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    FAQ by Psycho Penguin

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    Sleuth (DOS) FAQ v0.01
    by: Psycho Penguin
    Email Psycho Penguin at mcfaddenvg@yahoo.com
    Check out his homepage at http://www.geocities.com/mcfaddenvg
    Last Updated: 9/20/03
    First Started: 9/20/03
    Feel like solving a mystery today?...
    One of the lucky few to own this classic?...
    Get ready, it's time to take a blast to the past...
    *                           < Table of Contents >                            *
             < 1.0 > Introduction
             < 2.0 > Frequently Asked Questions
             < 3.0 > Game Basics
             < 4.0 > Additional Tips
             < 5.0 > Other Information
             < 6.0 > Conclusion
    Go get these songs while reading through this: "Two Princes" by Spin Doctors,
    and "Freaking Out" by Adema
                                                              { 1.0 INTRODUCTION }
    I have finally decided to go ahead and do a quick FAQ for one of my all time
    favorite games, Sleuth. Taking place in a haunted mansion, your mission is
    simple: to gather clues to solve a mystery. Examining objects, talking to
    people, it's all part of your job. But beware, the longer you take, the
    shorter amount of time you have before the killer has you right where they
    want you...
    I love Sleuth so much, I decided to do this. It's not the biggest FAQ in the
    world, but it's got all the information you need in order to enjoy this
    absolutely tremendous game. I know it's not a Final Fantasy guide, so there, I
    do like other games besides those, and am perfectly capable of writing for
    them. ^_^
    Hope you enjoy this, and email me with any questions.
    - Psycho Penguin
                                                                      { 2.0 FAQs }
    Here is a list of FAQs I threw together for Sleuth. I know this is not the
    most important part of this guide, so I'll make it short and sweet.
    1. How come this game won't work on my computer? I downloaded it and ran it in
    DOS, and it freezes up quickly.
    A: I have come to the conclusion that the faster your computer is, and the
    newer it is, the less of a chance you have of running it. It's DOS-only, by
    the way, so no Mac users here, sadly. :( If you have a new computer, like in
    the last year, with Windows XP, there are programs you can download that will
    run a classic DOS for you in a slowed down format. That's pretty much the only
    way, because your computer will be too fast for it otherwise.
    2. There's no way I can get a DOS emulator for Mac, huh?
    A: I wish there was. I think the only way to do it is to get Virtual PC, which
    does cost a decent amount of money. And I wouldn't even know if that would
    work. Your best bet is to get a really old tandy computer (that's what I grew
    up on, when I used to play this game a lot.)
    3. What's this weapon doing in red for?
    A: You just found the murder weapon. The object of the game is to find the
    murder weapon, and then find the killer. However, if you find the murder
    weapon, it is very important that you not carry it around with you, until you
    know who the murderer is for sure. You see, if you GET it now, he'll become
    very suspicious, and it's all over. Just try to find out the killer before
    picking up the murder weapon.
    4. How do I solve this mystery, exactly?
    A: You basically have to go around the house and pick up clues from witnesses,
    and find out what their alibis are. As you listen to more alibis, you may be
    able to notice a difference in what one person said, and that could be the
    clue that leads you to the killer. Once you find the killer, you find the
    murder weapon. GATHER all the people in the house to the murder room, and
    ACCCUSE the killer. That's all there is to it.
    5. What happens if I don't do this in time?
    A: Well, of course, the killer will start to get suspicious during your
    investigation, so if you don't find out who he is, and what the weapon and
    room is, in time, he will kill you.
    6. Man, finding the murder room is pretty tough. Any tips?
    A: The way to find the murder room usually is somewhat tough and time
    consuming. You have to EXAMINE every inch of every room, in order to pick up
    signs of blood. However, people around the house, the innocent ones, will
    sometimes notice something amiss in a certain room, EXAMINE this room, and you
    may end up finding out it's the murder room.
                                                               { 3.0 GAME BASICS }
    This is an interactive text game you can populate with your friends, relatives
    and neighbors.  As you begin a game of SLEUTH, a murder has just been
    You must explore the house, question the houseguests for alibis and locate
    both the weapon and the scene of the murder. The challenge is to solve the
    crime, gather all of the suspects together and accuse the guilty party --
    before the killer becomes suspicious and eliminates YOU!
    This fascinating crime-solving game works on a monochrome monitor, and needs
    only the keyboard for input.
    | COMMANDS            |
    EX (or EXAMINE) - Use this command in order to examine something in front of
    SEARCH - Use this command in order to search a closet, refigerator, etc. If
    you find something in there...
    LOOK - Use this command in order to look at it. Once you get the magnifying
    glass, you can use this command in order to find the murder weapon.
    GET - Pick up the murder weapon.
    Q (or QUESTION) - Just ask them a question, which may lead to clues towards
    the weapon or murder room.
    ALIBI - Ask them for an alibi. The one who has a different alibi is the
    GATHER - Gather your houseguests in a room.
    ACCUSE - Accuse someone of the murder.
    HELP - Pull up a helpful list of commands, making this list useless.
    GUEST LIST - Bring up a list of the people in the house.
    ESCAPE KEY (push the key, not a command) - Erase whatever you were typing.
    RESTART - Start the game over.
    QUIT - Quit the game.
    | GAME BASICS         |
    The object of the game is to find a murder room, murderer, and murder weapon.
    First, you start off the game by entering various people's names. Once you do
    that, one person will be murdered, and you start off in the house. Time to
    begin your journey!
    You start off in a house, and your first objective is to start talking to
    people. Get some clues from them, and ask for alibis if you want. Remember
    these clues and what they said. At this point, you should have an idea as to
    where the murder weapon is.
    Find a magnifying glass somewhere around the house, and then start examining
    things until you find the murder weapon. The room you found it in would
    sometimes be the murder room, but you need to ask more people and eventually
    get a clue as to what the room was. At this point, if you ALIBI everyone, you
    should know who the murderer is, as well.
    Once you know who the murderer is, the weapon he used, and the room he did it
    in, GET the murder weapon and bring it to the murder room. GATHER your
    houseguests in the room, and then ACCUSE the murderer. He'll admit it, and you
    will have won. ^_^
                                                           { 4.0 ADDITIONAL TIPS }
    What I gave you above is just a quick walkthrough of the game, but it does get
    a little more complicated than that, so keep that in mind.
    - People will usually move around the house during the game, so if they're not
    where you thought they were, they probably walked into a different room. Pull
    up a GUEST LIST if you have to.
    - If you find a hidden room, make sure to examine every inch of it, as this
    might be the murder room, or the place where the murder weapon was hidden.
    It's not all the time that this occurs, however.
    - Sometimes, people will not answer your questions or requests for an alibi
    right away. They are upset, as well, and so you may need to ask them a few
    times to get them to spill the beans.
    - To find the magnifying glass, you have to SEARCH a few objects during the
    game. The magnifying glass will be in one of those objects, more than likely.
    Sometimes it will just be lying around, as well.
    - If you find the murder weapon, and have no idea who the murderer is, DO NOT
    PICK IT UP. The murderer will become more suspicious. If you accidentally do
    pick it up, DROP it.
    - However, if you DROP it, chances are it will move to somewhere else, or the
    murderer will pick it up, and then use it on you.. so it's generally just good
    to leave the murder weapon where you found it for now.
    - The murder room is usually not the room where the murder weapon was found,
    but a room that has blood in it, and clear evidence that the murder did take
    place in the room.
    - You only have a certain amount of time to figure out who the murderer is, so
    make sure to ALIBI everyone and then figure out who it is that way.
                                                         { 5.0 OTHER INFORMATION }
    | CREDITS   |
    I'd just like to thank the following people for their support:
    - Rebecca Skinner, aka Karpah on GameFAQs: My fiance, my soulmate, my
    everything. My life would be nothing without her, and I don't think I would be
    able to complete this guide if it wasn't for her love and support. She is
    everything I want in a woman, and her support means everything to me.
    - I dedicate this guide to the people that made this game and decided to
    emulate it over. The instruction manual they included was a great help in
    terms of me figuring out the commands, since it's been a while since I played
    - The group of friends I made on GameFAQs: Thanks to you guys for supporting
    me when things got tough, and you know I always got your back. Especially to
    Dan, Cyril, Mtincher, Fox, etc. You guys are the best friends a guy can ask
    for, and I appreciate it. I know some of you have bad taste in football teams,
    but you're all excellent people and great writers.
    | HISTORY   |
    v0.1 - September 20, 2003 - K
    - Decided to throw together a quick FAQ for this. Nothing too special.
    | OTHER     |
    You can check out all of my other guides on GameFAQs, which will hopefully
    include a very sexy Final Fantasy Origins guide soon. I can't wait to finish
    that thing. I am most proud of FFTA and Legend of Legaia, but I did guides for
    a lot of Final Fantasies, as well as some random Castlevania and wrestling
    games, and both Tales of Destiny games. Check them out!
    In addition on my quest to write for all the Final Fantasy games, I will try
    to finish my Aria of Sorrow and Duel Saga guides, as well as some random NES
    games (Predator, NOES, Jeopardy Jr., and Puss and Boots, anyone?) and guides
    for the other 2 Castlevania games that employ the new style. Oh, and I might
    do a Wild Arms 3 guide. And a Grandia guide with my sexy Cyril. Stay tuned,
    And there's always Final Fantasy X-2 to look forward to...
    I appreciate any information you can contribute, especially to art moves and
    side quests, as well as stuff I missed, walkthrough, etc. Anything can help.
    Also, feel free to email any questions that would be good for a FAQ section,
    as I plan to add one to a future update.
    Any errors and omissions that you may see can be corrected if you inform me of
    them. I'll also credit you, if your error or omission is actually correct and
    worth an update for me to fix. I am somewhat busy, you know.
    That's about it. If anyone would like me to add anything, you can always email
    AIM: JuanDixonFor3
    MSN: mcfa4834@bellsouth.net
    YIM: nicklacheysnightmare
    If you contact me on one of the instant messengers, and I do not respond, it
    probably means I am busy. I am always talking with my girl, and friends, so
    sometimes I just ignore some instant messages from people I do not know. Be
    nice, and I will talk to you, just don't come out and ask the question and be
    all rude if I do not respond in five seconds, otherwise I probably will just
    block you. I will answer all e-mails about the game, however.
    You can contact me by emailing me at mcfaddenvg@#yahoo.com
    One last note: Only email me about the game at mcfaddenvg@yahoo.com, all
    emails about Sleuth sent to my other e-mail addresses will be deleted and/or
    ignored. Thanks to all those that have emailed me so far, I appreciate it!
    1. Check my email backlog. If it's filled up, you may have to wait a while
    before you get a response.
    2. I check my email once in a while. Please wait for a response, because I
    will respond to all emails.
    3. Please read my guide before asking questions, thats why I have a FAQ and
    Reader Tips section.
    4. I will only post your question/tip in my guide if it is good, and has not
    been answered in this guide.
    Also, I have AIM and Yahoo. My AIM name is JuanDixonFor3, but PLEASE do not
    harass me with annoying questions or I'll block you. I only wish to chat with
                                                                { 6.0 CONCLUSION }
    This was quite an adventure. I am glad I did this FAQ. Everyone is asking me
    why I decided to do a FAQ for a game no one plays, and the answer is simple:
    because I wanted to. I added the game data, I added the first message board
    post, and now I added a FAQ. Soon, I will add a review. I own Sleuth on
    GameFAQs, baha. This was one of my all time favorite games, and I hope I
    helped you out if you decided to play it.
    Until next time,
    Psycho Penguin.
    Oh, yeah, and PS. -
    This guide  may only be  used for private and personal use only.  You may not
    permit anyone under any patents to reproduce it, in part or in whole, or use
    it for profitable purposes. All content within this file is owned and created
    by Steve McFadden (me). Should you attempt to infraction under the fallacy
    that you are right, it must be be said straight out that you are a moron.

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