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    FAQ/Walkthrough by lunaradept

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    Walkthrough//CROSS CHANNEL 
    Lunar Adept
    Ver. 1.0
    General Information
    Cross Channel is a Visual novel Published by Flying Shine
    That being said, it also contains sexual themes not suited for children,
    as well as a bit of violent scenes. Thus, if you are offended or disgusted
    by wet cunts and people getting hot and heavy, (or, you are under the age
    of 18), you have no need for this guide and should not play the game.
    * Taichi Kurosu: the protagonist. He calls himself "The Great Perv". Has a
    habit of borderline sexual harassing girls he knows. 
    * Miki Yamanobe: A cheerful girl and Taichi's Comedic Apprentice. The only
    one who can deal with his perverted actions with no problem.
    * Kiri Sakura: Miki's best friend, who hates Taichi with a passion. Not even
    Miki knows as to why, though...
    * Misato Miyasumi: President of the Broadcasting club. Kind and caring, She
    is idolized by Taichi.
    * Touko Kirihara: A very pretty and well to do girl who sits behind Taichi,
    but refuses to hold a civil conversation with him.
    * Youko Hasekura:An upper-classman that everyone admires. For some reason,
    Taichi seems to know her fairly well. 
    * Nanaka: a mysterious girl who wears a school uniform different from that of
    Gunjo Gakuen. She only appears in front of Taichi, and never speaks of herself.
    This game differs to that of a normal Visual Novel in that instead of there
    being a set route for each girl, the game follows a (mostly) linear sequence
    of events.
     Week #1
     -Go to the Roof
     -Knock her down
     -Grab her chest
     -Help out
     -Talk to her
     -Dress her wounds
     -Play it safe
    *Staff credits*
     -Go to the roof
     -Look at her panties
     -Flip her skirt
     -Go to the roof
     -Help out
     -Go to club
     -Dress her wounds
     -pproach her
     -Approach her further
     -Approach her 
     Week #2
    -Eat them by myself
    -Go to School
    -Talk to Touko 
    -Look at her panties 
    -Help her clean 
    -Go to the classroom 
    -Talk to her 
    -Talk to her 
    -Invite Sakuraba 
     Week #3 
    -Try going to the hokora 
    -First-year classroom 
    -Call out to her 
    -...Harass & Sign 
    -Give her a sandwich 
    -Try going to the club room 
    -Try going to the first year classroom 
    -Follow Kiri 
    -Don't accept it 
     Week #4
    -Go to the Tasaki Shop 
    -Try going to the second year classroom 
    -Try going to the health room 
     Week #5 
    -Go to School
    -Club room 
    -Touko's house 
    -Throw myself at her 
    -First year classroom 
    -First year classroom 
    -Hold back 
    Week #6 
    -First year classroom 
    -Call out to her 
    -Go to school 
    -Second year classroom 
    -Go to school 
    -Go to school 
    -Invite her on a date 
    If you find any errors or have a question or comment, feel free to contact me
    at Lunar.adept@yahoo.com Make sure you type "Cross Channel" somewhere in your 
    subject, or my spam filter'll flame it. Thanks in advance!
    Authorized use & Copyright
    The only websites authorized to display this guide, in part or in full, at this 
    time are GameFAQs, Super Cheats, and Neoseeker.
    Copyright 2009 Rick Brackett (Lunar Adept). It may not be reproduced in part,
     in whole, or in teeny tiny pieces without my explicit consent and permission.

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