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"The Ultimate puzzle game was unleashed... In a pirate way, that is..."

Most gamers sadly consider puzzles to be an lesser part of the games universe.
Maybe because puzzle usually are boring, and can't match the thrill of an FPS, for example.

Puzzle Pirates (or Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates if you prefer) is a game that wants to change that.

As much as I know, no one ever created a successful game that mixed the world of MMORPGs with the mechanics of puzzles. Three Rings (the company that made Puzzle Pirates) finally was successful at creating an almost perfect puzzle game by adding the pirates world, made famous by movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, at the until then unsuccessful formula MMORPG+Puzzles.

There's nothing more thrilling than fighting an friend of yours (or an enemy) on a exciting Puzzle-Based Sword Fighting game. You'll never forget the joy of fighting alongside a crew, for fun and profit.

Now for a more complete analysis of the Puzzle Pirates world:

Sound (5/10)

The worst part of the game, the sound is easily an 1/10, but it's still under development, explaining my 5/10. I admit though that the few sounds that are in-game are not that bad at all

Graphics (8/10)

Puzzle Pirates graphics can be described in one word: Colorful. The graphics of puzzle pirates makes us remember the colorful world of comic books. The graphics are simple, yet, funny. That makes the game playable in most computers, and the download time is quite short too.

Community (10/10)

By far the best community I've ever found on on-line games, 99% of the Puzzle Pirates players are helpful and friendly. If you play this game for long, you're bound to make some eternal friendships with fellow pirates.

Story (-/10)

Puzzle Pirates is a MMORPG, and therefore doesn't have a story. It doesn't need one anyway.

Replayability (9/10)

It's a MMORPG, so you'll never finish it. You won't get tired if it that easily too.

Gameplay (10/10)

I've decided to save the best for last: Gameplay. Puzzle Pirates gameplay, as you can guess, is based on puzzles. Sailing, Sword Fighting, Ship Battles and almost every single thing that's important on a pirates life has a puzzle associated with it. The puzzles themselves are very funny, and you shouldn't get tired of them quickly. There are all kinds of Puzzle: The Bilge Pumping one, that is sorta like Bejeweld; The Sailing puzzle, similar to the Dr. Mario game; The Drinking Puzzle, that is like a board game.
This game also has Clans, or crews if you prefer. You won't survive for long on a pirates world if you don't get a crew.

Crews go out in sea to pillage, by far the best way of getting Pieces of Eight (PoE the main Puzzle Pirate currency).
Crews can be either independent or part of a flag. Flags are groups of crew, and their main goal is to blockade islands, and taking control of them.

You can have various rankings on a crew: you can be a cabin person (the lowest rank, only superior to the jobber), a Pirate (the second lowest rank, pirates have more privileges than the Cabin Person's), an Officer or a Fleet Officer (both can host pillages but the fleet officer has more privileges), Senior Officers (second in command of the crew, they can promote other crew members on their own) , Captains (the one that commands the crew) and Jobbers (temporary members of the crew.

A Puzzle Pirates player, besides being a pirate, can also choose to be a stall owner, or, after a successful blockade with their flag, a governor.

As flags are the ones that command the islands, the game's economy is very dependant of the players themselves. Players can command taxes on their islands for example.

Important Stuff---

There are 2 kinds of Oceans (servers): the Subscription Oceans (oceans in which you have to subscribe and pay a monthly fee to get extra features), and Doubloon Oceans (oceans where you can get those extra features by buying doubloons, an extra currency only available on doubloons ocean, that are buy able with real money or PoE).

There are 6 oceans (2 Subscription Oceans and 4 doubloon oceans).

English is the main language in 5 of them, being the last one German.

Subscribe or Not Subscribe--

It's your choice. Subscribe if you can, but if you're in doubt I advise you to choose the Doubloon oceans.

Overall (8/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/07, Updated 01/08/07

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