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    Operation: Anchorage Walkthrough by Auron66

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    Table of content:
    1) Introduction                              [IDN]
    2) Controls                                  [CTL]
    3) Operation Anchorage                       [OAZ]
     3.1) New content                            [OA1]
     3.2) Aiding the Outcasts                    [OA2]
     3.3) Paving the Way                         [OA3]
     3.4) Guns of Anchorage                      [OA4]
     3.5) Operation Anchorage                    [OA5]
     3.6) The Intelligence Cases                 [OA6]
     3.7) Squad information and Quartermaster    [OA7]
    4) Exploits                                  [EXS]
    5) Version History                           [VHY]
    6) Credits                                   [CDS]
    7) Copyrights                                [CRS]
                     1) Introduction                              [IDN]
    Welcome soldier, to the Capital Wasteland. Prepare yourself for a journey
    that will take you through a challenging simulation that will allow you
    to relive the Chinese-American war in Alaska and venture into the depths
    of former Pittsburgh.
    I will avoid spoiling any story related events and will only guide you
    through the missions. If I spoil something it is because there is no
    other way around it and thus forcing me to spoil it.
    I tend to frequently visit the Fallout 3 boards and thus I shall use
    information from my sticky topics as well which I acquired through
    playing the game.
    Enjoy the game,
                     2) Controls                                  [CTL]
     Left analog   -    Movement
     Right analog  -    Look around
     A             -    Activate/ Use
     X             -    Reload (Hold to pull/ holster weapon)
     B             -    Open/ Close Pipboy (Hold to activate flashlight)
     Y             -    Jump
     RB            -    Use V.A.T.S
     RL            -    Attack
     RL            -    Aim/ Block
     RB            -    Switch between First Person/ Third Person
     Back          -    Wait
     Start         -    Pause the game
     Click the left analog (L3) to go into Crouch mode.
     Click the right analog (R3) to pick up objects
     RB            -    V.A.T.S mode (Hold to scan)
     RT            -    Select Target
     Right Analog  -    Switch between targets
     Left Analog   -    Aim at specific body parts
     A             -    Confirm target
     B             -    Cancel V.A.T.S
                     3) Operation Anchorage                       [OAZ]
                      3.1) New content                            [OA1]
     - New areas ?
      - Bailey?s Crossroads Metro
      - Bailey?s Crossroads
      - Outcast Outpost
     - New NPCs ?
      - Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery
      - General Constantine Chase
      - Lieutenant Morgan
      - Dr. Adami
      - Quartermaster
      - All members of the strike team
      - American Grease Monkeys
      - American Soldiers
      - American War Correspondent
     - New Enemies ?
      - Chinese Soldiers
      - Crimson Dragoons
      - Chinese Inferno Units
      - Chinese Snipers
      - Chinese Launchers
      - Spider Drones
      - Chimera Tanks
      - Chinese Technicians
      - General Jing-Wei
     - New Perk
      - Covert Ops
       Acquired when collected all 10 Intelligence Cases. Adds three points to
       Lockpick, Science and Small Guns.
     - New Weapons
      - Jingwei's Shock Sword
        DAM: 35 WG: 3 VAL: 358 - HP -2 (5s)
      - Trench Knife
        DAM: 10 WG: 1 VAL: 50
      - Gauss Rifle
        DAM: 91 WG: 12 VAL: 358
     - New Armour
      - Winterised T51b Power Armour
        DR: 45 WG: 40 VAL: 999 - Rad Res. +25
        Winterised T51b Power Helmet
        DR: 10 WG: 4 VAL 120 - CHR +1, Rad Res. +8
        Chinese Stealth Armour
        DR: 24 WG: 20 VAL: 358 - Sneak +15
     - Four new Achievements
      - Aiding the Outcasts ? 20 points (Complete this mission)
      - The Guns of Anchorage ? 20 points (Complete this mission)
      - Paving the Way ? 20 points (Complete this mission)
      - Operation Anchorage ? 20 points (Complete this mission)
                      3.2) Aiding the Outcasts                    [OA2]
    When you get the Outcast Radio Transmission you?ll get a new location marked
    on your map. Follow it to reach Bailey?s Crossroads Metro.
    - Bailey?s Crossroads Metro ?
       When you enter go left and follow the path, down two stairs and past a
       a Nuka Cola vending machine into a large open room. Just go to the opposite
       side and follow the path until the end.
    - Bailey?s Crossroads ?
       Go up the stairs and you?ll witness a large scale battle between Super
       Mutants and Brotherhood Outcasts. Just let the Outcasts take care of the
       Super Mutant problem and make sure to loot every corpse you?ll find.
       Just follow the Outcasts through the ruins until you get approached by a
       man called Defender Morin. He?ll be interested in your Pipboy and will
       send you to Protector McGraw. Follow the marker and use the elevator.
      - Outcast Outpost ?
       Once inside you?ll be greeted by Defender Sibley who is anything but
       pleased with your presence. He?ll lead you to McGraw so follow him.
       Once greeted by McGraw himself you?ll learn that the Outcasts need
       your help. You have a Pipboy, something they desperately need to open
       something important.
       Follow Sibley again to get to Specialist Olin. Like all the other outcasts
       she isn?t very good at making positive first impressions. She?ll order you
       to equip the - Neural Interface Suit -.
       Note: If you want to use the weapons glitch you need to pick the lock of the
       room close by. There you will find a corpse. The rest will be explained
       Equip the Neural Interface Suit and activate the simulation pod. Sit down in
       the chair to start the simulation.
                      3.3) Guns of Anchorage                      [OA3]
       !!!! Important !!!!
        4 of the 10 Intelligence Cases are found in this mission. If you miss them
        now you won?t be able to return to collect time!
      - Anchorage Cliffs ?
       Immediately you?ll be woken up by Sergeant Benjamin Franklin who will tell
       you about the current situation and your new assignment. You are to
       infiltrate the Chinese Artillery Site. Follow the path until you see an
       enemy. It?s a Chinese Soldier. Once you kill him, either by sniping him
       from afar or by blasting him from close, you can not loot his corpse.
       Regardless of your method, after you killed the soldier you?ll find:
       - Health Dispenser -
       Since you can not use stimpacks or any other medical item to restore your
       health, you?ll need to use these. Once used they will restore you to full
       health. They are hard to miss as well as they emit a red glow.
       Follow the path down some stairs and go over the bridge. Go up the stairs
       again until you reach a small open platform. Instead of going left to enter
       the cabin go to the right first and down some stairs to find a frag mine,
       sniper rifle and health dispenser.
       Now go back up the stairs and into the cabin you skipped previously. You?ll
       find 2 frag mines , 2 frag grenades, Chinese Assault Rifle and:
       - Ammunition Dispenser ?
       These dispensers will restore your ammunition to full capacity. Now go out
       the opposite entrance and you?ll arrive at a giant pipe. Don?t worry about
       falling off, just walk over it, go around the stairs and then up the stairs.
       Go to your right and you?ll see three barrels. You?ll find a Stealth Boy.
       Return to the pipe and cross it to the other side. Keep following the path
       and stairs all the way to the top. When you arrive at the top you?ll see a
       door. Enter it.
      - Cave Outpost ?
       Keep following the path and you?ll get to a cavern. You?ll see someone get
       killed and this is very convenient for you because the soldier happens to
       drop a Gauss Rifle. I advise you to try and snipe the Chinese soldiers in
       area with your sniper rifle and not to rely too much on your Gauss Rifle
       yet. Ammunition for it is scarce at the moment and you?ll want to be able
       to use it when you?re cornered.
       After picking up the Gauss Rifle turn to the south and enter the small
       chamber. Inside you?ll find a health dispenser, 2 frag mines, 2 frag
       grenades, a Chinese Assault Rifle and 5 Microfusion cells, ammunition
       for your Gauss Rifle.
       Now turn around and follow the path past some stairs until you reach a
       ramp that goes up. There?s a Chinese soldier nearby so be cautious.
       Once you?re past the ramp you need to go through the carved door opening.
       Follow the path until you?ll meet a friend who?ll then stay at your side to
       assist you. Go through the door that opens and follow the hallway. Go
       through the door to get to the next area.
      - Anchorage Cliffs ?
       Now go left and follow the ramp until you get to some stairs. Go down them
       and dispose of the nearby Chinese units. Go to the lowest platform.
       !!!! Intelligence Case 1/10 !!!!
        At the lowest platform you?ll see a large white pipe. Go down the nearby
        stairs and cross the pipe to reach a cabin. You?ll find a Health Dispenser
        inside and a metal door. Go through the door to find the first Intelligence
        Case. Return to the platform.
       Follow the path to the north again, once more helping Chinese soldiers out
       of their misery. Cross two bridges and you?ll arrive at a new platform.
       !!!! Intelligence Case 2/10 !!!!
        You?ll see a metal door in the wall. Go through it and you?ll find your
        second Intelligence Case. Return to the previous area.
       Go across the catwalks and enter the small bunker. Go through the hallways.
       You?ll come across an Ammunition Dispenser. You can also find 1 frag mine,
       2 frag grenades and 7 Microfusion cells. Keep going through the hallways
       until you reach another bridge. Cross it, but be aware of the Chinese
       soldiers up ahead. Some are fortified inside bunkers so they can remove
       quite some health if you aren?t careful. They are also accompanied by
       turrets. If you have a high science skill you can hack the turrets control
       system and disable the parameters. If not then just throw some grenades
       inside to kill the soldiers.
       If you are low on health try to get to the top bunker where you will find
       a health dispenser. Be careful as there are two Chinese soldiers inside.
       Get down again and enter the building
      - Chinese Artillery Outpost ?
       Go to the main area where some Chinese soldiers will be awaiting you. Kill
       them any way you like. Before you climb the stairs however go the the right
       where you?ll see a large open room filled with boxes. Near the end you?ll
       find a sniper rifle, 2 missiles, a frag mine, 6 Microfusion cells, an
       Ammunition dispenser and a Health dispenser. Return to the open area and
       climb the stairs all the way to the top. Enter the nearby room and take a
       look at the overturned table. Follow the hallway, but walk slowly.
       !!!! Intelligence Case 3/10 !!!!
        Inside the hallway go around the corner and you?ll see the metal door.
        Enter it to find your third Intelligence Case. Return to the hallway.
       Follow the hallway, go past an empty room and keep going until you hear your
       friend make a comment about the Chimera Tanks. Keep on going until you are
       in a room with a terminal next to a door.
       !!!! Intelligence Case 4/10 !!!!
        Enter the door near the terminal to find the fourth Intelligence Case and
        two frag grenades. Return to the previous area.
       Next to the door you?ll find a frag mine, a frag grenade, 5 Microfusion
       cells, 2 missiles and an ammunition dispenser. Go up the stairs and you?ll
       find two frag grenades and a health dispenser. Now keep following the path,
       killing more Chinese soldiers until you get to a bunch of warheads.
       Cross the room until you see stairs. If you are in need of some health you
       can go to north east corner of the room and enter the small room where
       you?ll find a Health dispenser.
       Go up the stairs and through the door. If you go to the right you can open
       the door to find a journal of a soldier. If you?re not interested just go
       to the right. Keep following the hallways and go up two set of stairs.
       You?ll come across an Ammunition dispenser, Health dispenser, 4 missiles and
       some Microfusion cells. Now resume your path by going up the stairs again
       and keep marching until you reach another large open room. You?ll encounter
       a new kind of enemy here, the Crimson Dragoon. These Chinese nasties use the
       Chinese Stealth Suit, but you can still see them if you look carefully. Just
       don?t rush and try to be patient or you?ll find yourself getting shot at
       from all directions.
       When you?ve dealt with the nearly invisible threat go up the stairs and keep
       following the catwalks until you reach the door. Go through it and up the
       stairs. You?ll find an Ammunition dispenser, a Health dispenser, a frag
       mine, two missiles and 7 Microfusion cells. Leave the area.
      - Artillery Overlook ?
       Once outside you?ll find yourself with two options. You can go to the left
       or the right, but regardless of your choice you?re going to end up with one
       of the Artillery guns. In this guide we will go to the right to encounter
       less resistance. Go down the stairs and catwalks and you?ll see a device
       planted on a Artillery gun. This is the controller and you need to destroy
       it. Sounds complicated? Approach it and press A. Just make sure you get
       enough distance or you might be sightseeing Anchorage from above.
       Inside the nearby bunker you?ll find an Ammunition Dispenser, a Health
       dispenser, two frag grenades and four Microfusion cells. With all those
       Microfusion cells you?ve been collecting feel free to blast away with
       your Gauss if you haven?t done so already.
       Now go up the stairs across the first Artillery Gun and follow the path
       to get to the second one. Watch out for the sniper on top of the rocks.
       Across the second one you?ll find an ammunition dispenser, health dispenser,
       2 frag mines, 3 frag grenades, 2 missiles and 5 Microfusion cells. Repeat
       the process, destroy this one by pressing A and the rest is self-
       explanatory. Finally follow the path and go to the third Artillery cannon.
       Inside the bunker you?ll find an ammunition dispenser, health dispenser,
       2 missiles and 6 Microfusion cells. Now go and destroy the third and final
       artillery cannon. Now prepare for a long trek to the camp fighting loads of
       enemies along the way.
       Don?t worry, you?ll just get teleported back to the camp as soon as the
       third Artilery gun explodes.
       Congratulations soldier, you have completed the mission.
                      3.4) Paving the Way                         [OA4]
      - Command Tent -
       Immediately General Chase will greet you and promote you to Squad Leader.
       With this you can now lead a squad into battle, though it sounds better than
       it actually is. Basically put, you recruit some soldier types and order them
       to attack a location. They will go there automatically, shoot everything
       that?s hostile and that?s it. For more detail please refer to section 3.7.
       Before you go out I recommend you use the two computers. Use Patterson?s
       computer to assign members to your team and use the Requisition Terminal
       to request a special package. For more information about this please refer
       to section 3.7.
       Once you are done leave the tent.
      - U.S. Army Field Headquarters ?
       Go see the Quartermaster who you can find east of the Command Tent. If you
       pass a speech check you can get a Gauss Rifle as well. Inside his tent
       you?ll find an ammunition dispenser, health dispenser , three missiles, 5
       Microfusion cells, 3 frag grenades and a frag mine.
       If you go to the tent south of the Command Tent you will encounter Doctor
       Adami who will give you 5 free Psychos. Now that?s out of the way go talk
       to Sergeant Benjamin. You?ll get to choose which mission you desire to do
       first. Tell them to wait at either Ice Camp or the Mining Town. In this
       guide we?ll go and visit Ice Camp.
       Just follow your squad and before you know it you?ll be there. Once they
       stop, stop as well.
      - Ice Camp ?
       You?ve got two choices here. You can either assault the camp by yourself or
       you can command your squad to assault the camp together with you. Regardless
       of your choice, go to the tents and kill every non-American you see.
       Go into the tent on the east and you?ll find an Ammunition dispenser, Health
       dispenser, three missiles, 2 frag mines, 3 frag grenades and 5 Microfusion
       cells. Once you got everything you wanted exit the tent through the eastern
       side. Stop between tents to the north.
       !!!! Intelligence Case 5/10 !!!!
        Go into the tent to your left (the West). You?ll find it on the table. Exit
        the tent again.
       Go through the most northern tent and go through to the other end. Right
       after you leave the tent look at your right. You?ll see two captive American
       soldiers and being a loyal patriot yourself it is time to save them. You?ll
       also find an Ammunition dispenser, 2 missiles, a frag mine, 3 frag grenades,
       and 3 Microfusion cells. Once again, just follow your squad after you have
       given them orders to go to the Chimera Depot.
      - Chimera Depot ?
       Again, you are free to choose whatever you want. Either assault alone or
       command your squad to attack together.
       Once past the gate you?ll see your first target. Your target is the Chimera
       Depot Fuel Tank next to the stationary Chimera Tank. Just approach it and
       press A.
       !!!! Intelligence Case 6/10 !!!!
        Go into the building right across the stationary Chimera tank. You?ll find
        the Intelligence Case lying on the table. You?ll also find an Ammunition
        dispenser, a Health dispenser, 2 frag mines, 3 frag grenades and
        5 Microfusion cells.
       The second target is South-West of the first, but before you can destroy it
       you get to have some fun with a Chimera tank. Just use your Gauss Rifle or
       any other strong weapon. The moment the second one explodes you?ll be
       teleported back to Headquarters.
      - Command Tent ?
       You?ll be back inside the Command Tent again. You can change your weapon
       package if you desire, but that?s about all you can do inside this tent.
       Leave the tent.
      - U.S. Army Field Headquarters ?
       Just like the previous mission approach Sergeant Benjamin and order him to
       wait at Mining Town. Follow them and you?ll be there before you know it.
      - Mining Town ?
       Immediately as you approach Mining Town you?ll see what?s happening. Two
       American soldiers are present as well and sadly enough one of them has a
       little accident. Assault the town but be careful as there is a missile
       unit nearby and two snipers. They very trigger happy and a reckless young
       American is their fantasy. Go up the stairs in the right building and go
       through the door and then to the left. You?ll come across an Ammunition
       dispenser, Health dispenser, 3 frag grenades, 1 frag mine, 2 missiles and
       6 Microfusion cells.
       !!!! Intelligence Case 7/10 !!!!
        Look at the Ammunition dispenser and turn around 180 degrees. Walk forward
        and you?ll find it lying on a crate.
       Now leave the ruined building and go down the stairs. You?ll see another set
       of stairs on the other side of the area. Go there and go upstairs. Enter the
       ruined building and in the middle go to the right, all the way to the end.
       You?ll find another captive American so free him. Next to him you can find a
       Health dispenser, an Ammunition dispenser, 3 missiles, 2 frag mines, 3 frag
       grenades and 5 Microfusion cells. Return to the other side of the house
       again and go North East. Look to your right and you?ll find your path.
       Follow it. Clear the area up ahead of enemy forces and enter the building.
      - Listening Post ?
       Now that you are inside the Listening Post you need to secure the place. Go
       through the left door and follow the path. Before you go up the stairs turn
       around. You?ll see a Crimson Dragoon, but he appears to be friendly so far.
       Just kill him, simple as that. Go up the stairs and follow the path.
       !!!! Intelligence Case 8/10 !!!!
       Just underneath the second stair you?ll find the eight Intelligence Case.
       When you arrive at a big room, don?t immediately rush to get the supplies.
       It?s an ambush as there are a bunch of Crimson Dragoons waiting for you. Try
       to find them and kill them first. The supplies consist of a Health
       dispenser, Ammunition dispenser, 3 frag grenades, 2 missiles, a frag mine
       and 5 Microfusion cells.
       Go through the eastern door and follow the path again. Eventually once the
       building is cleared go outside. Once all units inside the building and
       outside are killed you?ll be teleported back again to the Command Tent.
       Good job soldier! Another mission well done.
                      3.5) Operation Anchorage                    [OA5]
      - Command Tent ?
       Nothing to do here, just leave.
      - U.S. Army Field Headquarters ?
       Now it?s time for the last mission before Operation Anchorage comes to an
       end. You need to disable the Pulse Field and drive the Chinese away once
       and for all. Leave Headquarters and start marching to the north. Avoid
       the craters, don?t jump in them.
       Eventually you?ll see a trench, go inside. Walk through the trench to the
       other side and keep on marching until you reach the next trench. Make your
       way through the trench until you see a small cabin. Go inside and you?ll
       find a captive American. Free him.
       !!!! Intelligence Case 9/10 !!!!
        You?ll see it immediately when you free the captive American.
       Leave the cabin again and follow the path once more, go up the stairs at
       the end and make your way to the next trench. You?ll come across a Health
       dispenser, Ammunition dispenser, 2 frag grenades, 2 frag mines, 2 missiles
       and 3 Microfusion cells. Head north again and go left twice. You?ll arrive
       near some beds and a Health dispenser.
       Head back to the intersection and go right this time. Watch out for the
       Chinese Inferno Unit. Keep following the path and eventually you?ll reach
       an Ammunition dispenser, a Health dispenser, a frag mine, 2 frag grenades,
       2 missiles and 6 Microfusion cells.
       Resume your path again by going up the stairs and following the path. Make
       your way past the barbwire, at the end go right and into the building.
       You?ll find another Health dispenser. Go north again and make your way to
       the building north-west.
       You?ll find an Ammunition dispenser, Health dispenser, 3 frag grenades,
       2 missiles, 2 frag mines and 4 Microfusion cells. Leave the building again
       and go right. Make your way around the building and go north-west again.
       Go through it and you?ll reach a large open field. Watch what happens
       when you cross it whilst wearing Power Armor. Anyways, go to the east and
       enter the building there to shut down the Pulse Field.
       !!!! Intelligence Case 10/10 !!!!
        The case is right next to the button used to deactivate the Pulse Field.
        You?ll get the perk when you finished the simulation.
       Deactivate the Pulse Field and head north-west. Time to finish this. Go
       through the door.
      - Chinese HQ ?
       You?ll get to meet Jing-Wei, the Chinese General. You?ll get two choices.
       You can convince him to kill himself or you can kill him. If you try to
       kill him yourself be warned. Jing-Wei is a strong opponent and should not
       be underestimated.
       Regardless of what choice you made, once Jing-Wei is death the simulation
       will end. You?ll get a nice welcome back in reality. Now go to the armory
       which is across the hall and open it by using the terminal.
       Be careful though because Sibley and the rest of the Outcasts will become
       hostile and attack you, Specialist Olin and McGraw. If you save Olin she
       will repair your weapons for a small fee. After the rebels have been taken
       care of feel free to take whatever you want from the armory though I suggest
       to be fast or Olin will take some stuff.
       That concludes Operation Anchorage. Excellent job soldier!
       As an extra bonus you will also have Power Armor training allowing you to
       wear Power Armor without having to go to The Citadel.
                      3.6) The Intelligence Cases                 [OA6]
    1. Shortly after you rejoin Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery, you'll walk past a
    large steel pipe connecting the two mountains. Walk across the pipe and inside
    the bunker will be a locked door. Inside is the intel, underneath the desk.
    (Montgomery will make a comment about crossing the pipe, and how crazy what
    you're doing is.) If you hear Montgomery comment on how he never wants to see
    another catwalk again, then you've gone too far. The pipe is a short distance
    behind you.
    2. After Montgomery's comment about how he never wants to see another catwalk
    again, you should come to a cable bridge. Across that bridge is a locked door
    in the cliff. Inside the room is the next piece of intel. (Again, you'll know
    that you went too far because Montgomery will make a comment about the
    objective ahead. The door should be behind you.)
    3. After entering the artillery outpost, climb the set of stairs in front of
     you. (There should be a guard climbing the stairs when you enter the
    outpost.) You'll enter a room with a Chinese assault rifle on a box behind
    the overturned table. Head east into the hallway, and after you turn the
    corner there will be a door to your left (west). Inside is the next piece of
    intel. When you hear Montgomery comment about the Chimera tanks, you have
    gone too far. Turn around and head south. The hallway will be on your right
    (west), and the door should be right before you get to the bend.
    4. When Montgomery makes his comment about the Chimera tanks, you'll be on a
    'cliff' with the drop to your right (east). You'll soon enter into a room
    witha door on the west side. There is a terminal next to the door, and a
    table next to the terminal with various goodies. The intel is sitting on
    the desk in the room behind this door. If you reach the stairs, you've gone
    too far. The door is directly behind you.
    5. The next piece of intel is in the mining town on the way to the
    listening post. After you cross the train tracks you will come to a stack
    of metal crates to your left (with a sniper on top), and a sandbag wall
    along the small cliff to the right with a chinese rocket soldier. When you
    climb the stairs to get on that cliff you will come to the remains of a
    building with several wooden crates inside. The crates to the left (east)
    have ammo and explosives on top. The crates to the right (west), have
    the intel on them.
    6. Inside the listening post you will come to a room with a set of metal
    stairs. Beneath the metal stairs is a shelf with the intel sitting on
    it. (When you climb the stairs, you should see three fans in the south
    wall. Climb back down the stairs and look beneath them.)
    7. On your way to the chimera depot, you will have the opportunity to
    have your
    strike team attack an Ice Camp (Chinese Forward Camp Delta on your
    world map). In the Ice Camp is your next Intel. You're there when NPC
    soldier says "Nothing in there work taking," directly after a firefight.
    Check the one tent that's by itself. There should be a large red crate
    inside the tent and behind the tent should be some snowmen. The Intel
    is on top of the table adjacent to the crate.
    8. Just inside the chimera depot (you'll see a chimera tank beneath a
    crane, and there will be a chimera tank patroling), turn to your left.
    It's inside that makeshift building on the table next to the ham radio.
    9. There is a long west-east trench in the battlefield trenches (You
    enter from the west). In the middle there is a 'shack' with a health
    dispenser and a captured American soldier. The intel is on top of the
    barrel that the captured soldier is facing.
    10. At the pulse field, this piece of intel is on the crates to the left
    of the switch to turn off the pulse field.
                      3.7) Squad information and Quartermaster    [OA7]
    In order to complete the last three missions you can recruit strike teams
    with specific members.
    The first time you need to use Patterson's Terminal which you can find in
    the Command Tent.
    The other times you'll need to fire a Strike Team member, then speak
    Benjamin Montgomory to request a new member.
     - Infantryman
        Weapons: Assault Rifle, Trench Knife
        Armour: Winterized Combat Armour
        Equipment: Emergency Kit, Stimpacks, Med-X
     - Grenadier
        Weapons: 10mm Submachine Gun, Frag. Grenades, Pulse Grenades
        Armour: Winterized Combat Armour
        Equipment: Emergency Kit, Stimpacks, Med-X
     - Missile Unit
        Weapons: Missile Launcher, Missile Rounds, 10mm Combat Pistol
        Armour: Winterized Combat Armour
        Equipment: Emergency Kit, Stimpacks, Med-X
     - Sniper
        Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Trench Knife
        Armour: Winterized Combat Armour
        Equipment: Emergency Kit, Stimpacks, Med-X
     - Mister Gutsy
        Weapons: Standard Flamer, Standers Plasma Emitter Cannon
     - Sentry Bot
        Standard Minigun, Standard Missile Launcher
                     4) Exploits                                  [EXS]
       - Keeping all weapons, armour etc from the Simulation
        To set this glitch up, the player needs to talk to Protector McGraw and
        then to Specialist Olin to get the Neural Interface Suit. After you equip
        the suit, do not enter the simulation pod yet.
        Go into the locked room where Gary 23 is and then drag his body back into
        the pod room. Lift his body into the pod in a way that his body will be in
        front of you when you sit down. Make sure that it is close enough to search
        him. Once you sit down, it will not say you can search him so you are
        going to have to guess (try practicing where there is a chair). Also make
        sure his body is all the way in so it does not move when the pod closes.
        Enter the simulation and play through to Paving the Way. From this point on
        everything in your inventory will be taken out of the simulation, so
        remember to get your weapons package and Gauss Rifle from the
        Quartermaster and to pick up all the ammo found along the way. Continue
        playing up to Operation: Anchorage(quest).
        Play through the quest, disabling the pulse field and make your way to the
        doors of the Chinese Compound. At this point make sure you have a save
        before going in. Once you enter, pick the speech option 'I'm going to kill
        you SO MUCH'. Shoot the Shock Sword out of General Jingwei's hand. Pick up
        the Shock Sword and then kill him. Make sure you are not in the southern
        end of the compound because General Chase may catch you in a speech and
        send you back to the Outpost without making another save. As soon as you
        kill General Jingwei, run North toward the Chinese Soldiers and turn around
        to  find where General Chase is and then make another save (you can
        overwrite your last save if you want).
        Now talk to General Chase and he will send you back to the Outpost
       (remember how you positioned the Gary 23's body in step 1) During the
        loading screen start to press A (search button) rapidly. If done properly,
        you will be able to search his body (normally happens in the black screen,
        but not always) and at this point put all your items on his body. Exit,
        talk to Protector McGraw, and then search Gary 23's body to retrieve your
        weapons from the simulation.
        This part is hard and will take several attempts to achieve it. Try several
        different methods such as rapidly pressing A or tapping A at a slower rate
       (changing the rate at which you press it helps), using third person, looking
        down (or down to left or right), or even trying a mixture of them.
        Also Most Weapons & Armor taken from within the Simulation will result in
        them never losing CND. The Fat Man, Super Sledge, Chinese Officer Sword
        lose Condition.
      - Getting all the weapons you requisition from the Quartermaster
         This is simple, all you do is get one of the tapes for a set weapons (ie:
         Close Combat, Fire Team, etc.) then get the weapons from the
         Quartermaster. After you do that, go back to the command tent and get
         another tape. Go outside again, drop your guns and talk to the
         Quartermaster again. He will give you the new set of weapons that you ask
         A message will then appear saying your other set of weapons
         were removed, but they will still be where you dropped them earlier. Keep
         repeating until you get the desired packages/weapons. If you use this with
         the other glitch (keeping the weapons from simulation),
         you can make a fast couple of caps once you sell the items or it's just a
         quick way of building an arsenal
         if you are a low level.
         Note: Attempting to talk to a stealthed Chinese Stealth Dragoon will cause
         it to reset your equipment to what you're supposed to have.
         Which weapons can be acquired through the simulation and ammunition trick
         It should be noted which weapons can be acquired in the sim. So far I've
         been able to collect:
         - All the quartermaster items, of course
         - Flamer
         - Fat Man (standard HP)
         - Minigun
         - (pre-war) Chinese Assault Rifle
         - Chinese Officer's Sword (standard HP)
         - Shock Sword
        The trick for some of them is to Gauss the gun out of someone's hand (to
        knock them down with minimal damage), at which point you can pickpocket
        them, usually. It works on the T-51b's before the pulse field, although
        it's sort of buggy
      - Infinite ammunition
         You can get infinite ammo by dropping it, using the dispenser, and picking
         it back up. Then when you exit the sim, you can sell a ton of it for a lot
         of money or keep it.
        Be very careful not to get too greedy with the infinite ammo trick, though!
        Stop once you get around 35000 of any ammo type (.556 will hit this before
        anything else comes close) or you will experience an awful glitch that
        removes all of that ammo type from your inventory and prevents you from
        acquiring that ammo type again.
                     5) Version History                           [VHY]
    1/27/2009:   Version 0.5; FAQ made on Fallout 3 board
    1/27/2009:   Version 1.0; FAQ updated and renewed on Fallout 3 board
    2/05/2009:   Version Auron; Faq updated, new exploits and info added
    2/06/2009:   Version Auron Supreme; FAQ completed, barely any errors left
    4/21/2009:   Progress started on Walkthrough. Gaming and writing combined
    5/22/2009:   Walkthrough finished with additional content from sticky
                     6) Credits                                   [CDS]
    - Bethesda for making such an awesome game.
    - GameFAQs users for support:
      - Nathan32244 for reminding me about the perk
      - FarirKalb for both the infinite ammo and Weapons from Quartermaster exploit
      - BritishLobster, Renegade, daftalive08, SpazH3d, kobra6187, Tobias_Is_Queen,
        AshtheKing, menalaos1971, Thatdudeboosh for support on the boards.
      - SushiSquid for adding additional information to the exploits.
    - Fallout Wikia for providing answers to the gamers who need them
    - GameFAQs itself for existing
    - Myself for find the patience not to break my Xbox 360 controller in two.
                     7) Copyrights                                [CRS]
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    It took quite some time to put this all together, especially the step by step

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