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"Puzzle Pirates: A Game With Nothing Booched About It"

Now I'm sure that the first question from you people new to the Pirate world is ''What does booched mean?''. Booched means messed up/wrong, and if you intend to play this game then trust me, you'll learn the word. Fast. Now your second question probably is ''What type of game is it?''. It's a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, unless you are a pirate in real life, then it's just an MMOG) meaning that you play with hundreds, even thousands, of people around the world. Now that that's out of the way, on to the review.

Graphics - 9/10
The graphics. Well, the graphics in this game really depend on what you like. For an MMORPG the graphics are great in my own opinion. Are we talking Final Fantasy graphics? Of course not, and if you expect that then you probably have no right playing an MMORPG. First off let me say that, yes they are 3D. That's a plus what with so many online games seemingly going to 2D format. Also, as I stated before, you may love the graphics you may hate them, mainly because of the ''friendliness'' of them. This is not a game where you will ever see blood when you defeat someone in a fight, things like this are a given. This is a game in where the graphics seem to be aimed at a younger audience, but fear not, the details in the arrrrrrt (it's a pirate game, get used to it) in the game are great indeed. Everything is where it should be, everything has with the smallest detail correct, minus the fact that the characters have no noses which is almost a trademark of this game. My suggestion if you really care about graphics (you shouldn't) then go to the official site and look at the screenshots for yourself.

Sound - 9/10
Not too much to say. First off, there are lots of sounds. Nice piratey ones too. You fire a cannon and hear a nice BOOM, the bigger the cannon the bigger the BOOM. Hit some rocks and hear a SMASH. If you get drunk during the drinking game and pass out you hear a GULP and then a BURP. Things like that really help a game, even while they may be overlooked. Also with each update it seems a bevy of new sounds, or more detail to old ones, is added.

Story - N/A
If you want a story, MMORPGs are not your best choice. The story: You are a person found washed up on a desert island by an old female pirate in expensive clothes. She gives you a bandanna, a cheap sword, and 10 Pieces of Eight (POE) and sets you free on the world to plunder to your hearts content. Your main goal in this game is to join a crew, become a captain, own a shop, own an island, become king of a flag, whatever you wish. Oh and to become rich along the way

Gameplay - 10/10
Wow. Just, wow. I honestly am lost for words for this section. If I could give the game a 20/10 for this section I would. I really have to divide this into a few sections to be able to review it properly.

Ok well as you can probably see, the game is located in the puzzle category. Yes, almost everything you do, at the moment we are talking Swordfighting, Drinking, Sea Battle, Duty puzzles (sailing, navigating, gunning, carpentry, bilging), and Job Puzzles (distilling, shipwrightery, blacksmithing ect), is a puzzle. If you hate puzzles with a passion, well, this probably not the game for you, even though I would still recommend that you give the game a try because it is that good. Also under this section I'll put that this game does not have an RPG level up system or anything of the sort. It has experience and standing, but these are so you and other pirates can see you good you are at and how often you do each puzzle. They do not actually effect you in anyway, and just a tip given to me from an experienced pirate ''Don't worry about your rating, just find out what your rating is and be that''

Yes politics. This game lets you be almost anything in the game relating to pirates, almost all the game is player controlled. Players can become governors of an island, captains of a crew, and/or monarchs of a flag, along with about 20 other things along those lines. Basically anything having to do with pirates and pirate warfare you can be or do. Flags can declare war on other flags, make blockades to protect their islands, attack other players blockades, recruit more crews, crews can recruit more players, players can get promotions. It goes on and on.

Money. Money is a large part of the game, almost everything runs on money. First off there are 3 ways to make money in this game. The first way is to get a job. Not much cash, not much work. Next is pillaging, or fighting enemies. Lots of cash, but also lots of work, and this actually takes some skill, and a good crew. The third is trading, which is a good alternative if you dislike fighting. Both involve sailing a ship between various isalnds, 36 in total, in 6 Archipelagos and selling or buying various commodities used for making clothes, swords, or other things. Also being Governor or a shopkeeper will make you POE (money) as well.

Replayability - 10/10
As with 99% of MMORPGs, you can't win. Which makes replayability great. Also considering there is a new update about once a month or so, there is always something new to do. I once got tired of it, then realized about 2 hours later that I could be playing. That's how simply addictive this game is.

Other Important Things
The Fee, your options are:
Monthly: $9.95 / month.
Quarterly: $19.95 / first introductory quarter, $24.95 / subsequent quarters. [ $7.90 / month average over a year ]
Annually: $74.95 / year. [ $6.25 / month ]
More or less your average price for an MMORPG. Also, you can try the game before you buy it, you just have a LOT of options limited to you. Another thing I feel I have to mention, the devs. I've played other MMORPGS where Devs are also on from time to time, but usually you speak to them and they grunt you off and tell you not to bug them. The Developers of this game and the Oceanmasters (think moderators of the game) and quite nice, and always willing to help, plus there is always one on. Very helpful.

Final Recommendation
Buy it. Well, try it out as a greenie (what unpaid players are referred to due to their green name) then buy it. You will love it. What are you waiting for? Go to now and buy it! Fair winds to ye.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/01/04, Updated 02/08/04

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