra chapter to explain the 
    scoring system, so people would not be misled by my new scores.
    Version 2.1:
    Added some tips here and there on how to use this ability and so on.
    Version 2.0:
    Fixed some problems with the punctuation marks.
    Version 1.9:
    Decided to retain the original name. Fixed a few more mistakes in the 
    individual unit comparisons. Decided to abandon the scoring system 
    altogether. Instead, I will just say which side is good at what.
    Version 1.8:
    Changed the name of the guide to Offline Side Comparison Guide.
    Version 1.7:
    Fixed some typos in the Technical and Marauders.
    Version 1.6:
    Revised the scoring system, and instead of giving each unit a score, I 
    just give a conclusion for each type of unit.
    Version 1.5:
    Again, readjusted the scoring systems, so that the point difference between 
    GLA and China are narrowed. Added some additional pointers in the Final 
    Overall Comparison Section. Fixed the typo that China has a population 
    of 13 billion, as it only has 1.3 billion! Added a new type of scoring 
    method, called Score by Category.
    Version 1.4:
    Fixed some formatting problems. Adjusted the score of GLA and China so 
    they are closer to each other, as I did not have the technicals and battle 
    buses enough points.
    Version 1.3:
    Added Zero Hour Expansion Units.
    Version 1.2:
    Fixed some problems with the punctuation marks.
    Version 1.1:
    Added a disclaimer section for the comparison.
    a. Patch V1.03 Information [GCP2A]
    Recently, EA released a new patch which upgrades the game to Version 1.03. 
    Read this carefully, as it caused me to readjust the scores in several 
    places. At the same time, it gave me even MORE justification to stick with 
    several scores which have been debated by some readers. Hee hee. Oh, and 
    my comments about some of the changes are enclosed in parentheses.
    Command & Conquer(tm) Generals Zero Hour
    2003 Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved.
    For latest news and updates visit GENERALS.EA.COM
    - - Incoming transmission - -
    Several of our loyal supporters have passed along intelligence that has 
    allowed the Generals Intelligence Agency to uncover and repair several 
    glitches in your Zero Hour tactical software.  Your software has been 
    updated accordingly.
    Good luck.
    Generals Intelligence Agency
    - - End transmission - -
    Version 1.03 February, 2005
    1. COMMAND CENTER CRASH- fixed the crash that would occur when upgrading 
    a fake GLA command center.
    2. GARRISONED BUNKER CRASH- fixed the crash that would occur when a stealth 
    bomber attacked a garrisoned bunker or palace.
    * Scud Storm (All GLA Generals)
    * Firebase (all USA Generals)
    * Gattling Tower (all China Generals)
    * Patriot Missile (all USA Generals)
    * Tunnel Network (Stealth and Demolition Generals)
    4. WORKERS STOPPING- fixed the problem that would cause GLA workers to 
    stop gathering resources when buying the Fortified Building Upgrade.
    5. GLA CAPTURING OPPONENT COMMAND CENTER- fixed an issue that caused the 
    user's general powers to become un-clickable after he captured an opponent 
    command center.
    6. COLONEL BURTON- fixed the bug where he could destroy aircraft by 
    knife-attack. (Wow, I never knew he could do that in earlier versions.)
    7. TANK HUNTER- his explosives no longer disappear when he dies. Instead, 
    they explode. (Good, so Tank Hunters can also act as suicide soldiers.)
    8. SENTRY DRONES- no longer automatically engage on enemy units when 
    stealthy. (How sad, so you can't render these things in a place and forget 
    stance. More justification to give Sentry Drones a 0!)
    9. USA AIR FORCE GENERAL- the rangers are now specific to the faction, 
    rather than being the default USA rangers. (What are they talking about? 
    Better play and find out.)
    10.  COMANCHES- now get the red rocket trails when they achieve heroic 
    11.  TEXT CHANGES- the tooltip for the Laser Defense Turret now indicates   
    the correct power usage.
    12.  TOXIN GENERAL- Anthrax bomb now has Gamma toxin by default. (So, 
    Purple is in, Blue is out!)
    13.  BOMB TRUCK DISGUISED AS AVENGER- now uses the correct Avenger Model.
    14.  ADDED NEW MAPS! (Really?)
    a. RAPTOR & STEALTH FIGHTER- fixed the laser missile upgrade.
    b. PILOT- displays upgrade cameos for chemical suits and advanced training.
    c. COMANCHE- 
    i. Blades no longer collide with anything.
    ii. Rocket pod instant damage speed removed.
    d. CHINOOK- 
    i. No longer takes damage from flashbangs.
    e. HUMVEE- transported units can now directly target air units.
    f. TOMAHAWK- now drop salvage crate when destroyed by GLA.
    g. SCOUT DRONE- Reduced effects of armor upgrade from 50% to 25%.
    h. HELLFIRE DRONE- Reduced effects of armor upgrade from 50% to 25%.
    i. SPY DRONE- now displays the upgrade cameo for drone armor.
    j. FIREBASE- Armor adjusted to be vulnerable to snipers and immune to melee 
    and laser damage.
    i. Benefits from drone armor upgrade granting 25% bonus.
    l. AVENGER-	
    i. Laser turret no longer has sight range.
    ii. Composite armor upgrade has been removed. (I'll say, Avengers ARE NOT 
    TANKS at all!)
    iii. Now displays cameo for hellfire drone.
    iv. Damage received vs. jet missiles improved from 30% to 23%.
    v. Fixed the bug where the map would become slightly uncovered when building 
    an avenger.
    vi. Locomotor has been corrected.
    m. BATTLE DRONE- Increased vehicle repair rate from 5 to 10 points per 
    n. FLASHBANGS- increased primary damage from 25 to 35. (Cool! Now, Rangers 
    can be real infantry killers.)
    o. SPECTRE GUNSHIP- level 1 hit points decreased from 1000 to 600.
    a. SPECTRE GUNSHIP- now grants less experience when killed.
    b. POWER PLANT- now displays upgrade cameo for control rods.
    c. SUPPLY DROP ZONE- now displays upgrade cameo for supply lines.
    d. PALADIN- now displays the upgrade cameo for hellfire drone.
    a. COMANCHE- now displays upgrade for stealth upgrade. 
    b. POWER PLANT- now displays upgrade cameo for control rods.
    c. SUPPLY CENTER- now displays upgrade cameo for supply lines.
    d. SUPPLY DROP ZONE- - now displays upgrade cameo for supply lines.
    e. CHINOOK- build time increased from 15 to 25 seconds.
    f. KING RAPTOR- laser guided missile only increased damage by 12% rather 
    than 25% for the other factions.
    g. AURORA- (That's what Air Force Generals should have!)
    i. Bomb damage increased from 900 to 1000. 
    ii. Bomb damage radius increased from 70 to 100.
    h. CARPET BOMBER- now has to be activated in the general experience menu 
    (Level 1 experience point). Is deployed from the Strategy Center.
    a. LASER DEFENSE TURRET- correct number of Rangers appear when destroyed.
    i. New unique model. (Good grief, now there may be a glimmer of hope when 
    your opponent has her base fully fortified.)
    ii. Secondary attack damage decreased from 1000 to 900. 
    iii. Secondary attack range decreased from 100 to 70.
    b. BATTLE DRONE- reduced drone armor upgrade from 50% to 25%.
    c. PATRIOT BATTERY- now spawns rangers when destroyed.
    i. Damage reduced from 1000 to 900.
    ii. Damage radius reduced from 100 to 70.
    e. Avenger- 
    i. Now available without the Strategy Center.
    ii. Decreased price from 2400 to 2000.
    a. PROPAGANDA TOWER- now displays the upgrade cameo for subliminal 
    b. INTERNET CENTER- now displays the upgrade cameo for satellite hack 1 
    and 2.
    c. GATTLING TANK- experience required to level up is more spread out (gets 
    to level 2 sooner and to level 3 later). (Cool, now, Gattling Tanks can 
    be real killers.)
    i. It only takes three shots to trigger a napalm firestorm (down from six). 
    (This improvement really makes them more powerful, now, it's not that hard 
    to bring 3 Infernos together, right?)
    i. Now inflicts burning death instead of explosion death. (Oh, that sounds 
    ii. Range reduced from 320 to 300.
    a. HELIX- now displays upgrade cameo for black napalm.
    b. INFERNO CANNON- Speed increased from 20 to 30. (Great!)
    a. MINI GUNNER- 
    i. Now displays upgrade cameo for capture building.
    ii. Reduced price from 400 to 350.
    iii. Range reduced from 125 to 115.
    i. Decreased heal rate to 2% (non-upgraded) and 4% (upgraded).
    ii. Now displays the upgrade cameo for subliminal messaging.
    i. Now displays the upgrade cameo for subliminal messaging
    ii. Decreased slots from 10 to 8. (Sad.)
    iii. Decreased included Tank Hunters from 4 to 3. 
    iv. Decreased health from 350 to 300
    v. Decreased heal rate to 1% (non-upgraded) and 2% (upgraded).
    i. Decreased health from 300 to 265.
    ii. Can now build special bunker and drop napalm bombs.
    i. Changed ambient sound to toxic ambient sound.
    ii. Reduced health from 120 to 100 allowing medics to clean them up faster.
    iii. Increased lifetime from 2.5 seconds to 10 seconds.
    iv. Now uses toxic FX on death.
    v. Reduced geometry radius from 10 to 6. 
    vi. Damage radius is now smaller.
    b. HELIX- now displays upgrade cameo for nuke bomb. 
    c. MIG- removed upgrade cameo for black napalm, since it is not available.
    d. BATTLEMASTER- now displays upgrade cameo for isotope stability.
    e. CARPET BOMB- delay increased from 2:30 to 3:00.
    f. TROOPCRAWLER- Now contains the Tank General Red Guard rather than base 
    i. Increased price from 1200 to 1400.
    ii. Now contains the Tank General Red Guard rather than base China.
    b. GATTLING TANK- evened out the experience points needed to level up.
    i. Now 50% more resistant to fire damage.
    ii. Damage with the AP upgrade is now sequentially higher after each weapon 
    crate upgrade. Previously, damage was slightly reduced after the second 
    b. ALL BUILDINGS- now display upgrade cameo for fortified structure (when 
    c. SCUD LAUNCHER- now drops salvage crate when destroyed by GLA.
    d. RADAR VAN- stealth detection range increased from 200 to 250. (Much 
    e. BATTLE BUS- 	
    i. Transported units can directly target air units.
    ii. Decreased speed from 75 to 70.
    f. SCUD MISSILES- Can now do damage to structures (What do they mean? I 
    thought SCUDs always can damage structure.)
    g. MARAUDER- weapon range increased from 150 to 170. (Nice, this gives 
    more justification to rate it above the Paladin.)
    i. Cannon (salvage upgrade) damage now has different properties.
    ii. Machine gun damage reduced from 15 to 10.
    iii. Damage increases when purchasing AP Bullets after the second salvage 
    i. HIJACKER- can no longer capture the battle bus, when occupied. (How 
    unrealistic. After all, real hijackers hijack planes full of people.)
    a. SCUD STORM, SCORPION- now displays upgrade cameo for Anthrax Beta.
    b. REBEL- now displays upgrade cameo for Booby Traps.
    c. BOMB TRUCK- now displays upgrade cameo for Anthrax Beta.
    d. TECHNICAL- increased build time from 3 to 5.
    e. SABOTEUR- now available in barracks after the war factory is built.
    f. TUNNEL NETWORK- damage caused by gun increased from 10 to 15.
    i. Armor increased from 430 to 500. 
    ii. Weapon range increased from 150 to 170. 
    a. Most units that can commit suicide only explode when committing suicide 
    and not when they are destroyed. (This makes things much fairer, so, you 
    cannot just charge a couple of Technicals into an Overlord and make them 
    kill you just to blow it up.)
    b. TECHNICAL- 
    i. Increased build time from 3 to 5 seconds.
    ii. With the demolition upgrade, the technical can only explode by manual 
    c. TERRORIST- the explosion power increased. (That's the spirit!)
    d. TUNNEL NETWORK- damage caused by gun increased from 10 to 15.
    i. Health increased from 430 to 500. 
    ii. Weapon range increased from 150 to 170. 
    f. JARMEN KELL- can no longer detect stealthed units. (This sucks.)
    a. ANTHRAX GAMMA UPGRADE- price increased from 1000 to 1500. (I guess the 
    in things cost more in life. Because of higher demand!)
    b. RPGs- the effect of gamma upgrade has been reduced.
    c. TECHNICAL- increased build time from 3 to 5.
    i. Health increased from 430 to 500. 
    ii. Weapon range increased from 150 to 170. 
    a. TECHNICAL- increased build time from 3 to 5.
    b. TUNNEL NETWORK- damage caused by gun increased from 10 to 15.
    c. SABOTEUR- now available in barracks after the war factory is built.
    3. Disclaimer [GCP3]
    I must say, for real time strategy games like C&C, people will always argue 
    about which side is better. So, before we begin, I must stress that this 
    guide is based on MY (I must stress this) own views. As OPINIONS ARE NOT 
    EQUAL TO FACTS, do not send in e-mail saying that I am a liar or whatever, 
    as my eyes do not fool me.
    The definition of offline games: Single Player Missions, Multiplayer 
    Skirmishes and LAN games, all of these 3 games do not need any internet 
    connection to be played. So, they are offline games.
    The comparisons are based on many factors, such as attack power, rate of 
    fire, their speed, their armor, their ease of deployment and so on. Each 
    factor is given a different weight, of course, different types of units 
    have different weights on their factors, more instance, for rifle infantry, 
    deployment speed and rate of fire are 2 important things, so I give them 
    a better weighting than attack power. 
    For each unit, I will now tell you which factors I compare them by which 
    factors. Sometimes, I will determine which unit is better by performing 
    a test run with each unit while I play an online game with my best friend. 
    So, all those scores are BASED ON MY OWN OBSERVATIONS. So, as my Pure 
    Mathematics Algebra Teacher likes to say when he spots a student cheating, 
    So, in conclusion, it is just normal for readers to disagree with this 
    guide, and if you have any opinions, feel free to e-mail me and express 
    it. Please express yourself in a more polite manner, or I will regard that 
    as flame, and delete. Of course, a unit of a side maybe weaker than another 
    sides' but if you attack in quantity, you should always win! So, always 
    play all 3 sides for maximum enjoyment!
    4. More about the New Scoring System [GCP4]
    For each unit, I will now tell you which factors I compare them by. Sometimes, 
    I will determine which unit is better by performing a test run with each 
    unit while I play an online game with my best friend. So, all those scores 
    are BASED ON MY OWN OBSERVATIONS. So, as my Pure Mathematics Algebra Teacher 
    likes to say when he spots a student cheating, "DON'T ARGUE WITH MY 
    Some factors compared include:
    Attack Power
    Special Abilities
    Note that price is not considered at all. After all, if you are so stripped 
    of cash, could you buy anything?
    Another rule I make when comparing units is that. If some units in the 
    same category have attack capabilities, while the other has not. I will 
    automatically give the unit without any attack power a 0.
    Although there must be a winner in the final score. Having the highest 
    score DOES NOT imply that side is the strongest. It just implies that side 
    is all rounded. So, no more e-mails about how biased I am towards a side. 
    As you can see, I have included the price of each unit. I also have made 
    comments on which units are a good value for your money, and which are 
    not worth it. Note that the score of each unit is INDEPENDENT of its value 
    for money. There are in total 5 different price ratings for the units. 
    They are:
    OF course, again, I judge their value for money from MY observations while 
    playing the game, so DO NOT ARGUE WITH MY OBSERVATIONS.
    5. The Sides [GCP5]
    The United States of America is definitely the side with the most high 
    tech units. Many units can make use of many technologies to boost their 
    attack ability. The air power of the United States is something to be 
    reckoned with, as they have 4 different air units, suited for various tasks! 
    In fact, a lot of units in reality appeared in the US arsenal.
    GLA: (Green is my favorite color, tee hee hee.)
    The Global Liberation Army is a multi-national terrorist organization 
    based in Kazakhstan. They are practically the most cunning and most 
    resourceful side in the game. 3 of their units can upgrade their own weapons 
    by picking up the scraps of the enemies they have defeated. Using the Palace 
    and the Black Market, they can acquire many important upgrades and funds, 
    which come from the darkest corners of the globe. Of course, these 
    terrorists have a lot of nasty tricks up their sleeves, as you can see 
    China: (That's where I live, heh heh heh.)
    The People's Republic of China is certainly becoming more and more powerful 
    these days. With a population of about 1.3 billion, China certainly has 
    a very large army. In fact, many of China's units become more powerful, 
    when used in large groups! The good thing is, certain Chinese units can 
    be produced en masse in a blink of an eye, and can literally like, squash 
    an elephant with a horde of ants! I find it quite amusing that people used 
    to criticize (or I should say, flame to hell) the earlier versions of this 
    guide, saying that I am biased towards China because I live in China. You 
    better not do it again, or I will just treat you as racist.
    6. Infantry [GCP6]
    Infantry Units are the standard troops of the army. They are all trained 
    in barracks of the 3 sides, and all of them are vulnerable to machine gun 
    fire. Standard troops, like in wars in the real world die the most often, 
    so expect sacrifices even when using a large group.
    a. Rifle Infantry [GCP6A]
    USA: Ranger	
    The US Ranger is the most expensive of the lot, however, they are the only 
    rifle infantry in this game who can use 2 weapons, the Assault Rifle and 
    the Flashbang Grenades. The Flashbang Grenades are particularly effective 
    in clearing large structures and dealing with angry mobs.
    GLA: Rebel	
    The GLA Rebel is all the terrorist organization can offer, and fires a 
    regular rifle. That's it. The camouflage and Armor Piercing Bullet upgrade 
    gives them some help, though. Besides that, they can just "materialize" 
    in on the enemy base with the Rebel Ambush Feature! (Up to 16 at a time.)
    To use a booby trap:
    To use a Booby Trap, click the button, and then click on the building that 
    you intend to place the trap on. It's like a mine. Anyone who gets too 
    close will be blown up. Of course, Construction Dozers and Workers can 
    remove them without them exploding.
    China: Red Guard
    The Chinese Red Guard is certainly the most brute force rifle infantry 
    of the 3 sides. Although they cost 300 in the barracks, every time, 2 Red 
    Guards will emerge instead of one. Therefore, it is possible to queue 18 
    Red Guards at once in the Barracks. Red Guards can also be produced en 
    masse by building a troop crawler, which comes with 8 of them! However, 
    the most important feature is the horde effect. Red Guards tend to fire 
    about 25% faster if there are 5 of them together. They fire another 25% 
    faster with the nationalism upgrade.
    Supplementary Information: (Reference: Microsoft Encarta)
    Red Guards (China), self-proclaimed militant groups of high school and 
    university students loyal to Chinese leader Mao Zedong, particularly 
    prominent during the early stages of the Cultural Revolution. The Red 
    Guards carried out Mao's directives to attack elitist elements of society. 
    In the chaos that ensued, violence and destruction occurred throughout 
    China, thousands died, and millions were imprisoned or exiled.
    In 1966 Mao launched the Cultural Revolution, intending to purge his 
    opponents from office and revolutionize Chinese society. Mao's faction, 
    principally the Gang of Four led by Mao's wife Jiang Qing, appealed directly 
    to China's youth through posters, newspaper editorials, and speeches. They 
    urged students to attack "reactionary" authority figures, including 
    teachers and Communist Party administrators. In June 1966 high school 
    students in Beijing began forming groups called the Red Guards. When Mao 
    voiced his approval of these groups, high school and university students 
    around the country quickly formed other bands of Red Guards. In August 
    Mao addressed millions of Red Guards in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Urged 
    to destroy any aspects of old, elitist, or foreign culture, students broke 
    into homes, vandalized cultural relics, and physically attacked teachers, 
    artists, and Communist Party leaders.
    Lack of direction and overzealous revolutionary fervour led to violence 
    between various Red Guard groups. Factions formed, with each group 
    proclaiming itself more loyal to Mao than the other, and often signifying 
    their loyalty by waving the "little red book" of Mao's thoughts. In 1967 
    the Chinese army was called in to restore order, and violent clashes took 
    place between Red Guards and soldiers, resulting in thousands of deaths. 
    In 1969 the government ordered many people aged 16 to 19 to leave major 
    cities and go to the countryside, effectively dampening the Red Guard 
    movement. Many of these people remained in the countryside until the late 
    Factor: Special Abilities
    Rangers are just so powerful with their flashbang grenades, and can destroy 
    hoards of enemy infantry with ease. Rebels are second, as the camouflage 
    ability can allow them to perform unexpected sneak attacks. Red Guards 
    are the worst, as they really have no strategy except an increased rate 
    of fire in large groups.
    Rangers > Rebels > Red Guards
    USA: 2 GLA: 1 China: 0
    Value for money:
    Cost: $225
    Flashbang Upgrade: $1000
    For a Rifle Infantry that has 2 functions, it is definitely worth paying 
    $225 for this as it costs $112.5 for each function. Another good thing 
    is that a flash bang upgrade is definitely cheap and should be researched 
    as soon as possible.
    Value for money: Excellent
    Cost: $150
    Camouflage Upgrade: $2000
    Booby Trap Upgrade: $1000
    Armor Piercing Bullet Upgrade: $2500
    The Rebel is like the Ranger, it has 2 functions, a normal assault one 
    and a special one. Besides, they can be camouflaged, and the Booby Trap 
    upgrade is also cheap. However, the Booby Trap is not as effective, as 
    you can only place them on buildings. So, it is a good value for money.
    Value for money: Good
    Red Guard:
    Cost: $300 for 2
    Nationalism Upgrade: $2000
    Although the average price of a red guard is $150, you can produce them 
    en-masse, as one button yields 2 Red Guard. But compared to the other 2 
    rifle infantry, it is only a fair value for money.
    Value for money: Fair
    Conclusion about Rifle Infantry:
    As all 3 rifle infantries seem to be good at something, USA for quick 
    demolition of garrisoned structures, GLA for sneak attacks, and China for 
    brute force horde attacks.
    b. Rocket Infantry [GCP6B]
    USA: Missile Defender
    The US Missile Defender is just a person with armed with a high tech Rocket 
    Launcher. They laser sights improve their rate of fire slightly faster 
    than the Tank Hunters influenced by the Horde Effect, and that's about 
    To use the Laser Missile:
    Click the Laser Missile Button, and then click on your target. The Missile 
    Defender will focus on the target with a laser, and then, wow wow wow wow 
    wow! They fire their rockets in an insane speed, similar to the speed of 
    Tank Hunters with their hoard effects. I found out about this when I head 
    some Tank Hunters fight some Missile Defenders head to head. (In case you 
    wondered how I fight missile defenders with tank hunters who use the laser 
    missiles, I was playing against the computer, and it obviously cheated.)
    GLA: RPG Trooper
    The RPG Trooper is just like the missile defender, but without the laser 
    sight. However, they can be given free of charge whenever you build a tunnel 
    network. So it is a little bit more worth it. They can use Armor Piercing 
    Rockets later on.
    China: Tank Hunter
    The Tank Hunter has the horde effect, nationalism and a TNT attack! Apart 
    from this, they now can be deployed in 2s by means of building listening 
    outposts. This gives them all the protection they need. In my opinion, 
    the TNT attack is effective against tanks like the Scorpion or Paladin, 
    as they can kill your infantry very quickly if they stand still in one 
    spot. (By means of Scorpion Rocket and Lasers.)
    I used to say that TNT Attack should be used as a last resort. But since 
    the newest Version 1.03 update allowed any charges planted to explode 
    immediately instead of disappearing after the death of the Tank Hunter, 
    I find them to be much better bombers! So, feel free to use the TNT when 
    things are tough. You may live, or may not, but the bomb WILL always explode.
    To use the TNT Attack:
    If you really want to use the TNT attack against, say a Paladin tank or 
    Scorpion Tank, click on the TNT Attack button, and click on your desired 
    target. The Tank Hunter will go to the vehicle and plant the explosive. 
    Note that this is a contact attack. That is, it will work as soon as your 
    Tank Hunter comes in contact with the tank, or vice versa. So even if the 
    enemy tank manages to squish your Tank Hunter, it will be not before the 
    charge is placed.
    Factor: Rate of Fire
    After close observation of the Laser Missile ability of the Missile 
    Defender, I have concluded that the Laser Missile causes the Missile 
    Defender to fire about 25% faster. This is the same speed as the Tank Hunter 
    with the Hoard Effect. However, it seems that the Laser Missile also 
    provides an enhanced range of fire, and won't allow the target to escape 
    so easily. My final word therefore is as follows.
    Missile Defenders > Tank Hunters > RPG Troopers
    USA: 2 GLA: 0 China: 1
    Value for money:
    Missile Defender:
    Cost: $300
    That's right, the Missile Defender is just a $300 man with a missile, which 
    requires you to manually target tanks and only tanks to increase they rate 
    of fire towards them. Yawn...
    Value for money: Fair
    RPG Trooper:
    Cost: $300
    Armor Piercing Rockets upgrade: $2000
    Again, the RPG Trooper costs $300, and their attack power can be upgraded. 
    This makes them a good value for money.
    Value for money: Good
    Tank Hunter:
    Cost: $300
    Nationalism Upgrade: $2000
    The Tank Hunter also costs $300, but comes with the ability to automatically 
    fire faster at ANY type of enemy due to the Hoard Effect when in groups 
    of 5 or more, compared to the Missile Defender, which can only manually 
    fire faster at vehicles. The Nationalism upgrade makes them even faster, 
    and is good for fighting tanks! Of course, if the enemy uses tanks like 
    Paladins and Scorpions, there is always the TNT Attack to take them out 
    before they kill you.
    Value for money: Excellent
    Rocket Infantry are well, rocket infantry, they are effective against 
    vehicles, but need all the protection they can get. Consider hiding them 
    in battle buses, humvees or listening outposts. Of course, the usual build 
    them in quantity clause applies. Note that the Laser Missile can only be 
    used against tanks and vehicles. So, don't even think about clicking that 
    button when you are confronted by infantry. In fact, run away!
    c. Advanced Infantry [GCP6C]
    USA: Pathfinder
    The US Pathfinder is like a "stealth nun with a sniper rifle" (actually, 
    it is some kind of camouflage suit for those jungle operations.). His 
    ability to garrison buildings without detection really helps to kill large 
    numbers of enemy infantry from a long range!
    GLA: Angry Mob
    GLA Angry Mobs may be one of the comic relieves in the game. A mob first 
    attacks with simple rifles, and later can be armed with AK-47s. They are 
    effective against any unit that do not have anti-infantry weapons. When 
    a member of a mob is killed, a new one respawns by "mitotic cell division". 
    However, beware of the following, as they can kill you in a second or 2, 
    flashbangs, flame, toxic substances. That is one part which I hate, after 
    all, even if something's super effective against another Pokemon, he won't 
    faint in one hit if the two are at the same level.
    China: None
    China does not have any other infantry units that can use rifles better 
    than the Red Guard.
    Factor: Attack Power, Range, Vulnerability
    The Stealth Nun is good for vaporizing infantry from a range. While, the 
    Angry Mob is good at destroying vehicles AND infantry from a close range. 
    The main problem is, that the latter are much more vulnerable to their 
    weaknesses than the former. So, Pathfinders get to be first!
    Pathfinders > Angry Mobs > None
    USA: 2 GLA: 1 China: 0
    Value for money:
    Cost: $600
    The Pathfinder costs $600, and that is all you need to take out a large 
    hoard of infantry! In fact the kill ratio is about 1 to 20 or even higher 
    when used properly. So, well, it is an excellent value for money!
    Value for money: Excellent
    Angry Mob:
    Cost: $800
    Arm the Mob: $1000
    An Angry Mob has 10 Mobsters that makes it $80 per mobster! This is basically 
    an effective way to train units, as you only required to press a button 
    once to send 10 people out. The Arm the Mob upgrade is very cheap. So, 
    always upgrade them before sending your Mobs in!
    Value for money: Excellent
    The Stealth Nun is not always stealthy, they have a tendency to reveal 
    themselves when moving, so be careful. As for the Angry Mobs, my cousin 
    in the UK has a nasty trick, he likes to build about 20 of them, and rush 
    to the opponent's base and make a riot! As they are moving, they are upgraded 
    with AK 47s for everyone! Hooray!
    d. Motorists [GCP6D]
    USA: Pilot
    When an armored or air unit with veterancy is destroyed, a pilot will jump 
    out. Now, you can send him into another friendly unit, to apply the 
    To apply veterancy:
    Select your pilot, and then on the unit you intend to apply his experience 
    GLA: Hijacker
    The Hijacker steals vehicles from the enemies, that's all, however, they 
    can easily be detected, and can be killed very quickly, so it's not worth 
    China: None
    China has no unit that can steal vehicles or enter vehicles that are not 
    armored carriers.
    Factor: Ease of use
    It is obviously easier to get a Pilot inside one of your own vehicles than 
    to get a Hijacker inside an enemy's vehicle. And, Pilots are free!
    So, the result is obvious.
    Pilots > Hijackers > Nothing
    USA: 2 GLA: 1 China: 0
    Value for money:
    Cost: $400
    Although a hijacker is cheap, you probably need to build lots of them in 
    order to be able to steal one vehicle. So, it's really not worth the money 
    or that General Point.
    Value for money: Poor
    The Pilot is always useful for people who like to apply quick veterancy. 
    As for the Hijacker, I suggest you train them in quantity to ensure success. 
    Besides, only go after the really expensive ones!
    e. Demolitions [GCP6E]
    USA: Ranger Flash Bang Grenades
    The role of the Grenadier is given to the ordinary US Ranger, which can 
    use the Flashbang Grenades to clear garrisoned structures. The Grenades 
    can also be used against enemy infantry, just like the grenades in the 
    old days. But still, EA got the name of the Grenade wrong, flashbangs stun, 
    not kill, so they should be using Frag Grenades instead. It does no damage 
    to vehicles. But still, EA has recently increased the grenades' damage, 
    so it's much nicer.
    To use Flashbang Grenades:
    Click on the Flashbang Grenade button and here you go! Just remember to 
    switch back to the Assault Rifle when tanks come.
    GLA: Terrorist
    The GLA can use suicide bombers to destroy incoming enemy tanks. The 
    Terrorist can also make use of civilian cars to increase their speed. 
    However, attentive players can easily stop them. So, I suggest you train 
    them in quantity, which wastes money.
    To become a car bomber:
    Just select your Terrorist, and move your mouse cursor over a civilan 
    vehicle until a Red "Enter" arrow appears. Then click. The Terrorist will 
    then get into the car and you can use it to blow things up!
    China: Tank Hunter TNT Attack
    Tank Hunters now play the roles of Crazy Ivans as well. When your Tank 
    Hunter is cornered by a tank (particularly scorpion or paladins), feel 
    free to use his TNT attack on the tank. A TNT charge will be placed on 
    the vehicle, and will detonate in 10 seconds, most likely destroying it. 
    I have managed to pull it off several times. The TNT Attack can be used 
    against enemy buildings as well. It is even better than the Terrorists, 
    as you may be able to re-use this attack again and again.
    To use the TNT Attack:
    If you really want to use the TNT attack against, say a Paladin tank or 
    Scorpion Tank, click on the TNT Attack button, and click on your desired 
    target. The Tank Hunter will go to the vehicle and plant the explosive. 
    Note that this is a contact attack. That is, it will work as soon as your 
    Tank Hunter come in contact with the tank, or vice versa. So even if the 
    enemy tank manages to squish your Tank Hunter, it will be not before the 
    charge is placed.
    Factor: Explosive bias, Ease of Use
    The former is effective in blowing away infantry, while the latter 2 are 
    effective in blowing away tanks. So, again, I cannot give a score for any 
    sides, as no direct comparison can be made. But still, Flashbangs are the 
    easiest to use, so a bonus is awarded to them. At the same time, it has 
    been made much easier to use the TNT Attack (thanks to Version 1.03 update.), 
    and since it can be used again and again, the TNT Attack has another 
    advantage compared to terrorists.
    Ranger Flashbang Grenades > Tank Hunter TNT Attack > Terrorists
    USA: 2 GLA: 0 China: 1
    The Ranger Flash Bang Grenades are excellent in killing large groups of 
    infantry, particularly Angry Mobs. Terrorists are again to be built in 
    quantity to ensure success. Although the Tank Hunter's TNT attacks might 
    be useless at times, always use them if you do not want them to attack 
    while standing still. That's all I have to say. It's hard to visualize 
    the picture.
    Value for money:
    Cost: $200
    There is no need to say anything about it. The Terrorist is annoying, and 
    you only have to pay $200! Excellent value indeed!
    Value for money: Excellent
    f. Electronics [GCP6F]
    USA: None
    THE USA does not have any infantry units specializing in manipulating 
    electronic devices.
    GLA: Saboteur
    This is again, like the spy of Red Alert 2. The Saboteur is stealthy, and 
    disables buildings by entering them. They can climb over cliffs.
    China: Hacker
    The spies of Red Alert 2 have been replaced by Hackers. Hackers have an 
    ability to disable enemy buildings with a powerful computer virus. This 
    is true even for enemy buildings that do not require power to run! So, 
    if you can transport a group of Hackers past enemy defenses, you can easily 
    cause a lot of chaos in the enemy base!
    To Hack the Internet:
    Click the Hack Internet button and the Hacker will start stealing money 
    at the rate of $5 per beep. It takes a few seconds to connect to the Internet, 
    Factor: Ease of use
    As long as the enemy has their defenses up, it would be a bit too difficult 
    to either slip hackers or saboteurs in. But still, Saboteurs are easily 
    trainable. (War Factory is needed only now.)
    Saboteur > Hacker
    USA: 0 GLA: 2 China: 1
    Value for money:
    Cost: $700
    For a use once and discard unit like the Saboteur, charging $700 for it 
    isn't going to work. Hmph! It's just not worth it.
    Value for money: Poor
    Cost: $625
    For an infinite supply gatherer as well as a person who can disable 
    buildings from a range, paying $625 is definitely more worth it as you 
    can train these guys in quantity for your use, and they are not completely 
    Value for money: Excellent
    The Saboteur is useful if your enemy seems to have forgotten to place base 
    defenses near the mountains around his base. China can counter them by 
    placing mines around their structures. As for the Hacker, they disable 
    buildings from a range. But they have to stay there for some time. So, 
    use them for your needs.
    g. Hero Units [GCP6G]
    USA: Colonel Burton
    The United States do not have to rely on that arrogant Tanya Adams anymore. 
    Instead, we have Colonel Burton, the man with the most tricks up his sleeve. 
    Colonel Burton's rifle can make a quick work of enemy armor and infantry 
    units. His knife, can kill enemy infantry without being seen. His Demo 
    Charges can be activated by a timer or by remote. Burton can climb over 
    steep hills into the enemy base!
    To use the Knife Attack:
    Click the Knife Attack button and then click the enemy infantry unit you 
    want to use it on.
    To use the Timed Demo Charge:
    Click on the Timed Demo Charge button and then click on the building you 
    intend to use it on. Colonel Burton will then go over to the building, 
    and tinker with his bomb for a while before the bomb is placed. The timer 
    is set to 20 seconds, plenty of time for you to get away.
    To use the Remote Demo Charge:
    The same steps apply for Remote Demo Charge, only that you can detonate 
    them at will. To detonate the charge, click the Detonate Charges button, 
    and beep! BOOM!
    GLA: Jarmen Kell
    This mercenary is just a sniper with the capability to periodically kill 
    the drivers inside the vehicles. That's it. Unfortunately, he cannot do 
    it more frequently, otherwise, it's not worth coughing up $1500. But still, 
    Jarmen Kell is excellent in, destroying fire bases. You will see what I 
    To kill drivers inside vehicles:
    Click the sniper attack button and then click on the vehicle you intend 
    to get rid of. Then a single shot will be fired, and the vehicle will lose 
    its side.
    China: Black Lotus
    China's secret agent has no self defenses, but she can capture buildings 
    faster than other Red Guards, as she does not need to recharge. She also 
    can steal money from enemy supply centers, $1000 at a time. She can disable 
    enemy vehicles too, but make sure you are up against one at a time. The 
    bottom line is, if you can sneak Black Lotus past enemy defenses, you can 
    capture a lot of their buildings before they can even react.
    To Cash Hack:
    To steal money from enemy supply centers, click the Cash Hack button and 
    then click the target you intend to steal money from. Black Lotus can steal 
    money from a range, and can gain veterancy by doing so.
    Factor: Significance of Special Ability
    Colonel Burton is definitely the one with the highest flexibility, with 
    his all rounded attack abilities. Jarmen Kell's signature ability, the 
    Sniper Attack, is not frequent enough, and definitely is not worth being 
    a Hero Unit. Black Lotus, although she has no weapons to defend herself, 
    can make a difference if you want to sabotage their base in emergencies. 
    After all, it only takes 7-9 beeps for her to capture a building, while 
    it takes the average Rifle Infantry more than 20 to do so!
    Colonel Burton > Black Lotus > Jarmen Kell
    USA: 2 GLA: 0 China: 1
    Value for money:
    Colonel Burton:
    For a unit that practically has everything,(a Swiss army man in fact), 
    paying $1500 is certainly worth it, as it is just like a destruction starter 
    kit all hauled up in one person.
    Value for money: Excellent
    Jarmen Kell:
    For a person who can only snipe a vehicle once in a while, $1500 really 
    is a ludicrously high amount. But that's all GLA have in their hero's 
    department. Sigh... Life is cruel.
    Value for money: Bad
    Black Lotus:
    Although Black Lotus cannot defend herself well, those abilities really 
    are perfect power tools to use against the enemy, particularly if you sneak 
    in from an obscure corner. The cash hack lands you more and more money, 
    as that is how you let her gain veterancy.
    Value for money: Good
    It's a pity that you cannot train heroes in quantity, Colonel Burton is 
    particularly powerful. He has the most tricks up his sleeve. I just love 
    to see him stabbing enemy units to death! As for Jarmen Kell, you should 
    snipe a vehicle and retreat to a safe spot every time, as if you get to 
    close, you can easily get detected and killed. As for Black Lotus, feel 
    free to sneak her into the enemy's base via a Helix to a relatively 
    undefended area. Then you can confuse the enemy as you capture their 
    7. Armored Units [GCP7]
    All armored units are trained in the War Factories, or for GLA, as they 
    have a rather secretive organization, from their Arms Dealers. You can 
    build tanks, transport vehicles and long range vehicles as well. Some 
    intelligence and suicidal units are available too. These units tend to 
    have a higher kill ratio, due to their tough armor, but all of them are 
    vulnerable to rockets and enemy artillery.
    a. Main Battle Tank [GCP7A]
    USA: Crusader Tank
    The Crusader Tank of the US is the most high tech Tank in the game. Being 
    a US unit, it can have drones installed above it. Unfortunately, the drones 
    can be easily shot down by enemy defenses. However, their armor can be 
    upgraded by composite armor. So, it is quite good actually.
    To upgrade your tank with drones:
    Simply click the drone you want to be installed on the tank and then you 
    can wait. Note that you cannot have more than 1 drone installed at once.
    GLA: Scorpion Tank
    The Scorpion Tank is the light tank of the GLA. Being the light tank, it 
    has rather light armor. As they are built to hit and run, the Scorpion 
    Tank is not so suited to direct, full scale battles, that are the bane 
    of the C&C series. The Scorpion Rocket Upgrade gives them a slight balance 
    though. This is particularly true when I tested one of these tanks against 
    a battlemaster or crusader. Even with the rocket, the scorpion will lose 
    on one to one combat. So, build 50+ of these.
    China: Battlemaster Tank
    China's Battlemaster Tank is slightly cheaper than the Crusader Tank, 
    therefore, with a slightly weaker armor than them. However, their benefits 
    are better than the Crusader. For one, they can make use of the Horde Effect 
    to fire faster and can go even faster with nationalism inspired; secondly, 
    their speed and attack power can be increased by 25% with the Uranium Shells 
    and Nuclear Tank upgrade from the Nuclear Missile Silo. So that makes them 
    more powerful.
    Supplementary Information on the Type 98 Main Battle Tank (It looks the 
    most like the Battlemaster): (Reference: Sinodefence)
    The Type 98 is the latest development of China's main battle tanks. (MBTs) 
    This new prototype has an increase in firepower, mobility and protection 
    compared with previous models. The tank was first revealed to the public 
    in October 1999, and is reported to have entered service with the PLA in 
    a small number for operational test and evaluation before the design is 
    finalized. An improved variant of the tank makes use of a new explosive 
    reaction armor and the Leopard 2 A6-style additional reinforcement to the 
    turret frontal armour with externally mounted add-on armour modules.
    The Type 98 is the latest derivative of the Type 90 main battle tank (MBT) 
    family. It is also the of officially certified version of China's third 
    generation MBT programme, and had been undergoing continuous research and 
    development for fifteen years since the eighties. The Chinese third 
    generation MBT is known to have suffered certain technical difficulties 
    in the early 1990s. The scheduled date of commissioning was postponed 
    several times, until the initial approval certificate of the Type 98 was 
    issued in 1998.
    The Type 98 was first revealed to the public in the national day parade 
    on 1 Oct 1999. A small number of the initial production model is in service 
    with the Army for initial evaluations and tests. It is expected that the 
    final production model of the Type 98 will join the service before 2004, 
    depending on progress of the final modification work.
    The original design target of the Chinese third generation MBT was as a 
    counter to the Soviet T-72 main battle tank, but the changing requirements 
    shifted the development to make the tank much more complex than before. 
    The later design criteria of the Type 98 were aiming at matching the U.S. 
    M1A1 Abrams, while certain aspects of the actual performance of the Type 
    98 are catching up with the standard of the M1A2.
    It is surprising that China has developed two MBTs, the Type 88C/96 and 
    the Type 98, with similar performance at the same time. Although the Type 
    96 was regarded as the second generation MBT, while the Type 98 as the 
    third generation MBT, they are comparable in term of general performance 
    and technology. One possible explanation is that the Type 98 will be 
    equipped by the most elite units in a relatively small number, while the 
    Type 96, with less sophisticated technology and therefore cheaper unit 
    price, will replace the bulk of Type 59/69 in current service.
    The layout of the Type 98 is conventional, was to a certain extent, 
    influenced by the Soviet Tank designs. The driver's compartment is at the 
    front, with fighting compartment/turret in the centre, and the power pack 
    in the rear. The complete powerpack assembly can be removed in around 30~40 
    minutes and in field conditions. Suspension is of the conventional torsion 
    bar type and there are six rubber-tyred roadwheels on each side, with the 
    drive sprocket at the back of the tank.
    The Type 98 MBT's turret is slightly larger than that of the Type 90, which 
    has resulted in a gap between turret and the hull in the front. The advantage 
    is that more ammunition can be loaded at once. However, there is a major 
    disadvantage in the battle as the whole turret might be blown off if the 
    gap is hit.
    In addition, the Type 98 also lacks designs often found on Western MBTs 
    to minimize the damage in case a HEAT shell hits the tank and penetrates 
    it. Some designs include the armor bulkheads to separate the crew 
    compartment from the fuel tanks and rounds, as well as the top panels 
    designed to blow outwards in case of explosion. This could lead to low 
    survivability in modern combat field according to what some tank divisions 
    experienced in the 1991 Gulf War.
    The main weapon of the Type 98 MBT is a fully-stabilized 125 mm 50-calibre 
    smoothbore gun with an autoloader (Hence no loaders are needed). Although 
    early reports indicated the cannon was a licensed copy of the Russian 2A46, 
    it is actually an indigenous design derived from the Chinese 120 mm 
    smoothbore gun technology.
    The Type 98 Main Battle Tank has a wide variety of ammo, including armor 
    piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot rounds (APFSDS), high explosive 
    anti-tank rounds (HEAT), and high explosive fragmentation (HE-FRAG) 
    projectiles. China has also manufactured Russian A-11 laser guided 
    anti-tank missile (ATGM) to be fired by the 125 mm gun. In addition, the 
    Chinese have also experimentally developed depleted uranium rounds for 
    their tanks and it may be available to the Type 98. (That's what they meant 
    by the depleted Uranium Shells from the Nuclear Missile Silo in the game.)
    Fire accuracy is attained by the laser rangefinder, wind sensor, ballistic 
    computer, and thermal barrel sleeve. Dual axis stabilization ensures 
    effective firing on the move. The commander of the tank can make use of 
    up to six periscopes and a stabilized panoramic sight. Both the commander 
    and gunner have roof-mounted stabilized sights equipped with day/thermal 
    vision, a laser rangefinder and an auto tracker facility. The commander 
    has a display showing the gunner's thermal sight, enabling the commander 
    to fire the main gun.
    The Type 98 is also equipped with a computerized onboard information 
    processing system, which can collect information from vehicle navigation 
    (Inertia/GPS), observation systems and sensors, process it in the computer 
    and display it on the commander's display, giving it the ability of 
    real-time command and beyond-vision-range target engaging.
    Secondary weapons include a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and a 12.7 mm air 
    defense machine gun mounted on the commander's cupola. 76-mm Type 84 
    five-barrel smoke grenade launchers are mounted on each side of the turret.
    The turret and hull are of all-welded steel amour construction. A layer 
    of composite armor has been added to the front arc. The armor package is 
    of modular design, enabling damaged sections to be replaced or upgrades 
    installed throughout service life. Explosive reactive armor (ERA) can be 
    fitted if required.
    The Type 98 features a JD-3 integrated laser rangefinder / warning / 
    self-defense device. Unlike contemporary Russian active tank self-defense 
    systems like Drozd, Drozd-2, and Arena, which launch projectiles to disable 
    or "shoot-down" incoming anti-tank missiles and projectiles, the Chinese 
    system apparently uses a high-powered laser to directly attack the enemy 
    weapon's optics and gunner. (Similar to the Paladin Tank)
    The system includes what appears to be a laser warning receiver (LWR - 
    the dome-shaped device on the turret roof behind the commander's position), 
    that warns the crew that their tank is being illuminated by an enemy 
    range-finding or weapon-guidance laser. The turret of the tank can then 
    be traversed to face the direction of the enemy threat, and the laser 
    self-defence weapon (LSDW - the box-shaped device on the turret roof behind 
    the gunner's position), can be employed against the source of the enemy 
    The procedure of the laser weapon would first use a low-powered beam to 
    locate the optics of the enemy weapon. Once the enemy weapon was located, 
    the power level of the laser would be increased rapidly. Such an attack 
    would disable the guidance optics of the enemy weapon and blind the enemy 
    The available photos of the Type 98 have also confirmed that the laser 
    weapon can be elevated to a higher angle than the tank's main gun, 
    indicating that the type 98 Main Battle Tank has the ability to shoot down 
    enemy helicopters. In addition, the laser device could also be used for 
    communications between friend tanks.
    The Type 98 is powered by a liquid cooled, turbocharged 1,200 hp diesel 
    derived from Germany WD396 diesel technology. At its current battle weight 
    of 52 tons, this gives a power-to-weight ratio of about 23 hp/ton.
    Specifications of the Type 98 Main Battle Tank
    Crew: 3 
    Weight: 50 tons
    Engine: 1,200 hp liquid cooled diesel
    Transmission: Mechanical, planetary
    Track: Metallic with RMSh, with rubber-tyred road wheels
    Suspension: Torsion bar
    Radio: Receive/transmit, telephone, laser communications
    Dimension: Length: 11.00 m; Height: 2.00 m; Width: 3.40 m
    Ground Pressure: N/A
    Cruising Range: 450 km, or 600 km with external tanks
    Speed: Max road 65 km/h; max off-road 47 km/h; average cross-country 35 
    km/h; max swim N/A
    Fording Depths: 5 m with snorkel
    Main Gun: Indigenous 125 mm smoothbore 
    Rate of Fire: 8 rounds/min 
    Elevation/Depression: N/A
    Auxiliary Weapon: One coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun; one 12.7 mm air-defence 
    machine gun
    Fire Control: Laser rangefinder input, onboard computer, wind sensor, and 
    control panel
    Factor: Group attack power (>=5)
    First I resorted to one to one combat. The Scorpion Tank, even if upgraded 
    to Scorpion Rocket and the rest, cannot beat the Crusader or Battlemaster 
    Tank. When it comes between the Crusader and the Battlemaster. The Crusader 
    won marginally.
    However, when we take the Crusader and Battlemaster on a 8 to 8 combat, 
    the Battlemasters won because they had the hoard effect to help them fire 
    faster. As most people would build a large hoard of tanks. I come up with 
    the following conclusion:
    Battlemaster Tank > Crusader Tank > Scorpion Tank
    Value for money:
    Crusader Tank:
    Cost: $900
    Composite Armor Upgrade: $2000
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    Hellfire Drone Upgrade: $500
    The Crusader has a slightly heavier armor than the Battlemaster Tank and 
    costs $100 more. That's not so worth it. Besides, those drones are far 
    too vulnerable and can be easily shot down. It's not a good value for money 
    actually, if you charge that much for a main battle tank.
    Value for money: Bad
    Submitter's Opinion! Marcus Wong's Opinion
    The crusader tank should be considered a fair value of money since it's 
    a tradition for EA to give at least one of the tanks in C&C a cost of $900. 
    (Remember the Rhino tanks from RA2 and RA.)
    Either way, there is a negative review for Generals which is more special 
    and ridiculous than the other negative reviews. you can find it at the 
    reviews section at the original Generals. The review is titled 'Command 
    & Throw Up' and the rating is only 4/10.Pls post your thinking about that 
    My answer: 
    I was judging the value of money of the Crusader Tank for a Medium Tank, 
    this is because the Medium Tank does not classify as a Heavy Tank, the 
    Paladin Tank does. For your information, the Medium Tank and all its 
    equivalents (Titans, Tick Tanks) all cost $800, but this one costs $900! 
    I know that the Heavy Tank costs $950, but as the Crusader Tank is not 
    a Heavy Tank, I still consider it to be a bad value of money.
    As for that negative review, I think this guy is trying to focus on the 
    bad sides of the game. He is right about certain aspects of the graphics, 
    as EA did not put a lot of detail into the soldiers, as all soldiers, even 
    when viewed close up don't look like human at all! I think he must be from 
    Taiwan, as the $1250 he paid for the game must be in NT$, and the NT$ is 
    much smaller in value compared with the HK$. (Maybe it is a quarter so 
    so of the value.)
    Scorpion Tank: 
    Cost: $600
    Scorpion Rocket Upgrade: $1000
    Toxin Shells Upgrade: $1000
    Armor Piercing Rocket Upgrade: $1000
    It is obvious really, that for such a cheap price, you can already purchase 
    such a vehicle with decent stopping power. Be sure to upgrade them ASAP 
    with those Rockets, as they can make a large difference.
    Value for money: Excellent
    Battlemaster Tank:
    Cost: $800
    Nationalism Upgrade: $2000
    Uranium Shells Upgrade: $2500
    Nuclear Tank Upgrade: $2000
    Battlemasters ARE to be built in quantity, as they fire much faster when 
    doing so. This square $800 is very good when all of their potential benefits 
    are concerned. Although many of China's units may look expensive, they 
    will pay off eventually, as there are lot of features to be explored.
    Value for Money: Good
    USA: 1 GLA: 0 China: 2
    I never use Main Battle Tanks myself, so I cannot really comment on any 
    of them. So, my only tip for these 3 units is to attack in a larger number 
    than your enemy's. Build in quantity, about 50+, this is another reason 
    I dislike multiplayer, in fact, if I were the game host, I would set up 
    a rule that limits the number of tanks used at a time to a maximum of 30.
    b. Troop Transports [GCP7B]
    USA: Humvee
    The standard troop transport of the US is here. Equipped with Gun-Ports, 
    infantry units inside can fire at the enemy. The Humvee can also be equipped 
    with a TOW Missile to attack armored targets. There is a catch though, 
    if the Humvee is destroyed, the infantry inside will all die! Just a pity 
    it does not come packaged with missile defenders.
    GLA: Technical, Battle Bus, Combat Cycle
    GLA Technical Trucks again carry 5 infantry units. Only that it has no 
    gun ports. Its armor is just so weak. Although it can perform salvage runs 
    on defeated armored units, and can make use of Armor Piercing Bullets, 
    it really cannot help them much. The slow and steady battle bus is a 
    different story, the infantry inside can fire out of the gun ports inside 
    the bus. And after it blows up, the battle bus becomes a bunker of sorts, 
    and the infantry continue to fire inside until it blows up the second time. 
    Note that the bus' passengers cannot fire at any specific target, and that 
    is a problem. The combat cycle has one infantry inside, and that infantry 
    can fire at the enemies. Unfortunately, this vehicle makes the infantry 
    more vulnerable to tanks, as tanks are effective against vehicles. And 
    when it explodes, the infantry unit is sent flying! You may need at least 
    20 of these to make a stand. You can use it as a suicide unit if the passenger 
    is a terrorist, but, it can never be as economical as the troop crawler.
    China: Troop Crawler
    The Troop Crawler is the most expensive of the lot, at $1400, but there 
    is a reason behind, it is because it comes with 8 Red Guard! So, it actually 
    costs $200! The Troop Crawler is also equipped with Stealth Detection. 
    So, which means, we have a decent stealth detector that can be produced 
    en-masse! So, really, "They can't hide from me."
    Supplementary Information on the Type 92/90 Wheeled Armored Fighting 
    Vehicle (The Troop Crawler is a 8x8 8 wheeled variant of this vehicle):
    (Reference: Sinodefence)
    The Type 92/90 is officially designated as Type 92 or Type 90 by the People's 
    Liberation Army, and it is designated as WZ551 by the manufacturer. The 
    Type 92/90 is contracted by NORINCO.
    The Type 92 (ZSL) Infantry Fighting Vehicle has entered service in 1996, 
    and the Type 92A Armored Personnel Carrier has entered service in 1997. 
    By early 2004, 2 mechanized infantry divisions, 4 mechanized infantry 
    brigades and 3 battalions of the PLA have been equipped with the Type 92, 
    with a total of around 1200 vehicles being used.
    The Type 90 belongs to a large family of armored fighting vehicles with 
    a 6-wheel chassis. (Also known as the 6x6 configuration). There are 
    variants with 4 wheels and some with 8 wheels. (The Troop Crawler must 
    be one of its 8 wheeled variants.) Different variants are used for different 
    purposes. The Type 90 was first revealed in 1986, and it is based on the 
    chassis of the Tiema XC2200 6 wheeled heavy duty truck, which made use 
    of German Mercedes Benz truck designs. The Type 90 has been used by the 
    PLA ground force since the early 1990s, and it was further developed to 
    over 10 variants including Armored Personnel Carriers, Infantry Fighting 
    Vehicles (IFVs), self-propelled artillery, anti-rioting vehicles, combat 
    support vehicles, command posts and field ambulances.
    The main variant of the Type 90 has a weight of 15.3 tonnes. Each unit 
    is served by 3 crew. Which are the driver, commander and the gunner. Each 
    Type 90 can carry up to 9 infantry soldiers in its troop compartment and 
    it is fitted with fire suppression and centralized nuclear biological 
    chemical (NBC) protection systems. This vehicle can also be used in water.
    The PLA is transforming its conventional motorized infantry units into 
    mechanized infantry troops with rapid reaction capabilities. The Type 90 
    series of transports are ideal for these newly trained troops. The 54th 
    Group Army in the Jinan Military Region is the first infantry unit to be 
    equipped with the Type 90. Units deployed in Xinjiang, Tibet and the Beijing 
    Military Region have also been served. More vehicles in this large family 
    are expected to be delivered to the PLA in the future. The variant currently 
    in service is designated as the Type 92.
    Now, as I said earlier, the Type 90/92 has many variants. The first is 
    the type 92 (ZSL92) IFV, with a 6x6 chassis. This project was in response 
    to the PLA's requirements for a new 6 wheeled IFV in April 1987. It is 
    the formal production variant of the Type 90/WZ551. A 30,000km's length 
    of road tests have been carried out in the following years, and the vehicle 
    received its design certificate in June 1994, and entered service in the 
    following year.
    NORINCO also had plans to export some variants including the NGV-1 IFV. 
    This is another 6 wheeled vehicle, and has a French designed one-man Giat 
    DRAGAR 25mm cannon turret, with stabilized sight and night vision equipment. 
    There is an extra weapon which is a 7.62mm machine gun.
    Another variant is the WZ901 Armored Rioting Vehicle. Other variants 
    WZ554 self-propelled twin-23mm antiaircraft artillery guns, 6X6 
    WZ551D DK-9 (PL-9) air defence missile system, 6X6 
    WZ901F (Type 86) patrol vehicle, 6X6 
    WZ91 anti-tank guided missile launch vehicle, 4X4 
    Long-hull APC, 8X8 
    120mm Self-Propelled Mortar-Howitzer, 6X6 
    Armored recovery vehicle (ARV), 6X6 
    Armored ambulance, 6X6 
    The hull of the Type 90 is made up of three different parts: the driver 
    compartment in the front, the powerpack compartment in the middle left, 
    and the troop compartment in the rear. The fully amphibious Type 90 is 
    equipped to carry 12 personnel: commander, driver, gunner and nine troops. 
    There are six firing ports in the vehicle hull, three on each side of the 
    vehicle. Communications equipments include a VRC-83 radio set and VIC-83 
    The Type 92 IFV is fitted with a one-man 25mm cannon turret and a coaxial 
    7.62mm Type 59 machine gun. The 25mm gun has a full 360 degree traverse 
    with an elevation of between 8 and 55 degrees to the horizontal. Up to 
    400 rounds can be loaded into the 25mm gun, with an additional 120 HE 
    (High-Explosive) rounds and 80 AP (Armor-Piercing) rounds carried in the 
    turret. The 25 mm gun can fire single, 3-round bursts, or 5-round bursts. 
    The max rate of fire is 100 rounds per minute to 200 rounds per minute.
    The 7.62mm machine gun has 1,000 rounds. There are eight smoke grenade 
    launchers, four fitted either side of the main gun.
    The Type 90 is fitted with NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection 
    system and automatic firefighting system. Armor protection against 7.62mm 
    caliber weapon systems is provided all around the vehicle.
    The Type 90 is powered by a German-designed BF8L413F 4-stroke, 8-cylinder, 
    turbo-charged, air-cooled diesel engine with a standard power of 235kW 
    (320hp) at 2,500r/min. 
    The vehicle has 9 forward and 1 reverse gears, with mechanical gear box, 
    power assisted steering and independent suspensions. Its central 
    inflating system can adjust the tire pressure according to road conditions. 
    The tires can support the vehicle to travel 100km at a speed of 30km/h 
    after being damaged. In addition, the vehicle is fitted with two propellers 
    for swimming.
    The vehicle is capable of a maximum speed of 85km/h on paved road and 8km/h 
    when afloat. The capacity of the fuel tank was increased by 90 liter to 
    fulfill the PLA's requirement for a fuel endurance range of 600 to 800km.
    Specifications of the Type 92 Armored Fighting Vehicle
    Crew: 12 (3+9) 
    Type: Wheeled, armored, amphibious 
    Weight: 12.5 tonnes 
    Engine: 320hp BF8L413F 4-stroke, 8-cylinder, turbo-charged, air-cooled 
    Transmission: Mechanical 
    Suspension: Independent 
    Radio: VRC-83 radio set; VIC-83 telephone 
    Dimension: Length: 6.63m; Height: 2.8m; Width: 2.8m  
    Cruising Range: 600~800km 
    Speed: Max road 85km/h; max off-road N/A; max swim 8km/h 
    Main Gun: 25mm (IFV variant), or 12.7mm (APC variant) 
    Rate of Fire: (IFV) 100~200 rounds/min 
    Elevation/Depression: (IFV) 8 degrees to 55 degrees 
    Auxiliary Weapon: (IFV) One coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun
    When it comes to Transports, we will have to consider flexibility.
    The Humvee is the most flexible, due to the gun ports, allowing for Missile 
    Defenders and Pathfinders to fire out.
    The Technical is not flexible, as they can be easily be stopped and the 
    passengers killed soon after. The Battle Bus again works like the Humvee, 
    but you cannot specifically target anything. As for the Combat Cycle, any 
    infantry except Angry Mobs can ride it. So, you can use it to offer some 
    protection to individual infantry units.
    The Chinese Troop Crawler may be inflexible, but it comes packaged with 
    Red Guard, and holds just as much as the Battle Bus, so it is a good way 
    to train large numbers of infantry en masse.
    Humvees > Battle Buses = Combat Cycles = Troop Crawlers > Technicals
    USA: 2 GLA: 2 (1 for Battle Bus and 1 for Combat Cycle) China: 1
    Value for Money:
    Cost: $700
    TOW Missile Upgrade: $1000
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    Hellfire Drone Upgrade: $500
    It is the tradition of the Command and Conquer Series to charge this amount 
    for a Humvee. Enough said.
    Value for Money: Fair
    Cost: $500
    Armor Piercing Bullet Upgrade: $2000
    Technicals are like Humvees in many aspects, but they can upgrade their 
    guns by salvaging. But still, it is only a fair value for money.
    Value for money: Fair
    Battle Bus:
    Cost: $800
    Battle Bus costs $800, and comes with no attack power on its own, but it 
    is a bit more armored than the technical, and won't be destroyed immediately 
    when its HP drops to zero, so it is quite worth it if you want to give 
    your infantry protection.
    Value for money: Good
    Combat Cycle:
    Cost: $550
    Cost of bundled Rebel: $150
    Actual Price = Cost - Cost of bundled Rebel = $400
    A combat cycle is ridden by a Rebel at the start, so we can consider the 
    cycle to be cheaper than it actually is. In fact, I am using the "method 
    of difference" to determine the actual price of units with other units 
    bundled in. this method has been used by the Hong Kong Consumer Council 
    to compare the prices of goods. So, to conclude, the Combat Cycle is an 
    excellent value for money.
    Value for Money: Excellent
    Troop Crawler:
    Cost: $1400
    Cost of bundled Red Guards: $1200
    Actual Price = Cost - Cost of bundled Red Guards = $1200
    Again, the method of difference applies. You will pleased that the Troop 
    Crawler itself costs only $200! This is one of the ways you can train Red 
    Guards en masse. An excellent value for money indeed!
    Value for money: Excellent
    Yes, it is best to load a Humvee with a pathfinder or 2, as it make them 
    better at the task at hand. I can make no safety guarantees against air 
    strikes if you hide Missile Defenders inside, as units like Raptors and 
    MiGs fire so many missiles at them, and it can blow the entire thing up 
    in no time. Most people prefer to load 1 pathfinder and 4 missile defenders 
    in their humvees but I prefer the 2, 3 combination, as you cannot be too 
    c. Anti-air, Anti-infantry Vehicles [GCP7C]
    USA: Avenger
    The US has come up with a new laser unit. The avenger, its laser can be 
    used to shoot down incoming missiles and aircraft, its designator also 
    allows your units to hit them faster and with more success. The laser of 
    the Avenger cannot be used to kill ground units by itself, while you can 
    send it a large number of quad cannons or gattling tanks in and cause 
    tremendous damage, you can't do so with Avengers. It's just not worth 
    coughing up $2000 to buy one of these vehicles if they can only attack 
    air targets. Unfortunately, that's all the US has to effectively down 
    aircraft. Life is tough, isn't it?
    GLA: Quad Cannon
    The GLA Quad Cannon is like a technical in many aspects, but it carries 
    4 heavy machines guns, instead of one. It can use the scraps of defeated 
    vehicles to upgrade its own guns, which is a good sign. It can acquire 
    armor piercing bullets for an additional 25% damage, making it better for 
    the task at hand.
    China: Gatling Tank
    The Chinese Gatling Tank fires very fast already, but will fire faster 
    and faster, when you hear the driver say, "Spin them up!". They can fire 
    25% faster, causing 25% more damage at once. The Gattling Tanks have better 
    armor, and can defeat a Quad Cannon in one to one combat.
    Factor: Attack Power and Armor
    All the 3 can attack air units effectively, but the Avenger cannot damage 
    ground units on its own while the other 2 can. The Gattling Tank is firing 
    very fast already, and fires even faster in one more second. So, they can 
    reach their full potential without picking up salvage like the Quad Cannons. 
    Besides, the Gattling Cannon has more armor than the Quad Cannons, and 
    can survive the enemies' attacks better.
    Gattling Tanks > Quad Cannons > Avengers
    USA: 0 GLA: 1 China: 2
    Value for Money:
    Cost: $2000
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    Hellfire Drone Upgrade: $500
    Sure, the Avenger is effective against air units and missiles, and 
    unfortunately, that's the only good thing about it. When facing ground 
    units, they can only designate the target to allow other units to fire 
    faster and more effectively at it, and they actually give it such a 
    ludicrous price! Life is tough... sigh...
    Value for money: Poor
    Quad Cannon:
    Cost: $700
    Armor Piercing Bullet Upgrade: $2000
    This is the price that an anti-air, anti infantry unit should be sold. 
    Enough said. Good quality, good value.
    Value for money: Good
    Gattling Tank:
    Cost: $800
    Chain Gun Upgrade: $1500
    Again, ditto, this extra $100 is there because the Gattling Tank has better 
    armor and attack power.
    Value for money: Good
    Wouldn't it hurt EA if they allow the Avengers to hit ground targets 
    directly as well? If not, I suggest they should lower the price of these 
    things. There are nothing wrong with Quad Cannons nor Gattling Tanks though, 
    if you are playing against USA, feel free to build them in quantity around 
    your base. It will discourage those A-10 Strikes and Fuel Air Bombs.
    d. Spray Action Units [GCP7D]
    USA: Ambulance
    All the Ambulance does is to spray detoxifying foam, that clears radiation 
    and chemical toxins. That's it. It is not equipped to kill.
    GLA: Toxin Tractor
    That's right, GLA really likes to make use of Chemical Weapons. The toxin 
    tractor sprays a continuous stream of toxins that can render large infantry 
    divisions into green 'n' blue salamander men in no time. It can also 
    contaminate large areas of land when standing. It is resistant to rockets, 
    making it effective in its task of clearing garrisoned buildings. It can 
    be 25% more disgusting with the Anthrax Beta upgrade installed.
    To Contaminate an area:
    Click the Contaminate button and then click on the area you intend to spread 
    your chemicals. "Run through the sprinkler!"
    China: Dragon Tank
    The Dragon Tank is China's flame tank, its flame has a large sweeping effect, 
    that can render both infantry and vehicles into charcoal in no time. It 
    can make use of Black Napalm to spew a blue flame, which causes 25% more 
    damage. Like the toxin tractor, it is effective in clearing occupied 
    civilian buildings, as they are resistant to rockets. 
    To Build a Fire Wall:
    Click on the Fire Wall Button, and click on the area you intend to sweep 
    out your flames. "The Dragon awakes!" You can only gain veterancy with 
    this attack if the enemy is in contact with your flame jet when they are 
    Factor: Armor, Effective against
    Again, the Ambulance cannot attack anyone directly without the help of 
    drones, so a 0 is what it gets.
    Both are effective against infantry garrisoned in structures and outside 
    structures, but the Dragon Tank is effective against buildings as well. 
    Its flame wall is obviously more lethal than the Contaminate ability, as 
    it works better against tanks. Another thing is that, the Dragon Tank has 
    heavier armor than the Toxin Tractor, and can withstand more punishment.
    Dragon Tanks > Toxin Tractors > Ambulances
    USA: 0 GLA: 1 China: 2
    Value for money:
    Cost: $600
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    Hellfire Drone Upgrade: $500
    What's the point of having a unit that can ONLY heal infantry units? And 
    you charge it more than a Humvee? Sure, it can clear toxic foam, but what's 
    the point, after all, the radiation or chemicals will fade away after a 
    Value for money: Bad
    Toxin Tractor:
    Cost: $600
    Anthrax Beta Upgrade: $2500
    These tractors are so effective against infantry that, if used properly, 
    can achieve a 1 to 30 kill ratio or even higher. So, excellent quality, 
    excellent value!
    Value for money: Excellent
    Dragon Tank:
    Cost: $800
    Black Napalm Upgrade: $2000
    Ditto, ditto, ditto. Again, they cost $200 more as they have better armor 
    and attack power.
    Value for money: Excellent
    The former unit is a mess cleaner, while the latter 2 units are mess creators. 
    Unfortunately, it is the tidy person in society who gets abused and 
    tormented by those mess creators. There is one thing though, if your enemy 
    likes to use terrorists, and has placed them too close to the other units, 
    feel free to target him, he will explode, and will take other units around 
    him with him! As for the Toxin Tractors, just squirt, and enjoy! If you 
    are the person who likes to make extensive use of such things, play as 
    Dr. Thrax!
    e. Intelligence Units [GCP7E]
    USA: Sentry Drone
    The new sentry drone is stealthy, and can detect stealth. It can be upgraded 
    with machine guns to make it more powerful, but this unit is pathetic, 
    as it cannot gain veterancy. When I used these in USA Mission 1 in Zero 
    Hour, they were practically the first to die.
    GLA: Radar Van
    Not only that the Radar Van provides Radar, it can use the Radar Scan to 
    spy on enemies. So, you can virtually abuse the radar scan by building 
    these little vans in quantity! Unfortunately they have no weapons 
    themselves and cannot be used in attacks.
    China: Listening Outpost
    This van is stealthy when stationary. So, you can leave it in one spot 
    to keep it revealed without getting detected by non stealth detectors. 
    It itself is a stealth detector. Unlike the Radar Van, this unit is not 
    defenseless, as it comes with 2 Tank Hunters that fire from inside it. 
    So, it actually costs $200, like the Troop Crawler.
    Factor: Self Defense Abilities, Flexibility
    The Radar Van has no direct offensive power, so I give that a 0.
    Both the Sentry Drone and the Listening Outpost can attack the enemies. 
    However, Listening Outposts can give their passengers veterancy when they 
    destroy enough targets, while the Sentry Drone cannot. Another thing is 
    that, if you load a Listening Outpost with 2 Red Guards, it can do 
    considerable damage to infantry units, while the Sentry Drone is stuck 
    with its machine gun.
    Listening Outpost > Sentry Drone > Radar Van
    Value for money:
    Sentry Drone:
    Cost: $800
    You charge THAT much for a simple scouting unit? That's too much, really.
    Value for money: Bad
    Radar Van:
    Cost: $800
    Radar Scan Upgrade: $1000
    Take note that you can use your Radar Scan once for every Radar Van you 
    have. As they are just soooo cheap, feel free to abuse the Radar Scan by 
    building 30 Radar Vans. Then you can have 1 Radar Scan per second!
    Value for Money: Excellent
    Listening Outpost:
    Cost: $800
    Cost of Bundled Tank Hunters: $600
    Actual Cost: Cost - Cost of Bundled Tank Hunters: $200
    Again, the method of difference applies. The reason why there are no Chinese 
    vehicles selling cheaper than $800 is because the ones that are cheap come 
    bundled in with other units. Consider it as a bonus.
    Value for money: Excellent
    USA: 1 GLA: 0 China: 2
    If there is one think I do not like in Command and Conquer: Generals are 
    units that cannot gain veterancy. As they cannot build up experience, the 
    player's incentive to keep them alive for as long as possible drops. As 
    for the Radar Vans, always build them in quantity! You can always abuse 
    the Scan by building 10 or so. I learnt it in GLA Mission 2. Just keep 
    them separated far enough, in case the enemy decides to attack them with 
    a superweapon or 2. The listening outpost is just like the troop crawler, 
    if you like to produce tank Hunters en-masse, you can just continuously 
    build these. Place them in places where the enemy like to send in their 
    fighters from, then you can detect them before they can get close. Radar 
    Vans make good stealth unit squishers, so if someone sends stealth infantry 
    units in, send in your Van to detect and squish them! (I heard this from 
    a message board, it may be true, or maybe not. Don't blame me if this is 
    f. Electronic Units [GCP7F]
    USA: Microwave Tank
    The US Microwave Tank, well, fires a microwave beam that can disable, not 
    destroy enemy structures, its beam can also hurt enemy infantry. The 
    Microwave Tank can cook infantry inside buildings.
    GLA: None
    Do you expect GLA to have such high tech units?
    China: ECM Tank
    The electromagnetic countermeasures tank fires a beam that can disable 
    enemy vehicles, and disrupt rocket and missile attacks, making them miss 
    their target. It can really be a lifesaver if your enemy uses so many rocket 
    units, as the ECM Tank's magnetic field causes more than 80% of the rockets 
    to miss.
    Factor: Special Ability
    Both the Microwave Tank and the ECM Tank can disable different things. 
    But as they are different things, no conclusion can be drawn.
    Microwave Tanks = ECM Tanks > None
    Value for money:
    Microwave Tank:
    Cost: $800
    Composite Armor Upgrade: $2000
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    Hellfire Drone Upgrade: $500
    For an "HBM Vehicle", charging $800 for such a unit ain't too shabby. In 
    fact, I really could not care less how much such units cost. As long as 
    it is at $800 or less, I won't mind at all.
    Value for money: Fair
    ECM Tank
    Cost: $800
    Paying $800 to stop those annoying Rocket Buggy rockets, Raptor missiles, 
    Tomahawk Missiles, Rocket Propelled Grenades, Stealth Fighter missiles, 
    Comanche hellfire missiles or to disable tanks ain't to shabby either.
    Value for money: Fair
    USA: 1 GLA: 0 China: 1
    This is one type of unit that I do not care much about, as they have no 
    real direct offensive power. However, the Microwave Tank can well, bake 
    the infantry garrisoned inside buildings, just set it to high power to 
    ensure the meat is well done! Ha ha ha! As for the ECM tank, build them 
    as countermeasures to the enemies' missile attacks.
    g. Standard Long Range Units [GCP7G]
    USA: Tomahawk Missile
    USA's Long Range ballistic is here. The Tomahawk Missile has a very long 
    range, and its missile has a tendency to lock onto the enemy, so it seldom 
    misses. However, air defenses can easily stop the missile, so build at 
    least 2 or 3 for a better effect.
    GLA: Rocket Buggy
    The Rocket Buggy is there to buzz around like flies and annoy you. They 
    fire 6 or 12 rockets at a time, before having to reload. That's their problem. 
    If they were to fire continuously, then they can be a real threat. When 
    you use such units, make sure you keep your distance, as it has practically 
    no armor.
    China: Inferno Cannon
    China does not make use of any rockets or missiles, instead, they make 
    use of Artillery! The Inferno Cannon flies napalm shells over long range. 
    As it is a shell, it cannot be stopped by anything. The impact damage is 
    collateral, as the units will continue to take damage from the flames. 
    It is most effective, when used in large groups, as a lovely little bonfire 
    will be made, incinerating anything in its path.
    Supplementary information on the PLZ 155mm Howitzer (Inferno Cannon): 
    (Reference: Sinodefence)
    The PLZ-45 (also known as Type 88) 155 mm, 45 caliber self-propelled 
    howitzer (categorized as gun-howitzer by the PLA) was developed by NORINCO 
    in the early 1990s for the international market. The system was jointly 
    developed by the 123 Factory, 127 Factory, 674 Factory and Beijing 
    University of Science and Technology based on the Type 89 (PLL-01) towed 
    155 mm/45 caliber gun-howitzer. 
    In 1997, the PLZ-45 surprisingly defeated US and Europe competitors to 
    win the contract to provide Kuwaiti Army with a battalion of 72 units of 
    self-propelled artillery systems. This sale was a particularly convincing 
    assessment of the howitzer's capabilities since the Kuwaiti Army has the 
    budget to purchase nearly whatever it wants. A battalion of howitzers were 
    then delivered to the Kuwait along with a full package of support, command 
    and control, forward observer, and radar vehicles. In 2001, the Kuwaitis 
    ordered an additional 74 howitzers from China as it performed surprisingly 
    well with the Kuwaiti army.
    Despite being a successful design, the PLZ-45 did not enter service with 
    the PLA. The limitations of using foreign military GPS signal and expensive 
    unit costs were the main problems involved when using the PLZ-45. However, 
    since the PLA is still debating whether to replace the Soviet 152 mm 
    howitzer by the new 155 mm/45 caliber system, there is a chance that the 
    PLZ-45 or a similar design may enter service with the PLA in the future. 
    The PLZ-45 may well be one of the most potent weapons of Chinese designs. 
    The PLZ-45 combines a new chassis with the powerful 45-calibre Type 89 
    (WA-021) 155 mm howitzer. The artillery can fire 4 to 5 rounds in each 
    minute. The PLZ-45 Howitzer can carry up to 30 shells. They include NATO 
    HE, RAP, illumination, smoke, chemical, guided, DPICM, FASCAM, and ERFB-BB, 
    (I wonder whether they will fire napalm shells) and the maximum fire range 
    is 24 km (HE) to 39 km (ERFB-BB). Secondary armament consists of a 12.7 
    mm W-85 anti-aircraft machine gun mounted on the roof, and two sets of 
    four-barrel smoke grenade launchers are mounted on the turret's side. 
    The PLZ-45's chassis was derived from the Type 80 main battle tank. The 
    combat weight is 32 tons. The power pack is a 525 hp liquid cooled diesel 
    engine, giving a maximum road speed of 65 km/h and a cruising range of 
    450 km. The artillery is operated by five crewmembers. The compartment 
    is equipped with an anti-NBC protection, explosion detection, fire 
    suppression, and GPS navigation system. In addition, howitzers sold to 
    Kuwaitis Army are also fitted with air conditioners for operating in the 
    desert environment.
    Each PLZ-45 battalion consists of 1~2 command and control vehicles, 3 
    observation and reconnaissance vehicles, 1 target correction radar, 1 
    weather radar, 1 repairing workshop vehicle, 1 potable cabin for repairing 
    and testing, as well as three howitzer companies. Each company has one 
    observation and reconnaissance vehicle, 6~8 howitzers, and 6~8 ammunition 
    transport/reloading vehicles. Each howitzer is supported by an ammunition 
    vehicle, which can carry 90 rounds and reload the howitzer at a speed of 
    6~8 rounds/min.
    Specifications of the PLZ 155mm Howitzer
    Crew: 5  
    Weight: 32 ton 
    Power Pack: 520 hp turbocharged diesel 
    Transmission: N/A 
    Power to Weight Ratio: 16.25 hp/ton  
    Speed: 56 km/h 
    Road Range: 450 km 
    Anti-NBC: Collective 
    Fire-Supression System: Yes
    Caliber: 155 mm  
    Barrel Length: 45 caliber  
    Barrel Life: 2,500 firings  
    Maximum Firing Range: (High Explosive or HE): 24 km; (Extended Range Full 
    Bore, or ERFB) 30 km; (Extended Range Full Bore, Hollow Base, Base Bleed, 
    or ERFB-HB-BB) 39 km 
    Rate of Fire: intense 4~5 rounds/min; sustained 2 rounds/min 
    Loading system: semi-automatic 
    Fire Control: Direct or indirect firing with electro-optical sighting 
    system for day/night operations; onboard computer; GPS 
    Second Weapon: 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun 
    Smoke Grenade: Two sets of 4-barrel launchers
    Factor: Firing speed and accuracy
    The USA Tomahawk Missile really is dashing. Their missiles never miss when 
    vehicles are targeted, but can be shot down by base defenses. The Rocket 
    Buggy is fast and annoying, but their rockets can easily be stopped by 
    Paladin Tanks, Avengers or ECM Tanks. Although the Inferno Cannon is 
    slightly slower, its shells cannot be stopped by anything. 
    I used to give Inferno Cannon a 0, but since the newest update increased 
    the speed of the Inferno Cannon and allowed a Firestorm to be generated 
    with ONLY 3 Infernos! Which means, once the shells hit, it would be rather 
    late to run, as the fire will burn anything within it, and it does occupy 
    a large area! I feel that it is necessary to give the Inferno a better 
    Tomahawk Missile > Inferno Cannon > Rocket Buggy
    USA: 2 GLA: 0 China: 1
    Value for money:
    Tomahawk Missile:
    Cost: $1200
    Composite Armor Upgrade: $2000
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    Hellfire Drone Upgrade: $500
    For an accurate long range ballistic unit, the Tomahawk Missile is just 
    evenly priced. As it is the USA army's one and only one long range unit, 
    you better rely on them. Still, it's a good value for money.
    Value for money: Good
    Rocket Buggy:
    Cost: $900
    Armor Piercing Rocket Upgrade: $2000
    Buggy Ammo Upgrade: $1000
    The Rocket Buggy is built to hit and run. With so many rockets coming at 
    once, advancing tank hoards can easily be weakened, provided that your 
    Buggies retreat fast enough, or if the enemy decides not to use any Paladin 
    Tanks, Avengers or ECM Tanks.
    Value for money: Good
    Inferno Cannon:
    Cost: $900
    Black Napalm Upgrade: $2000
    The Inferno cannon has the same price as the Rocket Buggy, but attacks 
    in a slightly different manner. The shell has a considerable area effect, 
    so if you fire at a large hoard of incoming infantry, it can be guaranteed 
    that at least some of them will be hit, and will eventually burn to death. 
    Again, build these in quantity to make use of the Firestorm! Again, a good 
    value for money.
    Value for money: Good
    The reason why I put Tomahawk Missiles in this category is that the missile 
    has very little area damage in fact. As they cannot see further than their 
    actual range, always upgrade it with a scout drone or 2. If you like to 
    use them, consider using Search and Destroy or Bombardment in the Strategy 
    Center. As for Rocket Buggies, I think EA should program them to fire 
    continuously, then they can really be worth the money, as I do not like 
    to manually order units to run around, to avoid the advancing tanks. I 
    think that EA has programmed the Inferno Cannon so as to encourage you 
    to build them in quantity, due to the fire storm. The shells cannot be 
    stopped by anything, and can be a real plus if your enemy likes to use 
    Paladin Tanks and Avengers.
    h. Advanced Long Range Units [GCP7H]
    USA: None
    USA has to stick to Tomahawk Missiles for long range ballistic combat.
    GLA: Scud Launcher
    The V3 Launchers of Red Alert 2 are now replaced with Scud Launchers. They 
    fire 2 types of rounds. A high-explosive warhead that does a lot of 
    explosive damage, and an Anthrax warhead, which does less damage, and 
    leaves behind a large cloud of Anthrax on the ground, turning people into 
    Salamander Men. The Anthrax Warhead can be upgraded with Anthrax Beta for 
    25% more damage. The only weakness is that the missiles may be stopped 
    by anti-air defenses, although it occurs not so often.
    To switch the type of Warhead used:
    Simply click the button corresponding to the type of Warhead (High 
    Explosive, Anthrax) you would like to use.
    China: Nuke Cannon
    Yes, the ultimate Artillery is here. The Nuke Cannon fires nuclear shells 
    over long distances, and causes a little nuclear explosion, that can 
    destroy several tanks at once! The thing that gives it an extra point over 
    the Scud Launcher is that the shells cannot be stopped in mid-air. Another 
    thing, the Nuke Cannon can be upgraded to fire neutron shells. These shells 
    vaporize infantry, and can kill the drivers inside vehicles, making them 
    available for capture. So, if your opponent sends in a large number of 
    tanks, use this.
    To switch the type of Shell used:
    Simply click the button corresponding to the type of Shell (Nuclear, 
    Neutron) you would like to use.
    Factor: Attack Power, whether the projectile can reach its target
    The SCUD Launcher can either deliver chemicals or cause a big explosion, 
    but not at once, while the Nuke Cannon can. Its new Neutron Shells can 
    effectively stop Tank Rushes to your base and clear garrisoned structures. 
    Although both of these units need time to set up, the time difference is 
    negligible. Anyway, the SCUD can be stopped while the shells cannot.
    Nuke Cannon > SCUD Launcher
    Submitter's Opinion! Marcus Wong's Opinion
    I think nuke cannons should be a tie with SCUDs because they are just SO 
    SLOOOOOW its totally ridiculous. It's range is not long enough for 
    something that's so huge and bulky. Their deploy time is also incredibly 
    long. Worst of all, you can't even put it in a Helix/Chinook for quick 
    transporting. As a result, it's near impossible to send nuke cannons to 
    your enemy's base, unless his base is right next to you which rarely happens. 
    The only thing good about the nuke cannons is it's firepower and neutron 
    shells, but that is simply not worth $1600. It's considered a bad value 
    of money. So therefore, China's artillery is the worst, despite firing 
    unstoppable shells. (the inferno cannon is even more pathetic than the 
    nuke cannon except more worth the money.)
    My answer:
    OK, I don't think their deployment time is much longer than the time it 
    takes for the SCUD Missile to be raised for launch, so it is not that 
    pathetic really. The NOD Artillery in Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun 
    is very similar in this respect. Of course, it was TOO powerful back then, 
    so by the time the Firestorm Expansion Pack was released, the Artillery's 
    accuracy was really toned down! Anyway, under your view, China would 
    receive a point deduction of 1 point, but that would have no leverage on 
    the final score.
    The Neutron Shell really is not that useless. ALL garrisoned buildings 
    will be cleared if one Neutron Shell hits. (Even Palaces, Internet Centers 
    and Bunkers!) I do not find it that hard to bring my Nuke Cannons to my 
    enemy's base! GLA also has this logistical problem with the their SCUD 
    Launcher, as the best they can do is to use Sneak Attacks to build a Tunnel 
    Network quickly. Besides, if you want to send Artillery to an enemy's base, 
    you ought to control the land around his base beforehand. Like, say, keep 
    the enemy base busy for a while before you slip your Nuke Cannons from 
    behind unnoticed.
    Value for money:
    SCUD Launcher:
    Cost: $1200
    Anthrax Beta Upgrade: $2500
    For a unit that works with the same principle as the Tomahawk Missile, 
    I can only say that this unit is worthwhile investment when it comes to 
    heavy base assault.
    Value for money: Good
    USA: 0 GLA: 1 China: 2
    Nuke Cannon:
    Cost: $1600
    Neutron Shell Upgrade: $2000
    What can I say? This unit is just so powerful and explosive, and then it 
    has 2 uses, to blow things up, or to neutralize vehicles. As it is just 
    as powerful or even more powerful than the SCUD Launcher, and the shell 
    can be stopped. Charging $1600 for one is just reasonable.
    Value for money: Fair
    Always build an even number of Scud Launchers in a base attack, one half 
    will be armed with High Explosive Warheads, while the other half uses the 
    Anthrax Warheads. Then, it can be guaranteed that both infantry and 
    vehicles can take considerable damage. The same goes for garrisoned 
    buildings, and USA base buildings, you can destroy their buildings, then 
    laugh as their infantry turn into blue salamander men! The Nuke Cannon's 
    new neutron shells can really help them against annoying tanks. Let's say 
    you are in a showdown with one Nuke cannon and a Troop Crawler full of 
    infantry versus an enemy army with Many Paladins and Tomahawks and Missile 
    Defenders, although the Tomahawks have a head start in the firing, there 
    is a delay before the missiles hit. That way, there is time for the Cannon 
    to launch 1 neutron shell, this shell is enough. Once it hits, all their 
    infantry will be vaporized, so will the drivers inside their vehicles. 
    Then you can simply send your Red Guards in to steal their vehicles, when 
    your enemy is preparing to counter your attack team, 1 shell can make all 
    the difference. The neutron shell can also atomize the infantry hiding 
    inside buildings! Including Bunkers and Palaces! So, use it as an 
    alternative to the Dragon tank if you do not want to get real close.
    i. Suicidal Units [GCP7I]
    USA, China: None
    The US and China do not use bomb trucks.
    GLA: Bomb Truck
    The Demolition Trucks are now replaced with Bomb Trucks. A Bomb Truck can 
    be customized to carry Bio-Bombs and High-Explosive Bombs to upgrade their 
    effects. They can also be disguised as an enemy unit to fool them. However, 
    enemy base defenses are not tricked by them though. Anyway, it is a force 
    to be reckoned with, if you want to clear enemy base defenses in a flash. 
    Another mean trick is to perform a Sneak Attack on your enemies' base, 
    and then unload your Bomb Trucks on them!
    Value for money:
    1000 for pure explosive action that is definitely 5 times more than that 
    of a Terrorist really is good.
    Value for Money: Good
    Score: 1
    To upgrade your Bomb Truck:
    Click on the button corresponding to the upgrade you would like to use. 
    You will know when it is ready when you hear "BioBomb loaded" and so on.
    To disguise as a vehicle:
    Click the Disguise as Vehicle button, and click on the unit you would like 
    to disguise it as. You can always disguise your Bomb Truck as something 
    weak, like a technical, and the opponent WILL be shocked when he finds 
    out how a Technical can explode like that.
    j. Advanced Battle Tanks [GCP7J]
    USA: Paladin Tank
    The Paladin is a tank with heavier armor. It can use a laser to stop incoming 
    missiles, regardless of how big they are. They can upgrade their armor 
    with composite armor, as usual. Their high price really is a draw back. 
    But still, their ability to stop missiles is decent.
    GLA: Marauder Tank
    "What can I say? I'm a taker." The Marauder Tank is the third in the line 
    of salvaging units as far as the GLA is concerned. The Marauder Tank is 
    cheap, has decent armor, and can eventually upgrade to 2 cannons! That's 
    is definitely cool. So, always use a General point to be able to build 
    this unit.
    China: Overlord Tank
    The Overlord Tank is the ultimate example of China's brute force. Although 
    very expensive at $2000, it has super heavy armor, and very powerful cannons. 
    It is fully customizable to have a gattling cannon, speaker tower or a 
    bunker mounted on its turret. That's not all, it can crush tanks, and it 
    can be upgraded to Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tank at the Nuclear Missile 
    To upgrade your Overlord with a peripheral:
    Simply click on the type of upgrade you want to give to the Overlord. Note 
    that this peripheral is permanent, so always think twice before deciding.
    Factor: Attack Power, Flexibility
    To compare these units, I used the "Kill Ratio" method.
    After some testing, I found that 1 fully upgraded Overlord can destroy 
    3-4 Paladins, and 3-5 Marauders (No Salvage).
    As for flexibility, I think Overlord Tanks are the best, as they can be 
    customized with 1 of 3 peripherals to suit their needs. For instance, if 
    you upgrade them with a Gattling Cannon, it becomes a anti-air and anti 
    infantry platform. If you upgrade them with a Bunker, it becomes a Humvee 
    like troop transport. If you upgrade it with a Speaker Tower, it becomes 
    a mobile healer! The Marauder Tank is also customizable, as it can upgrade 
    itself to up to 2 cannons eventually by picking up the scraps of defeated 
    enemies. Now, it is just as armored as the Paladin due to the update. However, 
    the Paladin Tank is not flexible at all, and its laser is not that effective 
    against rockets, particularly if the enemy continuously sends rocket 
    troops against you in quantity.
    Overlord Tanks > Marauder Tanks > Paladin Tanks
    Value for money:
    Paladin Tank:
    Cost: $1100
    Composite Armor Upgrade: $2000
    Scout Drone Upgrade: $100
    Battle Drone Upgrade: $300
    Hellfire Drone Upgrade: $500
    These tanks are not much stronger than Crusader Tanks, and have the same 
    attack power, only with the extra ability to use a laser to zap incoming 
    missiles and infantry. That's it. Still, EA should not charge that much 
    for a tank like this. At least give us 2 cannons!
    Value for Money: Bad
    Marauder Tank:
    Cost: $800
    Toxin Shell Upgrade: $800
    For a salvaging unit, charging a Marauder for $800 only really rocks! That's 
    all I can say.
    Value for money: Excellent
    Overlord Tank:
    Cost: $2000
    Uranium Shell Upgrade: $2500
    Nuclear Tank Upgrade: $2000
    Overlord Bunker: $400
    Overlord Propaganda Tower: $500
    Overlord Gattling Cannon: $1200
    It is only natural that EA decided to charge this extremely powerful and 
    all rounded unit $2000. Otherwise, many C&C fans will gripe to EA for this. 
    But still, by simple experiment, I found that the Overlord has a very high 
    kill ratio against all other weaker tanks. So, it is really worth it.
    Value for money: Good
    USA: 0 GLA: 1 China: 2
    After my experiences in USA Mission 4, or is it 3? I have concluded that 
    for every rocket infantry your enemy has, you have to build 1 Paladin Tank 
    to ensure that no rockets hit. While it's 2 for Scud Launchers or Tomahawks. 
    I always enjoyed using Marauder Tanks, as they are one of those good against 
    everything units in the game. Their Toxin Shells can easily turn infantry 
    into Salamander men! The Overlord Tank is for the people who have "taste" 
    as they have 3 different peripherals to be installed!
    8. Air Units [GCP8]
    If you are playing as the USA or China, you get access to air units. To 
    build air units, you have to construct an Airfield. Each Airfield houses 
    4 jet crafts, and they must be kept there so that the planes can land. 
    Helicopters however, can stay in the air for an indefinite amount of time. 
    If you play as GLA, then sorry, no air units for you!
    GLA: No Air Units
    GLA does not use Air Units, how sad.
    Score: 0
    a. Main Fighter [GCP8A]
    USA: Raptor
    The US Raptor fires 4 missiles each to their targets, and can be used to 
    guard the air. Their attack power can be increased by 25% by the Laser 
    Missiles. They can develop countermeasures against anti-aircraft units, 
    but what use does it have if there are just so many of them lying around?
    Supplementary Information: (Reference: Jane's)
    In the early 1980s the USAF began the Advance Tactical Fighter programme, 
    incorporating stealth technology and supercruise (supersonic cruise 
    without afterburning), as a replacement for the F-15C Eagle. A 
    Lockheed/General Dynamics/ Boeing YF-22A prototype first flew on 26 
    September 1990, and won the development contract over the Northrop YF-23A 
    in 1991. The first EMD F-22A flew on 7 September 1997, and EMD aircraft 
    have since demonstrated supercruise at more than Mach 1.5 and 
    thrust-vectoring at high AoA. Cold War requirements for 750 aircraft have 
    been reduced to 339 F-22As, with the first planned to enter service in 
    The Raptor design trades off stealth with agility, to produce a genuine 
    fighter, as opposed to a low-observable bomb deliver like the F-117A. The 
    thrust/weight ratio of 1.2 and triplex digital FBW controls gave good 
    maneuverability, but 'first look, first shot, first kill' capability means 
    opponents will rarely detect the F-22 before they have been targeted and 
    hit by BVR AAMs. The Raptors has three internal weapons bays, with two 
    Sidewinder AAMs stored outboard of the intake ducts, and up to six AIM-120 
    radar-guided AMRAAMs or two GBU-32 JDAM 1000 PGMs in a ventral bay. Other 
    stealth features include antennas located in leading or trailing edges 
    of wings and fins, and internal sensors, including the AN/APG-77 AESA radar. 
    Highly integrated avionics with a Common Integrate Processor (CIP) will 
    provide a next-generation operation environment.
    Specifications of the F-22A Raptor
    Powerplant: two 156kN (35000 lb st) Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 thrust 
    vectoring afterburning turbofans
    Dimensions: length 18.92m (62ft 1 in); height 5.02m (16ft 5 in); wing span 
    13.56m (44ft 6 in)
    Weights (estimated): empty 14,385 kg (31,670 lb); MTOW 27,216 kg (60,000 
    Performance: max level speed (in supercruise) Mach 1.58, at 9,150m 
    (30,000ft) (with afterburning) Mach 1.7, at sea level 1,482 km/h (921 mph); 
    service ceiling 15,240m (50,000 ft)
    Armament: one M61A2 20mm gun with 480 rds; two AIM-0 AAMs and up to six 
    AIM-120 AMRAAMs or two JDAM 1000 PGMs in internal bays; four underwing 
    stores stations, each cleared for a 2,268kg (5000lb) payload
    China: MiG
    The Chinese MiGs have 2 napalm missiles, but they are more powerful, as 
    they have the tendency to generate firestorms, if all 8 missiles hit their 
    target. The Chinese MiGs are cheaper than Raptors, and both their armor 
    and attack power can be upgraded.
    Supplementary Information: (Reference: Jane's)
    The USSR's MFI (multifunctional front-line fighter) program began in 1983, 
    to develop a fighter to replace both the MiG-29 and Su-27 in Frontal 
    Aviation service and compete with the Eurofighter, Rafale and F-22. The 
    end of the Cold War detailed much-needed funds, but development continued 
    slowly, with the MiG 1.44 demonstrator/airworthy prototype completed in 
    1991 (after selection over a competing design from Yakolev).
    Flight-cleared engines were not available, however, and by the late 1990s 
    the Western Press were suggesting the 1.44 was a mock up or a fake. But 
    the 1.44 finally made its first (18 minute) flight on 29 February 2000.
    The 1.44 is a twin fin delta-canard design, with large movable foreplanes 
    and widely-space twin tailfins. It has some stealth features, including 
    sharply-raked straight-edged engine intakes, but a production aircraft 
    could employ Kehdysh Research Centre's 'plasma cloud" stealth system, 
    which reputedly reduces BCS by dissipating electromagnetic waves. Earlier 
    plans included thrust-vectoring power plants, but the prototype 1.44 
    mounts two Staurn/Lyullka AL-41F engines with ceramic-coated interior 
    nozzle petals. Other features include supercruise (sustained supersonic 
    flights without afterburners), a wide use of composite materials, and a 
    large internal fuel capacity. The original NO-14 weapon system has 
    apparently been cancelled, and the future of the MiG 1.42 planned 
    production version in uncertain.
    Estimated Specifications of the MiG 1.44
    Powerplant: two 175mN (39,350 lb st) Saturn/Lyulka AL-41F afterburning 
    Dimensions: length 22.83m (74ft 10in); height 5.72m (18ft 9in); wing span 
    17.36m (55ft 10in)
    Weights: normal take-off 30,000kg (68,138lb); MTOW 35,000kg (77,161lb)
    Performance: max level speed at high altitude (2,500 km/h (1,553 mph)); 
    max level speed in suprecruise Mach 1.6-1.8 (1,700 km/h (1,058 mph)); 
    service ceiling 20,000m (65,620 ft)
    Armament: one GSh-30-1.30mm cannon, internal weapon bay and possibly two 
    or more underwing hardpoints for AAMs, ASMs and bombs
    Factor: Armor Protection
    Both have an attack upgrade, but their defensive upgrade works differently, 
    the Countermeasures decrease the chance for missiles to hit them, but not 
    machine gun fire. So, if your enemy makes use of Avengers, Quad Cannons 
    or Gattling Tanks, it would not make much of a difference. The MiG armor 
    gives extra 25% protection to anything, so that is more worth it. Their 
    firestorm is really lethal.
    MiG > Raptor
    Value for money:
    Cost: $1400
    Laser Missile Upgrade: $1500
    Countermeasures Upgrade: $2000
    For an aircraft like the Raptor, I really cannot comment on its price, 
    as it is just the tradition for C&C programmers to charge between $1200 
    and $1500 for jet planes.
    Value for money: Fair
    Cost: $1200
    Black Napalm Upgrade: $2000
    MiG Armor Upgrade: $1000
    Again, ditto. I really cannot comment on its price, as it is just the 
    tradition for C&C programmers to charge between $1200 and $1500 for jet 
    Value for money: Fair
    USA: 0 China: 1
    The Raptor and MiG both have the same abilities, that is, guard air and 
    air patrol. Regardless of whatever you use, it is always wise to leave 
    a stock of about 4 of these fighters in your base to help weaken the enemies' 
    b. Attack Helicopter [GCP8B]
    USA: Comanche
    The Comanche helicopter attacks with their 4 missiles, and their 20mm 
    cannon. When it runs out of ammo, it reloads very quickly, and can continue 
    to annoy the enemy until they use their anti-aircraft units. Its rocket 
    pods can flatten a large area of enemies.
    To use your Rocket Pods:
    Click the Rocket Pods button and then click on the area you would like 
    to use it on. This ability requires a short recharge time.
    Supplementary Information: (Reference: Jane's)
    The futuristic RAH-66 Comanche won the US Army competition in the early 
    1980s for a reconnaissance/attack/air combat helicopter replacement for 
    thousands of AH-1, OH-6, OH-58 and UH-1s. The prototype first flew on 4 
    January 1986, but funding cuts have slowed development, with current plans 
    calling for testing of only the two existing prototypes through 2004. The 
    first of 13 preproduction aircraft (the third Comanche) is not due to fly 
    until April 2004. (This will not happen, as the US has cancelled the 
    Comanche project.)
    Composites make up a large proportion of the Comanche's airframe, with 
    a five-blade main rotor and eight-blade fan-in-fin rotor. The Comanche 
    is the first 'stealth' helicopter, designed to have a radar cross-section 
    smaller than that of a Hellfire missile. Frontal RCS is reportedly 360 
    times smaller than the AH-64 Apache, with one-quarter the IR emissions 
    and one-sixth the forward noise signature. Each cockpit, with pilot in 
    front, has four large MFDs to display FLIR/TV data, a moving map, and 
    tactical situations. Night operations are aided by navigation and 
    targeting FLIRs and a laser designator, housed in a nose-mounted sensor 
    turret. Missile launch in adverse weather will be enhanced by a version 
    of the Apache Longbow radar. Comanche avionics have been designed for 
    compatibility with the F-22A Raptor fighter.
    Behind the retractable main landing gear, a pair of side-opening weapons 
    bays can each house three Hellfire ATGMs or six Stinger AAMs. Immediately 
    above these bays, optional stub-wings can carry a further four Hellfires 
    or eight Stingers.
    Specifications of the Comanche
    Powerplant: two 1,165 kW (1,563 shp) LHTEC T800-LHT-801 turboshafts
    Dimensions: length 13.20m (43ft 3in); height over tailplane 3.37m (11ft); 
    width 2.04m (6ft 8in); main rotor diameter 12.19m (40ft)
    Weights: empty 4,06kg (8,951lb); MTOW 7,896 kg (17,408lb)
    Performance (at 1,220m (4,000ft)): max level (dash) speed 319km/h (198mph); 
    endurance 2h 30min
    Armament: one GE/GIAT three-barrel 20mm undernose cannon with 320-500 rds; 
    up to 2,296kg (5,062lb) of 10 hellfire ATGMs, 14 Stinger AAMs and two 1,741l 
    (383gal) auxiliary fuel tanks
    China: Helix
    The Helix Helicopter uses the same weapon as the Comanche at the beginning, 
    useless? No! The Helix is the Overlord of the sky! It again is fully 
    customizable to carry a Bunker, Speaker Tower or a Gattling Cannon on it! 
    If you install the bunker, and load it with Tank Hunters, the effects are 
    the same as a Comanche that fires missiles continuously, without having 
    to reload, such a combination can single handedly take out 2-3 Quad Cannons 
    and still have considerable breathing space! The Gattling Cannon can detect 
    stealthy units, and can down aircraft, just like the tank hunters inside 
    the bunkers. The speaker tower of course, heals your units within its range 
    continuously. To get the best of all 3 worlds, build 3 of these and upgrade 
    them with 3 different peripherals. Finally, their napalm bomb is well, 
    firestorm in a can, and they can drop it again and again continuously, 
    just like those Kirov Airships.
    To upgrade your Helix with a peripheral:
    Simply click on the Peripheral you would like to install on your Helix. 
    These upgrades are again, permanent. So make up your mind beforehand.
    To use the Napalm Bomb:
    First click on the orange Napalm Bomb button to arm your Helix with it. 
    It costs $800. Then, when it is loaded. Wait for it to charge up. Then 
    click on the Green Napalm Bomb button and then click the area you intend 
    to use it on. The Helix will then go over to the target area and drop it 
    down "like a ton of bricks"!
    Factor: Armor, Flexibility
    The Helix is definitely more flexible than the Comanche, and they CAN engage 
    air units with the proper upgrades. (eg. Bunker full of Tank Hunters, or 
    Gattling Cannon Upgrade). Its armor is heavier than the comanches, and 
    makes them better for their task in hand.
    Helix > Comanche
    USA: 0 China: 1
    Value for money:
    Cost: $1500
    Rocket Pod Upgrade: $1000
    Countermeasures Upgrade: $2000
    Again, as long as the cost of an aircraft falls between the $1000-$1500 
    range, it is a fair value for money. As this is just tradition.
    Value for money: Fair
    Cost: $1500
    Napalm Bomb: $800
    Helix Bunker: $400
    Helix Propaganda Tower: $500
    Helix Gattling Cannon: $1200
    For such a heavy and powerful helicopter, charging $1500 and ONLY $1500 
    for it is very cheap in fact. A good bargain indeed!
    Value for money: Good
    Comanches are my favorite USA air unit, as they just like to buzz around 
    and annoy the enemy. Their Rocket Pods can help if your base is being 
    attacked by a large numbers of units that are grouped very closely together. 
    Of course, their rocket pods are useful if your opponent sends a slab of 
    tanks towards your base. Make sure you target the area you expect the tanks 
    to roll to in the next second, as there is a short delay in the unloading. 
    As for the Helix, they have both offensive and defensive capabilities, 
    and tend to be effective against everything if you upgrade them with all 
    peripherals. As a base defense, load a Helix full of Tank Hunters and 
    upgrade it with a Bunker.
    c. Additional Air Units [GCP8C]
    USA: Stealth Fighter, Aurora Bomber
    The Stealth Fighter is like the Raptor, only that it can remain undetected 
    until the moment before it fires, so it is good against enemy base defenses. 
    Its bunker buster upgrade can help it damage infantry garrisoned in Bunkers. 
    The Aurora Bomber is a super-sonic aircraft, and can easily evade 
    anti-aircraft defenses until it delivers its bomb. Only then it slows down. 
    Enough said.
    Supplementary Information on the Lockheed Martin F-117A Nighthawk 
    (Reference: Jane's)
    Popularly known as the 'Stealth Fighter', the F-117A Nighthawk is a 
    precision attack aircraft designed to be nearly invisible to radar. 
    Development began in the 1970s with the 'Have Blue' design study, and the 
    first FSD prototype flew on 18 June 1981. Five FSD F-117s were built, 
    followed by 54 production standard F-117As. Constructed primarily of 
    aluminium, the F-117A's fuselage comprises flat panel 'facets' mounted 
    on the aircraft's subframe, their purpose being to reflect radar energy 
    away from the transmitter, eliminating a viable 'return'. All surfaces 
    are coated with various RAMs, and all doors and panels have serrated edges 
    to further minimize radar reflection. Grid Covers on the intakes and the 
    use of narrow-slot 'platypus' exhausts surrounded by heat-absorbing tiles 
    reduce the IR signature.
    Ahead of the flat plane five piece cockpit glazing is a FLIR sensor, 
    recessed in a mesh covered housing. In the forward starboard underfuselage 
    is a retractable IR sensor and laser designator, used with the two LGBs 
    carried in the internal weapons bay. This modest weapons load is testimony 
    to the accuracy of the Stealth Fighter F-117As flew just 2% of combat 
    sorties during the Gulf War, but accounted for 40% of the strategic targets 
    Unfortunately, poor tactics contributed to the first Stealth Fighter loss, 
    when an F-117A was shot down by a radar-guided missile over Kosovo in 1999. 
    Current USAF plans include navigation and targeting system upgrades, with 
    service to continue beyond 2015. 
    Specifications of the Stealth Fighter
    Powerplant: two 48.0 kN (10,900lb st) Gneral Electric F404-GE-F1D2 
    non-afterburning turbofans
    Dimensions: length 20.08m (65ft 11in); height 3.78m (12ft 5in); wing span 
    13.20m (43ft 4in)
    Weights: empty (estimated) 13,381kg (29,500lb); MTOW 23,814kg (52,500lb) 
    Performance: max level speed 1,040km/h (646 mph); mission radius 
    (unrefuelled with 2,268kg (5,000 lb) weapon load) 1,056km (656 miles)
    Armament: up to 2,268kg (5,000lb) of GBU-10 Paveway II/GBU-27 PAveway III 
    Value for money:
    Stealth Fighter:
    Cost: $1600
    Laser Missile Upgrade: $1500
    Bunker Buster Upgrade: $1000
    Sigh... I was expecting the Stealth Fighter to be even more powerful than 
    the Raptor, but in fact, it is only effective against base defenses, as 
    it is stealthy. Although it can clear garrisoned structures with its Bunker 
    Buster Upgrade, it is not worth coughing up $1600 for such a plane.
    Value for money: Bad
    Aurora Bomber:
    Cost: $2500
    For a plane that is invincible during its bombing run, and as frail as 
    a paper aeroplane during its return, $2500 is a reasonable price. After 
    all, if EA were to charge it less, many people will complain that the USA 
    is being far too unbalanced. As they are so difficult to replace, only 
    use these planes when you have a superweapon to destroy.
    Value for money: Fair
    Score: 2 (1 for each air unit)
    9. Base Defenses [GCP9]
    Base Defenses are what protects your base from attack while you are away 
    attacking. The choice of defenses is richer in Command and Conquer: 
    Generals Zero Hour, since in the earlier Command and Conquer games, each 
    side only gets a cheap one and a powerful one.
    a. Basic Base Defense [GCP9A]
    USA: Patriot Missile
    The Patriot Missile now can fire a volley of 4 missiles at both air or 
    ground units. Being the high tech defense it is, it can signal other missile 
    emplacements to open fire on the target. Too bad that the missiles are 
    rather inaccurate towards infantry, so watch out for terrorists and Tank 
    Hunters who will drop TNT in.
    GLA: Stinger Site
    Stinger sites are just like Patriot Missiles, only that they have 3 people 
    inside that fire stinger missiles at the enemy. This defence structure 
    has more weaknesses, as the 3 men inside can easily be killed by snipers, 
    flame units or simple rifle fire. They can also be camouflaged, but it 
    really can't help them much. Particularly if a scout has seen them.
    China: Gattling Cannon
    The Gattling Cannon is definitely the most reliable structure, as the 
    bullets that continuously fly out are so accurate, and they tend to spin 
    faster and faster, causing more and more damage to the enemies. As they 
    can be built in quantity, a base can easily be secured.
    Factor: Accuracy, Efficiency, Ability for the Projectile to reach target
    The Patriot Missile has this relay system which informs other missile 
    batteries to fire at the target. This makes them effective against aircraft, 
    but not as much against land units. Their inaccuracy is a big problem. 
    Particularly if the enemy uses some Avengers or ECM Tanks to deflect your 
    The Stinger Sites have the same problems of the Patriot Missile - Inaccuracy. 
    However, as they can be camouflaged, this is just great as the enemy will 
    have a hard time guessing the position of your turrets. However, it's no 
    use if a scout has already seen your sites.
    The Gattling Cannon NEVER misses, in spite of its lower damage towards 
    vehicles, but can make a great difference if the enemy likes to use ECM 
    Tanks or Avengers. All the 3 structures above require garrisonable base 
    defenses to support them still.
    Gattling Cannon > Patriot Missile > Stinger Site
    Value for money:
    Patriot Missile:
    Cost: $1000
    The Patriot Missile is sort of effective against tanks. But they are just 
    so inaccurate against infantry units. There are many times when I got blown 
    up by terrorists because those missiles cannot hit them in time. But still, 
    it is a reasonable value for money, as it is the tradition of C&C programmers 
    to charge $1000 for such defense buildings.
    Value for money: Fair
    Stinger Site:
    Cost: $900
    Armor Piercing Rocket Upgrade: $2000
    Camo Netting Upgrade: $900
    The Stinger Site may be cheap, but that is because it takes much more space 
    than the other 2 basic base defenses. But still, as long as it is cheap, 
    it can be quantity and of course, consider building these sites in a circle, 
    or any other regular polygons, then attacks from all sides can be covered.
    Value for money: Good
    Gattling Cannon:
    Cost: $1200
    Chain Gun Upgrade: $1500
    This defense may sound expensive, but it is because of its accurate and 
    never miss property. While planes and Malcolm "Ace" Granger can easily 
    avoid the missiles of those other defenses using their countermeasures 
    and laser point defense systems, there is no escape from the Gattling Cannon. 
    Besides, this weapon can render infantry into mince meat in no time. As 
    you can leave the tanks to the Bunkers with Tank Hunters, this is also 
    a good value for money indeed.
    Value for money: Good
    USA: 1 GLA: 0 China: 2
    It's a pity that the programmers of this game do not create a base defense 
    structure of comparable attacking power to the Obelisk of Light. All of 
    these 3 structures are not to be used alone. Prepare to secure them with 
    other support units. Note that if your opponent installs drones on your 
    tanks, these defenses will target them first. So, always make your turrets 
    fire at the tanks first by manually targeting the enemy.
    b. Garrisonable Base Defenses [GCP9B]
    USA: Fire Base
    USA has this new unpowered structure that has a 155mm Artillery platform 
    to Damage Tanks. 4 infantry units can garrison inside at once to fire at 
    the enemy. However, there are many weaknesses, first this structure is 
    extremely vulnerable to Jarmen Kell and Artillery. Once, in US Mission 
    3, this Scud Launcher fired its explosive shell at the base, and all the 
    infantry died! The same goes for Jarmen Kell, as he can destroy this 
    structure in 3-4 shots! Same goes for Nuke Cannons, and Inferno Cannons.  
    Finally, the artillery does not do enough damage to Scorpion Tanks! So, 
    to conclude, you must group these with Patriot Missiles.
    GLA: Tunnel Network
    The GLA Tunnel Network can hide up to 10 units, armored or infantry inside 
    at once, and can repair them to full health inside. It comes with 2 RPG 
    Troopers, so it only costs $200. Although the gun port mounted on the tunnel 
    causes minimal damage, you can always ambush attackers from inside the 
    tunnel network. It can be camouflaged. Their tunnel sneak attacks can also 
    surprise the enemy.
    China: Battle Bunker
    The Chinese Battle Bunker houses up to 5 infantry at once. Now you see 
    the point, whenever you use Battle Bunkers filled with Tank Hunters in 
    conjunction with Gattling Cannons, a practically unbreachable defense 
    line can be formed. It can be mined.
    Factor: Protection, Attack Capability
    The infantry units hiding inside Fire Bases are just far too vulnerable. 
    While the units inside Tunnel Networks are more or less protected. 
    Protection is the most important factor in this comparison. Now, it is 
    time to compare the attack capabilities of the two. Tunnel Networks rely 
    on the player to manually evacuate the troops inside to attack, and that 
    the entire network can only hold 10 units. Bunkers on the other hand, are 
    attack defense structures, and you can build as many and stuff them with 
    as many troops as you like. So, I decide to revise the score here.
    Battle Bunkers > Tunnel Networks > Fire Bases
    Value for money:
    Fire Base:
    Cost: $1000
    In my opinion, the power of the Fire Base itself is not high enough, and 
    is still inaccurate towards infantry units. Besides, the Missile Defenders 
    and pathfinders that you garrison inside are not protected enough. One 
    single SCUD or artillery shell can kill them all. So, it is obviously 
    Value for money: Poor
    Tunnel Network:
    Cost: $500
    Camo Netting Upgrade: $900
    I can only use one word to describe the value for money of this structure: 
    Excellent. After all, it builds so fast, and can be camouflaged!
    Value for money: Excellent
    Battle Bunker:
    Cost: $400
    I will also use one word to describe the value for money of this structure: 
    Ditto. In fact, it is very cheap for a garrisonable structure that cannot 
    be cleared by normal means.
    Value for money: Excellent
    USA: 0 GLA: 1 China: 2
    Again, these structures are not to be used alone, always pair them up with 
    the basic base defense structure to ensure good security.
    c. Traps [GCP9C]
    USA: None
    The US lacks mines or bombs or any sort.
    GLA: Demo Trap
    That's right, the GLA has the ability to place barrels filled with dynamite 
    that explodes when someone gets near it. At $400, it is perfect for 
    providing choke point security. This Demo Trap is effective against most 
    Tanks, if your enemy likes to use tank rushes, you should place them in 
    strategic areas to increase chances of success.
    To switch from proximity detection mode to manual detonation mode:
    Click the Manual Detonation button on the Demo Trap to switch to Manual 
    Detonation Mode. Then to detonate it, click on the Detonate Now button. 
    This is useful if you want to reserve your trap for stronger units like 
    Overlord Tanks.
    China: Land Mines and Neutron Mines
    All Chinese Structures can be fitted with mines surrounding it to protect 
    enemies from getting too close. Each building can be mined once, but those 
    mines reappear after a while by mitotic cell division! The Neutron Mines 
    vaporize or I should say, atomize annoying infantry and Saboteurs, and 
    can again, kill the drivers inside vehicles.
    To mine your structures:
    Click on the Land Mines button and wait a while. Mines will be laid. It 
    costs $600. Then to upgrade to Neutron Mines, click on the Neutron Mines 
    button. It costs another $500.
    Factor: Explosive bias
    For Traps, the attack damage is the most important. So, those Demo Traps 
    come out as the winner. No need to visualize the picture to you. Although 
    Neutron Mines can neutralize drivers inside vehicles, most vehicles will 
    be destroyed by the time it gets to your mines.
    Demo Traps > Land Mines and Neutron Mines
    Value for money:
    Demo Trap:
    Cost: $400
    Ladies and gentlemen, we now have the all out surprise solution to Tank 
    Rushes coming at $400 each! An excellent value of money! Buy it!
    Value for money: Excellent
    Land Mines and Neutron Mines:
    Cost: $600 for Land Mines and $500 for Neutron Mines
    These are relatively expensive for traps, however, it is good that these 
    things can respawn indefinitely, and hence can be a good value for money 
    if you are playing as GLA and they like to use Saboteurs or Terrorists.
    Value for money: Good
    USA: 0 GLA: 2 China: 1
    The Demo Trap provides choke point security, only if your worker can reach 
    the building site. This is an active defensive structure, as you have to 
    make the worker unit build them manually one by one. But still, it is rather 
    amusing to see those units move over the trap and beep beep beep! Boom! 
    And they all fall down! AS for the Neutron Mines, vehicle stealers rejoice! 
    Any vehicle that gets too close to your structure will lose control of 
    the vehicle, as the driver is dead. You know the drill, steal them!
    d. Fake Structures [GCP9D]
    GLA: Fake/Real Structures
    Yes! The GLA can build fake structures to divert the enemy. These structures 
    can be detonated as a trap, or can be upgraded to a real structure!
    Value for money:
    Cost: $625
    Upgrade to Real Structure: Actual Cost of Structure - $625
    No comment here, after all, if you upgrade it to a real structure, you 
    will just wind up paying the entire price of the building.
    Value for money: Fair
    Score: 1
    To upgrade to a Real Structure:
    To upgrade your Fake Structure to a real Structure, click on the Upgrade 
    to Real Structure Button. The cost = Cost of Real Structure - Cost of Fake 
    10. Base Infrastructure
    Every organized base has units divided to perform different tasks. Some 
    are responsible for collecting supplies to earn cash, and some are used 
    to provide power, and some to gather intelligence abilities. A strong side 
    is one which is efficient in all of the above.
    a. Standard Resource Gatherer [GCP10A]
    USA: Chinook
    The American Chinook Transport Helicopter allows for quick transport of 
    supplies to your base. In fact, it can carry $600 at once. After you upgrade 
    it to have supply lines, it can carry 10% more. It can also carry 8 infantry 
    alone or 2 vehicles and 2 infantry units at once. Apart form this, it can 
    combat drop into enemy garrisoned buildings to clear them out. So, the 
    Chinook really is the best.
    To perform a Combat Drop:
    Load your Chinook full of Rangers, and then click on the combat drop button. 
    Then click on the structure you intend to take over. "Have fun, boys."
    GLA: Worker
    The GLA is the slowest resource collector of the lot, and is overpriced 
    at $200. The Worker also has to double as the builder, so be sure to build 
    a lot of them. Their new worker shoe upgrade is not going to help them 
    a lot. Their extremely low HP makes them the worst.
    China: Supply Truck
    Being half the price of a Chinook, the Supply Truck can collect half as 
    much as the Chinook at once. But they are better than the workers though.
    Factor: Efficiency
    Supplies collected per unit price:
    Chinook: 660/1200= 0.55 per $
    Supply Truck: 300/600 = 0.50 per $
    Worker: 75/200 = 0.375 per $
    It is obvious, really, which unit is the most worth it.
    Chinook > Supply Truck > Worker
    USA: 2 GLA: 0 China: 1
    Although the Chinook does not get close to the anti-air defenses, the anti 
    air units get to it! So! When your Chinook is going to fly to a hostile 
    territory to collect resources, "adult supervision" is required! Heh heh! 
    For Workers and Supply Trucks, always build your supply centers right next 
    to the docks for quick collection.
    b. Power Supply [GCP9B]
    USA: Cold Fusion Reactor
    Very expensive, very uneconomical for a superpower like the US. Only 5 
    units of power for $800! Although it can make use of more control rods 
    for $500 (After patch), it can never be as cost effective as the Chinese 
    one. I think I know why the world is so mad at Bush for rejecting the Kyoto 
    Protocol now!
    To upgrade to make use of Control Rods:
    Click on the Control Rods button to upgrade your Cold Fusion Reactor. It 
    takes some time to do so.
    GLA: No Power Plant
    The GLA does not need electricity to run! Ha ha!
    China: Nuclear Reactor
    This time, we get 10 units of power for $1000. Much more cost effective 
    than the US. Who cares if the plant explodes?
    To Overcharge your Nuclear Reactor:
    Sometimes, when your base receives a power cut unexpectedly, click on a 
    Nuclear Reactor and then click on the Overcharge Button. That Nuclear 
    Reactor will then generate 5 more units of power. Just remember to stop 
    the overcharge when power is restored. Otherwise, guys, there is going 
    to be a meltdown!
    Factor: Efficiency
    Cost per unit power:
    USA: $130
    GLA: $0
    China: $100
    Again, the result is obvious.
    No Power Plant > Nuclear Reactor > Cold Fusion Reactor
    USA: 0 GLA: 2 China: 1
    It's amazing that the USA, being the superpower it is, is not so resourceful 
    when it comes to power. Their cost per unit power is $130, while it is 
    $100 for China. In case of urgent power shortages, always Overcharge your 
    Nuclear Reactors to keep your super weapons running etc. until enough power 
    plants have been rebuilt. Although GLA does not require power to run, it 
    is always wise to capture power plants, as power speeds up their production 
    c. Infinite Supply Gatherer [GCP9C]
    USA: Supply Drop Zone
    The USA Supply Drop Zone receives air drops of supplies every 2 minutes. 
    That's too long! Besides, it takes too much power to run, and the supply 
    plane can easily be shot down.
    GLA: Black Market
    The Black Market costs $2500, and gives out $20 every "beep". It is more 
    useful than the US Drop Zone, as it gives the GLA access to many upgrades 
    that improve their units' attack power by 25%, that is, the Armor Piercing 
    Bullets and Armor Piercing Rockets.
    China: Hacking the Internet with Hacker inside the Internet Center
    Each Hacker costs $625, and gives out $5 with each beep. It may seem that 
    its value is the same as the black market, but no! Hackers can gain veterancy, 
    and eventually get $10 with every beep! Besides, Hackers can move around, 
    but the Black market cannot! Heh heh. The new Internet Center can offer 
    protection to the hackers from Rebel Ambushes! Their beeps seem to go faster 
    inside. So, well, it's the best.
    Factor: Frequency, Armor, Amount given, etc...
    Supply Drop Zone: 2 minutes
    Black Market = Beep
    Hackers in Internet Center = Multiple Beeps. Increases with number of 
    Hackers inside.
    Supply Drop Zone: Weak
    Black Market: Weak, but can rebuild from hole
    Internet Center: Can withstand a Particle Cannon
    Amount Given:
    Supply Drop Zone: $1500
    Black Market: $20
    Hacker: $5 --> $6 --> $8 --> $10
    Other Noticeable Features:
    Supply Drop Zone: Crates dropped sometimes may miss the drop zone, 
    requiring units to manually collect them. This is more likely if you build 
    your drop zone on the edge of the map.
    Black Market: Can provide important upgrades like the Armor Piercing 
    Bullets, Armor Piercing Rockets, Junk Repair, Buggy Ammo and Radar Scan.
    Internet Center: Provides China with intelligence capabilities, that was 
    once their weakness. Satellite 1 reveals the areas around each of your 
    opponents' command center permanently, Satellite Hack 2 intermittently 
    reveals all areas that your opponents' can see, much like the Intelligence 
    Option in the US Command Center.
    There are just far too many factors to compare them with. Such as frequency, 
    amount per run, protection and so on. But when we take some of them into 
    account, I arrive at this conclusion.
    Hackers in Internet Center > Black Market > Supply Drop Zone
    USA: 0 GLA: 1 China: 2
    Regardless of what type of gatherer you are using, always build in quantity. 
    Enough said. Note that the Internet Center can only be built once, so, 
    you can always have a group of Hackers hack the internet in another obscure 
    area of your base.
    d. Radar and Intelligence [GCP10D]
    The Americans have Radar right off the bat with their Command Center, and 
    are presented with the Spy Satellite, which can reveal a large piece of 
    land in the Fog of War, and can be used every minute. They also have the 
    Intelligence ability deployable in the Strategy Center, and reveals the 
    ENTIRE MAP every 5 minutes. If you can spare a General Point, you can also 
    get a Spy Drone, allowing you to consistently spy on your enemy, 
    particularly useful in the start of a match.
    GLA has to rely on its Radar Vans, built in the Arms Dealer for 500 credits. 
    The Radar Scan is available as a counterpart to the Spy Satellite. The 
    problem is that it is available a little too late at the Black Market, 
    and it reveals rather little land at a time. (in spite of its 30 second 
    prepping time.) The only redeeming feature is that you can abuse the Radar 
    Scan by building multiple Radar Vans.
    China only has to upgrade their Command Center to make use of Radar. All 
    Intelligence activities are then conducted in the Internet Center, which 
    PERMANENTLY reveals all land around all the Command Centers once Satellite 
    Hack 1 is in use. Once Satellite Hack 2 is in use, you can intermittently 
    SEE ALL LAND the enemy see! All of these perks cost only 4000 credits in 
    By comparison: USA > China > GLA
    USA: 2 GLA: 0 China: 1
    11. Superweapons and Generals Abilities [GCP11]
    Infantry Dispensing Ability:
    USA: Paratroopers
    The US can send up to 20 Rangers into the enemy base via airdrop. 
    Unfortunately, the transport planes tend to have very little armor, and 
    the Rangers are always scattered too much when they land.
    GLA: Ambush
    The GLA can make up to 16 Rebels appear out of nowhere in the selected 
    area. This is much better, as there is no defense against it, and when 
    you have researched into camouflage upgrade, the Rebels won't be spotted 
    if you do not use stealth detection.
    China: None
    In spite of its huge population, China does not have an ability to dispense 
    Red Guards in an instant.
    To use these abilities:
    Click on the button on the side bar, and then click on the target area.
    One can be stopped, the other cannot. Now, which is better?
    Ambush > Paradrop > None
    There is no defense against ambushes, the only way to deal with it is to 
    randomly place base defenses deep inside your base. To prevent those 
    paradrops, always build those anti air units in quantity!
    USA: 1 GLA: 2 China: 0
    Cash Obtaining Ability:
    USA: None
    The US lacks ability to steal cash or obtain cash in their generals' 
    GLA: Cash Bounty
    The GLA can earn up to 20% of the enemy units' value when they kill. This 
    is great, as not only you can get large sums of cash just by fighting, 
    you can know who made the kill, as the money will appear on the vehicle 
    who killed.
    China: Cash Hack
    The Chinese can steal up to $4000 from enemy supply centers. But who needs 
    it? Especially Black Lotus can cash hack, and the Hackers can hack the 
    internet for money.
    To use Cash Hack:
    Click on the button on the sidebar, and then click on the enemy supply 
    center or supply stash you want to steal money from. Note that you must 
    be able to see it (ie. Not in Fog of War) before you can use it.
    Cash Bounty can raise the incentive of you to kill enemies, and the money 
    just comes rolling in, there is no need to wait, or reveal the area around 
    the enemy supply center,
    Cash Bounty > Cash Hack > None
    With the Cash Bounty ability, you can become a paid to kill General! This 
    is useful in the late game, when resources are almost exhausted. But please 
    note that your Command Center must be standing in order to take advantage 
    of it.
    USA: 0 GLA: 2 China: 1
    Quick Bombardment Ability:
    USA: A-10 Strike
    The A-10 Thunderbolts from the first Command and Conquer are finally back. 
    The US can send up to 3 of them at once to create massive damage. 
    Unfortunately, the A-10 are vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire, and cannot 
    hit targets too far in the base, particularly the enemy has many 
    anti-aircraft measures in use.
    Supplementary Information on the A-10 Thunderbolt II (Reference: Jane's)
    Nicknamed the 'warthog', the A-10A evolved from USAF experience in the 
    Vietnam War, which highlighted the need for a new close support aircraft 
    with anti-tank capability.
    The first Fairchild YA-10A flew on 10 May 1972, with Fairchild's design 
    sacrificing sleekness for survivability and operational effectiveness. 
    The low-set larger-area wing gives extremely good low-speed 
    maneuverability over the battlefield, while the two TF-34-GE-100 
    turbofans are housed in separate external pods toward the rear of the 
    fuselage, using the wings and twin finned protection versus small arms 
    and cannon at low altitudes, the pilot sits in a titanium 'bathtub' 
    extending to the 1,174 round ammunition tank for the A-10's most fearsome 
    weapon, its nose mounted 30mm seven barrel rotary cannon capable of firing 
    armor piercing depleted uranium shells at 2,100 or 4,200 rpm. A Pave Penny 
    seeker allows the pilot to spot target 'painted' by other lasers, and the 
    Warthog can carry up to 7,258kg (16,000lb) of additional ordnance on eight 
    underwing and three underfuselage hardpoints.
    A total of 721 A-10As entered service with the USAF, making a spectacular 
    contribution to the Gulf War of 1991. A small number have been redesigned 
    OA-10As for use in the FAC role. After almost being retired in the 190s, 
    the USAF now plans to operate about 400 A-10s for anther 30 years, and 
    is looking to replace the current engines, and develop structural and 
    avionics upgrades.
    Specifications for the Northrop Grumman A-10A Thunderbolt II
    Powerplant: two 40.32kN (9,065 lb st) General Electric TF34-GE-100 
    non-afterburning turbofans
    Dimensions: length 16.26m (53ft 4in); height 4.47m (14ft 8in); wing span 
    17.53m (57ft 6in)
    Weights: empty, equipped 11,321kg (24,959lb); MTOW 22,680kg (50,000lb)
    Performance: max level speed at sea level 706 km/h (439mph); max rate of 
    climb at sea level 1,828m (6,000ft)/min
    Armament: one GAU-8/A 30mm cannon with 1,174 rds; up to 7,258 kg (16,000lb) 
    of ordnance including AGM-65 Maverick ASMs, LGBs, free-fall bombs, ECM 
    pods, AIM-9 AAMs and auxiliary fuel tanks
    GLA: None
    The GLA does not have an ability to quickly bombard the enemies' base.
    China: Artillery Barrage, Carpet Bomb, Cluster Mines
    The Chinese has the ability to fire up to 36 Artillery Shells anywhere 
    in the map. The good thing is, it has no defenses against it, and can hit 
    very far into the enemy base. So, once you hear the sound, get ready to 
    say your prayers! I don't think I have to state what the Carpet Bomb does, 
    but its area of effect is greater in Zero Hour. The Cluster Mines can mine 
    any area of the field.
    To use these abilities:
    Click the button on the sidebar, and then click on the target area. That 
    area will be temporarily revealed, allowing you to see the fireworks!
    Artillery Barrage is unstoppable, while A-10 strikes can be. Carpet Bombs 
    and Cluster Mines also can be. But at least they are better than GLA, which 
    lacks these abilities.
    Artillery Barrage > A-10 Strike = Carpet Bomb = Cluster Mines > None
    USA: 1 GLA: 0 China: 4 (2 for Artillery Barrage, 1 for Carpet Bomb and 
    Cluster Mines each)
    All these abilities are in a send in and forget basis. No need to explain. 
    For your information, A-10 Strike (assuming that all 3 jets reach their 
    target) with Particle Cannon or Artillery Barrage with Nuclear Missile 
    can destroy any superweapon structure. Keep this in mind. Command Centers 
    are built to withstand such attacks, so never target them with these 
    abilities, as they are an absolute waste of time.
    5 Star General Bombing Ability:
    USA: Fuel Air Bomb, Leaflet Drop, Scepter Gunship 
    What can I say? A Boeing B-52 Stratofortress will be sent in out of no 
    where, and drop a very explosive fuel air-bomb into the target. Destruction 
    guaranteed. The MOAB upgrade helps them more and more! The Leaflet drop 
    temporarily disables enemy units, while, the Scepter Gunship circles 
    around the target, and cuts down the enemy with its guns. A great Arsenal 
    Supplementary Information for the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress: (Reference: 
    Originally conceived as a turboprop replacement for Boeing's B-50, the 
    B-52 Stratofortress emerged in 1952 powered by J57 turbojets. Adopting 
    the shoulder-mounted wing, tandem mainwheel landing gear and dual podded 
    engine configuration of the company's B-47 Stratojet, the XB-52 prototype 
    first flew on 15 April 1952. Production models ran from the B-52A to the 
    B-52H, with final production ending in the 1960s. Today, only 76 B-52Hs 
    remain in service, but the USAF bomber master plan has them serving until 
    2034, when these aging 'BUFF's will be 70 years old!
    The B-52H has evolved into a long-range stand-off cruise missile carrier, 
    with a typical load of six AGM 86B ALCMs on each wing pylon and eight on 
    an internal rotary launcher. It could also carry 50,000lb of free-fall 
    bombs. A strengthened airframe on the B-52H allows low-level operations 
    and the four 12.7mm tail guns have been replaced with a six barrel 20mm 
    radar-directed Vulcan cannon.
    The USAF plans continuing updates to keep the B-52 current. ECM 
    improvements were funded in 2000, with a datalink and weapons databus 
    upgrade planned for 2006-2010. An in-flight mission replanning capability 
    is schedules for 2015. There has also been talk for several years of 
    replacing the eight TF33 turbofans with four 192.16kN (43,200 lb st) Rolls 
    Royce RD211-535E4s, to increase thrust, reduce fuel consumption and 
    improve reliability.
    Specifications of the B-52H
    Powerplant: eight 75.62kN (17,000 lb st) Pratt and Whitney TF33-P-3 
    Dimensions: length 49.05m (160ft 11in); height 12.40m (40ft 8in); wing 
    span 56.39m (185ft)
    Weights: MTOW 229,088kg (505,000lb)
    Performance: cruising speed at high altitude 819 km/h (509mph); 
    penetration speed at low altitude 652-676 km/h (405-420mph); service 
    ceiling 16,785m (55,000ft); range 16,093km (10,000 miles)
    Armament: one Vulcan 20mm six-barrel cannon in tail turret; up to 22,680 
    kg (50,000 lb) of AGM-86C ALCMs, B61/83 nuclear weapons and AGM-142 Have 
    Nap PGMs, or 51 x 340kg (750lb)/454kg (1,000lb) conventional bombs.
    Supplementary Information on the Northrop Grumman B-2A Spirit: (Reference: 
    Revealed on 22 November 1988, the B-2A Spirit low-observable stealth 
    strategic bomber was the result of a classified USAF programme begun in 
    1978 for a new Advanced Technology Bomber, intended to penetrate deep into 
    Soviet airspace. The first of six prototypes (AV-1 to AV-6) made its maiden 
    flight on 17 July 1989, and the 'Stealth Bomber' was declared operational 
    in April 1997. The Air Force originally planned to buy 132 B-2s, but 
    production ended in 1997 after 21 aircraft. Each cost more than $2 Billion.
    The B-2A is a blended flying wing with straight leading edges and a 
    'sawtooth' trailing edge. A centrebody smoothly contoured into the upper 
    wing surfaces contains the two man crew compartment and two weapons bays, 
    while the low-observable contouring extends to the engine bays, each hosing 
    two F118-GE-110 non-afterburning turbofans. The engine exhausts are 
    positioned well forward of the wind trailing edge, helping to reduce the 
    heat-signature available to enemy IR sensors. Internal rotary launcher\s 
    can carry a weapons load of up to 22,680 kb (50,000 lb) of nuclear and 
    conventional weapons.
    Six B-2As saw their first combat service over Kosovo in 1999, dropping 
    more than 454,000 kg of GPS-guided munitions, mainly JDAMs. All missions 
    were flown from Whiteman AFB in the US, as the stealthy B02 requires special 
    servicing and maintenance that makes overseas basing difficult. All 21 
    B-2s are to be upgraded to Block 30 standard by 2000.
    Specifications of the Northrop Grumman B-2A
    Powerplant: four 84.5 kN (19,000 lb st) General Electric F118-GE-110 non 
    afterburning turbofans
    Dimensions: length 21.03m (69ft); height 5.18m (17ft); wing span 52.43m 
    Weights: empty 45,360kg (100,000 lb); MTOW 170,550kg (376,000lb)
    Performance: max level speed at high altitude 764 km/h (475mph); service 
    ceiling 15,240m (50,000ft); range at MTOW with 16,919kg (37,300lb) warload 
    11,667km (7,260mi); range with one aerial refueling 18,520km (11,508 
    Armamaent: up to 22,680 kg (50,000 lb) including up to 16 AGM-129-ACMs, 
    16 AGM-131 SRAM IIs, 16 B61/B83 free fall nuclear bombs, 50 Mk 82 454 kg 
    (1,00lb) or 16 Mk 84 906kg (2,000lb) bobs, 36 M117 340.5kg (750lb) 
    fire-bombs, 36 cluster bombs and 50 Mk 36 454kg (1,000lb) sea mines
    GLA: Anthrax Bomb
    A plane drops a bomb with a little explosiveness into the selected target. 
    The Anthrax Produced is only effective if there are enemies in the area. 
    Otherwise, it is useless.
    China: EMP Bomb
    The Chinese have the ability to drop a bomb which transmits an 
    electromagnetic pulse in a very large area, disabling any vehicle and 
    structure in its radius in a considerable amount of time. Always coordinate 
    this attack with an air-strike or tank rush. You'll see what I mean.
    To use these abilities:
    Click the button on the sidebar, and then click on the target area. That 
    area will be temporarily revealed, allowing you to see the fireworks!
    The Fuel Air Bomb is the best of all these abilities, because of its high 
    damage potential. Scepter Gunship is good, but the problem is that manual 
    targeting is required to achieve the maximum effect. The Anthrax Bomb is 
    also cool, because of its ability to dissolve even armored units in a jiffy. 
    The sole redeeming feature preventing the EMP bomb is that it can disable 
    buildings. Meanwhile, the Leaflet Drop and deserves a zero, as these 
    disabling drops take too long to arrive, and the enemies most likely would 
    be out of place when they come.
    Again, fire and forget, that's all I can say. I think the MOAB is the 
    funniest, they call it the Mother of All Bombs! Why? Why not the Father 
    of All Bombs, Brother of All Bombs or Sister of All Bombs?
    NOTE: The above is just a lame joke. I KNOW THAT MOAB stands for Massive 
    Ordnance Air Burst. I am saying this because I received many e-mails, even 
    one from someone claiming to be a US Army Detonations Expert of what it 
    really is.
    USA: 3 (2 for the Fuel Air Bomb, 1 for the Scepter Gunship) 
    GLA: 1 China: 1
    5-Star Sneak Attack Abilities:
    GLA: Sneak Attack, GPS Scrambler
    The GLA Sneak Attack enables you to place a tunnel network anywhere on 
    the map! Great for sneak attacks. The GPS Scrambler makes an area of your 
    units invisible for a short period of time. Again, a very effective attack 
    ability. Prince Kossad has this ability right at the start.
    To use the Sneak Attack:
    Click on the button on your sidebar, and then click on the position where 
    you want to place the tunnel. You can adjust the direction of which the 
    Tunnel Network is facing. Again, the position of placement must not be 
    in a fog of war.
    GLA: 2
    3-Star Morale Boosting Ability
    China: Frenzy
    China has this new ability that can cause a large number of their units 
    frenzy, and attack with up to 30% more damage for 30 seconds! Now, you 
    really can have brute force!
    China: 1
    Super Weapon:
    USA: Particle Cannon
    The Americans have the ability to beam highly charged particles to attack 
    the enemy. That's not all, you can control the beam as it spreads havoc. 
    It is the only super weapon that can destroy GLA structures with their 
    holes. Unfortunately, it does not collateral damage in form of chemicals 
    or radiation. So it is not so good, if you want to coordinate your attack 
    with a second land attack.
    GLA: Scud Storm
    The GLA has the ability to fire a volley of 9 Scud Missiles into the enemies' 
    base. The Scuds are filled with chemicals, and can cause a lot of damage 
    to the survivors of the blast. However, it can destroy the GLA buildings 
    but not with their holes. So that's a problem. However, it is better than 
    the Particle Cannon, as the chemicals that come out can really "clean" 
    an area of the enemy's base, allowing you to follow up with a large scale 
    conventional attack.
    China: Nuclear Missile
    The Nuclear Missile is back from Red Alert. Like the Scud Storm, it can 
    clear a large part of the enemy's base in one single blast, with its 
    radiation and all. But wait, there's more! You can use the Nuclear Missile 
    Silo to provide Uranium Shells for your Main Battle Tanks, and also upgrade 
    your tanks with Nuclear Reactors inside to increase their speed by 25%. 
    A new addition is the Neutron Shell upgrade to the Nuke Cannons. So it 
    is more useful.
    The Superweapons topic is extremely controversial. It has been debated 
    around about which one is the best. But still, I will do it anyway, but 
    will have the shotgun ready in case some radicals who disagree come flaming 
    in. (Hee hee.)
    The Particle Cannon's recharge time is shortest at 4 minutes, but what 
    I don't like is that you need to control it manually, so it is hard to 
    coordinate multiple Particle Cannons at the same time.
    GLA's SCUD Storm DOES not require power and is the most durable of the 
    three. It's a fire and forget type of thing, this is why I think this is 
    the best, in spite of its 5 minute prepping time.
    China's nuke is the slowest of all, but equal damage is dished out to 
    anything within its radius, and since one nuke drops, there is basically 
    no time for the people inside the area to move out of the way.
    Having analyzed these factors, I think the SCUD Storm still has an edge 
    over the other 2.
    SCUD Storm > Particle Cannon = Nuclear Missile
    USA: 0 GLA: 1 China: 0
    Using super weapons is not a way to win a battle, they are there to assist 
    you, so regardless of what weapon you use, always have a large tank horde 
    or something like that on standby, then you can really do a lot of damage 
    to the base. Because the 3 super weapons have different attack potentials, 
    the count-down timer for the Particle Cannon is 4 minutes, that of the 
    Scud Storm is 5 minutes, and that of the Nuclear Missile is 6 minutes. 
    USA and China can take advantage of those super weapons if they can 
    coordinate them with an A-10 Strike or an Artillery Barrage. However, if 
    I were the game host, I will choose to limit the superweapons, as extensive 
    use of superweapons take out all the sport out of this game.
    12. Final Overall Comparison [GCP12]
    Hot Units:
    USA: Rangers, Missile Defenders, Pathfinders and Colonel Burton
    GLA: Rebels, Angry Mobs, Jarmen Kell
    China: Hackers, Black Lotus
    USA: 12 GLA: 5 China: 4
    Winner: USA
    USA has the most number of utility units as far as infantry units are 
    concerned. The Pilot really can reapply veterancy, they can really help 
    those vehicles in battle. GLA has the largest number of units to choose 
    from, that's good for those people who have "taste". China may have lagged 
    behind, but attack in quantity, and it can make all the difference, as 
    they have the horde effect. USA tends to be a big winner in the Infantry 
    section. I wonder if they can be just as good in other features.
    Armored Units:
    Hot Units:
    USA: Paladin Tank, Humvees, Tomahawk Missiles and Microwave Tanks
    GLA: Attack Cycles, Scorpion Tanks, Marauder Tanks, Rocket Buggies, Scud 
    Launchers and Bomb Trucks
    China: Battlemaster Tanks, Dragon Tanks, Troop Crawlers, Listening 
    Outposts, ECM Tanks, Inferno Cannons, Nuke Cannons and Overlord Tanks
    USA: 7 GLA: 7 China: 15
    Winner: China
    USA is definitely the side which requires you to make use of almost every 
    single unit in their armored unit arsenal to assault the enemy's base. 
    Such arrangements are too inconvenient. However, their microwave tanks 
    really are hot! If your enemy garrisons snipers inside buildings, rangers 
    can be killed easily, while they cannot do anything but watch as your 
    Microwave Tank goes in and dings them to death! It is different for GLA 
    and China, as they both have all rounded Advanced Battle Tanks. The reason 
    why I let the combat cycle to be a hot unit instead of the technicals, 
    as terrorist-bikers are much faster then techinicals holding terrorists. 
    Regardless of which side you use, the artillery units are ALWAYS hot! Just 
    distract the opponents' units with your tanks while the artillery fires 
    from behind! China's listening outposts and troop crawlers can really help 
    if you want your transports bundled up with free infantry, just like Happy 
    Meals! (The McDonald's in Hong Kong are still cheap, by the way.)
    Air Units:
    Hot Units:
    USA: Raptors, Stealth Fighters, Comanches and Aurora Bombers
    GLA: None
    China: MiGs and Helices
    USA: 2 GLA: 0 China: 2
    Tied at First Place: USA and China
    Regardless of which side you choose, their air force is hot! Of course, 
    USA is the hottest! The new Helix Helicopter has really given China the 
    ability to control the sky! This is particularly true if you upgrade with 
    Gattling Cannons or Bunkers filled with Rocket Infantry, most aircraft 
    will be downed in no time! USA wins, as they have 4 units, while China 
    has only 2! USA is the side for people who like to rely on air units, build 
    about 20 planes, and the enemy should have a hard time getting near your 
    base. Of course, if you are GLA or China, you should always target your 
    superweapons towards their airfields, and only attack while they are out 
    on a raid.
    Base Defenses:
    Hot Stuff:
    USA: Fire Base
    GLA: Demo Traps, Tunnel Networks, Fake Structures
    China: Gattling Cannons, Bunkers, Neutron Mines
    USA: 1 GLA: 4 China: 5
    Winner: China
    The GLA and China are ahead in the base defense department. Concerning 
    Demo Traps, do not build them too close to your own structures, otherwise, 
    when the enemy gets to it, "beep beep beep" BOOM! One structure reduced 
    to a hole! China retains the old Command and Conquer Tradition of "build 
    10 turrets and you will be safe" tradition. The Gattling Cannons and Bunkers, 
    when used in conjunction can prove extremely difficult to breach. As for 
    USA, well, "Beware Patriot Batteries, they are dangerous!" I think not. 
    So be prepared to guard the area surrounding your base with Comanches and 
    the like.
    Base Infrastructure:
    Hot Stuff:
    USA: Chinooks, Supply Drop Zones
    GLA: The ability to run without electricity, Black Markets
    China: Nuclear Reactors, Internet Center
    USA: 4 GLA: 3 China: 5
    Winner: China
    The Base Infrastructure department is balanced enough. Enough said. Having 
    compared the intelligence abilities, I find USA to not be that bad here 
    after all.
    Super Weapons and Generals Abilities:
    USA: 5 GLA: 8 China: 7
    Winner: GLA
    The style of each side can be seen from the General Abilities, that's for 
    sure. USA is addicted to high-tech advanced strategy and the usage of planes. 
    GLA loves sneaky underhanded tactics and various methods of sabotage. China 
    relies on pure brute force, and bombs, bombs and bombs!
    As I said before, extensive use of superweapons take the sport out of the 
    game, so I recommend limiting the number of superweapons to 1 and only 
    1. (Of course, if your enemy is being too slow, you can use superweapons 
    as a psychological device.)
    My recommended Generals Abilities are as follows:
    Paladin Tank (1 point)
    Pathfinder (1 point)
    A10 Strike Level 3 (3 points)
    Fuel Air Bomb (1 point)
    Specter Gunship (1 point)
    Scud Launcher (1 point)
    Marauder Tank (1 point)
    Rebel Ambush Level 3* (3 points)
    Cash Bounty Level 3* (3 points)
    Sneak Attack (1 point)
    GPS Scrambler (1 point)
    * = optional abilities
    Nuke Cannon (1 point)
    Artillery Barrage Level 3 (3 points)
    Artillery Training* (1 point)
    Carpet Bomb* (1 point)
    Cluster Mines* (1 point)
    Frenzy Level 2* (2 points) or 3* (3 points)
    * = optional abilities
    13. About the Talented Generals [GCP13]
    As you can see, one of the new features of Command and Conquer: Zero Hour 
    are the inclusion of 9 new Generals who are talented in different fields 
    of battle. There are 3 Generals in each side, and this section will compare 
    their different features and special abilities.
    Each General will be given the base score which is the total score of the 
    standard side, points will be awarded or deducted based on how much of 
    an advantage or a disadvantage to that side.
    Short Biography:
    A logistics staffer during the second Korean War, Alexander attracted the 
    notice of her superiors with her ability to acquire just about everything. 
    Alexander parlayed that ability into a scholarship and a long and 
    distinguished career in the Marines. To protect supply lines during the 
    First GLA Conflict, Alexander developed a tiered scheme of defenses that 
    did not allow a single strike on any of her supply columns. While hardly 
    efficient in her use of resources, General Alexander makes defense and 
    resource acquisition priorities in the early phases of conflict. The 
    General's army takes to the offensive only when she has superior offensive 
    only when she has superior offensive firepower that cannot be touched by 
    counter attack.
    Apparently, General Alexander used to be an excellent intelligence officer 
    during the Second Korean War. She makes use of heavy defenses and is 
    inefficient in using resources. She attacks only when she is sufficiently 
    defended, and that can be a problem.
    Special properties of her army:
    EMP Patriot System:
    Instead of using normal Patriot Missiles, Alexis Alexander will use 
    missiles that deliver an Electromagnetic Pulse to the enemy. Any vehicles 
    that get hit are disabled for a short period of time, while aircraft are 
    downed instantly. This helps make up for her lack in attacking units, 
    however, they are still hot targets for Enemy Artillery.
    Points awarded: +1
    Advanced Control Rods:
    Now, by paying an extra $500, you get 15 units of power instead of the 
    usual 5! That's what a super weapon general needs. Otherwise, how could 
    she have powered up her particle cannons?
    Points awarded: +1
    All vehicles and aircraft cost more to produce:
    Ugh! This is one thing that severely weakens Alexis Alexander! All vehicles 
    cost significantly more than the standard USA, and the Avenger costs $2400 
    a piece! That's ludicrous I tell you! No wonder Alexis is hardly efficient 
    in her use of resources!
    Points deducted: -4
    Particle Cannons cost only $2500:
    What would a superweapon general do without superweapons? Now, as Particle 
    Cannons are selling at only $2500, they can build as many as there are 
    supply drop zones in her base! For some strange reason, the particle cannons 
    fire a pink beam, instead of a blue one. I have no idea why.
    Points awarded: +2
    Main Battle Tanks are not available:
    Another problem with the USA Talented Generals is that they are FAR TOO 
    SPECIALIZED IN THEIR FIELDS while they are severely weak at other fields. 
    What can she do without those tanks? This means that the basic attacking 
    units on her side are humvees loaded with Missile Defenders, and I am sure 
    that this is hardly worth it.
    Points deducted: -2
    Aurora Alpha Bombers replace Aurora Bombers:
    As she is a Super Weapon General, Alexis Alexander's auroras really have 
    to be highly explosive! Instead of using regular bombs, they use Fuel Air 
    Bombs! The initial explosion is like that of a normal Aurora's bomb, but 
    then, it will be followed by a "shock" blast that is even more damage and 
    has 1.5 times the radius of a Nuke Cannon shell! Very, very lethal indeed. 
    I guess the whole point of introducing this unit, is to encourage people 
    to play as Alexis Alexander, as everything else is extremely weak for her! 
    Points awarded: +3
    Net Score Change: +1
    Score: 20 + 1 = 21
    Short Biography:
    The son of an Iowa crop duster, General Malcolm Granger's flying career 
    began when he borrowed his father's biplane to go to the state fair in 
    Kansas City. As a lieutenant in the First Iraq War, Granger earned his 
    first notices for knocking out four SAM sites in a single afternoon. As 
    he moved up the Air Force ranks, Granger earned a reputation for advancing 
    the role of fighting aircraft in the US military. Even-tempered yet 
    uncompromising, Granger has developed novel techniques in fuel management 
    and resource deployment during air superiority operations. Those 
    techniques have been used with success in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other 
    theaters. His squadrons are kwon for precision execution and a strong will 
    to complete the mission.
    Malcolm Granger is known as "Ace" because he is a natural flyer. In fact, 
    what he did when he was kid was extremely similar to what the two main 
    characters in the movie Pearl Harbor did when they were kids. (Borrowed 
    one of the character's father's biplane for a spin.) He must have an 
    obsession with air units, and he actually could destroy 4 SAM Sites in 
    one day during the first Iraq War (Is that the Gulf War?)
    Of course, with his research in different aircraft, he has made even more 
    enhanced aircraft, and of course, with better resource management 
    abilities, all aircraft can be bought cheap!
    Special properties of his squadron:
    King Raptor replaces normal Raptors:
    The King Raptor REALLY is an enhanced version of the Raptor! Instead of 
    just having 4 missiles, they have 6! The missiles are golden in color and 
    pack a bigger punch. Besides, these Raptors seem to be better armored, 
    cool! Build these in quantity and get the Air Wing Honor!
    Points awarded: +3
    Laser Point Defenses included in all Aircraft:
    With Laser Point defenses installed in all aircraft, all of these units 
    will become Paladin Planes! However, there is no stopping bullet based 
    anti-air units, so watch out.
    Points awarded: +1
    Combat Chinooks:
    In addition to normal Chinooks, you can now build Combat Chinooks, which 
    are Chinooks with a bunker installed. Hence, infantry units can fire from 
    inside, and you can wreck as much havoc as the bunker helices do! Besides, 
    they can also collect supplies if you wish, unfortunately, they can't if 
    they are loaded.
    Points awarded: +2
    No Main Battle Tanks are Available:
    With such a powerful air force, Malcolm Granger does not need any basic 
    ground unit. That's his loss, so you cannot make multi-prong attacks.
    Point deducted: -1
    Stealth Comanches:
    Now, you can upgrade your Comanche helicopters to become invisible. Much 
    better for airborne sneak attacks! This is the reason why Comanches will 
    replace the Crusader Tank as the basic attacking unit of Granger's side. 
    But beware of stationery base defenses, as they can detect your helicopters 
    very quickly.
    Points awarded: +2
    Carpet Bombing is available at the Strategy Center:
    If you play as Malcolm "Ace" Granger, all you need to do is to have a Strategy 
    Center built in order to make use of Carpet Bombs! The bombs are more intense 
    than the China Carpet Bombs, and hence can deal more damage and destruction! 
    Points awarded: +2
    Stealth Fighter is available at the start:
    This really is not so significant, but it is worth awarding a point for 
    them. Have fun messing with your opponents' bunkers and tunnel networks!
    Point awarded: +1
    Net Score Change: +10
    Score: 20 + 10 = 30
    Short Biography:
    An early champion of laser technology in the USA Arms Forces, "Pinpoint" 
    Townes developed comprehensive offense and defensive strategies around 
    laser-based weapons. Townes received an appointment to the U.S. Army War 
    College in 2008 to teach his theories. However, Townes found academic life 
    too slow and returned to a battlefield command in 2010. Relying on 
    inexpensive, powerful laser technology throughout his forces and his 
    unique knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses. General Townes has 
    consistently received superior marks during war games and live-fire 
    actions. This four star general continues to push the technology envelope 
    in harnessing energy and improving power efficiency, and the Army is 
    counting heavily on him.
    General Townes has got to be the most high tech general of the 3 USA Talented 
    Generals. He just so relies on lasers, and he originally was appointed 
    to be a professor in the Army College to teach how powerful lasers can 
    be. However, he is a person who loves action, and hence left the college 
    2 years later to command his armies again. Of course, lasers require a 
    lot of power and hence he will try his best to make the most efficient 
    use of power to improve his laser technology!
    This guy really is an addict on his lasers. In fact, when I played against 
    him in Generals Challenge, he practically mentioned the word laser over 
    20 times! Vanity, thy name is Townes.
    Bright Properties of his army:
    Laser Defense Turrets replace normal Patriot Missiles:
    Wow! This really is hot! Instead of those lame missiles that are so 
    inaccurate and are able to be stopped by a lot of things, General "Pinpoint" 
    Townes has decided to make a more practical approach on things. These lasers 
    fire just so quickly and they NEVER miss! Just a pity these things aren't 
    as powerful as Obelisks of Light...
    Points Awarded: +3
    Cold Fusion Reactors give 8 units of power to begin with:
    Well, he already has to make his lasers work, and hence, a better power 
    output is required. This gives him a slight advantage compared with the 
    standard USA army.
    Point awarded: +1
    Tomahawk Missiles are unavailable:
    He's a Laser General, right? Tomahawk Missiles are non-laser weapons. Hence, 
    none can be purchased by General Townes. This has got to be the only weakness 
    of "Pinpoint" Townes.
    Point deducted: -1
    Avengers cost less to produce:
    Another hot thing about Townes' army is that you get a 25% discount when 
    purchasing Avengers. They only cost $1500! Which means you can get USA's 
    only answer to air attacks for a much cheaper price. Enjoy.
    Points awarded: +2
    Laser Tanks replaces all Main Battle Tanks:
    Another unique unit of General Townes' army. The laser tank is practically 
    a Crusader Tank equipped with a powerful laser. However, power must be 
    constantly supplied, or your tanks will all power down and become useless. 
    But otherwise, a great tank.
    Points awarded: +3
    Net Score Change: +8
    Score: 20 + 8 = 28
    Comparison of all 4 types of USA army:
    Malcolm "Ace" Granger > General "Pinpoint" Townes > General Alexis 
    Alexander > Standard USA
    Short Biography: 
    Little is known about the GLA associate codenamed, "Dr. Thrax". While 
    background intelligence indicates that he received training as an 
    immunologist in Jordan, he left academics in 1995 and disappeared into 
    a GLA controlled ghetto in Cairo. For the past twenty years, he has produced 
    chemical and biological weapons for terrorist organizations across the 
    globe, including the GLA. Recent eavesdropping on cell phone traffic 
    indicates that Dr. Thrax has become more involved in day-to-day operations 
    of the GLA. He has scattered labs across Asia and the Middle East, where 
    low-cost WMDs are produced and distributed to local terror cells. A 
    cautious and scientific personality, Dr. Thrax never sleeps in the same 
    bed two nights in a row and undergoes frequent cosmetic surgery to alter 
    his appearance.
    Being an excellent Chemistry student, I have got to admit that this GLA 
    general is one of my favorites. I believed he originally intended to help 
    people to be immune to diseases, but for some strange reason, he went into 
    the dark side in 1995, and started to produce chemical and biological 
    weapons instead of using his knowledge to do good things for mankind. Anyway, 
    everything about this man is either chemical and biological. For more 
    information about this guy, you can read about it in the guide for USA 
    Mission 5 in my strategy guide of this game.
    If you beat Dr. Thrax in General's Challenge mode, you can see what Dr. 
    Thrax really looks like under that veil. He looks rather handsome for a 
    man who frequently undergoes plastic surgery. Well, at least he is more 
    handsome than Michael Jackson.
    Chemical Properties of his army:
    Toxin Networks replace Tunnel Networks:
    Instead of using a simple mounted "click" gun, Dr. Thrax, like General 
    "Pinpoint" Townes, has decided to put a more practical approach to things 
    in life. This tunnel network has a toxin sprayer similar to that of Toxin 
    Tractors. Of course, both infantry and light vehicles will be completely 
    dissolved before they know it! In fact, I know many people, especially 
    absolute beginners try to use many many workers to build many toxin networks 
    in their opponents' base to overwhelm them and get quick wins. This tunnel 
    rushing is very annoying to most people, fortunately, I can stop more than 
    80% of such attacks now. Meanwhile, EA has decided to deal with this unfair 
    practice by significantly increasing the Tunnel Network build times in 
    their first update for the game.
    Points Awarded: +3
    Stinger Site missiles and Rocket Propelled Grenades become chemical:
    That's right, you chemical people out there, the good Doctor has prepared 
    his medicine into lovely little rocket powered pills! It is guaranteed 
    to cure any disease that threatens the health of your base, including the 
    tank virus and infantry bacteria! Enjoy!
    Points awarded: +2
    Toxin Rebels replace normal Rebels:
    That's right, you now have some trooper that acts somewhat like the 
    flamethrowers of the original Red Alert, except they are Chem Warriors. 
    They are practically effective against anything that they can attack, 
    except buildings, but that's what their Capture Building abilities are 
    used against, right?
    Points awarded: +2
    Toxin Terrorist replaces normal Terrorists:
    The Toxin Terrorist is the same as the standard GLA Terrorist, but unlike 
    the Terrorist he explodes in a cloud of toxin. However, the damage done 
    is not weakened, which makes them slightly better.
    Point awarded: +1
    Bomb Trucks can only be upgraded with the Bio Bomb:
    This is one weakness of the Doctor's army. Then, their Bomb Trucks cannot 
    pack as much of a punch than other GLA armies. But powerful nonetheless.
    Point deducted: -1
    Tanks start with Toxin Shells:
    Yay! That's $1000 saved so that you can get your Scorpion Tanks to poison 
    the enemy right from the start. I am sure you will have a lot of fun with 
    these things.
    Point awarded: +2
    No camouflage abilities available except for Jarmen Kell:
    So what? The absence of camouflage isn't going to make it hard for you, 
    right? As Jarmen Kell is the only effective stealth unit, it does not matter 
    that you can't use any hijackers or whatever.
    No Points deducted or awarded
    All Chemical Weapons start as Anthrax Beta and can be upgraded to Anthrax 
    The good old Doctor has the 25% attack bonus for his chemical weapons, 
    and now, he only has to pay $1000 more at the palace to make use of another 
    25% attack bonus! Yummy, tasty...
    Points awarded: +3
    Net Score Change: +12
    Score: 20 + 12 = 32
    Short Biography:
    This bomb maker if Middle Eastern ancestry is responsible for some of the 
    most devastating attacks of the twenty first century. General Juhziz and 
    his organization have been tied to both the attack on the US embassy in 
    Cairo and the sinking of the USS Nelsen in 2012. Such bold strikes have 
    drawn more supporters to his side, including bombers from many nations 
    willing to sacrifice their lives for the causes of the GLA. General Juhziz 
    lost the use of a hand in a bomb making accident and rarely speaks to anyone 
    outside of his own organization.
    Bombs, bombs and even more bombs! This is what General Rodall Juhziz is 
    all about. Of course, as bombs are such effective weapons for terrorists, 
    Rodall Juhziz really has done a good job at blowing up a US Embassy and 
    the USS Nelsen. It's amazing that these strikes will make so many people 
    willing to enlist as terrorists to sacrifice their lives for "the effort". 
    Of course, bomb making is a dangerous business, and this clumsy oaf blew 
    up so many people and yet could not take care of himself! In fact, he got 
    one hand blown off in an accident!
    Special Properties of his bombers:
    Demo Traps are enhanced to Advanced Demo Traps:
    Whoopee! Introducing the new Advanced Demo Trap: with more dynamite, more 
    explosiveness and more damage! Wait, there's more! It comes cheaper than 
    the normal Demo Trap! Coming from a worker near you. DISCLAIMER: WE ARE 
    Point awarded: +1
    With this upgrade, ALL of your units and structures become suicide soldiers. 
    When they are killed, they explode, dealing similar damage to that of a 
    terrorist to anything that is too close to the unit. Besides, each unit 
    can blow themselves up when commanded. So, really, every unit is a 
    Points awarded: +2
    Booby Trap upgrade is available at the start:
    Now, your Rebels can plant their booby traps anywhere right at the start. 
    As simple as that.
    Point awarded: +1
    Terrorists do more damage, and they come with combat cycles at the start:
    What could be better? This is one of the best improvements in the game! 
    Now, you can just click on the Combat Cycle button at the Arms Dealer a 
    few times, and many turbo charged terrorists can spring out! As they deal 
    more damage, these guys are really going to strike fear into the hearts 
    of many C&C Players!
    Points awarded: +4
    No Stealth abilities or units are available, except for Jarmen Kell:
    So what? The absence of camouflage isn't going to make it hard for you, 
    right? As Jarmen Kell is the only effective stealth unit, it does not matter 
    that you can't use any hijackers or whatever.
    No Points deducted or awarded
    Jarmen Kell is now a professional bomber:
    If you play as General Rodall "Demo:" Juhziz, Jarmen Kell basically will 
    become Colonel Kell. This is because, he gets to plant timed demo charges 
    and remote demo charges against buildings! Well, "I have something to give 
    Points awarded: +2
    No Toxin Upgrades are available, however, the Scud Storm, Scud Launcher 
    and Bomb Truck are packed with more explosives than ever:
    By the looks of things, I say that the good Doctor and the Demo Guy are 
    2 complimentary Generals, as one has something the other doesn't have! 
    Although he has no toxic upgrades, all of those things mentioned above 
    do much, much more damage now that you pack then with so many explosives.
    Points awarded: +2
    Net Score change: +12
    Score: 20 + 12 = 32
    Short Biography:
    Prince Kassad has cut a dashing figure across Middle Eastern politics and 
    a violent one in the underworld. This charismatic tribal leader has 
    organized spies and assassins to do his bidding. Prince Kassad has been 
    paid millions for assassinations, hijackings and beatings in the street. 
    For a three-year stretch beginning in 2008, it is believed that no 
    terrorists action was taken on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea without 
    his involvement or blessing. A clever administrator of a serpentine 
    organization, he has never been directly tied to any criminal activity, 
    yet bad things continue to happen to individuals and forces that that stand 
    in his way.
    "Woman in bikini: Who are you?
    Prince Kassad: Kassad, James Kassad. To exercise control, 007 here. I will 
    report in an hour.
    Woman: (Holds up her champagne filled glass) Won't you join me?
    Prince Kassad: Better make that two."
    That's right folks, the most handsome general Prince Kassad is in the house! 
    Prince Kassad is the only GLA General that has been involved in politics. 
    He is also a leader of a spy organization that offers to have the requested 
    person killed for several million dollars at a time. Like many clever 
    leaders, nothing links him directly to any trouble, and yet, he's as smooth 
    as James Bond. Of course, all spies must be stealthy, otherwise, they won't 
    be called spies, right?
    Special Properties of his Agency:
    All structures can be camouflaged using Camo Netting:
    He is a stealthy general, right? Now, not only his base defenses are 
    camouflaged to begin with, all other structures can become invisible to 
    the enemy! Then, when you build a second base somewhere else, people will 
    have a hard time finding you! However, Camo Netting isn't cheap, so you 
    had better have lots of money! Besides, camouflaging the Supply Stash will 
    hide your workers while they are collecting supplies. Safety first!
    Points awarded: +3
    All Rebels are camouflaged to begin with:
    Now, it can be guaranteed that your Rebels will not be disturbed while 
    they are going towards oil derricks or whatever they are going to capture. 
    The element of surprise is sometimes what separates clean destruction from 
    all out battles of attrition.
    Point awarded: +1
    Hijackers are available at the start:
    Now, you can have a lot of pleasure stealing the enemies' vehicles! Enjoy! 
    This is important as Prince Kassad, being secretive can't afford to make 
    use of tanks.
    Point awarded: +1
    GPS Scrambler is available at Level 3, and recharges faster:
    With James Kassad, you can cloak your units much earlier and more frequently. 
    However, your opponents will be informed when you use GPS Scramble, so 
    you still have to be careful not to be noticed.
    Point awarded: +1
    Prince Kassad does not have the use of Tanks or the Scud Launcher:
    This is Prince Kassad's one and only weakness. This means that if you play 
    as Prince Kassad, you must make use of frequent sneaky attacks with Quad 
    Cannons in the lead, Rocket Buggies in the rear. If the enemy sends a large 
    battalion of tanks with Stealth Detectors against you, you are toast. But 
    still, this disadvantage is slightly offset by the use of Hijackers.
    Points deducted: -2
    Net Score Change: +4
    Score: 20 + 4 = 24
    Comparison of all 4 types of GLA armies:
    Dr. Thrax = General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz > Prince Kassad > Standard GLA 
    Short Biography:
    On the battlefield, China's greatest resource is the millions of 
    individuals in uniform, and General Shin has staked a career in them. Known 
    to his troopers as the Anvil, General Shin can mobilize four divisions 
    in twenty-four hours thanks to a streamlined and sometimes brutal command 
    structure. Discipline is very strong with General Shin, and officers and 
    infantry who can maintain it are rewarded. The general has developed 
    advanced field training programs for the Red Guard and the elite operatives. 
    Military analysts credit the speed and professionalism of General Shin's 
    peacekeeping units with preventing the Taiwan Conflict of 2009 from 
    becoming a global war. This divisions feature several weapons and transport 
    systems unique in the People's Liberation Army.
    It is true that China has the world's largest army, and this General Shin 
    Fai is really one of those "back-to-basics" Generals. After all, the 
    infantry units are one of the many "basic" units of an army, and General 
    Shin Fai has decided to focus on nothing else but this division of the 
    army. With such a large army coming, he can easily squash even the mightiest 
    of giants with a horde of ants! Don't underestimate his enhanced soldiers, 
    or you really WILL regret it!
    As for the Taiwan Conflict of 2009, I don't think it will happen at all. 
    Besides, even if happens, why will it turn into a global war? His transport 
    systems are VERY powerful. That's true.
    Special Properties of his Regiment:
    All infantry units start at the Veteran Level:
    Running advanced field training programs for his soldiers really helps! 
    The Anvil's soldiers all begin at Veteran Level, even Hackers and Black 
    Lotus! Besides, Minigunners can be made to come out of the barracks as 
    elite soldiers. What could be better?
    Points awarded: +2
    Minigunners replace normal Red Guards:
    Instead of using a simple bolt action rifle, the Minigunner uses a minigun, 
    simple as that. Of course, a minigun has a rotating barrel and will spin 
    faster and faster with time, just like a gattling gun. Although you can 
    only train one with one click of a button for $350, the really are worth 
    getting. Particularly they CAN target air units as well.
    Points awarded: +2
    Fortified Bunkers replace normal Battle Bunkers:
    The Fortified Bunker holds twice as many men as the normal Bunker. That 
    is, 10! Besides, it is already mined to prevent people from sneaking over. 
    However, they still have the weaknesses of normal Bunkers. That is, one 
    Neutron Shell or Bunker Buster bomb will kill EVERYONE inside the bunker.
    Point awarded: +1
    All Minigunners and Tank Hunters are trained to be nationalistic to begin 
    with, and can be made to be patriotic:
    The Anvil's soldiers are trained to love their country. So, when 5 of them 
    are grouped together, you see a red star with a golden ring surrounding 
    the soldier, that means, they will fire 1.25*1.25 times faster! When the 
    Patriotism upgrade is researched, an additional white star appears beneath 
    the red star, and the soldiers will fire another 25% faster! Loving one's 
    country does work wonders!
    Points awarded: +2
    Hackers are now Super Hackers, and Black Lotus is now Super Lotus:
    Remember that "Anvil" Shin Fai has developed advanced training programs 
    for his operatives? And hence, hackers are now... Super! They are now stealth, 
    and can hack into the Internet much quicker than before, and can disable 
    enemy vehicles. Being a superwoman, Super Lotus can capture buildings, 
    steal money and disable vehicles faster too.
    Points awarded: +3
    All transport units are improved significantly:
    To be more specific, the Troop Crawler is upgraded to the Assault Troop 
    Transport. An Assault Troop Transport costs $2400, but comes with 8 
    Minigunners, who can fire out directly from the gun ports, much like a 
    Humvee. Now let's do the math:
    Cost of training 8 Minigunners in the Barracks: $350 * 8 = $2800
    Cost of Assault Troop Transport: $2400
    You save: $2800 - $2400 = $400!
    Really, this shows you that if you have the money, you can save lots in 
    the long run!
    Besides, the Listening Outposts are replaced by Attack Outposts, which 
    holds 10 infantry units, and come with 4 Tank Hunters. Again, you know 
    the math:
    Cost of training 4 Tank Hunters in the Barracks: $300 * 4 = $1200
    Cost of Attack Outpost: $1000
    You save: $1200 - $1000 = $200!
    Both of the Transports have speaker towers installed, and heal any unit 
    within range.
    The Helix is upgraded to the Assault Helix, which comes with a Bunker and 
    holds 8 infantry units. If you fill one of these with tank hunters and 
    send them into the enemy base, they will know true fear!
    Finally, the Anvil can make use of the Infantry Paradrop Generals Abilities, 
    which means he can paradrop up to 16 minigunners into the enemy's base. 
    They are minigunners, not normal red guards remember, and hence can cause 
    a lot of chaos if you don't have enough anti air defenses installed.
    Points awarded: +6
    Battlemaster Tanks, Gattling Tanks and Overlord Tanks are all unavailable:
    This is probably the only weakness of the great Anvil. However, the lack 
    of tanks is offset by the attack outposts and Assault Troop Transports, 
    if you use them wisely, of course.
    Points deducted: -2
    Net Score Change: +14
    Score: 27 + 14 = 41
    Short Biography:
    General Ta Hun Kwai is convinced that the People's Liberation Army will 
    see its greatest success through the viewholes of its tank divisions. A 
    disciple of Soviet tank tactics of the Cold War, General Ta has produced 
    technical papers on various modifications on them. He has initiated 
    techniques to reduce the costs of tank production and has sponsored the 
    Emperor program, whose first tanks rolled off the assembly line in 2013. 
    Considered part of the old guard in the PLA hierarchy, General Ta 
    nevertheless continues to roll up victory after victory in battle.
    Short Translation: Ta Hun Kwai = He is very fast
    Another "back-to-basics" General of China, General "He is very fast" loves 
    to focus on the basic attacking unit of his army, which are the tanks. 
    Of course, being a tank fan, he has taken a lot of time to make various 
    improvements on his tanks. His War Factories are hence more efficient in 
    tank production. Being the tank disciple that he is, he has created a new 
    prototype tank, called the Emperor Tank, which has started to come in 
    service in the year 2013. With so many cheap and reliable tanks, General 
    Ta Hun Kwai can really be a powerful brute force general.
    By the way, this guy really has the looks of a big bully, and has this 
    silly grin that drives me laughing. It's always about "Tanks, build more 
    Tanks!" With such expressions, I am sure that he can star in a Shakespearean 
    play. "A tank! A tank! My kingdom for a tank!"
    Special Properties of his Battalion:
    All infantry units and aircraft are ludicrously overpriced:
    Ta Shi Yi Ge Tan Ke Zhang Jun! He is a Tank General! General Ta excels 
    in building tanks, and yet he cannot train infantry and aircraft well! 
    Imagine, Red Guards and Tank Hunters cost $375, a Hacker costs $780 and 
    Black Lotus costs $1875! This will be a big problem in later stages of 
    the game, particularly if you need infinite supply gatherers. Hence, you 
    must train Hackers as soon as possible when you have the money to make 
    up for the loss.
    Points Deducted: -2
    All Tanks start at Veteran Level, and Battlemaster Tanks can be made to 
    come out of the War Factory as Elite units:
    General Ta has focused exclusively in training the crew of his tanks. 
    Therefore, each tank will already have some hands on experience to begin 
    with. His Battlemaster Tank crews can attend an "intensive summer course" 
    so that they can become elite tank crew to start with. The tuition fee 
    is, well, 1 General Point.
    Points awarded: +3
    All Tanks cost $100 less, and Troop Crawlers cost $200 less:
    Being the Tank General that he is, General Ta Hun Kwai has improved the 
    efficiencies of his war factories, and hence it takes fewer raw materials, 
    steel and miscellaneous ingredients to cook his tanks up. Even the troop 
    crawlers cost only $1200! This means, you can train Red Guards more 
    efficiently by building a Troop Crawler instead of training them in the 
    Points awarded: +3
    Battlemasters can be upgraded to have Autoloaders installed in their gun 
    Normally, a tank would have 4 men: The Commander, the Gunner, the Driver 
    and the Reloader. But with the autoloaders installed, only 3 men are 
    required as the reloading process is made to be automatic. Before the 
    upgrade, Battlemaster Tanks fire "BOOM" each time, but with the Autoloaders, 
    3 shells can be loaded into the Gun Barrel at once, and the rate of fire 
    would be trebled, that is, the tank will go "BOOM BOOM BOOM"! Now, even 
    the battlemaster tanks are worth building en masse!
    Points awarded: +3
    No Artillery Units are available:
    The problem with General Ta Hun Kwai is that, his attacks are powerful, 
    but lacks range! What can he do if both the Inferno Cannons and Nuke Cannons 
    are unavailable? Then, he would have to force his tanks straight into the 
    enemy guns!
    Points deducted: -4 
    Emperor Overlord Tanks replace normal Overlord Tanks:
    Oh Boy! It's a big one! It's a big one! These new prototype Emperor Tanks 
    come with a speaker tower on its back, and can have an additional Gattling 
    Cannon added for anti-infantry purposes. Just a pity that they cannot have 
    a Bunker mounted on its back as well. I guess it's just the consequence 
    of General Ta's neglect on infantry units. When you see a lot of these 
    coming towards your base, you may have to consider pitting as much artillery 
    you have against them.
    Points awarded: +4
    Tank Drop is available as a General Ability:
    General Ta Hun Kwai can send in up to 4 Battlemaster Tanks via transport 
    planes to anyway on the battlefield. It's impossible, I tell you, 
    impossible! Those parachutes must have been made with extra strong 
    duralumin or something. Just be careful not to drop them into rough terrain 
    or slopes, or they will blow up upon landing!
    Points awarded: +3
    Net Score Change: +10
    Score: 27 + 10 = 37
    Short Biography:
    General Tsing gets what he wants, at any cost. Impatient to a fault, General 
    Tsing relies heavily on nuclear technology on the battlefield. 
    Unfortunately, there have been several terrible accidents. While General 
    Tsing was the responsible officer during the Mudanjiang Disaster of 2007, 
    his considerable talents saved his career. General Tsing believes such 
    trials and errors are part of the development process. His divisions are 
    beginning to see the results of his convictions, as a prototype of an 
    Advanced Nuclear Reactor has produced better results. Programs to develop 
    tactical nukes and to promote stability in radioactive isotopes are 
    producing better safety records, which will be well-received by his troops.
    Short Translation: Tsing Shi Tao = Clear Stone
    On the surface, General Tsing Shi Tao looks like a stubborn old git who 
    only likes things to go his way. But actually, he is a person with a kind 
    heart. In fact, he loves to share! He has a lot of gifts, nuclear gifts 
    to give you, and his generosity is limitless! Of course, it is always 
    dangerous to play with fire, not to mention radioactive substances. The 
    Clear Stone has caused a horrible accident in 2007, but however, since 
    he is so talented, the People's Liberation Army has decided not to give 
    him the sack.
    As an excellent Physics student, I must say I really love General Tsing 
    Shi Tao. To be a successful scientist, one must try endlessly until he 
    gets a good result. In fact, after a lot of hard work, he has begun to 
    reap the fruits of his labor, and a lot of things became more efficient 
    because of... Nuclear Energy!
    Atomic Structure of his army:
    Advanced Nuclear Reactor replaces normal Nuclear Reactors:
    As usual, for power plants, we have to consider efficiency.
    Power Supplied: 18 Units
    Cost: $1200
    Cost per unit Power: $66.6 recurring decimal
    This is like having a 33.3 recurring decimal % discount on buying power. 
    Very efficient indeed! When you overcharge a Advanced Nuclear Reactor, 
    you get, that's right... 27 units of power!
    Points awarded: +2
    General Tsing Shi Tao gets to make use of new technology to make his tanks 
    go much more stable when compared with other generals:
    Uranium-235 + 1n --> Strontium-90 + Xenon-143 + 3n
    Do you know what the above is? It's a nuclear equation that for a reaction 
    that takes place in Nuclear Reactors. A Uranium-235 nuclide is bombarded 
    by a neutron, and splits into Strontium-90, Xenon-143 and 3 more neutrons, 
    giving out lots of Nuclear Energy. In a nuclear reactor inside a Nuclear 
    Power Plant or a Battlemaster or Overlord Tank, such a reaction is carefully 
    controlled. However, if the nuclear reactor is destroyed, the above process 
    will go out of control, resulting in a chain reaction, leading to a very 
    damaging nuclear explosion.
    That is to say, if one of General Tsing Shi Tao's tanks is destroyed in 
    the middle of a large battalion of troops, the explosion can potentially 
    damage or destroy those around them! With the Isotope Stability upgrade, 
    the Clear Stone's tanks will have much more stable nuclear reactors, and 
    will explode just like any normal tank does, and of course, will not blow 
    up neighboring units! Safety First! Go for Stable Isotopes!
    Points awarded: +3
    Nuke Cannon is available right at the start:
    This is one good modification to the standard Chinese army that sort of 
    makes it a direct enhanced version of it. With the Nuke Cannon available 
    at the start, a General Point is saved, then, you can use that for something 
    more constructive, like the Frenzy!
    Points awarded: +2
    Battlemaster Tanks and Overlord Tanks come with Uranium Shells and Nuclear 
    Tank upgrades right at the beginning, and their shells leave behind 
    He is a Nuke General! Then it is just natural for General Tsing Shi Tao's 
    tanks to be armed with nuclear weapons. His battlemaster tanks look sort 
    of funny, with 2 tubes inserted into the back of its gun turret. I guess 
    that's the Nuclear Power Connection, I guess. Then, who needs the Nuclear 
    Missile Silo? As the shells leave behind radiation, his tanks are much 
    more effective against infantry units than ever before, 2 or 3 shells, 
    and the infantry dies!
    Points awarded: +3
    Helices drop Nuclear Bombs instead of Napalm Bombs:
    This is relatively a small improvement, but it will give General Tsing 
    Shi Tao some help in destroying tanks using the Helix.
    Point awarded: +1
    MiGs can be upgraded to fire tactical nuclear missiles:
    Whoopee! By constructing a Nuclear Missile Silo, you can purchase these 
    handy-dandy tactical nukes into your MiG fighters! These missiles have 
    the power of a Nuke Cannon shell, and can destroy even the mightiest of 
    tanks in a couple of blasts! Destruction guaranteed.
    Points awarded: +3
    Nuke Bombers replace normal Carpet Bombers:
    Well, I told you that Tsing Shi Tao's generosity is limitless! He even 
    has the generosity to drop expensive tactical nuclear bombs onto his 
    enemies' bases! In fact, provided that the buildings are lined correctly, 
    even if they are widely spaced, a single Nuke Bomber can destroy up to 
    3 or more buildings within its blast radius! So, there really is a good 
    reason to panic when your opponent is a 3-star Nuke General!
    Points awarded: +3
    Nuclear Missile Silos cost $500 less:
    As General Tsing Shi Tao, he gets a 10% discount on building Nuclear 
    Missiles! Hmm... Interesting...
    Point awarded: +1
    Net Score Change: +18
    Score: 27 + 18 = 45
    Comparison of all 4 types of Chinese armies:
    General Tsing Shi Tao > General "Anvil" Shin Fai > General Ta Hun Kwai 
    > Standard Chinese Army
    14. Conclusion [GCP14]
    Final Score:
    USA: 31 GLA: 25 China: 38
    All Rounded Side: China
    Final Scores of the Talented USA Generals:
    General Alexis Alexander: 26
    General Malcolm "Ace" Granger: 36
    General Pinpoint Townes: 34
    Most Talented USA General: General Malcolm "Ace" Granger
    Final Scores of the Talented GLA Generals:
    Dr. Thrax: 39
    General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz: 39
    Prince Kassad: 31
    Tie Breaker goes to: Dr. Thrax
    Most Talented GLA General: Dr. Thrax
    Final Scores of the Talented Chinese Generals:
    General "Anvil" Shin Fai: 48
    General Ta Hun Kwai: 44
    General Tsing Shi Tao: 52
    Most Talented Chinese General: General Tsing Shi Tao
    What each side is good at:
    USA: Infantry Attacks, Air Power
    GLA: Sneaky Attacks, Suicidal Attacks, "Waste not, want not!"
    China: Brute Force through large scale deployment of armored units and 
    infantry, robust defenses, decent air force
    USA is good at Infantry and Air Units. So that's where USA players should 
    rely on. GLA is decent for sneak attacks, so use more sneak attacks. China 
    is the best in armored units and base defense, so it is the side for people 
    who like brute force. China has a little of everything, and it is decent 
    for players who do not want to rely on just one type of unit, and is my 
    personal favorite.
    Note that for the final score, if you take the maximum possible errors 
    in account (+/- 5), the difference in score is negligible. So, really the 
    game is quite balanced.
    Again, you can read this guide, print it out if you want it to read it 
    in bed or whatever, just don't copy it! That's all! See Ya!
    This guide is intended to be published in GameFAQs at the moment. If someone 
    else wants to publish it, they must contact me through e-mail.
    Appendix I: Feedback Information [A1]
    Since the publishing of the original version of this guide, I decided that 
    I must make some new rules for those people who want to give me a feedback 
    about my guides. All future strategy guides will have this section. If 
    the following rules are not observed, I will just consider your e-mail 
    to be spam mail or flame mail, and I will delete it without reading it, 
    and will blacklist your e-mail address.
    For publishing permission:
    I usually will allow people to publish my guides on their websites as long 
    as they ask for permission. That's it. Although I do not have a lawyer 
    to sue anyone if they do it without my permission, I expect everyone to 
    have self discipline about these things.
    Feedback Concerning Mistakes: (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, LISTEN 
    As I am a human, and we are all humans, we all make mistakes. Nobody is 
    perfect. If I had made any mistakes in my guide, feel free to e-mail me. 
    But however, you must follow these rules. I have typed out some bad examples 
    with each rule, and they are from some of the e-mail I received by people 
    who are dissatisfied by my original Command and Conquer: Generals side 
    comparison guide.
    You must:
    Be polite, as I will take these feedback letters as seriously as formal 
    letters, and you should specify the version number of my guide, then I 
    can check my guide out. However, it need not be as formal as business letters, 
    after all it is only a game. You should also present yourself clearly, 
    I won't even think about anything that I cannot understand at the first 
    glance, as I am a busy person.
    For example,"I enjoyed reading your guide, but disagreed with you on some 
    points." From a person called Alex Shikh or "I agree with you that China 
    is the strongest factions, but it is not much stronger than the other 2." 
    From Ives Gobau And so on.
    You must not:
    Say any foul language and offend me. 
    For example, "Your guide was ********, full of lies and biased opinions." 
    From K Truin. You are not going to make me listen by saying rude words 
    to me, you will only give me the impression that you are either uneducated 
    or have low EQ.
    Conduct any surveys about how good my guide is and give it to me, as I 
    could not care less about your so-called surveys. 
    For example, "I have conducted a survey about your guide and over 90% said 
    that it was a trashy tabloid." From Frozak.
    Start a petition to have my guide removed. 
    Before, I was worried about this annoying "Petition: FAQ Removal" board 
    made by a certain person called GamerEX. That is, "I would like to start 
    the petition to have kylohk's Command and Conquer: Generals Side Comparison 
    Guide as it is based on opinions and fluff." When I was asked by IGN to 
    publish my Side Comparison Guide on their site, I told the sender about 
    my worries, and he assured me that I can stick with my own ways and need 
    not listen to angry letter up. So, that's what, if you make any rash moves 
    like organizing petitions, I really won't bother to negotiate with you.
    Finally, you must not say anything I consider to be racist. 
    For example, "You mentioned that you live in China that is obvious, 
    considering your bias towards this side, etc..." "I am afraid that your living 
    in China has blinded your judgment so much." From someone I could not 
    remember his name. So, what are you trying to say, say that us Chinese 
    are all idiots? Besides, the word bias is used to describe unfair 
    comparisons due to neglecting some facts. As I have put all facts into 
    account, I really cannot have made any bias towards any sides.
    From all the 50 or so letters complaint I received, I decided to listen 
    to less than 5 of them. Why? As only 5 of them could follow the rules stated 
    above. So, you MUST take those points into consideration, or else, don't 
    expect me to listen to you.
    Game Help:
    If you have read my guide and did not understand something, feel free to 
    ask, but please do not do this too often, as my e-mail account has other 
    You may have wondered why I put this section up. This is a new 
    "Anti-disturbance" ordinance I set up for my own use, in order to minimize 
    all those annoying and insulting things I receive. In fact, during 
    September alone, I received at least a hundred of mail concerning my Side 
    Comparison Guide, and I am now to make sure this will never ever happen 
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Lo Kai Yan Alasdair, kylohk. (Kai Yan Lo From Hong Kong)
    Appendix II. Letters from Readers [A2]
    This section basically shows some of the letters I received from Readers 
    of this guide. They are free to express their opinions, AS LONG AS THEY 
    A letter from someone called Marcus Wong, dated 15 March, 2004
    I enjoy reading your guide,but i have to disagree with certain things in 
    your guide:
    1. Avengers are excellent AA. They easily own all aircraft,and also even 
    if it doesn't destroy them it will at least stop the missiles from coming 
    in. Their high price is a really big problem though. (1)
    2. Supply Drop Zones are the best infinite supply gatherers in the game. 
    1500 every 2 minutes is pretty worth the waiting. Also, you said the supply 
    plane can be shot down easily. Sure, it's true, but only after it drops 
    the supplies. It will always make it to the drop zones unless you put it 
    in the center of the map. The problem though, is that there is a 100% chance 
    of losing that plane after dropping the supplies (unless the enemy base 
    is destroyed). (2)
    3. You made some mistakes in your FAQ. Humvees actually cost $700 and sentry 
    drones cost $800. (3)
    4. Fire bases are good at stopping tank rushes and should be considered 
    good value of money. Always build them in groups to stop even the best 
    tank rushes. Also, the infantry you garrison in the fire bases are quite 
    safe, since they are immune to tank shells. (4)
    5. Rebels should be considered excellent value of money since they're 
    extremely cheap and you can upgrade their firepower (Armor piercing 
    6. Red guard should be considered good value of money. (5)
    7. Raptors and Migs are at a tie. (6)
    8. Paladins and Marauders are at a tie too. (6)
    9. Crusaders are better than standard China`s battlemasters but no better 
    than Tao`s or Kwai`s battlemasters.
    Thats all.
    PS this is my first email ever sent so don't shoot me if I offended you 
    in any way. :P
    My Comments:
    (1) As you can see, I compared the Avenger with the Quad Cannon and Gattling 
    Cannon. What have those two had in common that the Avenger does not? The 
    ability o attack ground units! I know that it is such a highly specialized 
    unit in downing aircraft and missiles, but why charge it $2000, and not 
    allow it to hit ground units?
    (2) It is also possible to build Supply Drop Zones in a way so that their 
    times are out of phase with each other, and supplies are dropped much 
    frequently, but it is very difficult to manually time their constructions 
    so this happens.
    (3) OK, I will fix that typo right away. Of course, the Sentry Drone's 
    value for money will ALSO be lowered to Bad!
    (4) You can build them in quantity all you want, but how much space is 
    it going to take, besides, they are still vulnerable to fast moving aircraft 
    even if you garrison troops inside. Of course, if your opponent's tanks 
    use Toxin Shells, one or two hits will generate enough poison to kill the 
    ones in the front off. One artillery shell or SCUD will kill everyone 
    (5) If they charge these units for $100 each like in the first Command 
    and Conquer game, then I will consider this.
    (6) If I take your views into account at this point, then China will 
    experience a point deduction of 2, while GLA experiences a point deduction 
    of 1. Then China will still be the most all rounded, and GLA would appear 
    to be the least all rounded. But still, the scoring really is dependent 
    on how you look at things in this game. So, there really are an infinite 
    number of opinions possible.
    A second letter from Marcus Wong, dated 19 March, 2004.
    Now, about the crusader tank. I think it's reasonable for EA to charge 
    it $900 because it has a lot (not slightly) more armour than the 
    battlemaster tank. I checked the INIZH.big file in the Zero Hour directory. 
    The Crusader tank has 480 health points, while battlemasters only have 
    400 health points. Crusader tanks have 80 more health points, and each 
    health point costs 0.8 dollars more. (1) Also, with composite armour, its 
    armour becomes heavier. (2) What's more, its firepower can be increased 
    for FREE using bombardment strategy plan from Strategy Center (I always 
    choose bombardment plan). (3) Isn't that worth it?
    I think crusaders are better than battlemasters. I never ever find the 
    horde bonus on battlemasters useful. (4) While on the move, the 
    battlemasters will separate themselves from each other very easily, and 
    thus losing the courage from destroying the enemy faster. Also, in a forum, 
    I held a poll, and in the end more people voted the Crusader as the best 
    MBT. (5) So therefore, Crusaders in fact should be a fair value of money.
    Finally, Crusader tanks are only better over standard China`s battlemaster. 
    It cannot, however, compete with Kwai`s or Tao`s battlemasters since they 
    are special versions.
    Anyway I must say I enjoy your humour, keep it up.
    My Comments:
    (1) A Crusader Tank takes 8 Crusader Tank Shells to destroy, while a 
    Battlemaster Tank takes 7. So, even with an 80 HP difference, I really 
    still consider that to be not very significant.
    (2) Sure, at the same time, with Uranium Shells, Chinese Battlemaster Tanks 
    have 25% increased firepower. Such bonuses will sort of cancel each other 
    (3) Some people like to use Search and Destroy Strategy, while others use 
    Hold the Line. However, a USA Crusader Tank cannot make use of all 3 
    strategies to boost their powers, so I will not put the strategies in to 
    (4) To make the best use of Battlemaster Tanks, arrange them so they can 
    all fire at the target at once. Besides, to be exact, a Battlemaster Tank 
    gets a 25% rate of fire boost due to the hoard effect. It gets another 
    25% boost due to Nationalism Upgrade. If you have a Speaker Tower nearby, 
    another 25% rate of fire boost is granted to all units affected by it, 
    even those that do not have hoard effect. And, if you play as General Anvil 
    Shin Fai, then he gets another 25% rate of fire boost on his infantry (No 
    Battlemaster Tanks) with the Patriotism Upgrade. But still, it's about 
    everyone's observations in this matter, and I respect your opinion.
    (5) Democracy cannot solve everything here. There are some forums whose 
    majority favour the Scorpion Tank, while others favour the Battlemasters. 
    So, well, that's why I really could not care less about any surveys held.
    This is a letter written by a person who would be known as Raptor11790:
    It's me again and I found something out in the game that I think you missed. 
    But don't feel bad as it took me since last January to find it out. You 
    missed one GLA salvaging unit, the Scorpion. At first it is hard to notice 
    but for the first upgrade its barrel gets a colored thing on the end. The 
    final upgrade is only present if you get the Scorpion Rocket upgrade as 
    the Scorpion gains another rocket. That's twice the destructive power!(1) 
    I also noticed that for the Quad-Cannon salvage upgrades that the upgrades 
    make it shoot a lot faster. And I noticed something to do when playing 
    as Ace, if your aircraft's come upon a lone Patriot or EMP Patriot they 
    should always be in groups of two or more so none of the missiles get through. 
    Oh well I think that's all for now.
    And could you please give me your opinion on the best way to beat "The 
    Anvil" and "Clear Stone" when you are playing against them and they are 
    set on the easy computer setting? (2) Please contact me in maybe 2 to 5 
    days? Where and when I am now is California, USA and it is 4/21/04, the 
    day right after the Columbine shooting 5th anniversary.(3) 
    I am asking you to contact me later as my parents probably won't let me 
    play my C&C Generals game as my father caught me playing my game late at 
    night. (4) By the way, have you heard of a US collage called IPOLY? Even 
    though I am just about to finish the 8th grade, I might be going to a high 
    school program at the collage for kids who are smart but their grades don't 
    necessarily reflect that. Please tell me what you think about the collage 
    thing bye! (5)
    My Answers:
    (1) Tip! Salvage Preferences
    When ever you destroy enemy vehicles, always salvage them to units in this 
    Marauder Tanks > Quad Cannons > Techicals > Other units
    Notice that I have put other units, including Scorpions in the lowest 
    priority. This is because, Scorpions can easily be built enmasse and 
    overrun the enemies completely even with only one rocket, and you are not 
    likely to pit only 1 Scorpion Tank against the enemy. I know that Toxin 
    Tractors, SCUD Launchers and even Battle Buses can Salvage! The Toxin 
    Tractor gets to have some better looking chemical sprayers, the SCUD 
    Launcher has a frame to hold up the missile, while the Battle Bus has a 
    better looking bonnet!
    (2) There is no possibility for you to encounter General Anvil Shin Fai 
    in Generals Challenge. However, when you face General Clear Stone, he would 
    have a nuke all ready for you (12 minute timer) while you are building 
    your base. So, if you are playing as the USA generals, fast tech (tech 
    up quickly) to Aurora Bombers and use them to destroy the Missile Silo. 
    If you are using a Chinese General, train Black Lotus, sneak in and capture 
    the Missile Silo. If you are using a GLA General, take advantage of the 
    fact that the Nuke cannot destroy GLA structures along with their holes. 
    So you can sneak a worker or two somewhere and build a secondary base. 
    Then Clear Stone would have two bases to target, and when one is down, 
    the other can still be up.
    (3) Well, I never knew that the Columbine High School is in California. 
    But still, this provides a 16 hour time difference between China and 
    (4) My younger cousin (not older one) in the UK got banned from his 
    Playstation 2 because he spent all day and night playing Final Fantasy 
    X. At first my Aunt did not mind, but when he answered 7 + 5 = 2 in his 
    Maths homework, my Aunt smashed his controllers and memory cards, saying 
    "Now, if you want to play, you cannot!" So, despite how bright you think 
    you are DO NOT be addicted to video games. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE! (LIKE 
    TAKING DRUGS) In fact, the first version of my Side Comparison Guide got 
    some people so mad as it is not based on online games. One GameFaqs board 
    user, GamerEX held a petition to have my guide removed "as it is based 
    on opinions and fluff." I changed my guide, a bit to please them, and when 
    I apologized, a lot of those people still continued to harass me in the 
    message boards saying things like, "The goal of Generals is to play online, 
    there is no way a guide can be near average if it is not based on online 
    play. You will be surprised about the number of people who stay up late 
    at night." Well, I must say that statement is a big preference insult to 
    me. This is because a man can do whatever he likes, if you insult someone 
    if he has different preferences, then you are most likely uncivilized as 
    you have no mutual respect to other people. Of course, this scenario is 
    what made me add a Feedback Information section on all the newest guides 
    I write!
    (5) It is true that the Americans are despising the SAT examination system, 
    but still, some system is required to assess the students. I am not sure 
    the definition of a High School student in the US. But anyway, I think 
    that the Hong Kong education system is more exam oriented. I have just 
    survived the HKCE Examinations last year with 6As, 2Bs and 2Ds, and now 
    I will have to take another one called the A-Level Examinations next year 
    to get to the university! (I myself plan to go to the UK to study engineering 
    anyway, for your information.)
    Here's a letter from someone known as Black Scorpion, here is the original 
    version of his e-mail, so I will just write a corrected version of the 
    letter, so to make it easier for anyone else to read.
    Original Version:
    i am not too godd at english but i want to ask you some question.
    i am confused about which team is the best.
    if i use USA, i only can attack the enemy with my air force because USA 
    doesnt has good tank to attack. only use humvee???? you know, humvee is 
    weak when it battle againsts tank. if i use the infantry, it looks like 
    it will take a long time to defeat the enemy
    if i use CHINA, i afraid my money wont be enough 'cause the hacker is too 
    weak. if my enemy use their super weapon and attack my hacker, they will 
    be dead easily and it will cost a lot of money to build them again.  and 
    if my enemy use scud launcher or tomahawk to attack me from the distance 
    what can i do? you know, helix is too slow
    if i use GLA, i afraid my defence is very weak because GLA's base defence 
    eat a lot of areas(not like gatling gun or others). but i like GLA because 
    it is easy to attack my enemy i can use my cycle+terrorist to crash my 
    enemy defence. but if my enemy use nuke cannon or tomahawk to attack me 
    from the distance, what can i do?
    just watch them attack my defence????
    please give me the solution for that three questions.....
    by the way.. i like you guide and i have read it.
    Corrected version:
    I am not too good at English but I want to ask you some questions. I am 
    confused about which team is the best.
    If I use USA, I only can attack the enemy with my air force because USA 
    doesn't have good tanks to attack. (1) Should I only use Humvees???? (2) 
    You know, Humvees are weak when they battle against tanks. Id I use the 
    infantry, it looks like it will take a long time to defeat the enemy. (3)
    If I use CHINA, I am afraid that my money won't be enough 'cause the hackers 
    are too weak. If my enemy uses their super weapon and attack my hackers, 
    they will be dead easily and it will cost a lot of money to build them 
    again. (4) And if my enemy use scud launcher or tomahawk to attack me from 
    the distance what can I do? You know, helix is too slow. (5)
    If I use GLA, I afraid my defense is very weak because GLA's base defenses 
    eat a lot of areas (not like gatling gun or others) (6) .But I like GLA 
    because it is easy to attack my enemy as I can use my cycles with terrorists 
    to crash my enemy defenses. But if my enemy use Nuke cannon or Tomahawk 
    to attack me from the distance, what can I do? Just watch them attack my 
    defenses???? (7)
    Please give me the solution for that three questions.....
    By the way.. I like you guide and I have read it.
    My Answers:
    (1) If you play as regular USA, you get to use Crusader Tanks and Paladin 
    Tanks, if you play as General "Pinpoint" Townes, you get to use the Laser 
    Tank, which is more powerful than the Crusader Tank. Use the Composite 
    Armor to upgrade their armor, and use the Bombardment Battle Strategy to 
    improve their attack power.
    (2) If you are playing as General Malcolm "Ace" Granger, or General Alexis 
    Alexander, then I would say yes, as they cannot use tanks.
    (3) Consider loading your Humvees with missile defenders inside. Then the 
    Missile Defenders can fire out from the gun ports of the Humvee, and hence 
    are more protected. Just make sure you evacuate all troops before your 
    Humvee explodes, or else, the people inside will be killed.
    (4) You can garrison up to 8 Hackers inside an Internet Center. This 
    structure is very strong, and can survive a Particle Cannon hit, that can 
    protect at least 8 of your Hackers. Besides, Hackers have a tendency to 
    hack faster when they are inside the Internet Center, and they CAN GAIN 
    VETERANCY, so they become stronger as time passes.
    (5) To make a good base defense structure with a Helix, upgrade it with 
    a Bunker and load it full of Tank Hunters, then position it just behind 
    your base defenses, then you can quickly send it to destroy the enemy long 
    range units.
    (6) This is true, so build Demo Traps a bit outside your Stinger Sites 
    and this can help weaken the enemy's attacks. Besides, garrison units 
    inside your Tunnel Networks, and send them out after the enemy when they 
    are coming close.
    (7) Have a couple of Scorpion Tanks on standby, and when the long range 
    weapons come, send them out after them. As they are so slow, destroying 
    them will not be a problem.

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