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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by pi314159

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    Command And Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
    Multiplayer/Single Player Guide to Winning FAQ
    Version 1.0
    Note: All the Special Abilities of All 9 Generals are Listed in the Units
     -Version History
     -The Units
      -The Generals' Units
     -The Structures 4
      -The Generals' Structures
     -The Generals Abilities 5
     -Tactics 6
      -The Generals' Tactics
     -Campaign Walkthroughs-----> Not yet done
     -Challenge Tips-------> Not yet done
      -Beating Townes
      -Beating Alexis
      -Beating Granger
      -Beating Thrax
      -Beating Passad
      -Beating Twai
      -Beating Tao
     -Newbie Tips------> To Be Completed Soon
    -Version History
     -This is Version 1.0.  It's missing walkthroughs for GLA HARD campaign and
    China HARD Campaign.  Challenge Tips is also empty.  Newbie Tips is also Empty.
    Zero Hour Target Unit Evaluation
    The threat evaluation sets priorities for targets you encounter on the
    battlefield.  The ratings are out of 10 and higher means you should expend more
    effort in their destruction.  Always eliminate more threatening targets first,
    if at all possible.  (Note: Higher rating does not always mean that the target
    is more threatening.  It just means that it's something you want to destroy, be
    it dangerous or not.)
    -Standard USA
    Ranger:  3
    Strong against other infantry, but otherwise weak.  It's also very inexpensive
    and USA plays can get them for free when a building is destroyed or from a
    paradrop.  These get a level 3 rating because flashbangs can kill large groups
    of infantry quickly and they can clear out buildings.
    Price: $225
    Special Abilities: Flash Bang and Capture (Both require Upgrades)
    Upgrades: Advanced Training, Capture and Flash Bang, Chemical Suits
    Missile Defender:  6
    Extremely strong against vehicles because of laser lock.  When using laser lock.
    they can outrange all non-artillery units.  These are often used in groups to be
    more effective.
    Price: $300
    Special Abilities: Laser Lock
    Upgrades: Advanced Training, Chemical Suits
    Pathfinder: 5
    These PWN all infantry, but only infantry.  They are stealthed and have long
    ranges, so they can be hard to find.  But you should have too many infantry
    standing around anyways.
    Price: $600 + General's Promotion (level 3)
    Special Abilities: Is stealthed while firing and while still.  Is not stealthed
    while moving.
    Upgrades:  Advanced Training, chemical suits
    Col. Burton: 10
    Col. Burton is extremely dangerous.  He levels up quickly and can destroy
    buildings, units, and infantry very quickly.  He is also stealthed.  If you find
    one in your base, kill him at all costs.  Nothing short of a troop crawler,
    sniper, or pack of scorpions can kill Burton.
    Cost: $1500
    Special Abilities:  Timed C4 (20 second timer) and Remote C4
    Upgrades: Advanced Training, chemical suits
    Ambulance:  2
    These are rarely encountered.  They do not carry weapons and are very weak
    support vehicles.  They are also easily replaced by your opponent.  The only
    reason they get above a 1 is because they can be used to quickly and effectively
    kill enemy infantry when a pathfinder is unavailable.  They are speedy enough
    and armored enough to run over infantry.
    Price: $600
    Special Abilities: Can Clear area of toxins, heals infantry that are within it,
    Carries up to 3 infantry
    Upgrades: S/B/H Drones
    Humvee:  7
    These are commonly filled with infantry that can shoot out of it.  This unit is
    also very fast.  It gets a high threat level only because it's expensive and can
    easily be destroyed.  It is not actually very dangerous.  3 scorpions, 2 gatts,
    or 3 mds (with laser lock) can easily destroy rockvee.
    Price: $700
    Special Abilities:  Can garrison 5 infantry that can fire out of it
    Upgrades: S/B/H Drones, Advanced Training, TOW missile (enables humvees to
    attack aircraft)
    Crusader:  6
    These are high quality, high performance tanks.  They are good targets, but
    fairly tough to beat.  Rocket infantry (garrisoned or not) and Overlords (or
    scorpions with rockets) are your best bets at destroying these effectively.
    Artillery also works pretty well.
    Cost: $900
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: S/B/H Drones, Advanced Training, Composite Armor
    Sentry Drone:  4
    Extremely weak and extremely expensive.  Kill these when they show up, but
    chances are your enemy won't use too many of them.
    Cost: $800
    Special Abilities:  Is stealthed when still and not firing.  Can Detect Stealth
    Upgrades:  Gun
    Tomahawk: 9
    These are almost always used in groups of 3 or more.  These, paired with search
    and destroy battle plan, can be virtually impossible to destroy with land units.
    Use aircraft to kill these if at all possible.
    Price: $1200
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: S/B/H Drones, Advanced Training
    Microwave Tank: 1
    I have yet to see these used by any player.  They are cheap, but also very
    useless.  They only disable buildings for as long as they fire at the target
    buildings and they can only damage infantry within a small proximity when it is
    not firing.  (You'll see a faint yellow circle around the microwave tank.)  If
    you see one on the battlefield, you may as well just ignore it.
    Price: $800
    Special Abilities: Can disable any enemy structure from afar.  Kills infantry
    within a certain radius of the unit.
    Upgrades: Upgrades: S/B/H Drones, Advanced Training
    Paladin:  7
    This is exactly like a crusader except for 2 differences.  First, it has a laser
    that can shoot down rockets at about the rate a tank hunter can shoot them.
    (Order 2 tanks hunters to shoot it and the paladin will take damage.)  Second,
    Paladins cost more, making them better targets.
    Price: $1100
    Special Abilities:  Can shoot down missiles/rockets with point laser defense
    Upgrades: S/B/H Drones, Advanced Training, Composite Armor
    Avenger: 8
    These rape aircraft.  If you aren't using aircraft, then you can ignore these.
    But you should probably kill them if you get the chance because they are hard to
    replace at $2000 apiece.
    Price: $2000
    Special Abilities: Laser 1 rapes aircraft, laser 2 is a laser point defense,
    laser 3 designates ground target increasing the firing rate of nearby units
    firing at that target
    Upgrades: S/B/H Drones, Advanced Training, Composite Armor
    Raptor: 7
    These can kill most tanks and infantry with one group of missiles.  They have
    weak armor and are expensive so they can be killed rather easily.  Chances are
    your enemy won't ever use normal raptors, because if they liked aircraft, they'd
    probably use Granger instead.
    Price: $1400
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: ElectricalCounterMeasures, Laser Missiles, Advanced Training
    Comanche: 4
    Very Expensive and VERY easy to kill.  These are so easy to kill it's
    ridiculous.  But they do have heavy firepower; so if you don't have any AA
    around, watch out.
    Special Abilities: Rocket Pods (if upgrade is purchased)
    Upgrades: Rocket Pods, Advanced Training
    Aurora Bomber: 9
    Any amount of AA will kill these, but only on the return trip.  They make
    extremely good targets, costing $2500 each.  But they do have some heavy bombs,
    too, and 2 can kill even an overlord.
    Special Abilities: Impervious to all attacks only when ordered to attack
    Upgrades: ElectricalCounterMeasures, Advanced Training
    Stealth Fighter:  6
    These aren't used much, even by Granger fans.  This is due to their low
    versatility.  They can destroy enemy base defenses, but only enemy base
    defenses.  They do make good targets, however, because they cost $1600 each.
    Cost: $1600 + General Promotion (level 1)
    Special Abilities: Stealthed while not firing (even stealthed on airstrip)
    Upgrades: Bunker Buster, Laser Missiles, ElectricalCounterMeasures, Advanced
    Chinook:  10
    The best target out there, the Chinook is the godfather of helpless targets.
    Completely unarmed, the Chinook is expensive and is a necessary part of any
    functional USA economy.  As a bonus, these things occasionally carry units in
    them, too.  Anything in a Chinook dies along with the Chinook when it's shot
    Price: $1200
    Special Abilities: Can Transport 8 slots of units: Dozers take 5, vehicles take
    3, infantry take 1
    Upgrades: None
    *There is a known exception to this.  If you fill 2 technicals with terrorists
    and put those technicals in the Chinook, than put two more terrorists in the
    Chinook, 4 terrorists will survive if the Chinook is destroyed.  They will have
    about 50% health.
    Scout Drone: 1
    These are extremely cheap upgrades that are applicable to all USA vehicles.
    They greater increase sight range and allow that unit to detect stealth.  They
    get a low target priority because they are readily replaceable.
    Cost: $100
    Special Abilities: Detects stealth, has high vision range
    Upgrades: Drone Armor
    Battle Drone: 2
    These drones repair the host unit and use a weak machine gun to assist the host
    unit in attacks. Although useful in certain situations with small numbers of
    units, you don't want to apply these to any large number of tanks.  At $300
    apiece, you're better off buying MDs if you need supplementary firepower.
    Cost: $300
    Special Abilities: Repairs Host when host is damaged and not moving, assists
    host unit in attacks
    Upgrades: Drone Armor
    Hellfire Drone: 4
    For a drone, these are expensive.  They have high firepower, but they don't seem
    to shoot very often, making me question their usefulness.  However, they do
    appear to be strikingly effective against infantry.  They get a high rating
    because they are easy to shoot down and very expensive.
    Cost: $500
    Special Abilities:  Fires a hellfire missile at enemies near to the host unit.
    Upgrades: Drone Armor
    Dozer: 7
    Excellent Target.  This is how USA builds all structures.  It has weak armor and
    is easily killed.  USA needs these more than the other factions because defense
    structures play an important role in USA defense.
    Cost: $1000
    Special Abilities: Builds all structures, clears mines, repairs structures for
    Upgrades: None
    Pilot: 3
    These appear when promoted USA planes, helicopters, or vehicles are destroyed.
    They carry the veterancy of whatever unit was lost.  They can be ordered into
    another vehicle or plane.  Upon entering, the plane or vehicle receives the
    pilot's veterancy and it is added to the total.  Veterancy adds a lot of
    firepower to units, so pilots can really make a difference in battle.  However,
    they get a low priority rating because a lot of micromanagement is required to
    use them properly.  Most players don't do manage them well enough to be a real
    threat.  Note: 3 chevrons is the highest attainable veterency, under any
    Cost: N/A
    Special Abilities: Veterancy Transfer
    Upgrades: None
    -Granger (Air Force General):
    Cannot build crusaders or paladins
    Carpet-bombing becomes available once strategy center is built
    All Aircraft have point laser defense, all are cheaper, Stealth fighter does not
    require use of a general's point
    King Raptor: 8
    These are highly dangerous and impervious rocket attacks.  They also detect
    stealth.  Defense against these is a must.  Note:  They also detect stealth when
    Price: $1100
    Special Abilities: Laser Point Defense, can detect stealth while flying
    Upgrades: Laser Missiles, ElectricalCounterMeasures, Advanced Training
    Comanche: 10
    Extremely dangerous in the hands of Granger.  These are cheap and can be
    at all costs so that Granger does not even consider building more.  (Granger's
    Comanches also appear to have more armor than standard versions.)
    Price: $1200
    Special Abilities: Stealthed while not firing (Requires Upgrade), rocket pods
    (requires upgrade), laser point defense
    Upgrades: Rocket Pods, Comanche Stealth Upgrade, Advanced Training
    -Townes (Laser General):
    Laser tank replaces Crusader and paladin
    Laser Tower replaces Patriot
    Tomahawk is not available
    Avengers Cost $500 less
    Laser Tank: 6
    These are exactly like normal crusader tanks, but they do slightly more damage
    to vehicles and way less damage to infantry.
    Price: $900
    Special Abilities: Becomes inactive if Base Power is low
    Upgrades: S/B/H Drones, Advanced Training, Composite Armor
    -Alexis (Super Weapon General):
    All Vehicles are more expensive
    Particle Cannon costs $2500 less
    Control rods provide +15 power instead of only +5
    Patriots cost $900
    Patriots do less damage, but stun any vehicles or aircraft they hit
    Stunned aircraft (B52s, B2s, and Supply planes excluded) die immediately once
    stunned by an EMP missile
    Alpha Aurora:  7
    These are weaker and less expensive than normal auroras.  Although you should
    try and destroy them, you won't suffer much even if you don't.  Their mini Fuel
    Air Bombs are pretty strong, but cannot hit fast moving targets.
    Cost: $2000
    Special Abilities: Is impervious when ordered to attack
    Upgrades: ElectricalCounterMeasures, Advanced Training
    Standard GLA:
    Rebel: 1
    Easy to kill, easy to replace.  If they are capturing one of your structures (or
    a neutral one), then run them over.  If not, don't bother.
    Cost: $150
    Special Abilities: Capture and Stealth (Both require upgrades)
    Upgrades: AP Bullets, Stealth Rebel, Capture
    RPG Trooper: 3
    Good against tanks, better when garrisoned.  Any standard infantry units or
    light vehicle will PWN these little guys.  Flash bangs, toxin tractors, flame
    tanks, or simple artillery will remove them from structures.
    Cost: $300 (two come free with tunnel)
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: AP Rockets
    Hijacker:  4
    You won't encounter normal hijackers much because they are weak, slow,
    expensive, and so ineffective it's funny.  They can steal vehicles, in theory,
    but aren't very good at it.
    Cost: $400 + Generals point (level 3)
    Special Abilities: Stealthed while not moving, Can capture Enemy Vehicles (in
    Upgrades: None
    Terrorist: 7
    These are very cheap but have VERY high firepower; 1 can easily kill 3 tanks.
    It's easy to kill these, but painful if you don't.
    Cost: $200
    Special Abilities: 'One time use' units.  In order to attack, they have to right
    next to the target... and they die along with it.
    Upgrades: None
    Angry Mob: 10
    If you ever see one, kill it quickly.  I gave it a 10 for a reason.  Nothing can
    do more damage to more things faster than an Angry Mob.  The mob puts even the
    nuke cannon to shame.  These units rape all non-aircraft units.  Use flash
    bangs, Quad guns, gatt tanks, or other mobs to dispose of them.
    Cost: $800
    Special Abilities: Unlike other infantry, these cannot garrison structures or
    occupy tunnels or vehicles
    Upgrades: AK-47
    Jarmell Kell: 9
    You won't see him until he's sniped one of you vehicles.  If you don't kill him
    fast, he'll snipe the rest of your tanks and use them against you.  The good
    news is that unless he's being micromanaged by the enemy commander, he will
    continue to fire at enemy units after he's sniped one of your tanks.  This makes
    him easy to spot and eliminate.  Just be sure that he is, in fact, killed before
    you direct your attentions elsewhere.
    Cost: $1500
    Special Abilities: Can snipe out Drivers making enemy units capturable to any
    infantry unit, is stealthed while not firing.
    Upgrades: AP Bullets
    Saboteur: 8
    It's a Col Burton without a gun.  Not nearly as dangerous to you troops, but
    these can kill your base pretty easily.  A tactic that is used is to drop them
    in bases using technicals.  (Of course, RPG troopers will accompany the
    saboteur, as to trick the player into thinking that the RPG troopers were the
    intended attack.  They will then not think to expect a saboteur.)
    Cost: $800
    Special Abilities: Remote C4, Timed C4 (20 second timer), and is stealthed while
    not using other abilities
    Upgrades: None
    Scorpion: 4
    Strong and cheap.  These are most often used en masse, and for good reason.
    Nothing short of a Nuke cannon of a horde of paladins can beat a swarm of
    Scorpions.  Also, this is the most upgradeable unit in the game.  (Note:  When
    using these, always have the scorpion rocket.  It effectively increases their
    firepower by 200%.)
    Cost: $600
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: Scorpion Rocket, Toxin Shells, Anthrax Beta (if toxin shells are
    purchased), AP Rockets (if rocket is purchased), Junk Repair
    Technical: non-upgraded: 2
               upgraded: 8
    These are rarely used alone.  RPG troops or Terrorists are almost always
    concealed inside.  If a technical manages to scavenge 2 wrecks, watch out.  Its
    weapon becomes extremely powerful, effective against infantry and tanks.
    Aircraft or gattling tanks are required to eliminate upgraded technicals.
    Cost: $500
    Special Abilities: Can transport 5 infantry units quickly
    Upgrades: Junk Repair
    Radar Vans: 7
    Not at all dangerous, but they make a great target.  Why?  Because most players
    only build one... which is a bad idea because they are extremely cheap.  They
    provide the GLA player with radar and detect stealth.  They can also reveal
    terrain when the appropriate upgrade is purchased.
    Cost: $500
    Special Abilities: Is unarmed, but can detect stealth
    Upgrades: Radar Scan (allows scanning of any area on the map), Junk Repair
    Quad Cannon: 6
    These are great targets because of their weak armor.  They are also the only
    effective AA that GLA has.  Granger players should definitely keep that in mind.
    Cost: $700
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: Junk Repair
    Combat Cycle: 5
    Overpriced and weak.  They can host terrorists if the GLA player wants them too,
    so just be careful.
    Cost: $550
    Special Abilities: Any infantry unit can ride it.  It takes on all standard
    abilities of that unit.
    Upgrades: Junk Repair
    Toxin Tractor: 6
    Personally, these are my favorite targets because they are fun to shoot at.
    They aren't dangerous and they aren't expensive, but they die easily.  If you
    can get them into the enemy base, use their toxin spray.  The effect lasts a
    long time.  Also, these are fairly resistant to rocket attacks, but especially
    weak to tank rounds.
    Cost: $600
    Special Abilities: Toxin Spray
    Upgrades: Junk Repair, Anthrax Beta
    Rocket Buggy: 8
    These have high firepower and long range.  They are also fast.  You'll want to
    kill them because of this.  They have virtually no armor, so it's not very hard
    to do so.  Try using aircraft.
    Cost: $900
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: Junk Repair, AP Rockets, Buggy Ammo
    Bomb Truck: 10
    If you ever see one of these, it's 2 seconds away from killing half your army.
    Take these out at all costs.  Note:  Unlike the terrorist, bomb trucks explode
    even if they are destroyed.  Act accordingly.
    Cost: $1200
    Special Abilities: Can disguise as ANY vehicle.  Be as creative with this as you
    Upgrades: Bio Bomb (Affects only truck it's bought on), High Explosive bomb
    (only affects truck it's bought on), Junk Repair
    Scud Launcher:  8
    These artillery units boast very powerful missiles.  The anthrax warhead is
    pathetically weak, but the high explosive warhead does almost as much damage as
    the nuke cannon.  The scud launcher is, for the most part, like the nuke canon:
    it just trades some firepower for speed.  It works really well in conjunction
    with tunnel networks.
    Cost: $1200 + generals point (level 1)
    Special Abilities:  Anthrax Warhead
    Upgrades: Junk Repair, Anthrax Beta
    Battle Bus:  7
    These are fairly well armored and rather speedy for a heavy vehicle.  Load them
    with 5 RPG troops and you can expect this to destroy most tanks.  Just be sure
    to watch out for artillery, though, seeing as you probably don't wan to lose
    your $2500 investment.
    Cost: $1000
    Special Abilities: Can hold 5 infantry that can fire from within it, forms an
    immobile bunker when destroyed
    Marauder Tanks: 6
    This is GLA's version of the crusader.  It is there to give GLA a way to destroy
    paladins.  These are cheaper and weaker than the crusader, but still comparable
    in most aspects.  One thing it can't do is fire while moving because its turret
    is fixed.
    Cost: $800 + Generals Point (level 1)
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: Toxin Shells, Anthrax Beta (if toxin shells are purchased), Junk
    Worker: 3
    These are extremely cheap and extremely replaceable because they cost only $200
    and cab be trained by two different structures.  However, they are also
    extremely necessary: They build all GLA structures and gather supplies.  Hence,
    a 3 is warranted.  Note:  You can prevent construction of a structure simply by
    running these over.  Many USA and china players retreat their dozers when they
    see a worker building a tunnel.  Don't, just run the little guy over instead.
    Cost: $200
    Special Abilities: Builds all GLA structures, clears mines, collects supplies,
    repairs buildings free of charge
    Upgrades: Shoes
    -Demo: Demolitions General:
    Standard Units (Rocket buggy, Scorpion, Quad cannon) cost a more
    Terrorists do more damage
    Bomb trucks are cheaper
    All toxin upgrades are unavailable.
    Scuds and scud storms only use explosives.
    This general cannot utilize Stealth (except Jarmell Kell)
    If a certain upgrade is purchased, all units gain the ability to self-destruct
    Jarmell Kell can place explosives like the saboteur and retains all his other
    Attack cycles come with terrorists instead of rebels
    Attack cycle: 7
    Same as other generals' attack cycles, except his are more likely to have
    terrorist riders.  Just be sure to take them out before they get too close.
    Cost: $550
    Special Abilities: Same as terrorist, but fast
    Upgrades: Can utilize and infantry and use it's primary weapon abilities
    -Thrax: Toxin General:
    Standard Units (Rocket buggy, Scorpion, Quad cannon) cost a more
    Scorpion and Marauder start with toxin shells
    Begins with anthrax Beta
    Scud launcher can only fire anthrax warheads
    Most rocket attacks contain anthrax
    Excluding Jarmell, all stealth capabilities are not available
    Scud launcher: 4
    Dr. Thrax's scud launcher is extremely weak.  Try as it might, it can't do much
    damage to structures or heavy vehicles.  It will, however, completely own
    infantry.  Act accordingly.
    Cost: $1200 + Generals point (level 1)
    -Passad: Stealth General:
    All structures can upgrade with camo netting
    Rebels are camouflaged at start
    All base defenses are camouflaged
    Hijacker is available at start
    Hijacker costs more
    Hijacker is stealthed while moving
    GPS scrambler is available at level three
    GPS scrambler recharges faster
    Scud launcher, Scorpion tank, and Marauder tank are not available
    Workers: 5
    Passad's workers get a level 5 rating because you need to pay more attention to
    them. They are stealthed when collecting supplies (if netting is bought at
    stash) and can build defenses that are stealthed while being built.  Also, if
    you see a worker (or two RPG troops) standing around, assume there is a defense
    structure nearby.
    Cost: $200
    Special abilities: Build's Passad's stealthy structures
    Upgrades: Shoes
    -Standard China:
    Red Guard: 2
    These are weak infantry. However, they are cheap, get a horde bonus, and cant
    take on rebels and win.  One thing to remember is that they always come in
    pairs.  If you find one alone, it's probably a scout.  Search for a kill the
    other because you want to deprive china of all information.
    Cost: $300 (for a pair)
    Special abilities: Horde bonus in groups of 5 or more, capture (with upgrade)
    Upgrades: Nationalism, capture
    Tank Hunter: 3
    Like an RPG trooper, but it gets a horde bonus.  It also has a neat little bomb
    attack, but one shot from it's gun does more damage.  Don't even bother with the
    Cost: $300
    Special abilities: Horde bonus, TNT attack
    Upgrades: Nationalism
    Hacker: 7
    These provide money for china, are easy to kill, and are expensive.  Kill these
    wherever and whenever you find hem.  It shouldn't be too hard because they are
    completely defenseless and rather slow to undeploy.
    Cost: $625
    Special Abilities: can disable enemy buildings (like the microwave tank, but it
    doesn't work on defenses), can also hack money at $5 every 2 seconds.
    Upgrades:  I'm told it hacks faster when in the internet center. It doesn't
    appear to, though.
    Black Lotus: 9
    She can capture an entire base pretty quickly.  However, ZH has a ton of stealth
    detecting units, so lotus' is now a lot less useful. But if she's in your base,
    get her out quickly.  She's the only unit that can remove your HQ quickly and
    easily and within 10 seconds.
    Cost: $1500
    Special abilities: Can detect stealth, Stealthed when not using following
    abilities, can hack $1000 (or up to) from enemy supply center, can capture enemy
    buildings, can disable enemy vehicles
    Upgrades: None
    Battlemaster Tank: 5
    Nothing too special about this thing.  As far as tanks go, this is sub-standard.
    It can hold its own in a fight, but it's certainly not extraordinary.
    Cost: $800
    Special Abilities: Horde Bonus
    Upgrades: Nuclear Tanks, Uranium Shells, Nationalism
    Troop Crawler: 8
    These things are weak, expensive, and they die quickly.  That's why they make
    great targets.  They also detect stealth and hold up to 8 infantry.  They are
    also rather fast.  Lastly, they are extremely good at killing hero units.  Not
    even elite Burton can take out a troop crawler and all 8 infantry inside.
    Cost: $400
    Special Abilities: Detects stealth, comes with 8 Red Guard
    Upgrades: None
    Gattling Tank: 7
    My favorite unit of all time.  This is extremely virile and extremely useful, so
    if you're fighting a china player, you are going to see a lot of these through
    out the game. They own aircraft and infantry, but are pretty weak against tanks.
    Cost: $800
    Special Abilities: Fires slowly for first 6 shots
    Upgrades: Chain gun
    Dragon Tank: 6
    These are pretty weak, but they do rape structures and light vehicles if they
    can get close enough.  They, like the toxin tractor, have a resistance to rocket
    attacks, but take extra damage from tank rounds.
    Cost: $800
    Special Abilities: Clears out Infantry from buildings in one shot, can create a
    wall of fire
    Upgrades: Black Napalm
    Inferno Cannon: 5
    These can kill infantry, but are weak against everything else.  They are also
    very slow and very easily destroyed.  They are also expensive, warranting the
    rating of 5.
    Cost: $900
    Special Abilities: Creates firestorm in large groups
    Upgrades: Black Napalm
    Listening Outpost:  7
    These are pretty expensive and pretty weak.  Watch out, though, because they
    come with 2 tank hunters which can tear apart tanks.  The outposts themselves
    are fairly fragile, but have a high resistance to anti-infantry fire.
    Cost: $900
    Special Abilities: Comes with 2 tank hunters that can fire from within it,
    detects stealth, is stealthed when still and not firing
    Upgrades: None
    Overlords: 9
    It takes a lot to stop these bad boys.  They have incredibly tough armor and
    high firepower against everything (even infantry).  If you see these attacking
    your base, you'll want them dead, fast.  Overlords can be destroyed by other
    tanks, but it is grossly inefficient to try t hat.  Overlords have a high
    resistance to all rocket and tank round attacks.  They are weak, however, to all
    forms of artillery and to aerial attacks.
    Cost: $2000
    Special Abilities: Can transport up to 5 infantry that can fire out of it (when
    equipped with bunker), can detect stealth (when equipped with gattling gun)
    Upgrades: Bunker (affects only target tank), Gattling gun (affects only target
    tank), Propaganda Tower (affects only target tank), Nuclear Tanks, Uranium
    Shells, Subliminal Messaging, Chain gun Upgrade (if gattling gun is bought)
    ECM Tank: 4
    These are only really a threat if you are china facing china.  Every vehicle
    costs the same as this tank or less (except the paladin and the overlord) so
    using one tank to paralyze another really won't alter the course of the battle
    in any way (unless it's overlords vs. overlords).
    Cost: $900
    Special Abilities: Can disable and enemy vehicle, Rocket attacks made within
    it's range are often thrown off course
    Upgrades: None
    Nuke Cannon: 10
    The mother of all artillery, these things have incredibly high offensive
    firepower at long range.  However, they are slow and need to deploy before
    firing and have to redeploy between every shot when on guard mode.  They also
    have very weak armor.  You should consider these prime targets at all times and
    regardless of all other circumstances.
    Cost: $1600 + Generals Point (level 1)
    Special Abilities: Can fire neutron shells that clear garrisoned buildings and
    clears vehicles of their drivers
    Upgrades: Neutron Shells.
    Mig: 7
    Not all it's cracked up to be, the mig is fairly weak as far as aircraft go.  It
    can make a firestorm, which is impressive, but only in groups of four or more.
    They make great targets because they are easy to shoot down with bullet weapons.
    (Rocket attacks aren't very effective, aside from the EMP and standard Patriot.)
    Cost: $1200
    Special Abilities: Creates firestorm in groups of 4 or more
    Upgrades: Black Napalm, Mig Armor
    Helix 2: 8
    Like the Comanche, but a little less fragile, and a little more expensive.  It
    can transport 5 slots of units.  It can also upgrade with napalm bombs and one
    of the following: bunkers, gattling guns, Propaganda towers.  The bunker, gatt
    gun, and prop tower have the same effect on the helix as they do on the
    overlord, only the helix gatt can't fire on air units.
    Cost: $1750
    Special Abilities: Can transport up to 5 slots of units that can fire out of it
    (when equipped with bunker), can detect stealth (when equipped with gattling
    gun), can drop napalm bombs to create a firestorm (when upgrade is purchased for
    that particular helix)
    Upgrades: Bunker (affects only target helix), Gattling gun (affects only target
    helix), Propaganda Tower (affects only target helix),  Subliminal Messaging,
    Chain gun Upgrade (if gattling gun is bought), Black Napalm (if bomb drop is
    bought), Bomb Drop (affects only target Helix)
    Supply Truck: 6
    These are cool because they are the only supply gatherers that can defend
    themselves.  (They can run over infantry!)  They have fairly weak armor, but are
    pretty cheap to replace.
    Cost: $600
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: None
    Dozer: 7
    Excellent target.  It has weak armor and can be easily killed.  It also requires
    $1000 to replace.  (This is the same as the USA dozer, but it has tracks instead
    of tires, which affects only its ability to turn.)
    Cost: $1000
    Special Abilities: Builds all Chinese Structures, can repair all structures for
    Upgrades: None
    -Anvil: Infantry General
    Minigunner replaces Red Guard
    Assault Troop Crawler Replaces Troop Crawler
    Attack Outpost Replaces Listening Outpost
    Assault Helix Replaces Helix
    Cannot build Overlords, Battlemasters, of Gattling tanks
    Inferno cannons, and dragon tanks all cost more
    All infantry start out as veterans
    Can paradrop 5, 10, or 15 mingunners as a general ability (level 3)
    Super Hackers Replace Hackers
    Super Black Lotus Replaces Black Lotus
    Fortified Bunker Replaces Bunker
    Has nationalism upgrade at start
    Patriotism Upgrade is Available at the Propaganda Center
    Minigunner: 6
    Easy to kill and expensive.  It's good against aircraft and other vehicles, but
    not so good against light vehicles or tanks.
    Cost: $350
    Special Abilities: Fires really slowly at first, horde bonus
    Upgrades: Patriotism, chain gun (I assume)
    Super Hacker: 7
    If you can find them, kill them.  They are normal hackers except they have
    lotus' vehicle hack and are stealthed while not hacking structures or vehicles.
    Cost: $625
    Special Abilities: Can hack cash, vehicles, and structures.  Just not at the
    same time.  Is stealthed while not hacking structures or vehicles
    Upgrades: None
    Super Lotus: 10
    Like normal lotus, but she hacks faster.  Be aware of that.
    Cost: $1500
    Special Abilities: Vehicle hack, structure capture hack, supply center money
    hack, is stealthed while not using an ability
    Upgrades: None
    Assault Troop Crawler: 7
    This is a strange vehicle.  It costs a ton, comes with 8 minigunners, has a
    propaganda tower built in (it does not affect itself), infantry can fire out of
    it, and it detects stealth.  It also seems to have a little more armor than your
    normal crawler.  You'll see these when fighting anvil, be sure to knock them out
    because they are very costly to replace.
    Cost: $2400
    Special Abilities: Can hold 8 infantry that can fire out of it, infantry survive
    (at 50% health) when it dies, it can detect stealth, has a built in propaganda
    tower (does not affect itself)
    Upgrades: None
    Attack Outpost: 8
    Remarkably Dangerous, these thing can cause a lot of hurt pretty quickly.  They
    are resistant to anti-infantry attacks, but weak against anti tank attacks.
    Paladins, mobs, overlords, or any kind of artillery are probably the best way to
    destroy these.  Gattling weapons and quad guns will have almost no effect.
    Cost: $1000
    Special Abilities: Comes with 4 tank hunters, can hold up to 10 infantry that
    can fire out of it, stealthed while not moving or firing, can detect stealth
    Upgrades: None
    Assault Helix:  11
    The only unit to get 11 on a scale of 10.  These things are down right dangerous
    when equipped with 8 tank hunters.  They can destroy anything very quickly:
    Infantry, tanks, other aircraft, all strucutres.  Nothing canwithstand the
    immense firepower of a fully loaded assualt helix.  Should you ever encounter
    one, kill it fast.  Kill it NOW.  If that thing gets anywhere near you, you will
    get pulverized.  Nothing short of a large group of MDs (LASER LOCK), Gattling
    tanks, or a quads will stop these.  Rocket troops, rocket tanks, patriot
    missile, sentry guns, etc all die to the massive asshault helix with its
    incredible armor and extensive firepower.  BEWARE OF THE ASSHUALT HELIX. Note:
    The assault helix  cannot transport vehicles nor can it host any upgrade other
    than the bunker.  It comes equuipped wtih a bunker from the start.
    Cost: $1500
    Special Abilities: Can carry 8 infantry that can fire out of it
    Upgrades: Bomb Drop (only affects target helix), black napalm (if bomb drop is
    -Tao: Nuke General
    Nuke Cannon is available to him without the cost of a generals point
    Advanced Nuke Plant replaced Nuke Plant
    Overlord and Battlemaster start out with nuclear tank and uranium shells upgrade
    Battlemaster looks kind of funny
    Battlemaster an Overlord leave radiation with their shots
    Nuke launcher costs $500 less
    Carpet Nuke bombing replaces Carpet Bombing
    Gains Isotope stability upgrade at Nuke Silo
    Migs can be upgraded with tacticle nukes Available at nuke silo
    -Twai: Tank General
    Cannot build nuke cannons or inferno cannons
    All tanks cost $100 less
    Overlord is replaced with Emporer
    All tanks built as veterans
    All aircraft cost more
    Can drop 1, 2, or 4 tanks with generals ability (level 3)
    Gains Battlemaster autoloader upgrade at propganda center
    Emperor Tank: 9
    Not really any better than your average Overlord Tank.  Sure, it's a bit
    stronger, a bit cheaper, and starts out with prop tower and veterancy, but
    subliminal messaging doesn't affect it and it is just as suceptable to artillery
    as standard overlords.  It's still and overlord and is very strong.
    Cost: $1900
    Special Abilities: Comes with built in ptop tower, can detect stealth (with gatt
    gun upgrade), is not affected by sublminal messaging upgrade
    Upgrades: Chain gun (if it has gattling gun upgrade), gattling gun (affects only
    target tank), uranium shells, nuclear tanks
    -The Structures
    Note: All structures can be sold for half their value at any time.  Only if the
    selling sequence is complete will the money be paid.
     -Standard USA
    Note: All USA structures (firebase excluded) leave behind rangers when
    Cold Fusion Reactor:
    This provides power for the USA base.  It's costly, weak, and important to USA
    base defense.  Keep these things protected.
    Cost: $500
    What it does: Provides 5 power.  Control Rod upgrades cost $500 and add another
    5 power
    Trains soldiers.  It's cheap, has fair armor, and if trains the extremely
    effective MD.  It's good to have around.
    Cost: $500
    What it does: Trains Soldiers and hosts Flash Bang and Capture Upgrades, also
    heals soldiers
    Command Center:
    Heavily armored, this is tough to destroy.  When it does die, it leaves behind
    nearly 20 rangers; nearly a small army.
    Cost: $2000
    What it does: Provide Radar, satilite, builds dozers, alows use of generals
    abilities.  Radar goes out if there's low power
    Fire Base:
    Heavy firepower, but weak armor.  This is a pretty good defense, though.  Just
    don't use it alone.
    Cost: $1000
    What it does: Base defense that can garrison 4 infantry, runs withour power
    Patriot Missile:
    Heavy firepower.  This will stop just about any early units, including infantry.
    Cost: $1000 + 3 power
    What it does: Detects stealth and makes a good anti-tank, anti-infantry, and
    anti-aircraft defense.
    Supply Center:
    Expensive and defenseless.  Comes with one Chinook.
    Cost: $2000 + 1 power
    What it does: Works with Chinooks to cather supplies.  It also obuilds chinooks.
    Air Field:
    Large and fairly well armored.  People love to attack these, though, because
    they are often full of helpless planes.
    Cost: $1000 + 1 power
    What it does: Builds/rearms/repairs planes, builds/repairs commanches, repairs
    chinooks and hosts the following upgrades: Rocket Pods, ECM, Laser Missiles,
    Bunker Buster
    War Factory:
    Builds all USA vehicles. (except dozers)  Protect this because vehicles are very
    Cost: $2000 + 1 power
    What it does: Builds /repairs all USA vehicles, hosts Sentry Drone Gun and TOW
    missile Upgrade
    Strategy Center:
    USA tech building.  Protect this really cool building.
    Cost: $2500 + 2 power
    What it does: Allows construction of Aurora, Tomahawk and Col Burton, Enables
    +20% shot power or +20% shot range or +10 armor to all your units and
    structures, hosts a bunch of upgrades: Basic Training, Composite Armor, Chemical
    Suits, Supply Lines, Drone Armor.  Also can be used to spy on the enemy.
    Supply Drop Zone:
    The USA alternate way of making money.
    Cost: $2500 + 4 power
    What it does: Every 2 minutes, a supply plane comes and drops $1500 onto the
    supply drop zone and adds it to your total funds.
    Particle Cannon:
    The USA super weapon.  This is really very good.  It can kill anything (except
    super weapons and Comand Centers) but it can be hard to kill aircraft with.
    Note: The beam can be controlled to move after initial firing.
    Cost: $5000 + 10 power
    What it does: Kills things with an unstoppable beam of light.  4 minute
    All his Structures are the same.
    Laser Turret: (Replaces Patriot)
    Townes has his own defense structure.  He must feel proud.  This thing is pretty
    good, actually, being able to effectively kill all forms of enemy units.
    Cost: $1000 + 3 power
    What it does: All-round Base Defense
    EMP Patriot: (Replaces Patriot)
    Like the normal patriot, but it does less damage and stuns vehicles and air
    units.  Any stunned air unit dies instantly (supply planes and bombers are
    Cost: $900 + 3 power
     -Standard GLA
    Note: ALL GLA structures leave Holes when destroyed.  The holes will rebuild the
    structures if they holes are not destroyed.
    Note: The worker can build fake GLA structures.  Fake structures do not function
    as normal structures; they just look like normal ones.  They can be ordered to
    self destruct or (for a price) upgrade to the real version of the structure.
    Supply Center:
    Nothing special here.  Comes with 1 worker.
    Cost: $1500
    What it does: Collects supplies with workers, trains workers
    Again, nothing special.
    Cost: $500
    What it does: Trains GLA soldiers.  Hosts Capture Upgrade.
    Command Center:
    The biggest GLA Structure.  It has a ton of armor, but is unnecessary to GLA
    early on.  You might consider selling it for the extra $1000.
    Cost: $2000
    What it does: Trains workers, hosts generals abilities
    Arms Dealer:
    Weak and expensive yet 100% criushal.  Protect this because it is even more
    important than your HQ.
    Cost: $2500
    What it does: Builds all GLA vehicles.  Hosts Scorpion Rocket upgrade.
    Tunnel Entrance:
    Cute little base defense.  It doesn't put up much of a fight, but it's useful
    none the less.  It comes with 2 free RPG troops when built.  Detects stealth.
    Cost: $800
    What it does: Base defense.  You can put up to 8 units into your tunnel network
    at once.  They can use tunnel entrances to exit or enter the network.  While
    inside the tunnel network, all units heal.  Can equip itself with camo netting.
    Stinger Site:
    Crappy AA.  However, it can stop most early rushes.  It's like 3 RPG troops that
    can detect stealth and regenerate.  Not too shabby, really.
    Cost: $900
    What it does: Stops vehicles, infantry, and aircraft with varying effiecietcy.
    Detects stealth.  Can equip itself with camo netting.
    Demo Trap:
    These things are really cool and much more useful than people think.  Kind of
    expensive, though.
    Cost: $400
    What it does:  You build it.  It stealths itself.  If enemies come near, it
    detonantes and the enemies die.
    The GLA tech strucutre.  It doubles as a powerful defense.
    Cost: $2500
    What it does: Allows construction of buggy, scud storm, jarmell kell, angry mob,
    battle bus, scud launcher.  Can hold 5 troops that can shoot from it.  Hosts
    Fortification, camoflauge, toxin shells, arm the mob, and anthrax beta upgrades.
    Black Market:
    The GLA alternative money source.
    Cost: $2500
    What it does: Give the player $20 every 2 seconds and hosts the following
    upgrades: worker shoes, AP rockets, AP bullets, Junk repair, Buggy Ammo
    Scud Storm:
    GLA's super weapon.  This is also the strongest super weapon in the game,
    although it has a long firing delay (missiles hit targeted area 10 seconds after
    you target the area).
    Cost: $5000
    What it does: Indiscriminately kills all units and most structures withing the
    targeted area.  Leaves behind a nasty toxin cloud.  5 minute count down
    All of Demo's structures are the same.
    Toxin Tunnel:
    Exactly like a normal tunnel entrace except it has better firepower.
    What it does: Base defense.  You can put up to 8 units into your tunnel network
    at once.  They can use tunnel entrances to exit or enter the network.  While
    inside the tunnel network, all units heal.
    All of Passad's Structures can upgrade with Camo netting.  Tunnel entrace and
    Stinger site get it for free when they are built.
     -Standard China
    Note: All china structure can upgrade with mines for $600.  These mies are
    stealthed and appear all around the structure.  They regerate a short time after
    being destroyed, detonated, or disamred.  They remain if the structure is
    destroyed but are lost if the structure is sold.  When a structure is capture,
    the mines are captured along with it.
    Note: Any structure upgraded with mines can upgrade wtih nuetron mines.  These
    are exactly like normal mines iin very way except they are blue and they kill
    the drivers of vehicles on contact leaving the vehicles open for capturing by
    Nuclear Reactor:
    Provides poweer to chinese bases.  It's also pretty cheap and well armored.  One
    of these will power one chinese base.  A second will power a nuke launcher.  If
    ever you're short on power, put it into overload until you can get another
    reactor built.
    Cost: $1000
    What it does: Provides +10 power, explodes when destroyed, can be overloaded to
    produce an extra +5 power.  This quickly damages the reactor.
    Gattling Gun:
    China's Primary Base defenses.  Detects stealth units and rapes aircraft and
    infantry.  However, it would be unwise to build too many of these because the
    tank version is cheaper and just as strong.
    Cost: $1200 + 3 power
    What it does:  Detects stealth, rapes infantry and aircraft, can shoot down
    artillery missiles (in theory)
    Trains all chinese infantry.  Has weak armor, but it's absolutley necessary
    because it lets you respond quickly to problems at your base.
    Cost: $500
    What it does: Trains infantry, hosts capture upgrade
    Command Center:
    This tough structure is absolutley necessary to china.  It builds dozers, hosts
    radar upgrade, and it allows use of Generals abilities.  Radar goes offline if
    there is low power.
    Cost:  $2000 + $500 for radar
    What it does: Builds Dozers, hosts radar upgrade, allows for use of generals
    These are excellent base defenses, even if you don't put things in them.  They
    make great cannon fodder and enemies love to shoot them.  Of course, you can
    also garrison up to 5 infantry inside of them, should you want them to return
    Cost: $400
    What it does: Base Defense, can hold up to 5 infantry that can shoot from it
    Supply Center:
    Build these if you want cash or a war factory.  They're weakly armored and
    enemies love to shoot them, so what out.  It comes with 1 supply trucks when
    Cost: $1500 + 1 power
    What it does: Uses supply trucks to cellect supplies, builds supply trucks
    Air Field:
    A large airfield.  Has comparatively weak armor.
    Cost: $1000 + 1 power
    What it does: Build/repairs/rearms migs, builds/repairs helixes, hosts mig Armor
    War Factory:
    The heart and soul of the chinese base and the only structure more important
    than the HQ.  It also has weak armor so you'd better protect it while you pump
    out your vehicles.
    Cost: $2000 + 1 power
    What it does: Builds chinese vehicles, repairs all chinese vehicles, hosts chain
    gun upgrade and black napalm
    Propaganda Center:
    The chinese Tech structure.  Build it to access the overlord, the hacker, black
    lotus, and the artillery units.  It has very little armor and is almot
    completely defenseless.  China needs it's technology, so if you're under heavy
    attack constantly, try building two of these.
    Cost: $2000 + 3 power
    What it does: China's tech structure, hosts nationalism and subliminal Messaging
    Internet Center:
    Honestly, I don't build these.  However, they do allow china some valueble intel
    (at a price) and they can garrison hackers to make them hack faster
    Cost: $2500 + ? power
    What it does: Garrisions up to 10 hackers to make them hack faster, hosts
    sailite hacks 1 and 2
    Propaganda Tower:
    Build these wherever you think you'll have a lot of units.  For a tozer made
    almost entirely of wood, they have some pretty fair armor.
    Cost: $500 + 1 power
    What it does: Increases ROF and regenerates health of all allied units in close
    Nuclear Missile:
    Chin's super weapon.  The weakest of the three, but still remarkably strong.  It
    will kill all units withing it's range (except overlords) and most structures.
    It also leaves a lot of radiation behind, too.  However, it hits the target area
    almost immediatly, making it an excellent choice for killing entire enemy
    divisions quickly.
    Cost: $5000 + 10 power
    What it does: Destroys all units and most structures in a large area and leaves
    behind radiation.  Countdown: 6 minutes
    -The Generals Abilities (on a scale of 1 to 5 in worthyness
     -Standard USA
      -Level 1:
    Paladin: Level 1
    Allows you to purchase and use the paladin tank.  This is worth it if you're
    fighting GLA.  But otherwise, you should use the crusader instead.
    Rating: 2
    Stealth Fighter: Level 1
    Let's you purchase and use the stealth fighter.  This is pretty lame considering
    that it's only good at killing base defenses.
    Rating: 1
    Spy Drone: Level 1
    Allows you to place a camoflagued scout drone anywhere on the map every 90
    seconds.  This is excellent.  Charge time: 90 seconds
    Rating: 5
      -Level 2:
    Pathfinder: Level 1
    Allows you to train the pathfinder unit.  This guy owns infantry, but only
    infantry.  Use your better judgement for this one.
    Rating: 3
    Paradrop: Level 1
    Allows you to drop 5 rangers anywhere on the map provided that the plane
    carrying them makes it.  Always get at least level one.  You'll never know when
    you'll need some emergancy reinforcements.  Beside, it's also really cool.  4
    minutes charge time.
    Rating: 5
    Paradrop: Level 2
    Drops 10 rangers anywhere on the map.  If you want more rangers, go for it.  But
    in real game scenarious, 10 won't help you out much more than 5 will.  4 minute
    charge time.
    Rating: 2
    Paradrop: Level 3
    Drops 20 rangers anywhere on the map.  Uses 2 planes to do it.  If you want to
    be able to deliver a small army by air, go for it.   But you only have limited
    generals points, so you might want and A10 airstrike instead.  4 minute charge
    Rating: 2
    A10 Airstrike: Level 1
    Orders an A10 surface strike aircraft to attack the target area.  The A10 is
    pretty resistant to AA fire, too.  Always have at least level 1 because even
    level 1 is really strong.  4 minute charge time.
    Rating: 5
    A10 Airstrike: Level 2
    Like level 1, but 2 A10's attack instead of 1.  The area of effect is just the
    same, but it does more damage.  Useful against structures.  4 minute Charge
    Rating: 3
    A10 Airstrike: Level 3
    Like level 2, but 3 A10's come instead of 2.  ARea of effect is the same but
    damage is increased.  Useful when you are trying to destroy super weapons.  4
    minute charge time.
    Rating: 3
    Emergency Repair: Level 1
    Repairs all allied vehicles in a small area by a small amount.  4 minute charge
    Rating: 2
    Emergency Repair: Level 2
    Like level 1, but it repairs a little more.  4 minute charge time.
    Rating: 1
    Emergency Repair: Level 3
    Like level 2, but it repairs a little more.  4 minute charge time.
    Rating: 1
      -Level 5:
    Fuel Air Bomb: Level 1
    B-52 drops a huge bomb onto a target.  Pulverises group of units and structures.
    Use it in conjunction with level 3 A10 airstrike to destroy super weapons.  Can
    be upgraded to a MOAB which does nearly as much damage as the china super
    Rating: 5
    Leaflet Drop: Level 1
    A B-52 drops paper onto your enemies.  All units/structures in affected area
    became inoperable.  for a level 5 abilities, this sucks.
    Rating: 2
    Spectre Gunship: level 1
    Calls in a spectre gunship to fly around is a circle for awhile shooting things.
    Damage is high, but concentrated so manuel targeting with the aircraft in
    necessary for it to be truely powerful.  Charge Time: 5 minutes.
    Rating: 4
    Note on Alexis/Granger:
    Spectre gunship is available at level 3 (levels 1 and 2) and level 5 (levels 3).
    It can hang around for 10, 20, or 30 seconds, depending on how many General's
    points you spend.
    Rating: 3
      -GLA General Abilities
       -Level 1
    Scud Launcher: Level 1
    Allows you to buy the scud launcher.  Way better than the rocket buggy, this is
    a unit you want to have around.  It isn't truely necessary, but it does help.
    Rating: 3
    Maruader Tank: Level 1
    Lets you build the marauder.  Only really useful against USA, this is an
    otherwise standard tank.  There's nothing special about it that warrants
    spending a general's point.
    Rating: 2
    Technical Veterancy: Level 1
    All technicals  you build are built as veterans.  Technicals are weak and so are
    veteran technicals.  If you want to techincal rush, than sure, use this.
    Otherwise, don't bother.
    Rating:  1
       -Level 3
    Hijacker:  Level 1
    Let's you train the Hijacker.  Only Passad's Hijackers are really useful, and he
    gets them from the start.  Don't bother with this.
    Rating: 1
    Rebel Ambush: Level 1
    A group of 4 rebels magically appears anywhere on the map.  For lack of a better
    or stronger Generals ability, this is worth getting.
    Rating: 5
    Rebel Ambush: Level 2
    A group of 8 rebels magically appears on the map.  8 is much better than 4, so
    go for it.
    Rating: 4
    Rebel Ambush: Level 3
    A group of 16 rebels magically appears on the map.  16 is much better than 8, so
    go for it.
    Rating: 4
    Cash Bounty: Level 1
    Every time you kill an enem, you get 5% of its value added to your money supply.
    This is great in large battles.
    Rating: 3
    Cash Bounty: Level 2
    Same as level 1, but you get 10% instead.  This makes it even more useful.
    Rating: 4
    Cash Bounty: Level 3
    Same as level 2, but you get an entire 20%.  If you're doing any damage at all
    to the enemy, this will really increase your income!  Definitely worth it!
    Rating: 5
    Emergency Repair: Level 1
    Repairs all allied vehicles in a small area by a small amount.  4 minute charge
    Rating: 2
    Emergency Repair: Level 2
    Like level 1, but it repairs a little more.  4 minute charge time.
    Rating: 1
    Emergency Repair: Level 3
    Like level 2, but it repairs a little more.  4 minute charge time.
    Rating: 1
       -Level 5
    Anthrax Bomb:
    A GLA supply plane drops a large bomb anywhere on the map.  IT does some fair
    damage initially, but the toxins hang around and do heavy damage to all ground
    vehicles, and kill all infantry in the proximity.  It still lacks any major
    destructive power, however.
    Rating: 4
    Sneak Attack:
    A, unarmed tunnel entrace appears anywhere on the map and takes about 2 seconds
    to build.  It then releases all the unit you have in your tunnel network at that
    time.  Depending on the situation, thic can be either extremely useful or
    extremly weak and a waste of your generals point.  You'll have to be creative to
    make the best use of this, I can guarentee you that.
    Rating: 4
    GPS Scrambler:
    Allows you to perminently camoflauge a small group of your units.  Extremely
    useful when used on artillery units, bomb trucks, or other things that do a lot
    of damage in a short period of time.
    Rating: 5
    Note: No GLA Generals get any special generals  abilities, but a few can't use
    normal abilities.
      -Standard China:
       -Level 1:
    Red Guard Training: Level 1
    Allows all red guard to be built as veterans.  Veterancy only appears to improve
    offensive and defencive strength by about 10%, so on a unit as weak as the red
    guard, it might be wasted.  Red guard are used a lot, however, so if you like
    it, go for it.
    Rating: 3
    Artillery Training: Level 1
    Allows all nuke and inferno cannons to be built as veterans.  Infernos suck, and
    you only use nuke cannon in small numbers, so this is an extremely useless
    Rating: 1
    Nuke Cannon: Level 1
    Allows you to build nuke cannons.  This is china's only compitent artillery, so
    I suggest getting this immediately.  The only reason I gave this a 4 and not a 5
    is because there are some games in which I simply do not use nuke cannons
    because I do not need to.  But if the need comes up, you don't want to be left
    without it.
    Rating: 4
       -Level 3:
    Artillery Barrage: Level 1
    Allows you to fire 12 rounds anywhere on the map.  Always good to have an
    unstoppabable attack.  Good against units, but weak against structures.  And all
    players can hear it when it's launched and all players can see it on their radar
    (if the terrain is revealed) and it always fires from the corner farthest from
    it's target area.
    Rating: 4
    Artillery Barrage: Level 2
    Like level 1, but a little stronger.
    Rating: 3
    Artillery Barrage: Level 3
    Like level 2, but a whole lot stronger.  This can actually take out large
    structures and hordes of units.  If you buy level 1, you may as well buy level
    Rating: 5
    Cash Hack: Levels 1-3
    You shouldn't even bother with this.  You need intel to use it and you won't
    even get the money if your enemy doesn't have it.  China has too many other good
    Abilities for you to waste limited points on this.
    Rating: 1
    Emergency Repair: Level 1
    Repairs all allied vehicles in a small area by a small amount.  4 minute charge
    Rating: 2
    Emergency Repair: Level 2
    Like level 1, but it repairs a little more.  4 minute charge time.
    Rating: 1
    Emergency Repair: Level 3
    Like level 2, but it repairs a little more.  4 minute charge time.
    Rating: 1
    Frenzy: Level 1
    Gives all units in a small area a +10% boost for 10 seconds.  Kind of weak, but
    it's okay.
    Rating: 2
    Frenzy: Level 2
    20% boost for 20 seconds.  Getting better.
    Rating: 3
    Frenzy: Level 3
    30% boost for 30 seconds.  That's better.  It's expensive for 3 generals points,
    but I think you'll find it quite useful in times of need.
    Rating: 4
    Carpet Bombing: Level 1
    A powerful bomber drops a line of bombs onto the target area ever 150 seconds.
    This is an excellent ability.
    Rating: 5
    Cluster Mines: Level 1
    Drops a bunch of normal mines (by plane) to cover a small area.  With more
    options available to china in ZH than in the original, this is significantly
    less useful.  Still good as a last resort if your base in under attack.
    Rating: 3
       -Level 5:
    EMP Pulse Bomb: Level 1
    A plane drops an EMP bomb onto the target area freezying all aircraft, vehicles
    and structures in a large area.  All air units die, by the way.  This is
    extremely useful for attacking enemy bases or if you're being attacked.  (Just
    be sure it doesn't hit your forces.)
    Rating: 4
    Tao Note:  He gets carpet nuke bombing instead of nuke bombing.  It appares to
    be effectively the same in every way, however, doing only slightly more damage.
    Anvil Note:  He can paradrop 5, 10, or 15 minigunners (by plane) anywhere on the
    map.  Extremely useful.
    Rating: 4
    Anvil Note:  Because all his infantry start out as veteran, red guard training
    turns his minigunners elite.
    Twai Note:  Because all his tanks start out as veterans, he gets battlemaster
    training instead of red guard training which lets him build elite battlemasters.
    Rating: 4
     -Standard USA:
    Rockvee Rush: Strong
    Requirement: Speed
    Affect on Economy: Weakens Economy Early On
    Generals Who can do it: All
    Generals Abilities that Help: Scout Drone
    Upgrades that Help: TOW missile
    Execution:  Early on, as soon as the game starts, tech up to a war factory and
    buy 3 humvees.  Fill thems with about 7 MDs and send them off to the enemy base.
    Once there, deploy the troops.  Laser lock all enemy vehicles and aircraft and
    use the humvees to fend off enemy infantry.
    Objective:  Take out the resource carriers, the supply depot, the war factory,
    and anything else you can get.
    How to Stop it: Build a base defense or two, or
    Standard Attack: Medium-Strong
    Requirement: Force
    Affect On Economy: Small
    Generals Who Can Do it: Standard USA only
    General's Abilities that help: A10 Airstrike and FAB.  Paratroopers can help too
    Upgrades that help: Search and Destroy, Advanced Training, Composite Armor
    Excecution: Make a large group of tanks, a large group of tomahawkes, and a
    small group of avengers.  Use avengers of air cover and use tomahawks as you
    main firepower.  Take out tanks and base defenses and infantry along the way.
    If enemy armor is incoming, retreat your tomahawks and use your crusaders to
    stop the enemy armor while tomahawks continue firing at the enemy units.
    Objective: Destruction of all enemy units, then all enemy base defense
    structures, and finally all enemy structures in a given area.
    How to Stop it:  Aircraft can kill the tomahawk and armor can kill the tanks.
    Or, if you have one, use a superweapon to stop it.
    Chinook Rush: Medium
    Requirement: Speed
    Affect on Economy: Crippling
    Genearals Who can do it: All
    Upgrades that help: Flash Bangs
    Generals abilities that help: Scout Drone
    Execution: Train a ton of rangers and MDs ASAP.  As soon as you have your supply
    center up, put all those infantry into it and deploy the troops at the enemy
    Objective: Taking out resource structures
    How to stop it: Have a lot of infantry around, or use a vehicle to run them over
    Variant: Put a dozer in with 3 infantry (instead of 8 infantry) and build a
    patriot missile at their base
    Stealth Comanche PWNAGE: Strong
    Requirement: Steady Income
    Affect on Economy: Small
    Upgrades that help: Rocket Pods, Stealth Comanche Upgrades
    General's abilities that help:  Scout Drone and anything that can kill enemy AA
    Execution: Build as many stealthed commanches as you can and consistanly hit and
    run the enemy base, enemy expansions, and enemy tank units.  When you get rocket
    pods, also start going after enemy AA.  REMEMBER: HIT AND RUN.  Use up all your
    commanche missile on the target, destroy it, and LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.  When your
    commanches have reloaded, attack a different enemy position from a different
    How to stop it: Tons of stealth detection units and even more AA.
    Special Note:  If the enemy harasses you with aircraft, use your king raptors to
    take them out!
    Objective:  Slowly chip away at enemy base, enemy economy, and enemy moral
    eventually causing them to surrender or be defeated.
    No affective Strategies have been found for her.  Presumably, you're supposed to
    turtle.  But there's no way for her to defend 2 supply docks.  And if she only
    defends one, it turns into a battle of attrition and nothing more.
    Note:  Lots of Alexis Players Rockvee rush.  It costs more for her to do so, but
    it does grant an element of surprise.
    He fights just like normal USA, only he has better and cheaper AA.
      -Standard GLA:
    Scorpion Swarm:  Very Strong
    Requirement: Mass production abilities and seady income
    Affect on Economy: Small
    Generals who can do it: All but Passad
    Upgrades that help: All upgrades that affect the scorpion
    General's abilities that help: Emergancy Repair
    Execution: Build as many Scorpions with rockets as you possibly can.  Overwhelm
    the enemy with shear numbers.
    How to Stop it: Hordes of Paladins or strong Artillery.  Garrison buildings seem
    to help.
    Objective:  Complete destruction of the enemy.
    Technical Rush: Medium
    Requirement: Speed
    Affect on Economy: Negligible
    Generals who can do it: All
    Upgrades that Help: Technical Veterancy
    Execution:  Build a technical ealry on and fill it with 5 RPG troops.  Send it
    at the enemy base.
    Objective:  Do as much damage to early enemy economy as you can.
    How to stop it: Any light vehicle, flash bangs, toxin tractors, and dragon tanks
    Variant: Use 2 techincals and 10 RPG troops
    Variant 2:  Use 2 technicals, 3 RPGs troops, 2 rebels, and 2 workers.  Build
    tunnels networks at the enemy base to secure a position there.
    Scud Hit and Run: Strong
    Requirment: Heavy Micromanagement + Scud launcher + tunnel
    Affect on economy: Negligible
    Generals who can do it: Standard and Demo
    Upgrades that help: None
    Generals Abilities that help: None
    Execution: Build a palace and put 5 RPG troops in it.  Next to that, put a
    tunnel entrace.  Put 2 scuds into the entrance.  When enemies come, release the
    scuds onto the enemy and quickly retreat back into the hole.
    Objective: Defense Against late game attacks
    How to stop it: Nuke cannons, Aircraft, Search and Destroy, Generals
    abilities/Super Weapons
    Variant: Use bomb trucks to chase the enemy as they retreat from the scuds.  Hit
    them while their backs are turned.
    No effective strategies have been found for Dr. Thrax.
    Stealthy Expansion:  Strong
    Affect on Economy: Small
    Requirements: None
    Upgrades that can help: Camo Netting
    Generals abilities that can help: GPS Scrambler
    Execution:  Keep your main base completely unstealthed, but completely stealth
    all of your expansions and additional supply docks.  Then, build a stealthed
    production facility (that is, 2 arms dealers in the middle of nowhere), and pump
    out Quad guns until you eventually have enough to attack anad cripple the enemy.
    How to stop it:  Keep a lot of tanks and a lot of stealth detection units on
    hand.  Don't have tanks?  Try base defenses then.
    Objective:  Crippling surprise attack against the enemy while ensuring your own
    economical safety
    Variant:  Sneak attack tunnel can be used instead of simply rolling the Quads
    into the enemy base.  However, all players hear an announcement when the 'sneak'
    attack tunnel is used.
    Cycle Rush: Medium
    Affect on Economy: Small
    Requirements: Speed
    Upgrades that can Help: None
    Generals ablities that can help: None
    Execution: Build an ARms dealer fast and use Terroist cycles to attack enemy
    UNITS.  They are ineffective against structures but strong against units.
    How to stop it:  Any Rapid fire weapon or base defense
    Objective: Destroying enemy units
    Variant:  Tech up and use bomb trucks instead
      -Standard China:
    Gatt Rush: Very Strong
    Affect on economy: Negligible
    Requirements:  Speed and micromanagement
    Upgrades that help: Chain gun (it's too expensive so don't bother)
    General's abilities that help: None
    Generals who can do it: All but Anvil
    Execution:  Use your gatts to manuever around all enemy oppositiona and kill
    infantry and supply units.  Send 2 gatts to the enemy base and 1 to each
    Objective:  Crippling enemy Economy
    How to stop it:  Scorpions, MDs with laser lock, or more gatts
    Ultimate Rush:  Very Strong
    Affect on Economy:  Detrimental
    Requirements:  Speed and a strong will
    Upgrades that help:  None
    General's abilities that help: Reg Guard training
    Generals who can do it: All but Anvil
    Execution:  Sell your HQ immediately.  Use your doxer to build a reactor, supply
    center, war factory and barrcks in that order.  Build 2 battlemasters, 2 dragon
    tanks, and 3 gatts.  Train at least 6 tank hunters and 4 red guard.  When you're
    ready, send them all at the enemy's main base and crush it.  Then move to crush
    all expansions
    Objective:  Killing the enemy quickly
    How to stop it:  Only Granger, Anvil, Twai, and Passad can stop this attack:
    Granger: Commanches
    Anvil:  Helixes
    Twiaw:  Lodas of gatts and battlemasters
    Passad:  Hijackers and RPG Troops
    Variants:  If the attack somehow doesn't completey destroy the enemy, tech up
    and build overlords and an HQ.
    Standard China Attack:  Very Strong
    Affect on economy: Small
    Requirements:  Technlogy + Nuke Cannon
    Upgrades that help:  Subliminal Messaging and others
    Generals abilities that help:  Artillery and Carpet bombs
    Generals who Can do it: Tao and normal China
    Execution:  2-3 Overlords with propaganda towers, backed up by lotus, tank
    hunters, gattling tanks and 1-2 nuke cannons.  Send them at the enemys base.
    Use Nuke cannons to destroy enemy units and base defenses.  Use other units to
    kill everything else.
    Objective:  Getting ride of an enemy base
    How to Stop it:  Search and destroy tomahawks, nuke cannons, or hit and run Scud
    Variants:  Include a mig airstrike if you expect enemy artillery to be a
    Note:  All standard China tactics can be done by Tao.  Tao simply does them
    better because of his enhanced units.
    Note:  He has no strategies specific to him.  However, he rushes and gatt ruches
    very well.
    Helix PWNAGE asshault:  Extremely Strong
    Affect on Economy: Large
    Requirments: None
    Upgrades that can help: None
    Generals abilities that can help:  Frenzy or Minigunner training
    Execution:  Build an Airfield and barracks ASAP.  Build a helix and train 8
    rocket troops.  Put the troop into the helix and send it at the enemy.
    How to stop it:  Use King Raptors, Large groups of MD and laser lock, or tons
    and tons of quad cannons
    Objective:  Complete and total destruction of the enemy in record time.
    Variant:  If the enemy is prepared for the attack, which is rare, hit and run
    from the enemy and slowly build up and army of attack  dragon tanks.  Then, send
    them to attack and overwhelm the enemy AA.  Afterall, enemy AA can'ct stop a
    horde of dragon tanks.
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