Experience the full on thrills and spills of high-speed Grand Prix Motocross competition at the very highest level. The bikes, the challenge, the obstacles, and the dangers are all recreated in perfect detail in this comprehensive simulation.
Kick-start the engine and wrestle your dirt bike around some of the wildest courses imaginable in this 3D motocross simulation. Tune your bike to the Nth degree and get the better of some fierce competition, all accompanied by some of the best 3D graphics and sound available.
Developed in association with the RWJ SILKOLENE HONDA GRAND PRIX MOTOCROSS Team, this is the dirtiest you can get without taking a mud bath.
- Race Three Classes of Bikes (125cc, 250cc And 500cc), Each With Its Own Accurately Modeled Handling Characteristics!
- Single Race, Practice, Qualify & Race And Championship Game Modes!
- Twelve International Motocross Circuits Offering A Wide Variety Of Competition!
- Comprehensive Control Of Bike Setup Including Tire Compounds, Gear Ratios, Suspension Setup, Brake Types, Ride Height And Lots More!
- Simulated Weather Conditions Including Rain And Fog!
- Rider Animations Created From Motion Capture Material For Maximum Realism!
- Real Time Damage To Suspension, Engine and Wheels!
- Multiple Camera Views Including TV Director Style Control Of Replays!
- Two Player Split Screen Mode With Up To Eight Players Via Network Or Modem Play!
- Powerful 3D Engine With Real-Time Rider's Shadows!
"Beautiful design with excellent realism and effects..." -Future Gamer Magazine

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