Does Karma get you the good or bad ending?

  1. If you have good karma would it get you a good ending?

    User Info: Tr1ple_N

    Tr1ple_N - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There is a segment of the ending based on your karma and another based on your actions at the end of the game. Good karma gets you the...good karma ending segment, but you could still take an "evil" option at the end.

    User Info: Galahaut

    Galahaut (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. what he mean by evil option (SPOILERS) is that when you meet eden at the near end of the game, he gives you a vile of the FEV virus, which you can chooce to inject into the capital wastelands water purifier at the very end of the game.

    User Info: hackypeahead

    hackypeahead - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Well you have two choices at the end, look like the worlds biggest douche and let the girl turn the machine on or die and turn it on yourself

    User Info: yousmell69

    yousmell69 - 8 years ago 0 0

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