Review by Sakai Guy

"One of the best expansion packs EA has ever put out!"

Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour improves on nearly every aspect that the original Command and Conquer Generals was lacking in.

Story ( 6/10)- Well, the story in Zero Hour is pretty much the war between the GLA, the US and China is still raging on. Unlike The original Generals it somewhat pays off to play the campaigns in a specific order because the little story this game has actually is intertwined with the campaigns. I personally liked all the rip-offs of the TV news stations (like BNN, so EA was smart and just changed one letter hehe) this way of presenting the overlay of the missions to you made it feel more like you are really fighting in this near future war.

Graphics (8/10)- So the graphics to me haven't improved much but hey it's ok, the vehicles and the explosion effects are all awesome (eg tanks leave tread marks in the dirt) but the infantry still looks like crap when viewed up close.

Sound and Music- (10/10)- All of the explosions were very nicely done and the voice-overs aren't to bad (so EA makes all of the GLA sound like Arabs which is just following a stereotype and the United States troops all sound like they are brainwashed but hey what are you going to do?) And I just loved the music, it really sounded like the soundtrack came from a intense war movie.

Gameplay (8/10)- I enjoyed most of the missions from the typical build a base and churn out units to the here's a few units and stealthily sneak around and accomplish objectives and everything in between. For a EA expansion pack this game is almost as long as the original (each campaign has 5 missions in Zero Hour compared to 7 missions in the original). Plus the added general's challenge adds another set of levels to play through. I personally don't go online for this game because I know i get my butt kicked in 5 minutes flat so I don't know how the online community for this game is.

Sound and Music- 10/10
Gameplay 8/10

Overall average 8/10

Go and get this game if you already have Generals if you liked Generals you'll love Zero Hour.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/03/04

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