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"Just another worthless online game, or not?"

Sorry about my corny tagline, heh heh, Anyways, I've been wanted to make a review for this game for awhile but couldn't think about how to start it out. Anyways enough about my lifestory, *coughs*.

Awesome! Its so awesome I've been playing it for 1 and half years. (yeah, I know I'm a dork)
The main purpose is to just live the pirate life while doing many puzzles which include Bilging, Carpentry, Navigating, Battle Navigation, Gunning, Sailing, Swordfighting, Rumble, Treasure Haul, Drinking, (the next 3 you can't really count as puzzles but still...) Spades, Hearts, Poker, Treasure Drop, Distilling, Alchemistry, Shipwrightery, Blacksmithing, and the newest addition Foraging. Finally I'm done listing all the puzzles, I probably already made you push escape or back or if you were REALLY bored you unplugged your computer and smashed the screen. To earn PoE (peices of eight, pirate form of money) you can pillage with another pirates or by yourself with bots, you can also explore atlantis but I'm not gonna go into detail about that because I don't know much about it. But I do know alot about poker which is a great way to lose and gain PoE. The only bad thing about poker besides losing PoE is there is only one type, Texas Hold 'Em. Oh, also you can bet money in Swordfighting, Rumble, Hearts and Spades game, but I'm not going to eleborate on that because I don't do them often.

Now your probably asking this crazy idiot how the economy is ran? Well its mostly player ran except for a few exceptions. You can open up your own stall like a Tailor (Sell clothes), Blacksmithing (Make Swords and Cannon Balls), Distilling (You can make rum and different cups for the Drinking Puzzle), and Shipwright stall (Make Vessels). For the more advanced player you can open up a actual shop which you can sell and upgrade the size. Most shops cost around 1 million PoE or more! I don't know much about them so I'm not gonna explain it. The only exception that isn't ran by a player is some of the government buildings, which are ran by Oceanmasters, more commonly known as OM's, (the owners and testers of the game).

I almost forgot that you can buy your own house!! When you first make your pirate you start off with a nice little shack (you automatically start with one, its free!), next there is Cabins, then Cottages, then Bungallows, after that Row Houses, then Townhouses, we're almost done, after townhouses there is Villa's, then Manors, and now here comes the 2nd biggest Mansions, *drum roll* the biggest is Estates!

All in all I have to give Three Rings a hand for a great game they made. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Oh yeah I almost forgot I play on Hunter ocean and my name is Wazupdude.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/02/08

Game Release: Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates (US, 12/08/03)

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