Review by Segekihei

"Excellent in (almost) every aspect"

There's little I can say about this that hasn't already been said. I could ramble on and on about this for days, but you'd all be bored to death, and I'd have carpel tunnel syndrome. Basically, it can be easily and precisely summed up in two words:

Yarr, matey!

Graphics: 9/10
A downside to the game, slightly, is that people are turned off by the 2D graphics. I personally feel they have some charm within them, but not everyone shares my view. The graphics are simple for those who don't have the world's most advanced computers (i.e., me).

Sound: exempt
Sound hasn't been entirely implemented, but will be in the future, so I can't really judge it so far on this. The sound already in the game, however, is reasonably good.

Gameplay: 10/10
Amazing gameplay. Everything is solid and well thought-out. A player driven economy allows for booms and slumps (at the time of this writing, we're in a light slump in cannonballs, but this will eventually change). The ten puzzles implemented so far are superb, and another ten are predicted to be made. This just astonishes me that this game is so darn good!

Community: 10/10
No 1337 sp33k. That really earns it 8 points on that alone. Helpful people willing to help all new players who want a little help.

Concept: 10/10
Name me one MMOG that uses both puzzles AND pirates, and I'll show you this game. And you'll go, ''Wow, I wish I got hooked on Y!PP instead of (game name here).'' Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but the concept is novel and original. And just plain fun, too!

Download: 8/10
Umph. The one thing that hurts this game a bit is the huge downloads for modem users. It takes a while to download all the graphics and game data from the servers, and this turns people off. If you let it download and run its course, it'll be smooth sailing, as there is little to no lag on modem users.

Pricing: 8/10
A light shortcoming is that this game is pay-to-play, at $10 USD per month. I, personally, think it's worth every penny, and I've already signed up for two years ($80 USD/year), and intend to do so again in December 2005. If you can grab ten bucks together, grab a month of playtime and get going. :-)

Overall: 10/10
Despite its minor shortcoming, this wholeheartedly deserves a 10 out of 10. One of the best MMOGs I've ever seen. Download the free trial now.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/08/04

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