Review by JefftheStrider

Reviewed: 10/17/03

For the C&C Generals fan, this is a must.

Command and Conquer Generals is a great game with balanced sides, beautiful graphics, and awesome missions. The one thing I feared, though, was an expansion. How could an expansion equal to this? The coming of Zero Hour quenched this fear however.

Gameplay 9/10

Zero Hour enhances the gameplay of Generals by 3. Not only do you get new missions that include China, USA, and the GLA but a new challenge mode as well. In the challenge mode you get to select 1 of 9 generals. Then you fight the other generals, except 2 of them which are excluded. Each general has different strategy and units, forcing you to to change your strategy in every game. What's even better is that you can use these new generals in skirmishes or online.
Gameplay is greatly improved with the new units, structures, upgrades, and general powers. The USA gets Avengers, which are anti-aircraft and anti-missile and a Microwave tank, which disables buildings. China gets Listening outposts, which can hold units and detect stealth units. They also can build Helix 2 Helicopters which can drop bombs and build a propaganda tower, bunker, or gattling gun on itself. GLA gets their speed improved by motorcycles, which can have infantry ride and fire from them. Battle Buses are fast vehicles that can load 8 infantry in it. When destroyed, the bus turns into a bunker.

Graphics 10/10
What can I say? the graphics for zero hour are even better that the original Generals. Infantry units can go flying off screen when they hit a demo trap and overlord tanks flip into the air when struck by nuke MiG's. Also, the gameplay is a lot smoother.

Sound 10/10
With new sounds, music, and voices added to Generals already outstanding collection of sounds makes Zero Hour never boring or annoying to listen to. Although some of the voices for the generals can be quite annoying. Some generals are cocky and arrogant while others seem just plain crazy.

Story 6/10

Story is good, but not great. Far better than the original. In the beginning of every mission, you get to see a news broadcast by a reporter on the current situation. Each mission moves to the next and each 3 sides continues with the storyline the last one left off.

Replayability 10/10

Zero Hour will provide hundreds of hours of entertainment. If the new missions and Challenge Mode have bored you, you can play the computer on skirmishes or go online and challenge other human opponents. You can earn medals on both skirmish and multiplayer by doing several things like building 50 tank or more in one game, beating several games in a row, or other things. Plus, you can move up in rank when you play online. You start as a private and as you win more games, will gain experience and move up rank. Getting to the highest rank is extremely tough and will take months of playing to achieve.

Buy or Rent?

Well, buy. Zero Hour is extremely fun and worth every dollar you spend on it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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