Can I move to Tenpenny Tower without destroying Megaton?

  1. Moving to the Tower without destroying Megaton

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  1. There is a mod that can let you buy the Tenpenny suite right here:

    You have to register first in order to download it. There are a couple of glitches though.

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  1. no, the quest from Mr. Burke to destroy megaton is how you get the key to the tenpenny suite. but you do get a house in megaton for saving it. so its a pretty even tradeoff.

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  2. In the quest "The Power of the Atom", you have to either arm or disarm the bomb. If you choose to arm the bomb and destroy Megaton, you'll get the Tenpenny Tower suite from Mr. Burke after you activate the bomb. If you choose to disarm the bomb, then Lucas Simms will give you the Key to the house in Megaton. It's one or the other, not both (without cheating or glitching).

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  3. Technically no but you can access it through the backdoor after the Tenpenny Tower quest.

    Note: It seems you can't get both the Megaton house AND the hotel suite this way. However at least after the diplomatic option, you can enter the empty suite without the key, by exiting onto the balcony and going around the wall to the outside door which is now repaired, and unlocked. You can sleep in the bed, your Mr. Handy robot, and Bobblehead display are there, but none of your other room decorations.

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  4. YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO AROUND!!! Simply go to the original front door that requires a key, press tilda key, click on the door, type "unlock", turn commands off, open the door to the suite, and there you go! YOU CAN HAVE BOTH SHELTERS.
    NOTE:just don't put bobbleheads on separate displays, because you won't be able to have a full and complete display of the if you do that.

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  5. REALLY.... targeting some things in the console and typing "unlock" saves you a lot of trouble... but you can get into tenpenny tower without going into a quest... just tell the guard you want to see tenpenny... in my case, i was in lack of cash, so i did the quest and killed the ghouls, to make it shorter and i scored 700 caps... then, as i knew that tenpenny wanted me dead for the megaton bomb case, and had sent mercs after me, i broke into his room exchanged some possible words with him, and blasted his head off with ma' shotgun... i earned karma...

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  6. You have to blow up megaton, i dont know if you can get into ten penny tower without blowing up megaton but its quite a view of the boring town bein blown up. they wont be missed, also merchants are easier to come by becaus they dont have to make as many stops

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  7. Yes you can! when you go near tenpenny tower you see a goul want to go to the town. speak with him,then speak with the speaker near the door. he tell you to go and kill that goul and his friends. that's easy to do. so kill him and he will let you in tenpenny tower.

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  8. Yes, if you help Roy Phillips take over Tenpenny Tower, you will be able to access your suite

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  9. A. Getting Tenpenny Penthouse Suite and the Megaton house on the PC.
    Killing Roy Phillips and friends will not get your the suite or allow you to furnish it from Ms. Montenegro.
    1. The easiest way to get both. Also, killing Roy with assoicates will still get you bad press, but won't
    effect your Karma. Supposed you can avoid both by using the Mister Sandman perk.
    a. Go to Megaton and complete the Disarming Atom Bomb quest by speaking to the Sherriff Simms.
    b. Once you get into Tenpenny tower, take the elevator to the penthouse suites. The empty suite
    will be the first door on your right. To get the suite key enter the following console command:
    (1). Hit the tilde key
    (2). Type the text between the quotes, "player.additem 0001522E 1".
    (3). Hit the enter key, this gives you the key to the suite.
    (4). hit the tilde key again to get back into regular game play.
    (5). Use the key to get into the suite and talk to the robot butler and ask, "Where can I go to
    get more stuff for the place?"
    (6). Go back to the lobby and find the "Boutique Le Chic". Before talking to Lydia Montenegro, enter the
    following console command:
    (7). Hit the tilde key
    (8). Type the text between the quotes, "SetStage 0007B234,0".
    (9). Hit the enter key, this starts the dialogue quest about furnishing the suite.
    (10). Hit the tilde key again to get back into regular game play.
    (11). Now talk to Lydia Montenegro and she will talk to you about the suite.
    2. The hard way, but you get to kill Mister Burke.
    a. Go to Megaton and start the Disarming Atom Bomb quest by speaking to the Sherriff Simms.
    (1). Go to Moriaty's Saloon and Mr. Burke will be sitting at table and wave you over.
    (2). Accept his job for blowing up the atom bomb.
    (3). Go to Sherriff and tell him what Mister Burke has in mind.
    (4). The Sherriff will beat you to the saloon, go in and stand with a clear shot of Mr. Burke.
    (5). Save the game.
    (6). Listen to the dialogue between them and when Mister Burke gets up, kill him.
    (7). The Sherriff will probably be outside by now, he will thank you for saving his life, but no reward.
    b. Complete A,1,B once you get to Tenpenny Tower.
    3. To get back to your Tenpenny Tower Suite from any location, enter the following as a console command,
    "COC Tenpenny03player".

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  10. You can get both, I was watching my brother play on the xbox and he had the megaton house. But when he went to Tenpenny tower he talked to Tenpenny and just randomly at the top of the screen it said he received the suit key after talking to him. I tried saying the same things in the same order but I still couldnt get it. My brother says he has no idea how he got it. I'll post a video 2/3/11 on Youtube of it.

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  11. Technically you can't, no. But there is an error in the game that allows you to have the megaton home (legally) and you can still use the tenpenny suite. Basically, do the mission for gustavo in tenpenny tower (kill Roy Phillips) and then go to the roof to talk to tenpenny (you don't have to talk to him) when you get on the roof turn left and walk round that corner and the door on the left is to the suite and it shouldn't be locked. No idea why this works but it does :) you're welcome. Pa you still cannot enter the suite through the regular way as you never actually aquire the key.

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