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"A good game for people who likes non linear games"

This game is the remake of the third game in the Exile Series, produced by Spiderweb software also. Avernum is the name for a underground ''prison'' full of monsters, caverns, and the like. In the series the Empire, which is the name for the ruling kingdom above ground, has cast off people who don't like the way the king rules into Avernum for eternity. However, the people of Avernum survived by living off things like underground mushrooms and building their houses with a sort of tree found only underground. They recently defeated the Empire in a war with the help of some underground friends of theirs and are now trying to go back to the surface.

This game is very good, the story is great. The difficulty is above average. You will most likely find yourself to be hooked to this game. You can move around using the mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard. You do things mostly by moving around and point and clicking on people and objects.

The object of the game is to go back to the surface and look around for places to settle the Avernites. While this is very easy you might think it isn't. There are hoards of monsters above ground that you must help the people there to defeat and it will take you a ton of time to do that.

The graphics of this game is 3 deminsional but don't bet on it that it is the same graphics of today's 3d games. It is like those kind of games in which if you press up you go northeast and if you press down you go southwest. This game has no music but sounds are pretty good. The creaking of a door opening or the ugh sound of a person getting hit is what you'll be likely hear the most.

Since the game is very open ended, you can probably spend past 50 hours on this game but if you are just looking to defeat the game and be done with it, it will still take you more than 30 hours on it. There are dozens of side quests that will take you 10 minutes to maybe 2 hours or more to complete even one of them. Since you basicly don't know what to do mostly you would have to talk to some of the game's numerous NPCs to get just an idea of what's going on. After you complete it you will be likely to want to try it again as you probably didn't complete all of the game's side quests or just to get a better idea of the story line.

I really recommend this game for people who likes games that are mostly open ended this game is a real good one if you spend some time on it, but if you people only like games that are one of those 3d accelerated games from nintendo and Microsoft and the like then I wouldn't recommend it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/07/03

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