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    Mothership Zeta Walkthrough by Auron66

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               Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta
    Table of content:
    1) Introduction                                   [IDN]
    2) Controls                                       [CTL]
    3) Mothership Zeta                                [MZZ]
     3.1) New content                                 [MZ1]
     3.2) Not of This World                           [MZ2]
     3.3) Among the Stars                             [MZ3]
     3.4) The Galaxy Ain?t Big Enough                 [MZ4]
    4) Version History                                [VHY]
    5) Credits                                        [CDS]
    6) Copyrights                                     [CRS]
                     1) Introduction                   [IDN]
    Just as you are walking around the Wasteland a strange object catches
    your eyes. It?s weird, the shape is unknown to you. Maybe there are
    some weapons inside.
    As you approach it you find that there are things beyond your wildest
    Imaginations! Follow an exciting adventure through the Mothership of
    some pissed off aliens and join forces with people from all the ages!
    Prepare thyself for the essence of Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland!
                      2) Controls                       [CTL]
     Left analog   -    Movement
     Right analog  -    Look around
     A             -    Activate/ Use
     X             -    Reload (Hold to pull/ holster weapon) 
     B             -    Open/ Close Pipboy (Hold to activate flashlight)
     Y             -    Jump
     RB            -    Use V.A.T.S
     RL            -    Attack
     RL            -    Aim/ Block
     RB            -    Switch between First Person/ Third Person
     Back          -    Wait
     Start         -    Pause the game
     Click the left analog (L3) to go into Crouch mode.
     Click the right analog (R3) to pick up objects
     RB            -    V.A.T.S mode (Hold to scan)
     RT            -    Select Target
     Right Analog  -    Switch between targets
     Left Analog   -    Aim at specific body parts
     A             -    Confirm target
     B             -    Cancel V.A.T.S
                      3) Mothership Zeta                           [MZZ]
    To start the DLC you will need to get to the crashed alien ship which can
    be found North of ? Greener Pastures Disposal Site -. It is also near
    - Old Oldney -. When you are starting to get near the ship you will also
    that your radiation level is rising. This is okay, just go further.
                       3.1) New content                            [MZ1]
     - New Weapons ?
      - Alien Atomizer
       - DAM: 45, WG: 2, VAL: 500
      - Alien Disintegrator
       - DAM: 75, WG: 7, VAL: 300
      - Atomic Pulverizer
       - DAM: 47, WG: 2, VAL: 500
      - Captain?s Sidearm
       - DAM: 35, WG: 2, VAL: 500
      - Cryo Grenade
       - DAM: 01, WG: 0,5, VAL: 50 ? Paralyze (3s), Freeze (4s)
      - Destabilizer
       - DAM: 165, WG: 7, VAL: 1999
      - Drone Cannon
       - DAM: 140, WG: 18, VAL: 1999
      - Drone Cannon Ex-B
       - DAM: 40, WG: 18, VAL: 2000
      - Paulson?s Revolver
       - DAM: 55, WG: 4, VAL: 300
      - Samurai Sword
       - DAM: 36, WG: 3, VAL: 75
      - Shock Baton
       - DAM: 34 WG: 2, VAL: 70 ? Effects HP-2(5s)
     - New Armour ?
      - General Chase?s Overcoat
       - DR: 20, WG: 4, VAL: 150 ? CH +1, Sm. Guns +10, Speech +5
      - Paulson?s Outfit
       - DR: 5, WG: 3, VAL: 35 ? CH +1, Sm. Guns +10, Speech +5
      - Samurai Armour
       - DR: 30, WG: 20, VAL: 1000 ? Melee Damage +10, Mel. Weapons +10
      - Samurai Helmet
       - DR: 5, WG: 3, VAL: 300
      - Paulson?s Outfit
       - DR: 1, WG: 1, VAL: 35 ? PE +1
      - Spacesuit
       - DR: 1, WG: 5, VAL: 60
      - Winterized Medic Armour
       - DR: 32, WG: 25, VAL: 390 ? Med. +10
      - Winterized Medic Helmet
       - DR: 5, WG: 3, VAL: 50
     - New Healing Items ?
      - Alien Bio gel
       - HP+30 ? INT -1
      - Alien Squid Food
       - HP+5
      - Alien Worn Food
       - HP+5
     - Miscellaneous Items ?
      - Drone Control Device
       - WG: 3, VAL: 300
      - Large Alien Crystal
       - WG: --, VAL: 20
      - Small Alien Crystal
       - WG: --, VAL: 10
     - Achievements ?
      - Not of This World (20G) ? Complete mission
      - Among the Stars (20G) ? Complete mission
      - The Galaxy Ain?t Big Enough (40G) ? Complete mission
      - Alien Archivist (20G) ? Collect all Alien Captive Recordings
                       3.2) Not of This World                      [MZ2]
    - Crash Site ?
     As you get closer you will start to see a blue swirling light surrounding
     you as you are floating away from the ground. Next thing you know you?ll
     see a bunch of aliens talking in their weird language about their evil 
     plans with you. Anal probes?
    - Holding Cells ?
     You?ll meet a woman called Somah. She?s the first friend you?ve got on 
     this alien mothership. Yay! She?ll tell you to hide against the wall 
     because something is coming, so you can either follow her instructions
     or be stubborn. Luckily whatever it is, it isn?t coming for you... yet!
     Somah got an idea! You and her will fight to draw in the guards and how
     could you refuse to participate in such a brilliant plan? Beat her up
     and the guards will step in. Logically you must kill the guards now!
     Now you can escape the cells! Kill another 2 guards. Now you can have
     two directions. You can go East and West. I suggest you don?t bother 
     going East since it?s nothing but a dead end, so go to the West, through
     the halls. If you decide to go through the Healing Archway your health
     will be restored.
     You?ll end up in a big room with several terminals and another direction
     to follow. The hallway to your south! The door in the West is sadly not
     an option since it is locked.
     Anyways, you?ll find a small young girl that was imprisoned as well and 
     she?ll ask you to free her. Whether you are a noble knight or the Devil
     himself, just do it. Activate all four controls and the centre core will
     explode. Head back to the girl now.
     The aliens will not be happy! Follow the kid to a safe new place. She?ll
     actually manage to open that door that was locked earlier. Well, anyways,
     we have two options now. We can go to the engineering core of the ship or
     we can retrieve our equipment. Guess which one will be first?
     The equipment! Up ahead you?ll see a small room with an alien standing 
     inside. Kill it and activate the container. Activate the switch in the 
     same room to open the door up ahead.
     Go up ahead.
    - Steamworks ?
     Alright, we?re in a new area. Ignore the small room on the right since 
     there isn?t anything of value. Talk to the girl who will warn you. Sneak
     around because you don?t want them to hear you!
     Discuss some tactics with the young one and prepare thyself to bash some
     Alien skulls! Go up ahead and hide near the door. There are several up
     ahead, probably more than you can handle.
     Luckily the brat, I mean, the child hero will open the door and save your
     life from the little green men! There?s another container in this room, so
     simply... loot it.
     You?ll also find your first alien energy weapon, the Alien Atomizer. Take
     the door West. There?s a good chance you?ll meet an alien, so do not 
     hesitate to show it your deadly skills with your weapons!
     Up ahead you?ll see another one of those healing arcs. If you are in need
     of some health, don?t even bother to wait a second. If not, I suggest you
     save it until you find yourself in need of it.
     Sneak past the aliens to the left or kill them all, whatever floats your 
     Alien mothership! In the room up ahead there is another container and 
     since they did abduct you, why not steal some more?
     Now you have two choices. You either take one of the doors in the North or
     you go West. For now, just go West since the North is filled with enemies.
     When you approach the door the little one will speak once more. She?ll 
     distract them with something nice. BOOM! Immediately go to your left and
     head into the first room you see.
     Now is the time to advance once more. Try to avoid the aliens if you don?t
     wish to fight them or fight them, it?s your choice. Once you go up ahead 
     you encounter the first ?harmless? aliens. The brat tells you to leave 
     them alone so it?s your choice, really.
     Watch out for a turret up ahead that?s eager to kill you. Luckily if you
     are low on health you?ll find a Healing Archway a bit up ahead. Use it
     if needed and go on ahead. Kill some aliens and go up the stairs. The path
     is quite linear so it isn?t too hard to keep track. Raid the container 
     before heading out. Wouldn?t want the aliens to keep all those nice little
     Keep going and going, because there are no real other options. Watch out
     for a turret in the small room up ahead. Use the Healing Archway if needed
     and if not ignore it until you need it.
     Descend from the stairs and go through the hallways. Go to the north and 
     follow yet another hallway. And guess who returns to you? Sally! No, not
     Sally the Salmon, Sally the annoying brat from Earth, woop-a-dee-dooh!
     Or something along the lines. Enter the room where she came from for a 
     2 nice containers and a Healing Archway. Head back to Sally the Salmon
     and you?ll find out that she?s a hero on socks. 
     You?ll have to go ahead and secure the place. Figures. Go up ahead on
     the walkway, then to the right and to the right again. Ignore the rest
     as there isn?t any loot aside from one food piece.
     Watch out for another turret up ahead! Go through the door and say Bye
     Bye to Steamworks and hello to...
    - Engineering Core ?
     Just follow Sally because the other directions won?t lead you to much,
     if anything at all. She was trying to make you happy by giving you an
     elevator, but the aliens moved it away because they were angry. Quite
     the explanation, no? Follow Sally again!
     ?So, this is it? Sally proudly proclaims when she looks at you, hoping
     to get some praise after all the hard work. You?re going to have to wake
     a spaceman! You?ll also get your first achievement! Congratulations.
                       3.3) Among the Stars                     [MZ3]
    - Engineering Core ?
     Activate the Stasis Controls and wake up the dreaming beauties of the 
     past. You get the honour of meeting an actual samurai and a cowboy in a
     post-apocalyptic game! How awesome!
     Talk with them and convince them to join you. Talk to Sally, take the
     Space Suit and equip it and finally follow the girl. Don?t forget to
     raid the container in that room where she goes.
     Leave the room and go North. Take the left path West to the new area.
    - Robot Assembly ?
     As you can see it is very quiet. There is a container in the South part
     of the room. Descend down the stairs
    Descend the stairs and go through the door to the left. There is a good
     chance that the alarm will set off, so don?t be afraid to kill the robots.
     The Guardian robots have some nice Drone cannons!
    In the North of the room you?ll find another Container.
     Go through the hallway North to the next room. There is a turret and some
     drones. Destroy them! Look for a panel with a blue swirling light. When
     you approach it, it should be saying ?Activate Control?. You can rig it
     if you want.
     Go up ahead, ignore the small room, and stand near the panel on the big
     robot thing. Activate the Electronics Access Panel. Select to overload it.
     Your work here is done.
     Head into the new opening and go ahead, kill some aliens and robots. Good
     chance you?ll come across a Drone Control Device, if you hadn?t found one
     already. In the room behind the stairs you can find a Healing Archway.
     Go East and you?ll see another panel. Activate Control! Remember this? 
     Activate all devices and take distance for it shall explode! You have now
     successfully destroyed the Robot Assemble Generator thingummie!
     You can use the Teleportation Matrix in the room behind the stairs to get
     back to an earlier part. Time to head back to the Time Crew!
     Time to go to the Hangar in the East!
    - Hangar ?
     Loot the nearby container and follow the linear path. Loot some more of
     the containers in the big empty room and admire the beauty in front of 
     you. A flying ship! Head down the stairs and go through the hallway
     South East. 
     You?ll see stairs up ahead. Prepare to fight because there are quite 
     some aliens up ahead! Activate the control in the west to shut down
     the force field and go ahead. You?ll come into a room that has not
     one, but TWO Healing Archways!
     Activate the Control near the West door to unlock it. OH NOEZ! It is a 
     trap! But don?t fear! If you have one of them handy Drone Control devices
     you can activate the Drone Pods and recruit the Drones to YOUR side!
     You now have your own Robot follower. Awesome! When you have killed all 
     hostile aliens and robots the force field disappears and you can finally
     enter. Activate the control and you know what to do. Activate all the
     Switches and search distance for the centre will explode.
     Mission completed! Head back to.. 
    - Engineering Core ?
     Go South.
    - Cryo Lab ?
     First things first. You will have three options. You can go West or go
     down the stairs and through the door. We?ll use the first option. You?ll
     get into a room with one open door that leads to a hall and two smaller
     rooms next to it.
     The two small rooms contain some frozen raiders and feral ghouls. For 
     good laughs you can release them and watch how they attack the enemy.
     Go to the hallway, but before you go to the big area, head into the
     small room first. Activate the panel next to the door inside the room
     and loot the entire room. 
     If you want to have some nice technique to kill the aliens you should
     lure them, rig the panel and watch them go BOOM! Another fun thing to do
     head back into the previous room and activate the switch to release yet
     another load of ghouls and raiders. Sure, they die quite fast, but each
     bit of damage to your enemies is good.
     You can use the Control to the left to overload the turret circuitry,
     effectively removing yet another obstacle! You?ll find another Healing
     Archway in this room as well. Use it if needed. A container as well, but
     that?s about all you are going to find.
     Go North and follow the path until you see some aliens up ahead again. If
     you don?t feel like fighting activate the switch and freeze them to death.
     Activate the control panel in the room with corpses to acquire Alien 
     Captive Recorded Log 17. If you are curious listen to it.
     Go up ahead, ignore the pods and go to..
    - Cryo Storage ?
     Raid the two Containers first before deciding whether to go left or right. 
     Luckily for you you?ll end up in the same area inevitably and you aren?t
     really missing anything. I?ll give you the option to choose yourself.
     Now if you want to see something FUN then activate the Switch on the left
     side to unleash a bunch of hostile Super Mutants eager to kill these alien
     things that they can not eat. Sure, they?ll die pretty quickly, even if 
     they are Super Mutants Overlords, but with some luck they can kill 1 or 2.
     You have two choices now, really. You can descend from the stairs and 
     avenge the fallen Super Mutants... or you can skip that and go straight
     for the mission, which you can find in the back.
     This guide will skip the hostilities against enemies for now. Head to the
     back, activate the switch and you should know the rest by now.. Activate
     the switch on the opposite side to reactivate the elevator.
     Head back to your best friend and hero of the Capital Wasteland, Sally the
     Salmon! Talk with her and head into the Decompression Chamber. Make sure
     you are wearing the Spacesuit before activating the switch.
     Just ignore the heavy breathing and go on ahead. The path is very linear
     so there is no need to explain where to go. You will come into a room with
     two doors. One is opened by a switch and is right of the entrance. Open it
     and loot the place. Head to Space Walk.
    - Space Walk ? 
     Welcome to space! If you look on your left you shall see some gorgeous 
     Asari strippers and on the right ... oh wait, this is Fallout 3! In the
     centre there is a circle with panels surrounding it. Activate the exposed
     panels. The moment all panels are activated a bright orange light starts 
     to glow in the centre. Go there now.
     Stand in the centre and you?ll float again, to a new location! You have
     finished the mission and acquired another Achievement. Yay!
                       3.4) The Galaxy Ain?t Big Enough     [MZ4]
    - Observation Deck ?
     Enter the room and activate the switch. Activate the control and your 
     friends will arrive. Time to kick some alien ass!
     Go West and behold the beauty of, well, Earth. A giant floating head will
     appear and talk to you and show you... The Death Ray! You must disable
     it before they blow up the planet!!
     Keep going West. The Salmon will speak to you once more and you?ll be
     sent ahead to serve as a scout to see if there are any other enemies. 
     Great, just great! Go to the Weapons lab.
    - Weapons Lab ?
     Sneak ahead, but beware of the two turrets. Forget about the teleporters
     and sneak across the room. In the hallway there is a terminal to open the
     door next to it and you can find a Guardian Drone inside. If you still 
     have the Drone control device I suggest you use it, but it?s your choice.
     The path is very linear so just keep following it whilst killing them
     evil aliens as well. Eventually you?ll come across a Healing Archway and
     a control Switch. Do what you must do and head down the stairs South East.
     Head through the East doorway and follow it to a large room. Go up the 
     stairs in the East side of the room and follow the path South. You?ll 
     enter yet another big room with several containers and some enemies. 
     Activate the control that is close to the entrance to acquire the Alien
     Captive Recorded Log 24. You can hear the aliens talk and they seem happy.
     There is a Brahmin involved as well, it?s scary.
     Well, we find yet another situation. We can go North or East. Go North 
     first and get the weapon lying near the teleporter. The Destabilizer!
     Up ahead you can find a Healing Archway and a Switch. This will allow you
     to enjoy a battle between a couple of raiders, a Deathclaw and a Sentry 
     Bot. But the enemies keep appearing. It?s certainly good enough for some 
     fun! You will also get a perk, the Xenotech perk.
     After you had your fun head back to the previous room and head into the
     east direction this time. Time to go.
    - Experimentation Lab ?
     Head into the main room and go West. Loot the small rooms if you desire
     to along the your way in the hall. Head into the final room. Don?t pay
     any attention to the scared workers. Activate the terminal on the North
     wall first. You?ll get the Alien Captive Recorded Log 10.
     You know what to do with the reactor in the middle. Meet? Abomination!
     A monstrous alien like creature made by the aliens. It looks like its
     rather killing aliens instead of paying attention to you. This is good,
     but don?t be afraid to kill it when necessary. Go further and behold
     some more of the horrible experiments.
     Loot the two Containers and leave. Go to the West.
    - Biological Research ?
     Loot the small room in front of you and if you are not interested just
     go ahead to the next room West. Go up the stairs and to the North section.
     Activate the Switch to acquire the Alien Captive Recorded Log 18.
     Go South and make your way past both rooms towards the terminal in the 
     centre. Use the teleporter to go to...
    - Death Ray Hub ? 
     Guess what! You are lucky. The teleporter breaks down and you are alone,
     again. Go to the North and open the nearby door to find a stationary
     Drone. You can activate it or Re-Align the sensors. When you activate
     it, it becomes an enemy. If you Re-Align its sensors before activating
     however it becomes a friend. Open a door on the opposite side to find yet
     another drone. Repeat if desired.
     Go South and open another door. Loot the room and proceed with the quest.
     When you enter the big room with the Healing Archway you can use the 
     nearby panel to overload all the turrets in the area.
     Descend from the stairs and proceed East. Disable the force fields and go
     to end of the hallway. Don?t forget to check out the room along the road
     as it contains yet another healing device. 
    - Death Ray Control ?
     You will have three targets in this area. Head to the large area and kill 
     all the aliens. You got another chance to admire Earth from above. Well,
     alright, basically you?ve got three of those generators to destroy.
     The buttons to activate them are on the panels close to the entrance. 
     Before you act, look closely. There are two panels, one on the left and
     one on the right. Each has two buttons.
     On the left panel, if you press the left button you?ll open up the wanted
     generator. If you press the right one you fire the Death Ray. If you press
     the left one on the right panel you?ll aim for a new target.
     In fact, you?ll be aiming towards Earth. The right panel is purely meant 
     for aiming the cannon. The left one is firing and opening the generators.
     Enough with this. Press the left button on the left panel. Press the 
     button again after destroying it to open up new ones. Be careful as aliens
     will attack again. Each time you press the button a generator will be 
     unlocked. So you need to press the button FOUR times!
     After the aliens are killed head into the small room with the teleporter. 
     Time to go to the front!
    - Living Quarters ?
     If you go ahead you?ll encounter a slight problem. There is a force field
     blocking your path! Eventually it?ll disappear though. Don?t bother with
     the rooms ahead though as they contain no loot at all. Just go to the
     South and down the stairs (at the end of the room).
     Once down you will encounter yet another ?dead? drone. You can make it
     an ally or you can ignore it, it doesn?t really matter. Head through the
     dining hall whilst killing a bunch of aliens again. They are quite the 
     buggers in larger quantities! 
     Keep following the path and you?ll come across another drone. Do with it
     whatever you desire and go up the stairs. If you need some health you can
     use the Healing Archway across the drone. 
     You?ll arrive in a room filled with Abominations. Kill them and go up the
     stairs. It?s time to cross the walkway! Head West. You?ll find another
     Healing Archway and a Teleporter a bit further.
    - The Bridge ?
     Well, well and well. Guess where you are now? Almost immediately aliens 
     will attack you. Makes sense as you are at the verge of conquering their
     ship! Confront the Alien Captain! Don?t forget to take the unique weapon
     Captain?s Side Arm. The Captain drops it after you killed it.
     The entire crew will be back as well and you must now defeat an alien 
     mothership. It?s really simple though. Press the Fire Laser button,
     use the restribution button left of it and when the power is down you
     need to press the four buttons, 2 on each wall. After that, well, you done
     it, you beat this DLC. Good job!
                     4) Version History                           [VHY]
    08/03/2009:  Version 1.0 started. Began writing down progress.
    08/03/2009:  Version 1.0 finished. Main Quest walkthrough finished.
                     5) Credits                                   [CDS]
    - Bethesda for making such an awesome game.
    - Myself for my patience
    - My PC for not crashing
                     6 Copyrights                                [CRS]
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    It took quite some time to put this all together, especially the step by step 

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