Review by Evil Matt

Reviewed: 05/09/04

Best In The Series - But It Leaves A Hole.........

Woo hoo, another installment in the Hitman series, this time Hitman Contracts.
I remember a few years back when I first played the Hitman 1 demo, I was like wow. Then I got the full version, and was like it was ok. Afterwords Hitman 2 came out, and I was like it's's worth checking out...........and then I was like wow this is much better then the first one. I enjoyed Hitman 2 alot, I kept thinking to myself while installing Hitman: Contracts, if they kept the same concept like the other games - this was going to good.

Story - 6/10 - (Story? What Story? Who Cares?)
Just like the other hitman games you play as Agent 47 in a bunch of missions where you mainly just have to kill a certain important person or do a certain objective, nothing new. Each mission is basically a flashback of agent 47 many hits, with a cheap little cut scene introducing them (I refer to this as the main story). A nice little way to go.........with the first mission being right where hitman 1 left off to right where the main story is.........

Graphics - 9/10 - (My Eyes Hurt....)
The graphics are very detailed and nice to look at, lots of shadow effects and little details here and there, which all add in building the atmosphere for the mission. One minor problem which bugged with the graphics is when you switch to the first person view (which is a nice new feature - good job for putting that in) the hands and some of the guns don't look that nice up close but...... yea I know what do you expect. Another thing that kinda bugged me was how they used the same models over and over, I know it kinda a waste of time to make every character in the game unique (and I'm sure they did it for the other hitman games) but it seemed kinda weird killing the same Chinese red dragon guy 20 times, they all had the same face (kinda like I was killing all his evil twin brothers or something) - But this was only noticeable when using the first person veiw (when you actually look) - More then half the time you don't really care they are just meat (HA HA) - Nothing big.....But all in all the graphics do seem to fit fine with the style of the game,

Sound - 8/10 - (What? Did You Say Something? All I Can Hear Is Bullets)
The sound is fine, everything sounds like it should. It is strange sometimes though when you walk pass different guards and they say exactly the same thing with the same voice. But like before it's not a big deal, it's just me.....
The music wasn't anything special, and half the time it didn't even seemed like it was playing......or maybe my speakers weren't on.......hmmmmm......anyways..

Gameplay - 10/10 - (Need More!)
The gameplay is similar to the other hitman games, with the same basic controls and tactics (drag/hide bodies, wear their clothes..etc ). Each level starts out the same, you are given certain weapons and tools and you have to complete your mission and escape. This may not sound like anything special but it gets better........ Each level is huge, there is lots of detail and lots things that can be done which is nice (more is always better). There are plenty of paths and different areas with lots of interactions (ex. climb through windows, jump a balcony...etc) much more then the previous games, at best in Hitman 2 you could do things about 2 or 3 different ways, in this game there are about 5 or 6 ways to do things (they did get lazy at one point and reused a level twice, but i guess it's ok, since the first time to go to that level, there is no need to explore, while the second time you kinda have to ). And not to forget, some levels are remakes of older hitman levels/missions so if you played the Hitman 1 before you'll relive some of the old fun. One thing I liked in this game is how there are alot of weapon check points, there are many spots like vip areas were the guards check for weapons, so you have to come up with ways to get your weapons in or get new ones.The AI are ok in this game, just like the other games.......but they seem a bit dumber at times ("hey, that guy has a mini-gun, let's go run at him and when we get close enough then shoot at him") but who cares.......(well the AI should be better, since most of the game is based around the AI)....The difficulty is good too, on the easiest setting it was easy enough to pick up quickly, but most of the mission they still did give a bit of a challenge (I'm assuming a harder difficulty will be a blast). It's all good here.....

My only problems with the gameplay is there isn't enough, there are probably half as many levels in this game as there were in hitman 2, But they do have much detail (and more fun) then most of the levels in hitman 2.

Side Note - (Yesssssss!)
I'm gald to see they didn't put any dumb missions like get the data from the computer and leave, that was one of my biggest beef with Hitman 2, I was like why is a hitman downloading data instead of killing people.....bah I know he needed to do some research on his target but come on........, and rescue mission were kept to a minimum. I'm also glad to see that there weren't any stupidly long missions which were also a pain in Hitman 2 (especially when they give you a limited number of saves per level) I like wasting 2 hours of my life just to fail and start over......

Replayability - 7/10 - (Never Say Die......)
The game much like the other hitman games are fairly replayable,
the game rewards you like hitman 2 with extra weapons if you complete a mission without harming or alerting anymore but your targets. But remember you are still doing the exact same mission, so I guess you could go back and try to beat a certain mission differently. My favourite part replaying wise was going back to some of the missions with the over powered mini-gun it's a blast being a crazy psycho killer with no one who can stop you. (you have to unlocked the mini-gun )...........I don't know about you but blasting people and seeing them fly across the room is kinda is funny.......gotta love those rag doll effects.

Overall - 8/10 - (Bah, It Was Ok I Guess.......)
This is a solid game, it's fun and there are plenty of things to do and see, but it is pretty short.......and I wasn't to happy with the ending it leaves..........I hate wanting MORE and not getting it.

But of course this is my opinion, I always liked the hitman series so I guess that adds more to my experience. But it is a good game, go play it, get a demo....check it out......blah blah blah.......have fun

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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