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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Allia

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dark Fall - Walkthrough by Allia - v1.0
    Table of Contents
      I. Revision History
     II. Walkthrough
        A. "Train Tunnel"
        B. "Platform 1"
        C. "Foyer"
        D. "Platform 2"
        E. "Barn"
        F. "Cave of Song"
        G. "Buffet"
        H. "Reception"
        I. "Room 3A (Arther Johnston's studio)"
        J. "3rd Floor Bathroom"
        K. "3rd Floor Storage"
        L. "Attic"
        M. "Room 3F (George Crabtree's office)"
        N. "Room 3D (Betty Penfold's room)"
        O. "Room 2B (Matilda Fly's room)"
        P. "Room 2C (Arther Johnston's room)"
        Q. "Room 2D (Polly and Nigel's room)"
        R. "Room 2E (Andrew Verney's room)"
        S. "2nd Floor Bathroom"
        T. "Room 3B (George Crabtree's bedroom)"
        U. "Room 3E (Edith Penfold's room)"
        V. "1st Floor Bathroom"
        W. "Room 1E (Gloria Grable's room)"
        X. "Room 1A (Quilt room)"
        Y. "Station Hotel Bar"
        Z. "Cellar"
        1. "The Trials"
        2. "Dark Fall"
    III. Misc.
    I. Revision History
    v1.0 - 07.21.02 - Walkthrough complete.
    II. Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is a complete, step-by-step description of completing the
    game. If you only want general hints, consult Timothy in the game or check the
    "hintsand help.html" file on the CD. There are many letters and notes you can
    read and pictures you can view in the game. Most of these aren't necessary for
    advancing in the game and will not be mentioned in this walkthrough. However,
    feel free to enhance your gaming experience by exploring these optional items
    and areas.
    This game was created with Macromedia software. Not exactly the most common
    software used to create games. The game does not need to be installed like
    normal games. The only files placed on your computer are save game files. A
    note about loading saved games: if you cancel out of the Load Game screen, it
    will automatically load the last saved game.
    There are some parts in the game where you must wait for a dialogue or some
    other event to finish before you can take action. Also, I have noticed that
    cursor "hot spots" sometimes disappear and it takes moving the cursor over the
    left, right, or bottom part of the screen to make the "hot spot" work again.
    Subtitles can be turned on and off with the F1 key. They are turned off by
    default every time you exit the game.
    Important items will be highlighted throughout the walkthrough with asterisks,
    i.e. Pick up the *polka-dotted cow*. If you mess up on any puzzle, you can just
    zoom out, then back in to reset it.
    A. "Train Tunnel"
    After the intro of the message from your brother Pete, you awake to find
    yourself in a train tunnel. You will not be able to save your game until the
    middle of the next section. You are greeted by the voice of a young boy,
    Timothy Pike. Move forward down the tunnel. Turn right to face the wall with
    the newspaper on the ground, turn back left and continue forward down the
    tunnel. Here I found a game bug. If you do anything other than turn left and
    move forward, like turning right instead, you will not be able to continue
    forward down the tunnel. There will be no forward cursor. If you deviate from
    these steps, you must turn right to face the wall with the newspaper on the
    ground again to reset that part. Leave the tunnel, turn right, and climb up
    onto Platform 1.
    B. "Platform 1"
    Move forward through the alley. Turn right and open the door to the power shed.
    Pull the chain on the light bulb on the ceiling to turn it on. Open the cabinet
    in front of you. Pull the left lever, then the right. Power is now restored to
    the station and hotel. Leave the shed. Timothy leaves you and mentions you can
    find him and a note on the wooden footbridge if you need help. It's the white
    building above the train tunnel. You can now save your game if you want to.
    Turn around and move towards the cart. Turn left and enter the Gentlemen's
    bathroom. Inspect the toilet on the far left. Now inspect the hole in the wall
    inside the stall. Note the symbol on the wall and the word "LARSUS" written
    next to it. This is the first of 12 "lyrics" you must find. Leave the bathroom
    and go back to the train platform. Turn right, move forward, turn right again
    and open the door to enter the foyer.
    C. "Foyer"
    Turn right and inspect the ticket vending machine. Turn the handle on it and
    pick up the *coins* it dispenses. Zoom back out and go through the doorway to
    the left of the stairs. FYI, the stairs lead to Timothy and his note. Turn
    right and pick up the *lantern* sitting on top of the cubby-holes. Leave the
    office and return to the main foyer area. Go into the Waiting Room.
    Turn right and inspect the table. Pick up the PDA sitting on the blueprints.
    Turn it on by pressing the lower-right button. Choose the paper icon on the
    bottom to access Pete's journal. Select each page at the top, 1 through 8, to
    read it. Page 5 talks about a strange anomaly Pete encountered with the
    theodolite, his surveying device. It happened when he had it set at 271x632. He
    also mentions a name that just popped into his head when this was happening,
    "KARS". Close the PDA and return to the main foyer area.
    Turn left, move forward, and turn left again. Inspect the phone on the left.
    Pick up the receiver and use the coins in your inventory. Nigel tells you about
    he and Polly's locked room in the hotel. The room key is hidden in a silver
    teapot. Leave the foyer and return to Platform 1. Turn left, move forward, and
    turn right. Cross the tracks to Platform 2.
    D. "Platform 2"
    Turn right and move towards the surveying device. Inspect it and press the
    green button with the circle to turn it on. Press and hold the "+y" button
    until the left setting is at 271. Use the "-x" and "+x" buttons until the other
    setting is around 632. It will still work if you get near enough, like 630. The
    screen will distort and an image will fade in and out. This is the "KARS"
    symbol. Turn off the surveying device and continue forward along the platform.
    Turn left to face the fence. Go through the fence to the left of the Dowerton
    Move forward through the bushes. Turn left and move towards the barn. Enter it.
    E. "Barn"
    Use your lantern. Move forward once, then turn around. Climb the ladder to
    enter the loft. Turn right and inspect the wooden box. Pick up the
    *screwdriver*. Climb back down the ladder and continue forward past the car.
    Turn left and inspect the floor by the car. Lift the hatch in the floor and
    F. "Cave of Song"
    Move forward twice, turn left, and move forward again to the pillar. Click on
    your lantern to put it on the small rock on the right and light up the room.
    Number the holes in the pillar from top to bottom along the connecting line 1
    through 12. Inspect the first hole at the top and sketch the symbol shown as
    #1. Continue until you have sketched all 12 symbols. We have already found the
    lyrics for two of these symbols, so go ahead and write "LARSUS" and "KARS" next
    to their appropriate symbols. "KARS" is symbol #2 and "LARSUS" is #8. Pick up
    your lantern and return to Platform 2.
    Turn right and move forward twice to the base of the footbridge stairs. Turn
    left and cross the tracks to Platform 1. Turn left and move to the other end of
    the platform. Turn right and open the door to the Buffet room.
    G. "Buffet"
    Move forward, turn left and inspect the lower part of the shelves. Pick up the
    *electromagnetic tracker*. This device can alert you to the presence of
    paranormal activity. Press the bottom-left green button on the tracker to put
    it on standby. The unit's display shrinks to a thin, green line. Press the
    green button again if you want to bring the unit back to full display. Turn
    right and go through the doors into the Reception area.
    H. "Reception"
    There is a phone ringing in the back office. It will ring many times throughout
    the game. Answering it is optional.
    Move forward twice, turn left and inspect the desk. (I noticed the calendar on
    the wall above the desk shows April with only 29 days, not 30.) Open the drawer
    and click on the "Etto self-raising Flour" ad to reveal a card. Inspect the
    card to find a unique safe code. Note the 6 positions on the cross shape, 5 of
    which are numbered with dots. Close the drawer, zoom back out, and turn left.
    Move forward once back into the reception area and turn around. Inspect the
    safe on the floor. Click the left side of the cross to move the ball to the
    first position. Then up, center, very bottom, then right. Turn the handle to
    open the safe door. Pick up the *bar key* on the top shelf. Remember, if you
    mess up on the puzzle, you can just zoom out, then back in to reset it.
    Turn left and inspect the ink blotter on the counter. Drag a blank sheet of
    paper from the left onto the center of the ink blotter. Click on the fountain
    pen. A series of numbers and lines appear on the paper. Move the paper so the
    "1" on the right is over the biggest ink spot on the blotter. If done
    correctly, you will hear a spirit complain about Betty wasting paper by
    doodling. The following pattern emerges from the ink spots on the blotter:
      4         5
      \      3 |        1
       \    O----------O
        \    \ |      /
         \.6  \.7    /
          \    |    /
           \   |   /
            \  |  /
             \ |2/
    Turn left, move forward, turn right, climb the stairs to the 1st floor hall.
    Move forward once, turn right, climb the stairs to the 2nd floor hall. Move
    forward once and wait for the lights to each turn off, then on again. Don't wet
    yourself. Turn right and climb the stairs to the 3rd floor hall. Only one of
    the doors in this hall is labeled, so I will sketch the floor layout below and
    label each room for easier reference:
    |                       |           |           |           |
    |  storage  |           |     3F    |     3D    |     3B    |
    |___________|           |_____  ____|_____  ____|_____  ____|________________
                |                                   |                 stairs
                |                                                      down
    ____________|           ______  __________  ____|_____  _____________________
    |           |           |           |           |           |
    |  bathroom |           |     3E    |     3C    |     3A    |
    Move forward and enter room 3A.
    I. "Room 3A (Arther Johnston's studio)"
    Turn right and inspect the table. Click on the red painting of George to reveal
    a piece of paper. Pick up the *paper*. Zoom out and turn right. Inspect the
    cups in the cabinet, not the stove above. Click the handle connected to the
    hose once to turn on the gas. Zoom back out and now inspect the stove on top of
    the cabinet. Press the second button from the left to turn on the gas, then the
    first button to light the stove. Click on the paper in your inventory to hold
    it near the flames. The following words appear:
    Betty: TYMA
    Fly: MORCANA
    Grable: FRENIC
    Edith: IXIAM
    Click on the paper to put it back in your inventory. Click the second button to
    turn off the stove.
    FYI, if you open the cabinet you will find a note with a cryptogram. You can
    find a clue later in room 2E on how to break the code, "I=R so D=W". It is
    created by substituting the letter from the top row with the letter below it,
    which is the alphabet backwards.
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    Z Y X W V U T S R Q P O N M L K J I H G F E D C B A
    Translated, it says:
    Leave the room and go into the bathroom at the end of the hall.
    J. "3rd Floor Bathroom"
    Turn around to face the door. Click the left side of the mirror mounted on the
    wall once so a purple lamp can be seen in its reflection. Turn left and inspect
    the spot of white light shining on the writing on the wall. Note the following
    _________ _________
    |       | |       |
    | 00:20 | | 00:90 |
    |_______| |_______|
    _________ _________
    |       | |       |
    | 00:5  | | 00:40 |
    |_______| |_______|
    These are the settings we will need for the thermoscanner later. Leave the
    bathroom and go into the storage room.
    K. "3rd Floor Storage"
    Turn left and move forward. Turn right and inspect the teapot on the left
    shelf. Zoom in close to find a key. Pick up the *Room 2D key*. Zoom out twice,
    turn right, move forward, and turn left. Climb the ladder to the attic.
    L. "Attic"
    Move forward and turn right. During my first play through of the game, the
    boiler tank was not turned on when I first visited the attic. However, while
    writing this walkthrough, the boiler tank was already heated up and I did not
    have to, could not, turn the wheel here. Inspect the slot in the tank on the
    right. If flames cannot be seen, turn the wheel on the pipe. Turn back right
    and move towards the ladder. Turn left and inspect the boiler tank controls.
    Turn the first wheel on the left, then press the handle on the left. This will
    turn on the hot water for the 1st floor bathroom.
    Zoom out and turn around. Move forward, turn right, move forward, turn right
    again. Inspect the suitcase sitting on the floor to the left. Use the
    screwdriver from your inventory to stick it in the keyhole. You can move the
    screwdriver left, right, or down by clicking to the left, right, or below the
    keyhole. Pick the lock by moving the screwdriver left, right, left, right, and
    then down. It may take a few tries to get it just right. When successful, the
    suitcase opens. Click on the book in the middle of the suitcase. Then click the
    piece of paper sticking out on the right. Read through the letter. At the end,
    you are rewarded with symbol #3 and its lyric, "OLIVIAK".
    If you like, you can play with an Ouija board at the other end of the attic.
    Activate the board by touching the planchette (triangle-shaped device). You can
    ask the spirit questions by typing them below and clicking the "Say" button.
    Ask it questions like: What is your name? Are you dead? Can you help me? What
    do you want? Sorry, the spirit will not respond to questions like "Who will win
    the World Soccer Cup?"
    Go back down to the 3rd floor hallway. Stand facing the door to room 3F.
    M. "Room 3F (George Crabtree's office)"
    This door is locked from the inside. Inspect the lower part of the door. Use
    the paper in your inventory to slide it under the door. Use the screwdriver to
    push the key out of the hole onto the floor inside. Click the paper to drag the
    key out. Pick up the *Room 3F key*. Use the key to open the door. It's the last
    key on the right in your inventory.
    Inside, move forward and turn left. Zoom in on the desk and open George's blue
    journal there. On page 21 he talks of trials he must solve. He says the
    solution to the first trial was recorded on a bed cover made by Edith. She wove
    the pattern as follows:
    |   |   |
    | 1 | 2 |
    |   |   |
    | 3 | 4 |
    Turn around and face the other desk. Inspect the piece of paper on it. Notice
    George's sketch of the pillar in the Cave of Song and the numbered holes, just
    like we have them. Also note the Magic Lantern Slide Index. Zoom back out and
    open the box of slides. Push the button on the bottom left to turn on the Magic
    Lantern (projector). Insert slide number 5, top-right slide in the box. Zoom in
    on the man shown on the wall under the far-left framed picture. He is holding
    symbol #10. If we look back at the Magic Lantern Slide Index, slide number 5 is
    listed as "MORTYM". 4 lyrics down, 8 to go.
    Turn off the projector, turn right, move forward, turn left, and move forward
    again. Inspect the stereoscope. Turn it on by pressing the button on the table.
    Insert the bottom-right film tube, crank the handle, then look in the eyepiece.
    Watch the film called "Trial 2: Elements". Note the order in which the elements
    are shown. Fire, lightning, wind, and water.
    Let's leave this room now and go into room 3D.
    N. "Room 3D (Betty Penfold's room)"
    Turn left and move forward. Inspect the trumpet sitting on the floor. Click the
    top-right side of the trumpet twice to spin it around. Inspect the piece of
    paper wrapped around the middle of it. Notice the 5 notes circled and marked as
    "needs practice".
    These notes are G, G, A, B, C.
    Leave the room and go back down one flight of stairs to the 2nd floor hallway.
    Turn around and enter room 2B.
    O. "Room 2B (Matilda Fly's room)"
    Inspect the desk, then inspect the clock. Notice the 4 buttons on the base of
    the clock. Number the buttons 1 through 4 from left to right. Pressing button 1
    results in a low-pitched click, while button 3 results in a high-pitched click.
    The high-pitch means you pressed the correct button in the correct order. To
    solve this puzzle press 3, 1, 2, then 4. Check the paper in the hidden
    compartment. It has symbol #5. Consulting the list of names and lyrics we found
    earlier, we can match the lyric "MORCANA" to this symbol because this is
    Matilda Fly's room.
    Leave the room and continue down the hall into room 2C.
    P. "Room 2C (Arther Johnston's room)"
    I'm not 100% sure this was Arther's room, but it seemed to be the logical
    choice. It makes no difference either way.
    Turn right and move towards the closet on the left. Open it and inspect the box
    on the shelf. Notice the pattern is identical to the one we found on the ink
    blotter. Press the buttons in the order shown:
      4         5
      \      3 |        1
       \    O----------O
        \    \ |      /
         \.6  \.7    /
          \    |    /
           \   |   /
            \  |  /
             \ |2/
    Inspect the piece of paper on the left, then the paper on the right. They show
    us symbol #1, "LUSSA". Close the box and the closet, then leave the room. Use
    the key to the right of the coins in your inventory to enter room 2D.
    Q. "Room 2D (Polly and Nigel's room)"
    Inspect the corkboard directly in front of you. Notice the menus tacked onto
    it. Zoom out, turn left, move forward, and turn right. Inspect the corkboard
    here. Inspect the bottom-right note. Nigel mentions at the bottom that the
    password to access PC terminal 2 is the only thing he likes on one of the
    menus. Zoom out and return to the first corkboard.
    Did you notice the empty Chinese food containers on the desk? Check the Dragon
    Inn menu. Their phone number is 01622 643853. Go back in front of the computer
    monitors and inspect the box on the left side of the desk. Click on the cell
    phone. Enter Dragon Inn's number and press the green button to dial. An
    automated service answers the phone. It checks the number you are calling from
    and mentions you having a standing order with them. Press the star key (*)
    twice to order your usual order. The automated service confirms the order as a
    number 15 from their menu, but informs you they are closed for the night.
    Return to the Dragon Inn menu and look up number 15. The password is "chicky
    chow", without the quotes.
    Move back in front of the computer monitors, then turn left. Inspect the Hadden
    Industries box. Now inspect the area to the right of the stacked boxes. Pick up
    the *radivision goggles*. The goggles can be used in areas where you hear a
    spirit say "Here."
    Turn back to face the computer monitors. Click on the left monitor, PC terminal
    1. This is Polly's terminal and is full of all kinds of good info. The icons on
    the left are: System Quit, Journal Entries, Sound Recordings, Image Cleaner, My
    Music, Case 0014 Personals, MetrolSat: Weather and Solar Updates, Browse Web
    Sites, and Hadden: Peripheral Help.
    Click on the Browse Web Sites icon. Choose the first Recent link on the top,
    http://www.learn_piano.co.uk. Notice the layout of keys A through G on the
    piano and where the C key is pointed out.
    After you're done exploring Polly's terminal, quit out of the system and click
    on the right computer monitor. Enter the password "chicky chow", without the
    quotes. Here you can view the rooms where Polly and Nigel placed digital
    cameras. Click on the far-right camera. This is the special thermoscanner that
    was placed in the cellar. Change the settings to those found in the 3rd floor
    _________ _________
    |       | |       |
    | 00:20 | | 00:90 |
    |_______| |_______|
     alpha     beta
    _________ _________
    |       | |       |
    | 00:5  | | 00:40 |
    |_______| |_______|
     particle  density
    The thermoscanner detects a cavity in the wall and recommends a manual
    inspection. Leave the room and enter room 2E.
    R. "Room 2E (Andrew Verney's room)"
    Inspect the box on the floor. Pick up the orange astronomy book in the left
    box. Click it open and Andrew asks, "Are you interested in astronomy too?" Go
    back out into the hall, turn left, move forward, turn left and zoom in on the
    telescope. Inspect the eyepiece. Search the lower-left area for a constellation
    until Andrew comments, "Brighter than the rest! I don't recognize it at all..."
    .  .  . . .
    Return to Andrew's room and inspect the closet on the right. Click on the
    tallest star chart leaning in the corner. Find this new constellation to be
    named "RAKA". Leave the closet and inspect the top drawer of the nightstand,
    not the box on top. Open the third drawer from the top and inspect the blue
    book inside. Open the book to find "RAKA"'s index number, 12/534/76. Zoom back
    out and now inspect the box on top of the nightstand. Number the small buttons
    on the edge of the lid 1 through 7. Press them in the order of "RAKA"'s index
    number listed above. 1st, 2nd, 5th, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and then 6th. Inside find
    symbol #12, "RAKA". Tucked under the box is another cryptogram. Translated, it
    Leave the room and return to the telescope. Open the door here to enter the 2nd
    floor bathroom.
    S. "2nd Floor Bathroom"
    Zoom in on the box under the sink. Open it and zoom in again. Click on the
    photo stuck to the bottom of the lid. Note the size of each rune and where they
    are placed around the circle.
    Leave the room and return to the 3rd floor hallway. Enter room 3B.
    T. "Room 3B (George Crabtree's bedroom)"
    Turn right and inspect the nightstand next to the bed. Open the cabinet below
    to reveal a box with pictures of three royal figures on the lid: Henry VIII,
    Henry V, and Elizabeth I. Click the golden dial below Henry VIII until it shows
    "VIII". Click the golden dial below Henry V until it shows "V". Click on the
    photo inside. Note the size of each rune and where they are placed around the
    circle. Zoom back out, then zoom in twice on the table next to the chair.
    Place the largest, reddish-brown rune on the right where the two chalk lines
    cross. Place the smallest, yellow rune on the lower-right where the two chalk
    lines cross. Place the medium-sized, white rune on the bottom where the two
    chalk lines cross. Place the medium-sized, yellow rune on the top-left where
    the two chalk lines cross. If done correctly, the runes will disappear and the
    center area shows symbol #9, "OLKAS".
    Leave the room and enter room 3E.
    U. "Room 3E (Edith Penfold's room)"
    Turn right and inspect the top shelf of the closet. Inspect the record to find
    the song "On Hastings Pier" is listed as the 2nd song on the record. Zoom out
    and inspect the record player. Crank the handle on the front. Click the
    bottom-left switch to start the record spinning. Slide the bottom-right switch
    all the way to the right for maximum volume. Click on the far-left edge of the
    record to set the needle on the first song. Now click just to the right of the
    needle to set it on the 2nd song track. You'll know you have the right position
    if you hear "and when two lovers woo..." over and over again. Zoom out and turn
    left. A framed picture will fall off the wall and land on the bed. Inspect the
    fallen photo and click on the back of the frame to reveal two pieces of paper.
    The small piece shows symbol #11, and the large piece shows the associated
    lyric "IXIAM".
    Ok, we've neglected the 1st floor long enough. Head down to the 1st floor
    hallway. Turn right, go all the way to the end of the hall, turn left and enter
    the bathroom door on the right.
    V. "1st Floor Bathroom"
    Zoom in on the sink. Turn on the right faucet and wait for the boiler in the
    attic to kick in. The hot water's steam reveals symbol #7, "MALUS", in the
    Leave the room and enter room 1E.
    W. "Room 1E (Gloria Grable's room)"
    Turn right and you'll hear a spirit say "Here." Use the goggles in your
    inventory. You can chat with Gloria if you want. Inspect the loose board in the
    middle of the floor. Lift the board and zoom in on the hole. The small piece of
    paper shows symbol #4 and the note on the right shows the associated lyric
    "FRENIC". Zoom out and replace the loose board.
    Leave the room and enter room 1A.
    X. "Room 1A (Quilt room)"
    Turn right and use the goggles. Look in the lower-right part of the room to
    find the quilt Edith made. Note the colors are in the order of green, blue,
    purple, and orange.
    Leave the room and go down to the reception area. Turn around and move forward
    once to the right of the stairs. Turn right and use the bar key in your
    Y. "Station Hotel Bar"
    Move forward, turn right, move forward, turn left to face the piano. Zoom in on
    the piano twice. There are only 7 white keys on the piano you can actively
    press. They are situated towards the middle. Find the first key on the left you
    can press. This is the F key. So the scale is F, G, A, B, C, D, E. We need to
    play the notes G, G, A, B, and C, so press the 2nd key twice followed by the
    3rd, 4th, and 5th keys. Click on the piece of paper that appears to find symbol
    #6. Turn right and use the goggles to find the associated lyric in the top-left
    corner, "TYMA".
    Leave the bar and turn right. Open the door next to the chair set in the
    Z. "Cellar"
    Turn left, move forward, turn right, move forward, turn around. Number the
    buttons on the post from top to bottom 1 through 6. Press 3, 2, 5, 1, 4. This
    unlocks the silver door ahead of you. Go open that door to enter the darkroom.
    FYI, the designs on the buttons are from the tables in the dining room, which
    we skipped since we have an inferior alphabet... and it wasn't necessary. ;)
    In the darkroom, inspect and open the doors on the bottom of the shelf ahead.
    Pick up the *piston key*. Go back out to the cellar.
    Move forward twice and turn left. Click on the sheet metal in the middle to
    reveal a hole. Climb inside and turn on your lantern. Inspect the numbered
    brick. Place the piston key into the hole and turn the key. Climb through the
    hole to face The Trials.
    1. "The Trials"
    Try to move forward and you are confronted with the first trial. Click the
    runes in the following order: green, blue, purple, and orange. The barrier
    disappears. Move forward.
    Try to move forward and you are confronted with the second trial. Click the
    runes in the following order: top, left, right, and bottom. The barrier
    disappears. Move forward.
    Try to move forward and you are confronted with the third, and final, trial.
    Turn left and click on the glowing rune. Listen to the sounds as the engravings
    glow. Turn back right and match the order of the sounds by clicking the runes
    in the following order: top-right, lower-left, lower-right, center, and left.
    The barrier disappears. Move forward twice to enter the chamber of Dark Fall.
    2. "Dark Fall"
    To seal away Dark Fall, we must say the 12 lyrics in their proper order. Type
    each lyric, pressing the "Say" button after each one.
    The trapped souls are freed. You and your brother Pete have a happy ending.
    III. Misc.
    If you find any corrections that need to be made in this FAQ, please email me
    at tremoir@rocketmail.com. I will gladly credit you in the FAQ.
    FAQ's written by me:
    Myst III: Exile
    Mystery Of The Nautilus, The
    Dark Fall
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