How do i install mods?

  1. I made an account on but i dont know how to download and install the mod i want. it doesnt tell me where to save the file, or how to access and apply the mod when i launch the game. can anyone give me some CLEAR instruction on what to do?
    and please tell me if i need any additional software or programs to do this.

    User Info: armadilloninja

    armadilloninja - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok, you actually don't NEED Fallout3 mod manager. If you get 7-Zip, you need to save all the files using it. You go to Computer: Then go to the very first item listed in it (Should be Type of computer, VISTA, Windows 7 ETC.) and double click. Then scroll down to Program files, then Bethesda Softworks, Fallout 3 and then Data.

    When you download your file go to it and right click. If you did use 7-Zip go over it and a menu should come up. Go to Open Archives and a new window will open up. If in it there are multiple files, highlight them all and at the top you will see and Extract Files button and click it. Another new window will open up and you select location Documents. Then go to all the files that are there (Meshes, Sound, Textures, etc) and drag the WHOLE FILE to the Fallout 3 data folder. Then there should be either an ESM or ESP file that the mod is named under and drag it to the Fallout 3 data file. Then you open up Fallout 3 and you go to the "DATA FILES" and go to your ESP or ESM file and tick it. Then you should get it done!

    WARNING: If you don't drag the WHOLE Textures or Meshes file to it, you will come up with the file, having a red kite shaped dimond thing with an exclamation marks.

    User Info: OMG_FUN_U

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Other Answers

  1. Easiest way: Download and install the FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager)

    You download the mod and follow its instructions, then you open the FOMM, check the box on the mods you want to apply, and play.

    User Info: Genretik

    Genretik - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. The mods from usually will come in a .rar or a zip file all you have to do is extract the files with winrar or 7 zip then drag the files over to the data file in fallout. The default address is C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data. Then when you start the game click on the data button and check the mod you want to use

    User Info: dumb_nerd

    dumb_nerd - 7 years ago 0 0

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