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"A great game with not so great graphics...."

This game is a great MMO. It's player driven economy is good for any age. If you happen to be a great business person then this game could possibly work for you. When you first begin you have a stat of "Able" on any job you could possibly do. This means if you go on a pillage with another player that they would probably order you to do one of the basic jobs (Carpentry, Bilging, and Sailing). You play the role of a pirate (of course its called Puzzle PIRATES for a reason). When you start you have four missions to do. You can Learn to Bilge (Bilge takes the water out of the ship so that the sails are more productive), you can learn to Carpent (Carpenting is repairing the ship so that the bilge doesn't fill as quickly), and Sailing (Sailing gets the captain "Tokens" for Sea Battle that allow your ship to move when your ship is in a battle against another ship). The object of the game is to become a famous Pirate known across the game. The most efficient way to get money in game is pillaging. To pillage go to the "Notice Board" (the game will tell you where and what that is) and click the voyages tab at the top of the screen. Click whatever pillage you think is interesting and your off! OK well enough of the intro stuff heres the actual review lol.

Graphics: 5/10
The graphics on this just aren't that great. They're pretty cheap 2D graphics. So if you look for graphics in a game don't play this one.

Gameplay: 10/10
Just great....All I can say to Three Rings is good job. The player run economy makes it great to learn how make your way up in the world. You try to make money to buy products from other players' stalls who then get more stuff for the stalls which then sell to better players for more money and the cycle repeats until the most expensive stuff in the game is being sold to the most popular players in the game or even an Ocean Master.

Replayability: 0/10
Kinda stupid of me but so what. You can't end this game...ever......You can reach a point where you can do absolutely nothing to raise your stats but overall you can't beat it. When you reach Ultimate on all your stats come find me and I will congratulate you until then your gonna be busy for years to come.

Sound: 7/10
Not much sound on this game. The previous reviewers are now out of date and the sound has been enhanced since their time. Right now the sound is usually accurate. Say in the Carpenting job, every time you lay down a piece you hear the sound of a hammer, also if you don't touch an area for to long you hear danger music. That sorta thing, not to good on the sound though.

Overall: 10/10

Well still its still a good game. Try if you want. A note to all readers: You don't have to buy a copy of the game from a store you can simply go to and download it to your computer free. Doing this allows you to play for free without even having to buy the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/15/07

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