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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jrroisman

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    Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour
    Single Player Guide
    Version 0.87
    January 2004
    Created By Jonathan Roisman
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    2.Revision History
    3.The 3 Factions
    4.New Units and Upgrades to Zero Hour
    5.USA Campaign
    6.GLA Campaign
    7.China Campaign
    8.The 9 Generals
    9.Basic Tips and Strategy
    10.Conclusion and Contact Information
    11.Legal Information
    My E-Mail is Jrroisman@aol.com
    Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour is the first expansion pack to the
    hit game by EA, Command and Conquer: Generals. Zero Hour still has the classic
    sides in it: The United States of America, The Global Liberation Army and China.
    The original Command and Conquer: Generals had fast paced RTS combat. Zero
    Hour does not disappoint. Zero Hour adds a lot in combat depth and enjoyment
    for any RTS fan. My guide is to help in the Single Player Campaign Mode and
    to explain about the nine new generals with new units and upgrades which adds
    more fun to the expansion. I hope my guide will help you in accomplishing
    your goals in the game. My E-Mail and contact information is located at the
    bottom of the guide. Thank you.
    Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour System Requirements:
    Operating System: Windows XP, 2000, ME, or 98
    Installed: Command and Conquer Generals
    Computer: 800 MHZ or Faster
    RAM: 128 MB and 256 MB for online play with 3 or more players
    Disc Drive: 8X or Faster CD/DVD Drive
    Hard Drive: 1.4 GB or more free space
    Video: Direct X 8.1 compatible video card, including: Hardware Transform and
    Lighting capable AGP video card with 32 MB or more memory, and one of these
    chipsets is required: Nvidia GeForce 2 or greater or ATI Radeon 7500 or greater.
    Sound: Direct X 8.1 compatible sound card.
    Online Play: 56 KHPS Internet connection, Cable, DSL, or faster connection.
    2.Revision History
    Version 0.88 - I added some new tips from a couple new readers. More of the
    guide should
    be completed soon.
    Version 0.87 - I added the tips from Lavr and some tips for General Alexis
    and revised her grade. Added some tips in section nine.
    Version 0.86 - I added the ASCII Art.
    Version 0.85 - I added sections 5, 9 and 11. I made a lot of border changes and
    put it through spell check again. It looks a lot better.
    Version 0.75 - I added the first 4 sections, 8 and 10 to the guide with
    the complete guide to the Generals Mode and added basic info on the game.
    3.The Three Factions
    The United States of America (Color Code Blue)
    The USA is the most technological advanced side in the game. From Comanches
    to  Stealth Fighters and Paladin tanks, the USA is a force to be reckoned with.
    The U.S. Air Force is the best in the game. A drawback to all the advanced units
    is the cost of the units. For beginners, the USA is not really the team to
    because of the extreme cost on some of the units. However, if you are good at
    micro management and know how to take care of your money supply, the USA is a
    great side to choose.
    The Global Liberation Army (Color Code Green)
    The GLA is the most resourceful faction in the game. Some units can get scrap
    metal from dead units and get cash for them. Or they can build a black market
    and get 20 dollars every two seconds. They can also use workers to collect money
    from supply zones. Money for the GLA is usually not a problem. The GLA has many
    Weapons of Mass Destruction such as the Scud Storm and Toxin Tractors. Their
    main units such as tanks and infantry are very weak and yet very cheap. You
    wont find classic types of units as this faction, but instead units with
    special skills and abilities. If you like classic RTS warfare, the GLA isn't
    Peoples Republic of China (Color Code Red)
    The most straight forward side in the game. The tactics that make China strong
    are attacking in very large numbers. China has the best tanks in the game and
    some of the most lethal weapons. The prices for most of the units for China are
    average, but collecting resources are easy, so money isn't too much of problem
    either. In my opinion, the only way you can win with China is too mass attack
    everything. If you like classic, build and destroy RTS games, China is the most
    classic way to do it.
    Overall, the three factions are well balanced and all have special abilities.
    The USA has the most technological force, while the GLA has a resourceful
    army, and China has a pure brute force.
    4.New Units and Upgrades to Zero Hour
    Zero Hour has a few more units, buildings, upgrades and generals abilities to
    add the game. While some of these new things are helpful, some are completely
    useless. I have lists of these new things for all three sides.
    -United States of America-
    A. New Units
    Sentry Drone- These units are stealth while moving and can be used to scout
    enemy units and positions. For the price of $800 dollars, these things usually
    are not worth it. You can upgrade the drone with a 20MM machine gun to take
    down infantry and light vehicles. In most situations, this unit is hardly worth
    Cost: $800
    Special Abilities: It is stealth while moving.
    Upgrades: 20MM Machine Gun
    Requires: War Factory
    Microwave Tank- This tank is used to disable enemy defenses and vehicles. It can
    also take down infantry. Overall, however this tank is hardly worth your trouble
    and don't expect to many other players to use these.
    Cost: $800
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: Sentry Drones, Battle Drones,New Hellfire Drones and Advanced
    Requires: War Factory, Strategy Center
    Avenger- This unit kind of looks like a Humvee, but its not. It's a mobile
    platform that can shoot down enemy aircraft and can spot targets for your units
    which will make them fire faster against the enemy in a certain radius. The only
    drawback to this unit is the cost. Make sure you protect them at all costs.
    Cost: $2000
    Special Abilities: Has three lasers that target air missiles,spotter laser and
    ground defense laser.
    Upgrades: Sentry, Battle or New Hellfire Drones, Composite Armor and Advanced
    Requires: War Factory, Strategy Center
    Hellfire Drone- The newest and coolest of the the USA drone family. It fires
    hellfire missiles at enemy units and is really effective against infantry. There
    are drawbacks, however. Cost and the rate of fire is somewhat slow.
    Cost: $500
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: Drone Armor
    Requires: A vehicle to upgrade from.
    B. New Buildings
    Fire Base- Finally! The USA has a good base defense building. This thing has a
    155 MM gun and can have up to 4 infantry units garrison it. This truly replaces
    the Patriot Missile System for ground enemies. Overall, a great weapon.
    Cost: $1000
    Special Abilities: Can have 4 infantrymen garrison it.
    Upgrades: None
    Requires: N/A
    C. New Upgrades
    Countermeasures- This upgrade stops 50% of the missiles and rockets fired at
    aircraft. Very effective in many situations.
    Cost: 1000
    Requires: Airfield
    Chemical Suit- This suit helps against toxin attacks and left over stuff from a
    Scud Storm. Somewhat useful, but not common in battle unless you fight the GLA.
    Cost: $1000
    Requires: Strategy Center
    Supply Lines- This upgrade lets Chinooks collect 10% more cash every trip. A
    good upgrade for your war economy.
    Cash: $800
    Requires: Strategy Center
    Bunker Buster- This will kill all infantrymen in side a tunnel network when a
    bomb is dropped on it. Expensive but worth it.
    Cost: $1500
    Requires: Airfield
    MOAB- This bomb upgrade can be purchased if you chose the fuel bomb generals
    ability. This Mother of All Bombs or MOAB is huge and can destroy all most
    anything if it its used right.
    Cost: $4000
    Requires: Strategy Center
    Sentry Drone Gun- A 20MM cannon for the sentry drone. A complete rip off for
    such a crappy vehicle. I wouldn't bother with this upgrade unless it was a last
    defense against the enemy. $1000!
    Cost: $1000
    Requires: War Factory
    D. New Generals Abilities
    Leaflet Drop- This new ability is kind of cool. A B-52 will drop leaflets over
    the enemy and will temporarily disable the units that it hits. Very effective
    when invading an enemy base or when you yourself are under attack. Be very
    careful when using it and make sure you hit your target and don't miss because
    you can only use it once every 6 minutes. Requires a 3 star general rank.
    Spectre  Gunship-  This is a massive air gunship that fires .50 caliber cannons
    at the target that you choose. It will circle the target and will fire for a
    certain amount of time until it leaves. It will destroy most buildings and
    severely damage super weapons. It will chew up enemy infantry and armor. It is
    a most have for any general who chooses to win his battles in the air. Requires
    a 5 star general rank.
    The USA has some weak new units except for the Avenger, but makes up for it with
    the upgrades and two new generals abilities. The Spectre Gunship is a great way
    to destroy the enemy safe and swiftly, while the Supply Lines upgrade helps the
    USA get more money for the economy. Overall, some cool new things for the USA
    -Global Liberation Army-
    A. New Units
    Saboteur- This is a very nasty unit for the enemy. If you are controlling it,
    your in good hands. The saboteur can climb cliffs and is stealth. He can go
    into buildings and shut them down for a short time. For the price, this is a
    very valuable unit.
    Cost: $800
    Special Abilities: Remote and Timed C4. Stealth while not attacking.
    Upgrades: None
    Requires: Barracks, Black Market
    Combat Cycle- These things are really fast and cool to watch. That's about it.
    They cost a lot of money and the only way to use these is to put infantry in
    them and too attack with at least six in a group.
    Cost: $500
    Special Abilities: Can hold infantry
    Upgrades: Junk Repair
    Requires: Arms dealer, Black Market
    Battle Bus- This is a heavily fortified bus that can carry up to five infantry
    soldiers in it. This can make it very powerful with a mix of Rebels and RPG
    Troopers in it. For $1000 this is a good buy if you are careful. Enemy
    missiles and artillery will destroy these fast. Just be careful.
    Cost: $1000
    Special Abilities: Can hold infantry.
    Upgrades: None
    Requires: Arms Dealer, Black Market
    B. New Structures
    Fake Structures- These are fake GLA structures. They can deceive the enemy in
    thinking that these are real buildings. A good defense if you place them
    around your base. These fake structures can be upgraded into real structures for
    real military use.
    Cost: Varies on structure.
    Special Abilities: Can be upgraded into real structures.
    Upgrades: None
    Requires: N/A
    C. New Upgrades
    Worker Shoes- When purchased, workers will move a lot faster in walking and
    gathering resources. I don't like them because of the price. If you have a
    lot of money maybe you should buy these.
    Cost: $1000
    Requires: Black Market
    Camo Netting- This upgrade wraps camo netting around stinger sites and tunnel
    networks. This makes them stealth and harder to see. A good upgrade for base
    Cost: $500
    Requires: Stinger Site or Tunnel Network
    Fortified Structure- This upgrades the armor and protection of the GLA
    Another good buy.
    Cost: $1000
    Requires: Palace
    Booby Trap- This is a very cool thing that only rebels can use. If you purchase
    this upgrade, Rebels can place explosive charges on to a building. If enemy
    try to occupy it they will explode and die. A must have in urban warfare
    maps and
    Cost: $1000
    Requires: Barracks
    D. New Generals Abilities
    GPS Scrambler- This will put your units over a certain radius invisible from
    most enemy
    units and structures. This is a good ability for sneak attacks and works really
    with the Sneak Attack ability. Countdown timer is 4:00 minutes. Requires a 5
    general rank.
    Sneak Attack- This ability allows the GLA to put underground tunnel networks
    anywhere on the map. You can attack directly into the enemies base. You will
    need at least two so that you deploy troops from Point A to Point B in a matter
    of seconds. Countdown timer is 4:00 minutes. Requires a 5 star general rank.
    Overall the GLA has a well rounded upgrade structure. From Battle Buses to
    Reinforced Armor, it really helps the fight for the GLA. Beware of the crappy
    Workers Shoes and Combat Cycles. As I said though, good overall.
    -Peoples Republic of China-
    A. New Units
    Listing Outpost- This is a mobile radar van that comes with two Tank Hunters
    in  it. Even though its armor is weak, it defended by the two Tank Hunters
    and can detect enemies within a wide radius. Protect these in combat and
    when used as early warning systems. A good buy.
    Cost: $900
    Special Abilities: Can detect stealth units and is stealth itself while
    not moving.
    Upgrades: None
    Requires: War Factory, Strategy Center
    Helix- A large helicopter gunship that can carry five infantry units in it.
    It fires machine guns and can have upgrades for a Napalm Bomb attack on the
    enemy. It can  have a propaganda tower, gattling cannon or bunker on it
    when upgraded.
    It is a very powerful weapon, even better in large squadrons with six
    or more.
    Cost: $1750
    Special Abilities: Can drop Black Napalm bombs with upgrade.
    Upgrades: Propaganda Tower, Gattling Cannon or Bunker. Black Napalm Bombs.
    Requires: Airfield, Straegy Center
    ECM Tank- This tank can disrupt the power inside an enemy that fires guided
    missiles which will cause them to miss. This sounds like a nice unit but there
    aren't that many guided missile units in the game. It is in my opinion, a hit
    and miss unit for China.
    Cost: $900
    Special Abilities: Disables enemy vehicles with an EMP pulse wave.
    Upgrades: None
    Requires: War factory, Strategy Center
    B. New Structures
    Internet Center- This building can hold up to eight hackers that work even
    harder to steal money for you. A very effective too for getting money. Can
    be upgraded with the Satellite Hack 1 and then the Satellite Hack 2. A must
    have for any Chinese Army.
    Cost: $2500
    Special Abilities: None
    Upgrades: Internet Hack 1 and Internet Hack 2.
    Requires: N/A
    C. New Upgrades
    Neutron Mines- These mines are even more powerful then land mines.
    These will destroy vehicles and can kill the driver , letting you
    take the vehicle yourself. I don't use mines that often but if you
    like to use land mines, I would recommend the Neutron Mines.
    Cost: $500
    Requires: A building that can plant land mines.
    Satellite Hack 1- This will let you see all enemy Command Centers on
    the whole map. This is a good way to spy on your enemy. Other then
    that it, it doesn't do much.
    Cost: $1000
    Requires: Internet Center
    Satellite Hack 2- This hack will do even more then the first one.
    For a short amount of time, you will be able to see whatever the
    enemy sees for a few seconds. This is a great upgrade for map radar.
    You should use this right before you stage an attack or if you suspect
    that the enemy is going to strike at you or you allies.
    Cost: $2500
    Requires: Internet Center and Satellite Hack 1 Upgrade.
    Neutron Shells- This will let Nuke Cannons fire Neutron Shells and
    regular Nuclear Shells. Neutron Shells wont destroy buildings but instead
    completely devastates infantry. This is one of the strongest artillery
    attacks in the game. You can switch back from Neutron to Nuclear Shells
    whenever you like once the upgrade is complete. The only thing that might
    turn you away from these are the hefty price. Don't use against enemy
    armor or infantry.
    Cost: $2500
    Requires: Nuke Cannon
    D. New Generals Abilities
    Carpet Bombing- A heavy bomber will drop about six bombs on the enemy
    in a very wide radius. Great for blowing up the enemy base. A drawback
    is that these bombs aren't that strong but because they bomb a large area,
    its a guarantee that it will hit something. China finally has a bomb attack
    that can compete with the United States' Fuel Bomb and Spectre Gunship.
    Requires a 3 star generals rank.
    Frenzy- There are three different stages to this promotion. For a
    certain amount of time, all units selected will have their armor and attack
    skills raised. This is a great first strike weapon. Requires a 3 star generals
    Level One: Units power upgrades 10% for 10 seconds.
    Level Two: Units power upgrades 20% for 20 seconds.
    Level Three: Units power upgrades 30% for 30 seconds.
    Most of China's new units and upgrades just help in its already brute
    force kind of military. From Carpet Bombing to Helix helicopters and even
    Neutron Shells, China has no new tactics but more power. If you like to
    play as China, you will surely like their new goodies.
    5. USA Campaign
    Mission 1: Baikonur, Kazakhstan
    The GLA has just launched a large missile strike on a U.S. Naval Base in
    Europe. U.S. Intelligence has confirmed that these missiles were launched from
    the GLA base in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Your objective now is to destroy these
    facilities before they can strike again.
    -As the mission starts, a wave of Rebels will come in and attack your base to
    north. Not to worry as the Sentry Drones will strike them down quickly. You have
    a few Crusaders and a couple of Humvees with 6 Rangers and 4 Missile Defenders
    to them. Load 3 Rangers and 2 Missile Defenders into each Humvee. Money will
    not be
    a problem at all in this mission so you don't have to  go capture the oil
    to the west. Build a few more Crusader tanks and maybe a couple more Humvees.
    another dozen Rangers and a few more Missile Defenders so that you can load
    them into
    the Humvees.
    Move your whole force north and you will encounter a few Rebels and two car
    Take them out and then start to destroy the Stinger Sites on the road. To the
    west is
    a parking lot with a few Chinese tanks. You can take these with infantry but
    you don't
    have to because you already have a large strike force. Keep moving north and
    you will
    find a GLA base defended by Scorpions, Technicals, a few Stinger Sites and some
    Tunnel Networks. These will be easy to take out with your combination of tanks
    Humvees with Rangers and Missile Defenders inside. Once the defenses are down,
    all the GLA structures. Once they are all destroyed the next part of the
    mission will
    A train will arrive and you now have to put a strike force into both of the two
    cargo train cars. Put in Crusaders and any Paladin tanks that you have into the
    train. Put in two or three Humvees to destroy any infantry that you will
    The train will be taken to the launch site. When the train arrives your forces
    will get out and then attack the enemy defenses. Garrison the Radio Station to
    get the B3 to drop the MOAB on the launch site. Take out the Tunnel Network to
    the east and then move your units back. The B3 drops the MOAB on the launch site
    destroying the whole GLA base and the Missile platforms. Good job, the mission
    is over and you won!
    Mission 2: Off the coast of Somalia
    Much of the U.S. Navy survived the GLA missile attack. A large task force has
    been sent to the coastline of Somalia. You must defend cargo trucks full of food
    and medicine for the people of Somalia. Make sure that the trucks make it to the
    warehouse inside of the city. The U.S. Naval Task Force is under your control
    for coastline bombardment.
    -You start with some Sentry Drones, Rangers and Missile Defenders. The GLA will
    constantly attack you from the east, so keep your units close and just strike
    the GLA forces that attack you. To left is a Repair Yard and an Oil Derrick.
    a Ranger over to capture both for you.
    Ten supply trucks will reach the dock by naval transports. Until all ten arrive
    just sit back and take out the GLA forces. Throughout the level, you will be
    reinforced with Rangers, Pathfinders and Missile Defenders. When all ten supply
    trucks reach the dock, escort them to the warehouse. Take out all of the GLA
    in front of the warehouse so that the supply trucks have an easier time getting
    Once all ten supply trucks make it to the warehouse, you are given a
    Construction Dozer.
    Build your base up with a Barracks, War Factory, Airfield, Supply Center,
    Center and a few Cold Fusion Reactors for power. Defend the two choke points at
    your base with a few Fire Bases loaded up with Rangers and Missile Defenders.
    Don't worry about building Patriot Missiles in this level, they are somewhat
    While you are defending your base, build up an attack force to destroy the
    GLA base in the mountains. You can either attack from the ground or from the
    air. If you choose to attack from the ground, build a lot of Crusader and
    Paladin tanks and some Humvees. Make sure the Humvees have Rangers or
    and Missile Defenders in each one of them. Send your forces northeast where the
    GLA base is and soften it up with the Battleships. Have your units move in and
    just clear out the base of Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks and then just
    whats left. Enemy infantry and a few vehicles will be their but they shouldn't
    pose much of a problem. A couple of Comanches are good for air support while
    cleaning up the base.
    Attacking from the air is much easier and quicker. Just build about a
    dozen Comanches with upgraded Rocket Pods and destroy the enemy base.
    With a lot of Comanches, the enemy is powerless to stop you and will
    crumble to the ground. Once the last building is destroyed victory is yours!
    Mission 3: Mount Elbrus, Russia
    While defending the supply trucks in Somalia, your troops also found secret
    documents of a secret GLA chemical facility on Mt. Elbrus in Russia. Colonel
    Burton and a special operations task force has been sent in to destroy it. You
    must destroy this facility so that the GLA cannot continue their research in
    chemical warfare. Black Lotus will be their to assist.
    Colonel Burton Must Survive!
    -You start with a few Pathfinders, a few Sentry Drones armed with a 20MM Machine
    Gun and Colonel Burton. To the west is a Scorpion Tank and to the east are a few
    buildings occupied by the GLA. Send Colonel Burton to the west and take out the
    Scorpion. Straight in front of you are a patrol of two Rebels and one RPG
    Send one of your Pathfinders to take them all out. Don't worry about clearing
    the occupied buildings or destroying the Radar Van. Just avoid them and start
    heading north.
    You will reach a POW camp. Black Lotus will start capturing buildings west of
    where you are but it doesn't help you right now. The POW camp is being protected
    by a Tunnel Network, so send in Colonel Burton and have him destroy it. If he
    a lot of damage, don't worry. He will heal over time. Destroy the Barracks and
    Stinger Site in the small camp. After they are both destroyed, six Rangers and
    Missile Defenders will come out. Take your all whole squad and move east.
    any vehicles and infantry that get in your way. You will spot another POW camp.
    Destroy all the defenses and move in. Take out the Arms Dealer and all of the
    defending the camp. Once they are killed more infantrymen will be freed. There
    be a Microwave Tank there too, so capture it with a Ranger. From this point on
    mission is very simple.
    Have your force go north and use the Microwave Tank to disable the enemy
    Then use Colonel Burton and the Sentry Drones to destroy them. You will
    encounter a
    few more Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks so just use the Microwave Tank and
    them out while they are disabled. If you encounter any infantry, use your
    Pathfinders to kill them and if when you encounter Battle Buses or Scorpions
    just use Missile Defenders and Rangers. Keep going north and you will see a
    really big mountain. Send Colonel Burton up the mountain and he will use some C4
    to trigger an avalanche burying the the secret lab for good. Mission
    Mission 4: Amisbad Oil Fields, Iran
    U.S. Intelligence has confirmed that the GLA is working on its chemical weapons
    program. A GLA general, codenamed Dr. Thrax is in charge of it. He is getting
    his money from captured oil derricks in Iran. If the United States could capture
    the derricks they could bring in more money for the war effort and more
    it would cut off Dr. Thrax's funding. Your job is to go in there and capture the
    oil derricks and destroy the GLA base.
    -You start with some Crusader Tanks, Humvees, Rangers, Pathfinders, Colonel
    Burton and two Bulldozers. There are four derricks where are you. Have the
    Bulldozers get rid of the booby traps placed on them and then capture them.
    Have someone take out the demo traps that are placed on the ground. You will be
    constantly attacked from the north by GLA sympathizers.(Color Code Yellow)Must
    of the attacks from the north are car bombers and terrorists. Have your
    build your base up. To protect your units and base from the attacks coming
    build about four Fire Bases loaded up with Pathfinders and Missile Defenders.
    Build a few more Crusader Tanks and maybe a couple more Humvees. You should now
    be safe from the bombing attacks from the north.
    To the west of you are more Oil Derricks that you will need. Have your
    and Rangers take them. There are two bridges left of your base, two places that
    the GLA will attack from. Build a couple Fire Bases near each bridge and send a
    few tanks and Avengers over there. The bridge closest to the end of the map
    be defended by Pathfinders also because of the large attacks coming from there
    Terrorists. The Oil Derricks near your base are easy to protect, but the ones a
    cross the bridge aren't. Constantly send in fresh units to defend it.
    To stop the attacks coming from the north, you have to destroy the radio
    Use your Generals Points to get the A-10 attacks. Just use that destroy the
    station. Once the station is destroyed, there were be practically zero attacks
    from the north.
    Unless you are playing on easy, the GLA will build a Scud Storm near their base.
    You need to destroy it or you will suffer a lot. You can use the A-10 strikes
    and then send it airborne troops to take it out if you have that Generals
    Otherwise send in Colonel Burton or a task force of Paladin Tanks to destroy it.
    You will still be constantly attacked from the two bridges so just keeping
    pushing them back.
    Now that you have held back the GLA onslaught, its time to rip apart the GLA
    base in the northwest. Build Crusader and Paladin Tanks with Humvees as support.
    Bring three or four Avengers to stop the SCUD Launcher threat. You are going to
    need a lot of tanks so you can smash through their defenses.
    You can either attack to the east where your Oil Derricks are, or go attack
    to the north. In my opinion its much easier to strike to the north because the
    GLA don't attack their that often anymore and because it's a back door into
    their base. Either way works though. Once their base is destroyed, victory is
    Mission 5: Dr. Thraxs Secret Base, Unknown Location
    Much of the GLAs cash income has been stopped, but Dr. Thrax, the GLA General
    and Chemical Warfare Scientist is ready to launch Anthrax Gamma Missiles at U.S.
    Cities as a last ditch effort against the USA. You must capture all four of his
    missile platforms before they can be launched. Good Luck.
    -This mission isn't to hard, but you start with very little. You have two
    three Humvees and a Command Center. Build up your base with all the usually the
    You should build a few extra power plants in case of an overwhelming attack.
    Build some
    Fire Bases and Patriot Missiles for defense across your base. To the east of
    you is a
    GLA base willing to join your side because they don't like Dr. Thrax. Build a
    Rangers and upgrade them to capture buildings. Send them east and capture the
    buildings. Build some Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks to defend against the
    attacks on your new base. Once both of your bases are defended, the GLA attacks
    easy to take out. The GLA will build a Scud Storm in their base to the north.
    You need
    to take out their Scud Storm quickly so build up an attack force of Comanches
    to destroy
    it. About twelve to sixteen work well. Use your Satellite Spy to pinpoint the
    of the Scud Storm. Have the Comanches destroy any defenses in their path and
    then take
    out the Scud Storm. Once it is destroyed, it's only a matter of time until you
    destroy them.
    Use your Generals Abilities to take out the GLA Command Centers and Supply
    Kill all of their workers with air strikes so that they can't rebuild what you
    destroy. This mission is really simple. The only thing that you have to watch
    for the Demo Traps that can destroy your forces quickly. You can build large
    attack forces. You could destroy the GLA in one quick swipe if you can build
    of Crusader and Paladin Tanks, supported by Humvees with Missile Defenders and
    Rangers loaded in them. Bring half a dozen of Tomahawk Launchers. You will find
    the missile platforms in the north where their base is. Just crush what ever
    throw at you. They will have a lot tanks and fast support vehicles such as
    Buggies and Technicals to throw at your forces. The biggest threat they have are
    the Demo Traps near the missile platforms. Spot them and take them out as soon
    you can. Keep sending in fresh units until there is nothing left of them. Send
    Rangers to capture the Toxin Missiles on the platforms. DO NOT DESTROY THEM!
    they are captured the GLAs Chemicals Weapon Program will be destroyed for good.
    Another way to destroy the GLA base is to use the air force. I used the air
    force the first time I completed this mission and it took far less time to win
    and it was a lot more fun. A very quick way to do this is to either constantly
    bomb them with Raptors, Stealth Fighters and Aurora Bombers until they are
    destroyed or what I think is really easy: send in twenty to thirty Comanches
    Rocket Pod upgrades and just clear them out that way. Their anti- air defense
    crumble if you attack in hordes. Once they are eliminated send in the Rangers to
    capture the missiles. Good Job! You just beat the USA Campaign!
    -With the GLA Toxin Program destroyed the world now seems safe again. You have
    just won a great victory for freedom and for the United States of America!-
    6. GLA Campaign
    Not yet complete.
    7. China Campaign
    Not yet complete.
    8. The Nine Generals
    Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour adds a whole new type of gameplay.
    It's called the Generals Challenge. In this new game mode, you choose from
    nine different generals from all three factions. There are three generals
    from each side. All of the generals have distinct abilities and powers and
    have new units to use. You then fight against the rest of the generals in
    separate missions. It is always a one on one. In this section I will be
    explaining about all of the generals at your disposal. I will also give
    tips on how to defeat them.
    1. USA Generals
    1A. General Malcom "Ace" Granger
    This general is the air force general of the game. All of his upgrades and
    special abilities have something to do with the air. If you play as the USA
    because of their air power, you are going to really like this general. A
    drawback is that his ground force is very weak. His defense is average but
    with  the aircraft he has at his disposal are great,so that shouldn't be a
    -Special Units-
    King Raptor: This upgrade is for the Raptor, as it makes it go faster and
    carry a better payload of weapons. It carries six missiles instead of four
    and can destroy enemy vehicles and structures much easier.
    Combat Chinook: This acts almost like a normal Chinook as it still gathers
    resources but can have infantry units in it to defend them. They are also
    good for dropship raids on the enemy.
    -Special Upgrades-
    Stealth Comanche: This will let your Comanches become stealth. While not
    great against base defenses in small numbers, it is in numbers with twelve
    or more.
    Carpet Bombing: This will call in a B3 Bomber to carpet bomb a selected
    area. It can be useful in coordination with your air force.
    -Other Abilities-
    *All aircraft have laser defense systems.
    *All aircraft are cheaper to build.
    *Stealth Fighter can be built at the beginning of the game.
    *Crusader and Paladin Tanks cannot be built.
    *Very little in terms of ground strength.
    -How to Defeat Him-
    *Build a lot of base defense. If you are playing as China gattling tanks
    and cannons work good in unison.
    *You will need a lot of stealth detection units to stop his air force.
    Believe me his air force is very strong.
    *Strike at him with tanks and artillery because he has a weak army and
    ground defense.
    *Destroy his economy as soon as you can. Be careful of the Combat Chinooks
    as they can give you some trouble. Superweapons work very nicely on
    destroying supply zones.
    *Always be on alert.
    Overall Score: 8/10
    Granger has a very strong air force but is weak on the ground and his
    stealth abilities can be stopped. He is fun to play as, however.
    1B. General Alexis Alexander
    She likes to use superweapons. Her Particle Cannon is much cheaper to buy
    and power plants work more efficient. That is all she can really do. I
    don't really like playing as her but maybe you do, so hear it goes.
    However, if youlet her build up her superweapons you will be in for a long
    -Special Structures-
    EMP Patriot Missile System: These will shut down the power of aircraft so
    that you won't get rushed to easily and can even shut down structures if
    there close enough.
    -Special Units-
    Aurora Alpha Bomber: These bombers will drop fuel bombs instead of regular
    ones. They still travel at supersonic speeds and can't get hit by enemy AA
    defenses on its way to the target. Still very expensive.
    -Special Upgrades-
    Advanced Control Rods: Nothing really special here except you get more
    power for the same price.
    -Other Abilities-
    *You can't build the Paladin or Crusader Tanks.
    *Vehicles cost more.
    *Weak Upgrades.
    -How to Defeat Her-
    *Almost any of the normal tactics apply on taking down the United States
    except for her air defense systems. A rush of dozens of Chinese Tanks or
    launching GLA Scud Storms will destroy her. As the USA, strategic air
    strikes will destroy her.
    *Watch out for her upgraded Aurora Bombers. Build extra AA sites.
    *Shes an easy target, usually.
    Overall Score: 6/10
    She has nothing that great to offer in they way of power or weapons so I
    would stay away from her.
    Tips from Lavr on General Alexis Alexander
    I am currently in the middle of General's Challenge in hard mode and what I've
    learned so far is that
    you gotta build as many EMP Patriots as you can in the beginning of the game
    plus some infantry troops to protect them 'cause Patriots aren'tgood against
    When you get attacked by a lot of tanks, you gotta watch your Patriots and make
    each one to fire at
    different target to disable as many tanks as possible. If you don't do this,
    usually all fire at the same guy. I found it is a good idea to get Pathfinders
    because those
    guys can defend Patriots real well against enemy's infantry. Once I have at
    least one Aurora
    (and I try to get it as fast as I can) defense becomes much easier. One alpha
    bomber can
    easily take out I'd say five tanks if they're close enough to each other.
    Offensive attacks
    get much easier also because you know the bomb is gonna get there. I believe it
    two Auroras to take out an airfield or a strategy center and only threeto take
    out a
    superweapon. It might take five of them to take out a command center.Advanced
    rod technology
    is a great plus also because you get 20 points of electricity for only $1400
    (one reactor + upgrade).
    But you gotta be careful'cause when one of them is destroyed you also lose much
    more energy
    thanwith regular reactor.I usually build War Factory only by the time I have
    plenty of money
    andconstant cash flow. Alexis' ground forces are pretty weak and cost more
    I think, pretty much useless in the beginning of the game.
    Alpha bombers are real fun, Ithink hehe. Especially watching troops flying all
    over the
    screen hehe.
    1C. General "Pinpoint" Townes
    This guy is all about laser weaponry. He has some cool upgrades and units
    and if you use his abilities correctly, you should be very good. He is in
    my opinion the normal USA but with a few twists.
    -Special Structures-
    Laser Defense Turret: These will destroy aircraft, armor and infantry
    with ease, in the sky and on the ground. If you have them in large
    numbers just watch the enemy burn. They do cost a lot of money they use
    more power then normal turrets.
    -Special Units-
    Laser Tank: This is a tank that fires lasers instead of artillery shells.
    A lot more powerful but if you lose power, these will go offline.
    -Other Abilities-
    *Avengers cost less to make.
    *You can't build Crusader or Paladin Tanks.
    *You can't build Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.
    -How to Defeat Him-
    *Large ground attacks with mixtures of tanks and a lot of artillery.
    Infantry is also nice to have in almost any attack force.
    *A lot of air power might overwhelm him.
    *Has very little in the terms of a strike force.
    *Once you destroy his defense, he is a sitting duck.
    Overall Score: 7/10
    A very good defensive structure and cool lasers, but has a hard time building
    a strong offense. Can be fun to play as if you like shinny things.
    2. Chinese Generals
    2A. General "Anvil" Shin Fai
    He is the true infantry general of Zero Hour and he sure does prove it. He
    has tones and tones of infantry upgrades and everything that has something
    to do with it. Thats also the problem. Just infantry. Sigh
    -Special Structures-
    Fortified Bunkers: Stronger then regular bunkers. They are good against
    infantry and tanks alike. A good upgrade for base defense.
    -Special Units-
    Assault Troop Transport: These are like normal Troop Crawlers but they can
    heal wounded infantry and have Mini-Gunners instead of Red Guard.
    Mini- Gunner: Replaces the Red Guard. These guys can take down infantry
    without ease and can also shoot at air targets. Best special infantry I
    have seen in the game.
    Attack Outpost: Holds ten infantry units and comes with four tank hunters
    in it. Other then that, it is just like a Listening Outpost.
    -Special Generals Power-
    Infantry Paradrop- Just like the American version except with Mini- Gunners.
    Pretty cool for an all infantry general.
    -Other Abilities-
    *Nationalism is there at the start.
    *Better Horde Bonus.
    *Infantry are build as Veterans.
    *Main battle tanks are gone.
    *Thats a big deal.
    -How to Defeat Him-
    *Air power will crush him instantly.
    *Have plenty of ground defense turrets.
    *A gigantic tank rush would work with close air support.
    *GLA should use Toxin Tractors and Scud Launchers to destroy him.
    Overall Score:6/10
    Great for infantry anything but can easily be destroyed with proper tactics.
    Base defense sucks for this guy, so you can easily break through his lines. Be
    careful, infantry is a dangerous weapon if you waves and waves of them.
    2B. General Tshing Shi Tao
    Nuclear warfare is this generals calling. Great for almost any combat, with cool
    units and and a top notch MIG Air Force. Has very few flaws. Coolest Chinese
    General in my opinion.
    -Special Structures-
    Advanced Nuclear Reactor: Gives out more power. Thats always good for
    your base. Always.
    -Special Upgrades-
    Isotopic Stability: Radiation won't hurt your units when your Battlemaster or
    Overlord Tank are destroyed. Good when you have a lot infantry around.
    Tactical Nuke MIG: These are great to use, especially when infantry are around
    because they will melt and die. Good for air strikes on the enemy base. Even
    better in larger numbers.
    -Special Generals Ability-
    Nuclear Bomber: This drops tactical nukes instead of regular bombs. It does
    it carpet bombing style. Great for softening up the enemy. Fun to watch.
    I love nukes.
    -Other Abilities-
    *You can make Nuke Cannons at the start.
    *Tanks have Uranium Shells and speed upgrades at the start.
    *Nuclear Missile Silos cost less.
    *Everything is nuclear, be careful when they hit the ground. They
    might hurt your only people.
     -How to Defeat Him-
    *Defeat Him like you would with a normal Chinese enemy.
    *Watch his nuclear units.
    *Attack him before he gets the chance to attack you.
    Overall Score: 9/10
    He has great nuclear tanks, missiles and even power plants. The only
    drawback is that your own units might get hurt in the process. Really
    fun to play as.
    2C. General Tu Han Kwai
    He believes that tanks are the way to fight. So that is why he has
    tones and tones of tank upgrades. If you like tank warfare, this
    is the general for you. He suffers from infantry and aircraft attacks, however.
    -Special Units-
    Emperor Overland: This is the king of all tanks. It comes with a
    propaganda tower on it and can have gattling guns on it for
    further defense. If you use these in force, the enemy is dead.
    -Special Generals Ability-
    Tank Drop: You will receive Battlemaster Tanks anywhere on the map
    using an airplane. Level one you will get one tank, level two you
    will get two tanks  and at level three you will get four tanks.
    Just a little something to add to hist pure tank army.
    -Other Abilities-
    *Tanks start as Veteran Units.
    *Tanks are cheaper to building.
    *Battlemaster Tank Upgrade makes them elites when built.
    *Infantry is more expensive.
    *Aircraft is more expensive.
    *Very weak air force and defense.
    -How to Defeat Him-
    *Destroy his recourse bases across the map to cut him off from money.
    *Constantly attack him with whatever you have to weaken him.
    *If you are playing as the United States, just bomb him and hit
    him with Comanches and Raptors.
    *Build good defensive units such as Stinger Sites or Fire Bases
    to stop his tanks. For China, build Gattling Cannons at the
    outskirts of your base and wherever you have room inside your base.
    Overall Score: 7/10
    He is a great general if you like mass attacking your enemy and
    never letting pressure off of them. Sadly, if you don't like tanks
    you will be crushed very easily.
    3. GLA Generals
    3A. Doctor Thrax
    This guy is completely insane about chemical warfare. Almost every
    weapon he uses is chemical related. His anthrax is even upgraded
    with more chemicals. He has a few weaknesses but if you like to
    use dirty warfare tactics this is the general for you.
    -Special Structures-
    Toxin Network: These are just like regular Tunnel Networks but instead
    just use toxin chemicals to kill you. These are very weak in my opinion.
    -Special Units-
    Toxin Rebel: Like a normal Rebel but with chemicals instead. Very strong
    against infantry. One drawback is that it isn't as good against but
    buildings or structures.
    Toxin Terrorist: The only difference between this unit and a regular
    Terrorist is that when he explodes he releases a bunch of chemicals around.
    -Special Upgrades-
    Anthrax Gamma: This stuff will destroy anything it touches very fast.
    Its a very cheap upgrade from Anthrax Beta. Fun to watch units use this
    -Other Abilities-
    *All tanks start with toxin shells.
    *Every unit starts with Anthrax Beta
    *Some missiles have chemicals on their tip.
    *No Camouflaged units except for Jarmen Kell
    -How to Defeat Him-
    *Aerial Assaults work very well.
    *Use tanks whenever you can.
    *Super Weapons will cut him up in no time.
    Overall Score: 7/10
    Great at using toxins to destroy his enemies, but is weak against
    air attacks.
    3B. General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz
    Explosions is this guys middle name. Wait, its Demo. Most of his
    upgrades are all about explosions. Most of his explosive vehicles
    cost less and little things like that. If you like explosions, then
    you should use Mr.Demo.
    -Special Structures-
    Advanced Demo Trap: These are just like regular demo traps but they
    cost less and and do more damage. They are great for base defense.
    -Special Upgrades-
    Suicide: Units will be able to blow stuff up with themselves. The
    upgrade is at the Palace. Great to use rebels to blow up the enemy base.
    -Other Abilities-
    *Terrorists do more damage.
    *Booby Traps are ready at the beginning of the match.
    *Cheaper Bomb Trucks.
    *No stealth units except for Jarmen Kell.
    *No toxin units.
    -How to defeat him-
    *Aircraft will destroy him instantly.
    *Normal tactics on taking out the GLA apply.
    *Like normal GLA military.
    Overall Score: 6/10
    Good for using explosives but nothing else. I don't like him.
    3C. Prince Hassad
    He is the stealth general of the game. He doesn't have special units
    but relies on stealth units and structures. If you like covert ops
    this is the general for you. Can be fun to play as.
    *All structures have Camo netting.
    *Camo upgrade is ready at the start for the Rebels. A cheap upgrade.
    *Base Defenses have Camo Netting.
    *Hijacker available at the start.
    *GPS scrambler is ready to go at a level three general instead of five.
    *GPS Scrambler
    *No tanks.
    *No Scud Launchers.
    *How to Defeat Him-
    *Use units that can detect stealth units.
    *Have a strike force ready to go to attack his base.
    *Acts like the Regular GLA but with stealth units and structures.
    Overall Score: 7/10
    He is like the regular GLA military but has stealth units to attack
    and hide very well. He can be fun to play as for hit and run tactics.
    9. Basic Tips and Strategy
    The tips and strategies that I have added in this section apply to Zero Hour
    the expansion pack and not the original Command and Conquer Generals. I assume
    that you know the strategies of the original if you have the expansion. These
    tips will help you on applying new strategies with new units and abilities at
    your disposal. Each part is for each nation.
    -United States of America-
    *Use the new Sentry Drones to search for enemy units and their base. I don't
    personally like the Sentry Drone, but if you upgrade it with a 20MM Machine Gun
    it's good for recon. Its also cool that they can detect stealth units.
    *Avengers are good for base defense and for attacking. They can shoot down
    missiles and can also spot a target for your forces. Always protect your
    *Microwave Tanks can disable enemy vehicles and structures. Always protect
    them from enemy units, however because they are very weak. These are not
    necessary at all for an attack force, so don't use them unless you want to.
    *Fire Bases are great defenses for the USA. Put them all around your base and
    load them up with either two Rangers and two Missile Defenders, or switch the
    Rangers with two Pathfinders. The 155MM Cannon will take out vehicles a long way
    away and infantry will be taken out if they get to close to the Fire Base.
    *Remember to still use Patriot Missiles for air defense if you play against the
    USA or China.
    *Chemical Suits should be purchased for your infantry when you are playing
    against the GLA. Your troops won't get hurt as much from Toxin Tractors and
    Scud Storms when the chemicals are released.
    *Upgrade to get the Bunker Buster Bombs if you are planning to win the game by
    using the U.S. Air Force.
    *When playing as the USAF General, build Combat Chinooks instead of regular
    Chinooks. Combat Chinooks cost $1200, but they can garrison infantry that can
    fire from it. Use Rangers and Missile Defenders to garrison the Combat Chinooks.
    *Combat Chinooks and Comanches work great in unison for attacking the enemy. A
    good sneak attack is to find the back of the enemy base and send in 3 to 6
    Chinooks and about half a dozen Comanches to protect them from any anti-air
    defense. Make sure your Combat Chinooks have Rangers and Missile Defenders in
    *Use Microwave Tanks to shut down enemy power plants. Its a good strategy if the
    enemy likes to use stationary base defenses.
    *For U.S. base defense, use Patriot Missiles and Fire Bases. Always have your
    plants farther apart from each other so the enemy doesn't shut down your power
    one strike. Mobile base defenses such as using Avengers is a great way to stop
    enemy from using missile barrages on you.
    *Take out General Alexis Alexander as qucikly as possible. Even though she has
    ground forces her superweapons are deadly once they are built so take her out
    Tips from Tyler for the USA
    1.  Avengers are a great unit to back up your base defenses in groups of
    three or more, because they shoot down all types of missiles, but especially
    the ones launched by rocket buggies.
    2.  General Alexander's EMP Patriots, if micromanaged, can stop whole waves
    of attacking enemies, because unlike regular Patriots, they destroy the
    enemy unit while preventing further damage to the launcher.  Also, the
    ability to produce tons of Particle Cannons is not to be overlooked.  The
    Particle Cannon is hard to destroy, so building many forces the enemy to
    waste quite a bit of time to destroying it.  For instance, this is what I
    did in a game:
    Built a good solid, but not overdone base defense.  Then, in the rear of the
    base, started building multiple Particle Cannons.  When my opponent used
    Particle Cannons to take it out, it was a losing battle as I could build
    more faster.  So, he started using Auroras.  4 can destroy the cannon; but
    since it costs 2500, and the Aurora 2000, and he guaranteed lost 2 (Due to
    EMP fire) it was a losing struggle.  Meanwhile, those cannons that survived:
     Take out the Command Center and all building units first, and then
    concentrate on what he is using the most.  Remember, with a little repair
    work, Particle Cannons are next to impossible to destroy.  Just remember to
    build a lot of extra Power Plants.
    3.  Pathfinders are one of the most useful units in the game, as they can
    detect stealth units, and kill the following best:  saboteurs, terrorists,
    Black Lotus, Jarmen Kell, Colonel Burton, and all of the Infantry General's
    4.  Don't add a gun to the Sentry Drone.  It doesn't really help it
    defensively; and the point of the drone is to gather information.  When it's
    not firing, it lasts longer, rather than getting destroyed by a couple of
    Rebels it opened fire on.
    -Global Liberation Army-
    *Use Combat Cycles for scouting the enemy base and supply centers so that you
    send attack forces to destroy them.
    *Combat Cycles are very fast and agile, but are very easy to destroy.
    *Battle Buses have no actual offensive capabilities but they can be loaded up
    with infantry. It is always good to a few Rebels and RPG Troopers inside to
    destroy enemy infantry and tanks.
    *Always use Fake Structures so that you can confuse your foes into thinking to
    attack them. Fake Structures can be built into the real thing if you wish.
    *Booby Traps are great in urban combat maps. If the enemy infantry tries to
    garrison the building they will explode and die, along with the building.
    *The GPS Scrambler is great for making your units stealth. Your foe won't know
    your coming unless they have stealth detection units.
    *The Sneak Attack is a great way to send troops directly into the enemy base
    for a quick surprise attack.
    *Use the GPS Scrambler on a few tanks and Saboteurs and then use the Sneak
    Attack tunnels. You can attack with cloaked units and get right into the
    enemies base and they won't know it!
    *Always use toxic units on China. If you are Doctor Thrax in the Generals
    Challenge Mode, use Anthrax Gamma against Chinese infantry units. When facing
    the Chinese Infantry General, Anthrax Gamma will destroy him fast. Very fun to
    Tip from Raptor 1170
    Nice FAQ, it's just that Combat Cycles are pretty good for hit-and-run attacks,
    espiachially when stealth units are on them. Also with the Infantry general
    not only start as veterans but are stealth and can hack into vehicles as well.
    -Peoples Republic of China-
    *Build lots of Listening Outposts to detect stealth units. When facing the GLA
    have Listening Outposts throughout your base to stop a GPS Scrambler/Sneak
    *Build Helix Helicopters. A lot of them. If you put in Tank Hunters and Red
    Guard soldiers in it packed with a Gattling Cannon, this thing is almost
    unstoppable if in large groups.
    *Upgrade the Napalm Bomb attack for the Helixs as soon as possible. The Helix
    really is just a huge gunship with all of their cool weapons.
    *Neutron Shells are wonderful for killing infantry. If they target vehicles
    they will kill the people inside letting you take control! They cannot destroy
    *Target the enemy tanks and infantry with the Neutron Shells and then when you
    get to their base, use the Nuclear Shells.
    *When playing as the Nuclear General use the Satellite Hack to pinpoint your
    nuclear missile strikes.
    *If you use mines to defend your base then build the Neutron Mines. Even
    more devastating!
    *Mass attack with Battlemasters and ECM Tanks. The ECM Tanks will disable
    the vehicles while the Battlemaster Tanks destroy them. Bring some Dragon
    Tanks over to crush the infantry that are in your way.
    *Because China doesn't have quick infantry killing units like the American
    Humvee or the GLA Combat Cycle and Rocket Buggies, use Dragon Tanks with any
    attack force to stop the pesky RPG Troopers, Missile Defenders or Tank Hunters
    from destroying your tanks.
    *The new Carpet Bomb attack is great to clear enemy base defenses and to
    destroy clustered up units.
    *Frenzy isn't that good unless you attack in hordes of units and are very
    close  to the enemy.
    * Be careful of any infantry attacks when facing China. Many times if you are
    rushed by Red Guard soldiers and brigades of Battlemasters it's all over.
    More Tips Coming Soon!
    Tips from Tyler
    1.  Avengers are a great unit to back up your base defenses in groups of
    three or more, because they shoot down all types of missiles, but especially
    the ones launched by rocket buggies.
    2.  General Alexander's EMP Patriots, if micromanaged, can stop whole waves
    of attacking enemies, because unlike regular Patriots, they destroy the
    enemy unit while preventing further damage to the launcher.  Also, the
    ability to produce tons of Particle Cannons is not to be overlooked.  The
    Particle Cannon is hard to destroy, so building many forces the enemy to
    waste quite a bit of time to destroying it.  For instance, this is what I
    did in a game:
    Built a good solid, but not overdone base defense.  Then, in the rear of the
    base, started building multiple Particle Cannons.  When my opponent used
    Particle Cannons to take it out, it was a losing battle as I could build
    more faster.  So, he started using Auroras.  4 can destroy the cannon; but
    since it costs 2500, and the Aurora 2000, and he guaranteed lost 2 (Due to
    EMP fire) it was a losing struggle.  Meanwhile, those cannons that survived:
     Take out the Command Center and all building units first, and then
    concentrate on what he is using the most.  Remember, with a little repair
    work, Particle Cannons are next to impossible to destroy.  Just remember to
    build a lot of extra Power Plants.
    3.  Pathfinders are one of the most useful units in the game, as they can
    detect stealth units, and kill the following best:  saboteurs, terrorists,
    Black Lotus, Jarmen Kell, Colonel Burton, and all of the Infantry General's
    4.  Don't add a gun to the Sentry Drone.  It doesn't really help it
    defensively; and the point of the drone is to gather information.  When it's
    not firing, it lasts longer, rather than getting destroyed by a couple of
    Rebels it opened fire on.
    10. Conclusion and Contact Information
    I hope my guide was helpful to you. There is still a lot of things that
    I have to add but I think the stuff I did add was important. I hope
    I can complete this buy late January. Please check up on the guide
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    *Thanks to Lavr for multiple e-mail tips for the readers.
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    I would like e-mails to tell me on how to improve my guide and please
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    11. Legal Information
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    Copyright 2004 Jonathan Roisman

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