Review by JihadJoe

"A great addition to an already awsome formula."

The original C&C Generals was magnificent. With an amazing graphics engine that makes explosions look life-like, and balanced gameplay, Generals redefined the genre. Zero Hour features the same spicy formula as the original, but with extra flavor. Once again, you take command of the GLA, Chinese and US forces. These armies differ from one another,and although one may think one side is overpowered they're really pretty balanced. This time around, each side has three generals, each with his/her own specialties, and units unique to them. The generals were designed to suit each style of gameplay, sneaky players will want Prince Kassahd, ''turtles'', those who sit back and build up their forces, have Alexis, the USA Super weapon General, rushers have the option to use the rest of the generals given they can all effectively rush, either with the tank general, who gets tank cheaper and gets special overlords, infantry general, Nuke general, demolition, laser, airforce, and toxin. If you count them, that makes 9! Yes that's right nine generals, each with different units. If you love vanilla USA, China or GLA, don't choose any of them to play online; the generals will make quick work of you. That's of course if your oponent is playing as a General. If you like playing vanilla armies, you will notice a few additions to each side's arsenals. The GLA has bikes, combat buses and a new unit called a saboteur. China has the ECM tank, which prevents misiles from hitting any units within its radius, the also have the Helix helicopter and the listening outpost. USA gets a firebase, an avenger anti air defense system, microwave tank, and a sentry drone.
That's not all, each side has a ton of new upgrades to make your armies unstopable. This game raises the bar of what an RTS should be. Generals did it when it came out, ZH raises it once more. If you have Generals, this game is for you. Besides from a few imbalances that have since been corrected in the latest patches, ZH is near perfect. Single player is ridiculosly fun, but online play is extremly addictive, but at the same time frustrating. One will find it near impossible to win with a certain general against another certain general, but if you have the wits, you can take down any player using any general. Game experience will indeed change during online play, you WILL get rushed, if you hated it in the original, oh well, ZH just has many more ways you can rush or be rushed, and the GLA has new tricks up their sleve, so if you hate their sneakyness, watch out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/06/04

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