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"Horror genre"

Well, there are some games in gamefaqs where you do not get to see a review, and Wrath of Malachi is one of them. It is not difficult to see why this game is so “forsaken”, the reasons are that this game do not contain any hype, and hardly any effort in advertising this product. In the end, not many people know this game.

Gameplay 5/10
If you have played Blood 1, you will notice some similarities between the 2 games. First, you will have to fight demons and vampires just like blood. The two games have an evil feel in them. However, the atmosphere in Nosferatu is much scarier, more frightening. This has much to do with the fact that the game always places you in an eerie and haunted looking place. You also get to fight vampires and stake a wood into their hearts. Fright and horror are the selling, in fact, the only selling point in this game. But sometimes combat can be frustrating for you. The enemies are pretty hard to kill especially when it only takes those 2 to 3 hits to kill you. So it is pretty hard to keep alive for long. There have been many requests for a trainer, but a trainer spoils the game. Some people just can’t beat this game without cheat. So fighting amidst 4 demons is not something that can be accomplished the first time round. The Bosses are not that tough, but soon you will be short of ammo, and leave you nothing more than a sword to face them. Nevertheless, chances of you winning with a sword is small, if not, zero. Ammo conservation is important, and you will need to get enough of them before facing any boss, or be destroyed. This first person shooter isn’t an improvement from blood 1, in fact, I would say blood 1 is much more fun. Most of the time, you will be traveling along a long stretch of corridor waiting for demons to appear. This can get pretty boring if you are not scared by the haunting atmosphere. This first person shooter game does not require you to have any techniques and strategy to fight an enemy, which is unlike in some other fps games. But getting frightened and shocked from a sudden demon appearing from behind can be rather fun.

Graphic 5/10
I am rather generous to rate the graphic a 5. All will agree with me that the graphic is very dated. You will feel like you are playing some games from 1998. As for the poor graphic, the developers make it up by putting in some elements of fear. Lighting, dark places where you cannot see your enemies, raining graveyard, opened coffins with corpse inside are the elements of fear. This game will scare you graphically, but still, poor technology with low polygon count, bland texture, bad animations still spoil the game.

Sound 9/10
First of all, do not expect much music from this game. Most of the time you will not hear any, except for in-game cinematic. Then why do I rate the sound so high? Well, the sound is pretty much responsible for frightening you. Sudden shirks, lighting sound, demon growls are so frightening if you play this game at 3am at night. The sound does what it is intended to do, and does it very well.

Story 2/10
You played as a person invited to the vampire castle for the wedding of your relative. After you enter the castle, your objective is to rescue as many people as possible and then face the vampire lord himself. I have just told you the whole story in 2 sentences.

Replayability 0/10
This game is totally linear. You play it once, you play it all. Although the game will randomly place equipments in various part of the castle, this is pretty pointless as it does not change your gaming experience the second time you play thru the same level.

Overall 5/10
If you are a horror fan, you would want to play this game. This game does its job well by scaring you. But this game is short, way too short, I would say less than 8 hours of gameplay total. But if you are not a horror fan, do not get this game. You will want to rent this game first, and then try it out before purchasing it, but this game is now cheap anyway. But overall, this will be at best just an average game. So a rating of 5 is pretty reasonable. Not good, not bad.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/21/04

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